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Phasors Momentum (2017)- Classroom program for NEET/JEE

NEET/JEE Physics / Early Steps / Laws of Motion

Fill in the blanks, True/False (with reason) etc
1. Force is required to put a stationary body in motion or
stop a moving body (T / F)
2. External agency is needed to provide this force. The 23. Impulse is __________________________.
external agency must be in contact with the body (T/F) 24. Impulse = F x t ( T / F )
3. An external force is required to keep a body in motion. 25. Impulse is area of ____________ plot.
( T /F ) 26. Impulse is a scalar/vector ?
4. Objects (i) moving ____________ an inclined plane 27. Impulse is only involved in collisions ? ( T / F)
accelerate, while those (ii) moving __________ retard. 28. Impulse is the force involved in a collision. ( T / F )
5. An object moving on a frictionless horizontal plane 29. Newtons ________ law tells us about the origin of the
must have ________________________________. external force on the body ?
6. Is any force acting on a body in uniform circular 30. The earth pulls a stone downwards due to gravity. Does
motion? the stone exert a force on the earth ? __________
7. A body at rest continues to remain at rest and a body in 31. According to Newtonian mechanics, force never occurs
motion continues to move with a uniform velocity, this _________ in nature.
property is ______________________ 32. Action and reaction forces are _______and _________.
8. Net force on a book kept on a table is _____________. 33. Action and reaction forces can cancel each other. (T/F)
9. A ball is projected in air, the force on this ball at the 34. Action and reaction forces act on _________
topmost point of the journey is __________________. body/bodies.
10. The momentum of a particle in uniform circular motion 35. ___________ forces on a body or a system of particles
is constant ( T / F) cancel away in pairs.
11. If the net external force on a body is zero, its 36. The total momentum of an __________ system of
acceleration is______________. interacting particles is conserved.
12. Suppose we are standing in a stationary bus and the 37. The condition for a point object to be in equilibrium
driver starts the bus suddenly. We get thrown backward is________________.
with a jerk because of _________________ 38. Momentum conservation can be applied to individual
13. Momentum is clearly a _____________ quantity. directions/axes. ( T / F )
14. Force not only depends on the change in momentum, 39. The component of contact force normal to the surfaces
but also on how fast the change is brought about (T/F) in contact is called ______________. The component
15. The greater the rate of change of momentum, the parallel to the surfaces in contact is called __________.
_______________ is the force. 40. The expression for total contact force magnitude
16. Thus the same force for the same time causes the same ___________ and tan = _______. is angle with
change in momentum for different bodies. (T / F) horizontal.
17. Suppose a stone is rotated with uniform speed in a 41. Upward bouyant force is a contact force. ( T / F )
horizontal plane by means of a string, the 42. Write the expression for spring force _______________
______________ of momentum is fixed, but its 43. For an inextensible string, the force constant is
_______________changes _______________.
18. The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly 44. Contact forces are electromagnetic in nature ( T / F )
proportional to the applied force. (T / F) 45. As the applied force F increases, fk or fs also increases.
19. Change in momentum takes place in the direction in (Choose the correct one )
which the momentum acts. (T / F) 46. Static friction opposes ______________motion.
20. The second law of motion is a vector law ( T / F ) 47. (fs) max =
21. What does a vector law mean? 48. fs ____ s N , fk ___ kN
49. k s F
50. More the area of contact more is the value of
friction (T / F )
22. Acceleration here and now is determined by the force 51. For a body moving with constant velocity,
here and now, not by any history of the motion of the Fapplied ______ fk .
particle. Explain this statement.
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Phasors Momentum (2017)- Classroom program for NEET/JEE
NEET/JEE Physics / Early Steps / Laws of Motion
52. Friction ______________ impending or actual relative 58. Motion of a car on a level road
motion between the two surfaces. List the forces acting on the car.
53. Friction opposes the motion of body. ( T / F) (i) (ii)
54. Consider a box lying in the compartment of a train that
is accelerating. If the box is stationary relative to the
59. The centripetal force required for circular motion is
train, it is ______________ along with the train.
along the surface of the road, and is provided by the
55. Acceleration of a body moving in a circle of radius R
with uniform speed v is _______ directed towards the
60. Maximum velocity to negotiate an unbanked curve is
centre. According to the second law, the force f
providing this acceleration is _____________.
61. On a banked curve, the direction of friction is
56. For a stone rotated in a circle by a string, the centripetal
_______________ for v < vmax
force is provided by the __________________.
62. On a banked curve, the direction of friction is
57. The centripetal force for motion of a planet around the
_______________ for v > vmax
sun is the ______________________________

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