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Zeta Omega Zest

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Texas State Organization
Zeta Omega Chapter #168 ~ Area 3 ~ Pasadena, Texas
Volume LV, Issue 1 ~ September 2017

Key Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

Time to Pay Your DKG Dues!

Meeting Schedule Please make our treasurers job easier by promptly paying your
annual dues. Remember, the deadline is October 31. Checks
September 18, 2017 should be made out to Zeta Omega and gotten to Stephanie
Galveston Wind - John Meiners Bailey. (For the convenience of our members, dues payment may
be made in installments.)
October 23, 2017
Active: $82.00 + (Optional Grant-in-Aid) $10.00 = $92.00
Stories from Homeless Students
Reserve: $44.00 + (Optional Grant-in-Aid) = $54.00
November 13, 2017
Birthday Celebration and New
Member Initiation
Why Should I Pay My DKG Dues?
Question: I am a member of Zeta Omega but am not able to attend
December 11, 2017 many of the meetings. So, why should I retain DKG membership by
Merry Christmas Gathering paying the annual dues? After all, I am not really a very involved
TBD member

Spectacular Texas Arts Retreat Answer: Even if you are not at this time able to attend many of the
January 13-15, 2018 meetings, you are still part of an important force in the educational world.
Camp Allen, Navasota, TX Here are some of the ways your 2016-2017 membership has allowed
you to help make a difference.
January 22, 2018 As a member of Zeta Omega Chapter in the 2016-2017 year, you helped
to fund a $500 college grant to a worthy graduating high school senior,
February 12, 2018 and made donations to ASTEF, World Fellowships, and Texas and
International scholarship funds. You have helped supply necessary items
March 26, 2018 such as clothing and toiletries for homeless students in Pasadena ISD
and obtained a grant of $2000.00 to help homeless students pay their
May Founders Day - TBD computer tables insurance fees. You have also collected
Boxtops4Education for Red Bluff Elementary School,
89th Texas State Convention
As a member of the Texas State Organization in the 2016-2017 year,
Waco, Texas
you helped to fund $29,000 in scholarships and grants and almost
June 14-16, 2018
$35,000 for chapter projects. You collected over $7000.00 for the DKG
Emergency Fund that is currently sending $500.00 checks to members in
Zest Editor:
Texas who have suffered damage from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey.
Diane Moose
dianemoose@yahoo.com As a member of DKG International you helped fund $86,000 in
Chapter Website: scholarships awarded for 2016-2017. World Fellowships paid out a total
www.zetaomega.org of $83,200. to 26 women in 19 countries while DKGEF gave out over
State Website: $14500.00 this past fiscal year for projects and professional
www.dkgtexas.org development.
International Website:
www.dkg.org Doesnt this make you feel great to have been a part of all this?

The Heart of the Society is Its Members


September 18, 2017 Meeting

This year we will again be having the majority of our meetings at the Orozco Professional
Development Complex at 1832 East Sam Houston Pkwy S, Pasadena, TX 77503. We will begin
with refreshments at 4:30 p.m.

Our first meeting of the year will be on Monday September 18, 2017. We will gather at the Orozco
Professional Development Complex (OPDC) at 4:30 p.m. We conduct a bit of business and
experience. The hostesses will be your Executive Board. There will be a special program on the
great Galveston Wind presented by John Meiners who is an expert on this topic.

Summer Fun Zeta Omega Style

Several of our members retired this year. Among them are Colleen Terrell, Marion Grant, and Dana Tarter.
Congratulations to these lucky ladies! Diane Moose and her husband enjoyed an Alaskan cruise with their
family in celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was not actually fun, but Bobbie Harris spent the
night at Friendswood High School as a Harvey evacuee. Diane and DiAnn Fernandez attended and served at
the TSO annual convention where our chapter was recognized in a variety of ways.

Photos from left to right: Diane and Bill on their anniversary cruise; Dana and friend at
the Senior Games where they played volleyball; Fannie Watson, Delta Gamma Area 1, (longtime friend of
Diane) collected our $2000.00 ASTEF grant for us; DiAnn and Diane at the TSO Convention; Colleen at her
retirement party.

From the Lone Star News and TSO Website

The role of TSO Registrar is open. We are looking for someone dedicated to DKG and TSO with a passion
for people, detail-oriented and comfortable with technology. If you are interested in this job, full information is
available on the Home page of dkgtexas.org.

Also on the Home page of dkgtexas.org is information concerning the TSO Hurricane Harvey Action Plan.

The DKG Educational Foundation offers project grants for educators. A chapter can only receive ASTEF
grants two years in a row for the same project; so, we might consider applying for an DKGEF grant for next
year. What do you think? DKGEF Project Grant

The Heart of the Society is Its Members


One More Thing

On November 13 we will be having our annual Birthday Celebration and Member Initiation. This means
that we will need to identify some outstanding educators and send them some information about joining DKG
and our chapter in particular. So, if you know of an educator (female, of course) who is doing an great job
please fill in a Prospect Card (or, several) and bring to our meeting. If for some reason you are not able to
attend the meeting, send your Prospect information to Marion or to Diane. The Prospect does not need to be
a personal friend. In fact, it is not necessary that you actually know the Prospect except by excellent

The Prospect cards are also available on the Forms page of our chapter website.

Our Mission
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and Zeta Omega Chapter, Alpha State, Texas of The Delta
Kappa Gamma Society International promote professional and personal growth of women educators and
excellence in education.

The Heart of the Society is Its Members


The Heart of the Society is Its Members