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Hit Parade.

The Princeton Reviews Hit Parade is our

exclusive list of the most frequently tested
words on the SAT . The complete list is
available only to our students.

Aesthetic Distinguish Laudatory

Having to do with the appreciation of beauty To mark off as different Giving praise
Adept Diligent Languid
Very skilled; proficient Marked by painstaking effort; hardworking Lacking in vigor or vitality; slack or slow
Advocate Domestic Maverick
To speak or write in favor of Of or pertaining to the home, the household, One who resists adherence to a group;
Amicable household affairs, or the family goes his or her own way
Characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly Eccentric Mitigate
Ardent Deviating from recognized or customary To lessen in force or intensity
Having, expressive of, or characterized by practice; an odd character Narrative
intense feeling Eclectic A story or account of events, experiences
Assertive Made up of a variety of sources Novel
Confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive and styles Strikingly new or unusual
Auspicious Empirical Notion
Favorable; promising Derived from or guided by experience A general understanding
Autonomy or experiment Optimist
Independence or freedom Evoke One who expects a positive outcome
Benevolent To call up or produce Profound
Expressing goodwill or kindly feelings Fervent Of deep meaning
Benign Having or showing great warmth or Prosperity
Having a kindly disposition; gracious intensity of spirit Good fortune
Candor Gregarious Resilient
Sincerity; openness Fond of the company of others; sociable Springing back; rebounding
Candid Idealize Serene
Frank; outspoken; open and sincere To consider perfect Calm, peaceful, or tranquil
Cathartic Identity Spontaneity
Cleansing, purifying The condition of being oneself Being spontaneous; acting impulsively
Collaboration Impartial Tenacious
The act or process of working together Not partial or biased; fair; just Persistent, stubborn or obstinate
Compelling Improvise Therapeutic
Overpowering To compose and deliver without Having to do with the curing of disease
Comprehensive previous preparation or injury
Broad or complete in scope or content Innovative Validate
Contemporary Introducing something new Substantiate; confirm
Current, modern; from the same time INTUITION Vivid
Direct perception of truth Strikingly bright or intense
Exuberant physical strength or

SAT mental vigor

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