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How to Eliminate the Lamestream Media From Your Life and Stay

Totally Informed

The first thought process we must eliminate is that we won't know what's going on
if we tune out CNN or MSNBC, or any other news outlet whose investigative
journalists look more like models and act more like Howdy Doody. First of all, I am
on Facebook, and nobody ever says they learned anything from the MSM. All they
really do is complain about the way the corporate-owned media covers stories, and
ignores real news. So, here's an opportunity to eliminate at least one stress point
from your life.

Here's where to get your news

Recommended with stipulations:

Some of these were, at one time, outlets you could rely on. Not anymore. Some are
relatively new. Pick your spots with this media. It is like everything else. Not
everything is as easy as black and white. There are gray areas.

AlterNet The New Civil Rights Movement

The Nation The Guardian
Raw Story Democracy Now (Amy Goodman)
The Hill The Gateway Pundit
Rolling Stone (Matt Taibbi only) Wonkette
BuzzFlash Real Clear Politics


TruthOut (William Rivers Pitt) Jacobin

TruthDig (Chris Hedges) The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald)
Common Dreams The Free Thought Project
Project Censored Reader Supported News
ICH Newsletter Ring of Fire
Activist Post WarIsALie (David Swanson
Grist OpEd News (Rob Kall)
Dissident Voice The Hightower Lowdown
Countercurrent News We Are Change
Lee Camp Redacted Tonight (RT) Chris Hedges On Contact (RT)
CounterPunch Code Pink
In These Times World Beyond War
Sane Progressive (Debbie Lusignan; YouTube) H.A. Goodman (YouTube)
Cabin Talk (Claudia Stauber; YouTube) Tim Black (YouTube)
The Progressive Popular Resistance
Foreign Policy (.com) The Barefoot Accountant
Socialist Alternative Democratic Socialists of America
The Humanist Report (YouTube) Newslogue (Participatory)
The Empire Files with Abby Martin (YouTube) Let the Madness Begin (YouTube)
New Progressive Era (YouTube) AMERICAblog
The New Progressive Voice (YouTube) The Millennial Revolt (YouTube)
Forbidden Knowledge TV RT America
The Real News Network Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
Consortiumnews (Robert Parry) Reader Supported News
Cornel West (official web site) Howard Zinn (official web site)
Zinn Education Project DeSmog Blog
The Global Movement The Corbett Report
Global Research Zero Hedge
Truth in Media Newsbud
Press for Truth MintPress Newsletter
AntiWar Veterans Today
Observer Politics WikiLeaks (raw and unredacted)
The AntiMedia News Participation RINF (Real Independent
St Pete for Peace News and Film)
Liberation Information Truth Against the Machine
Ecowatch The Anti-Media
The Florida Squeeze Inside Climate News
Subversive Pen Waging Non-Violence


A couple of people suggested Thom Hartmann, but I have a hard time defining
anyone supporting Clinton as a progressive voice. His name is here, although not
on the official list. If you choose to watch him, so be it.

The Young Turks (TYT) are off the list as is DailyKos. Both have ceased to be news
sources. They are both run by political operatives Cenk Ugyur and Markos
Moulitsas. Jimmy Dore and Jordan Chariton are both on TYT, but I have not put
them on the list. You may choose to continue watching them if you want.

It goes without saying that you need to look at everything with a critical eye.