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Introduction ........................... 3 Background

History ................................... 4 Colour Schemes

Army List Painting and modeling

Special Characters Insignia

Wargear Choosing an Army

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is where genetic modification and cybernetic augmentation
often little hope, if any at all, for humanity amongst the are commonplace, available to every man, woman, and
Imperium of Man. In the Dark Age of Technology, humans child. It is not entirely unknown for people to transplant
expanded across the stars, forming vast interplanetary their brain into an entirely new cybernetic body, if money
empires, each with their own cultures, technologies, laws, permits.
and societies. When the God-Emperor of Mankind And given that the general public has access to
ascended and formed the Imperium, he created his vast such technology, the KaeModa military has much greater
Space Marine Legions and scoured the stars, bringing at their disposal. The common infantryman wears armour
back these comparatively small empires back into their composed of advanced polymers, wielding high powered
own, under His guidance. However, his campaign across rifles, and utilizing advanced electronic equipment. More
the stars was cut short by the Horus Heresy, allowing one advanced soldiers are masters of the art of combat, able to
empire in particular to retain its independence. meld into the shadows or provide deadly accurate fire.
Nestled in the Eastern Fringe upon the Centaurus Some of these men are scarcely even human any more.
Arm, the KaeModa Republic has remained in large In addition to elite infantry, they are known to
unbeknownst to the Imperium for millennia, dealing only deploy massive suits of powered armour, dwarfing even
sparsely with the major forces of the Milky Way, its history Space Marines. Often deployed from orbit with guns
spent more against exotic aliens, now either extinct of blazing at multiple targets, or firing from tremendous
removed from the immediate presence of the ancient ranges whilst bouncing from one location to the next,
Republic. However, this has not kept them completely these behemoths can level buildings and cut swaths
hidden, no protected, and they have been brought to the through enemy squads single handedly.
brink of destruction on multiple occasions, at the hands of The KaeModa do not use conventional vehicles in
the Imperium, Chaos, and if things continue as they are, combat as do other armies in the galaxy. They rely mainly
the maw of the Great Devourer itself. on aircraft and support from orbit, maintaining a
philosophy of remaining mobile and striking at enemies
WHY PLAY AS THE KAEMODA REPUBLIC? fast, either eliminating them outright or withdrawing before
a cohesive counter-attack may be made. And while they
The KaeModa Republic is comprised of normal may not utilize more conventional vehicles, this does not
humans, fighting to survive, fighting to protect their homes, mean that they are without armoured support. An array of
their friends and families. They are always surrounded, terrifying machines, many controlled by AI constructs,
always at war, always in dire straights. However, there is support infantry on the field of battle, fulfilling niche roles
much to be said for the espirit de corps of the KaeModa, that humans would not as efficiently be able to preform.
and they have never broken heart, and they have never From a heavily armoured battle walker to swift anti-
given up. They are on the brink of destruction, fighting not personnel striders to hovering support drones, there are
just for their freedom, not just for their ideals, not for any certainly a number of interesting options left open.
higher governing purpose, but for their very existence. Overall, the KaeModa Republic has a diverse
This is not to say that they cannot look after their military that maintains flexibility once on the board, able to
own well being, as unlike the Imperium of Man, the well contend with anything their enemies may through at
KaeModa are not technophobic. In fact, quite the them. With good armour and powerful weapons, they are
opposite. They have entered an age of transhumanism, certainly a forgiving if not devastating army.

History of the
KaeModa Republic

THE FOUNDING colonies established a sphere of influence which they did

not directly govern but maintain a measure of control over.
The KaeModa Republic traces its roots back to KaeModa was settled and officially established as a
the Dark Age of Technology, to where mankind first truly colony from one of these ships, the VES Harbinger of Light,
spread out across the stars, remaking the galaxy as he in AT.26643 (643.M26).
sought fit. Little remains left of the original records, but
historians and archaeologists have been able to piece EARLY HISTORY
together most of the important events that helped shaped
the KaeModa Republic into what it is today. The colony in the KaeModa system was initially
Legend has it that in the twenty-third millennium established as a Commonwealth with officials appointed
Anno Terra the colony ships were set out across the stars. by the corporate employees to ensure the survival of the
The ancient historian Niven gives the date AT.23241 colony. However, it was but a modicum of time after the
(241.M23), though whether this date is based upon earlier introduction of a monetary system that the government
records or entirely artificial is unknown by modern was reformed into an Oligarchy, with the heads of each
scholars. It is said that a corporation on Terra known as guild deciding what is best for the colony. At this point the
Venture Enterprises specialized in setting up colonies, atmosphere had not yet been made breathable.
building the ships and having these new colonies run by The colony in the Etrui system was lucky enough
company employees, with the occupants paying for the to have settled a planet with an oxygen based atmosphere,
chance to start their lives anew on some new frontier. requiring significantly less terraforming than the other
Manuscripts state that it was a dozen ships which colonies and allowing it to more easily develop and
left Terra and entered the Warp, setting off to the Alba expand. With ready resources and a developed economy,
cluster on the Centaurus arm, which had been reserved it is not long before they were able to begin colonizing other
through special corporate contracts for the colonists. planets. Within a few hundred years they began to
Realistically though, they could do nothing to enforce their colonize other systems and extend their sphere of
claims, especially cut off from everything on the far end of influence over the KaeModa and Cezanne colonies.
the galaxy, never mind should there be some already It is in these early stages of the colonies histories
established alien civilization already there. that the first recorded instances of Psykers and Warp
At this time in history the Immaterium was clear anomalies begin to occur. By the twenty-seventh
and easy to navigate, and Venture Enterprises used millennium Anno Terra, radical religious cults sprung up in
advanced computer algorithms to make short but safe trips many colonies, most notably in the Achron domain. These
through the Warp. It was estimated to take roughly five to cults rose to such power that they were able to overthrow
six hundred years of travel, a reasonable amount of time. the government and establish a new one based upon the
However, at some point in their trip there was an tenants of their religious beliefs. They soon became
unexpected and unprecedented disturbance in the Warp extremely xenophobic and prized martial prowess above
which trapped them for an additional three thousand years. all else.
In this disturbance, a full three of the colony ships In AT.27471 (471.M27) the Etrui declared war on
were said to have been lost to the Warp, including the one Achron due to unprovoked aggression against their
with the central administration and leadership to merchant ships. The Etrui expected a fairly quick victory,
coordinate the colonization and management process. being the most powerful of the colonies, but are surprised
The remaining ships enacted out their programming and by the size and ability of the Achron military. They shifted
scoured the sector for habitable planets, then proceeding their strategy to better handle the Achron fleets, and still
to start the terraforming process. The colony ships expected a victory, albeit after a long, calculated war.
deliberately settled fairly far apart from one another with To the surprise of the Etrui, the KaeModa colonies
the intention of having growing room. rebelled and declared war in AT.27485 (485.M27). They
Without the guidance of their central overcame the small occupational fleet and mobilized
administration, each of the colonies developed their own against both the Cezanne and Etrui colonies to attain more
forms of government based around the hierarchies of territory. They were able to make many initial victories,
employees who were sent with the settlers to help often surprising their enemies who do not expect to be
establish the colonies. Among these settlements the Etrui, fighting so suddenly. However, their progress was
Legato and Vermeer are the most thriving. All of these ultimately halted when battle-hardened Etrui troops

returned from the front against the Achron. Many systems footnote in the pages of history with a valuable lesson to be
changed hands in this period as often as a dozen times learned from their mistake.
over the course of the war, the KaeModa learning through The Sabben, having built up their military since the
a trial of fire the art of war. fall of the Etrui, decided to take the ruined colonies under
Having lost nearly half their territory due to warring their protection. In AR.127 (265.M28) the Sabben
on two fronts, in AT.28014 (014.M28) the Etrui sued for forcefully took control of the Etrui, pillaging the near
peace with the Achron and KaeModa, gaining it with both defenseless planets. Documents from the time state that
in exchange for further territory and resources. Once the the KaeModa came to the rescue of the Etrui who had
dominate power in the Alba Cluster, the Etrui by this time once looked over them, but this is likely sensationalist
are reduced to a fraction of their former power. The Achron propaganda, and they were likely only interested in
having no enemies with which to fight turn their greedy absorbing the remaining Etrui territory into their own. This
eyes towards the KaeModa and Legato, who they now is an interesting point in history, because this conflict
shared borders with. ultimately embroils the entire Alba Cluster into a state of
In the coming years the KaeModa consolidated war.
themselves and their new territories, giving them many The Sabben allied themselves with the Achron
new challenges they had not expected. Having proved and spent a considerable sum of money to hire the
themselves adept at war, they now had to prove Glacken colonies as mercenaries to fight on their side as
themselves adept at civil management, lest they lose their well against the KaeModa, which would have had them
newly acquired territory. Matters were only complicated surrounded and completely outgunned. However, in
further when they annexed the remaining Cezanne response the Legato instantly declared war on the Achron,
systems under their sphere of influence. but this still left the KaeModa to fight on two fronts, which
The government didnt seem to work too well to had proved fatal for the Etrui before them.
manage these properties, particularly as that they were In the battles that followed, the KaeModa were
being run by rich tycoons interested more in their own able to fend off the Glackens and Achron but steadily lost
purse pockets than in the whims of the masses. In ground to the Sabben. However, fighting against three
AT.28138 (138.M28) one of the primary guild leaders, armies bitterly drained the Republics resources, and to
Ernest Brutias, took matters into his own hands and had all continue fighting like this would have soon left it in ruins.
the other guild leaders arrested and summarily executed Luckily, four years after the warring began, the Vermeer
for corruption. He then single-handidly overthrew the made an alliance of convenience with the KaeModa to
Oligarchy and reformed the government into a Republic, engage the weakened Glackens who the Vermeer shared
with a representative body formed from elected officials borders with.
from every planet under their control. This marked a new An important date in the history of the Alba Cluster
and great era for the KaeModa, and began the Anno Res is AR.138 (276.M28), the first contact with any non-human
Publica at year 0. species. The Glacken colonies had apparently for some
time had contact with an alien civilization, the Samnt, and
had called upon them to fight against the Vermeer who
THE CORPORATE WARS were able to make steady progress into their territory. It
was an aggressive species who initially were able to defeat
This war was the first of its kind in the Alba Cluster. the Vermeer once and again.
All of the colonies had standing militaries and navies, and The KaeModa with the help of their Vermeer allies
all of them had to deal with pirates and policing at one point were able to put more forces on the Sabben front and with a
or another, but never before had one colony turned its guns bolster of fresh troops were able to turn the tide of the war,
on another. Following the uneasy truce the Achron had pushing them back out of their territory and then even
given and the reformation of the KaeModa into a Republic taking the once Etrui stellar systems. Fearing their defeat,
was an era of unprecedented warring. The sheer amount the Sabben draft a peace treaty with the KaeModa, which
of subterfuge and betrayal makes it hard enough for was soon accepted. The Achron swiftly made peace with
historians to piece together an accurate representation of the KaeModa and Legato, who they were having much
the actual proceedings of the wars, and that so many difficulty defeating, only to send their troops into the
planets were pillaged and even razed left many records Sabben systems and take them for their own. The Sabben
destroyed. colonies no longer existed as of AR162 (310.M28).
The next wars were started oddly not by one of the However, all of this warring is brought suddenly to
aforementioned colonies, but instead by the Vermeer who a halt in AR.197 (345.M28) when the Legato were able to
invaded Terra Nova territory in order to attain more bring all of the colonies to hold a giant conference, where
resources. It was in these early engagements that some of they created and enacted the Kobal Accords. This
the first major planetside battles were fought. The document made it such that if any one colony was to wage
Vermeer were able to employ complex war machines, and war against another colony or colonies, then all other
with superior arms and armour were able to overcome the colonies would unite and wage war against it. The people
Terra Nova in most every battle. The other nations sat and were tired of war, and so all parties accepted, even the
watched, learning an important lesson from these early Achron who did so reluctantly. And for a time, there was
engagements; that technological superiority would defeat peace.
sheer tenacity every time. By AR.52 (190.M28) the Terra All things must come to pass, and in AR.803
Novan military was defeated and her colonies completely (941.M28) the Achron broke the Accords and launched an
under the control of the Vermeer and left as naught but a invasion of Legato territory, ravaging the unexpecting

forces they encountered. The KaeModa came instantly to
their aid, but the Glackens and Vermeer colonies sent only
token fleets, their interests more on each other. It was
during these battles that the Achron ground forces were
seen for the first time in hundreds of years. They seemed
to employ mutilated and fanatical troops, as well as bizarre
beasts of war, perhaps alien species. Over the course of
the war the Legato were left devastated and forced to
become a protectorate of the KaeModa, who in turn was
able to get the Achron to sign a pact of non-aggression in
AR.875 (013.M29).
After nearly seventy-five years of war, the
KaeModa were once again left to a long period of peace.
This is not to say that nothing was happening in the Alba
Cluster, and in AR.974 (112.M29) the Samnt Kingdom
attacked Glackens, their former ally, and started a
campaign that lasted a few hundred years. The aliens not
being classified as one of the colonies, the Kobal Accords
did nothing to protect the near helpless colonial military
from being conquered. Converse to what was said to have
been expected from other nations at the time, the Samnt
did not exterminate the humans on planets they
conquered, but instead merely occupied and ruled over
them. While they had to pay taxes via resources and were
not permitted to maintain a military, the colonists were
allowed to keep their lives, which was more than enough
for them.
The people of the Republic can only be at peace
for so long, or so it would seem, and in AR.1274 (412.M29)
they secretly made a treaty with the Vermeer to ensure that
the two of them would not war against one another, no
matter what happened. This was done for a very specific
reason, that the KaeModa wished to campaign against the
Achron. They started a protracted war against them, and
made slow but steady gains and victories.
As they started to send down troops to occupy
planets, they would often come to find a sick and depraved
people, unchecked psykers, and Chaos anomalies galore.
In some areas they were welcomed as heroic liberators,
and in others they met stiff opposition, resisted by every
man, woman, and child. For fear of being spread too thin
and unable to regulate their newly acquired territories, by
AR.1429 (567.M29) they are able to coerce the Achron
into signing a cease-fire.
With high hopes, the Vermeer invade Samnt
territory with the intent of liberating their fellow humans in
AR.1577 (689.M29). While the war starts off as a
successful drawn out fight of attrition, they are forced to
maintain a more defensive strategy in response to the
belligerently aggressive Samnt. In an effort to not have
powerful enemies on both sides, the KaeModa launch an
invasion of Samnt space to cull their military power and
desire to expand. Fought to a standstill, the war devolves
into an unofficial cease-fire where fleets dare not enter
enemy territory for fear of not only their destruction but also
the resumption of a costly war.

Forces of the KaeModa Republic
This section of the book details the forces used by EQUIPMENT
the KaeModa Republic their weapons, their units, and The army list at the back of the book shows all the standard
some famous special characters you can choose, such as and optional wargear available to a particular model. You
The Black Beret Captain Archibald Stirling or the infamous will find that some items of equipment are unique to
Watcher. Each entry describes the unit and gives the particular characters or units, while others are used by
specific rules you will need to use them in your games. As more than one unit. When an item is unique, it is detailed in
such, the army list given later refers to the page number of the following entry for its owner, and where an item is not
these entries, so you can easily check back as you pick a unique, it is detailed in the wargear section.
A good example is the Harbingers Blades, a potent set of
The Forces of the KaeModa Republic section is sub- weapons wielded by the Magister Konrad Marlsburg. As
divided into two parts. The first part describes all of the such, its rules are detailed in Marlsburgs entry. Marlsburg
troops and vehicles fielded by the KaeModa, including the also carries an Optic pistol. This is a common KaeModa
special characters, while the second part details the weapon, and so its rules are to be found in the wargear
KaeModa armouy of weapons and equipment. section.


The models in the KaeModa army use a number of special The decision to spilt the unit into Fireteams, as well as
rules that are common to more than one unit, as specified which models go into each Fireteam, must be made at the
in the individual entries that follow. Given here are either beginning of the players Movement phase. If you have
the details of the rules or a reference to where you can find less than twelve models in a unit, they may not split into
them. Fireteams. If you decide to split a unit into Fireteams, then
each Fireteam is treated as a separate unit for all game
FIRETEAMS purposes from that point.
A few twelve man units in the KaeModa Republic army
have the option of breaking down into two six-man units,
called Fireteams. This option is clearly specified in the INDEPENDENT CHARACTER
units entry. For example, a twelve-man Black Beret squad See Characters in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.
can either fight as a twelve-man unit or break down into two
six-man Fireteams. The units that can be split into
Fireteams are as follows: INFILTRATE, SCOUT, MOVE THROUGH
Tyranid Hunter squads All these rules are detailed in Universal Special Rules in
Force Reconnaissance squads the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

I am not a warrior, but a soldier.

This is my profession; I am a professional and an expert.

This weapon, this armour, these are the tools of my trade.

I will use my knowledge to perform to the best of my ability.

I cannot be distracted from my work, nor diverted from my cause.

There is nothing that can stop me from accomplishing the task at hand.

I cannot be overcome and I will not accept defeat.

I will crush anything that stands before me.

-Creed of the KaeModa military

Command Squad
While all citizens in the KaeModa Republic may be Because of this officers of high rank are treated with a high
required to serve a three year service in the military, some prestige, equal to or surpassing scientists and politicians.
opt to apply to a military academy, and those accepted are After all, every single citizen in the Republic has served a
instead subjected to another five years of education and military term, and have either seen firsthand or at least
physical training before they enter service. Joining the heard rumours of their sheer tenacity on the field of battle.
military as a Lieutenant, they are typically put in command
of a Platoon, and after a few years of experience are given Oftentimes by time an officer is promoted past the rank of
greater responsibility and command. Colonel he will no longer see combat in the field, instead
remaining onboard ships in orbit or in carefully protected
Generally it is at least five years before an officer will be bunkers where they lead from a network of computers and
promoted to a Captain and given a combined army to monitors updating them with the most up to date
command, and by this time they have honed their skills intelligence, then relaying this to their subordinates in the
from years of training and for some even combat field. However, rare is it that field officers even need further
experience. As time goes on they develop their skills even instruction than where to lead their troops, and many have
more and ultimately become highly competent, able to developed a variety of skills that further their ability to lead
react quickly and efficiently to any situation their enemies their men.
may throw at them.
If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he
By time one is promoted to become a Colonel, they have pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he
honed their skills in combat to an extreme, making them will reach them in spite of all obstacles.
some of the best warriors in the KaeModa military, as well Grand Marshal Clauswtiz
as some of the most well educated and charismatic. Commander of Stern V

Colonel 3 4 3 3 3 3 2 10 3+
Major 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+
Captain 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+
Bodyguard 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 3+

Command Skills

The first and most important rule to observe...is to

use our entire forces with the utmost energy. The
second rule is to concentrate our power as much as
possible against that section where the chief blows
are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages
elsewhere, so that our chances of success may
increase at the decisive point. The third rule is never
to waste time. Unless important advantages are to be
gained from hesitation, it is necessary to set to work at
once. By this speed a hundred enemy measures are
nipped in the bud, and public opinion is won most
rapidly. Finally, the fourth rule is to follow up our
successes with the utmost energy. Only pursuit of the
beaten enemy gives the fruits of victory.
From Grand Marshal Clauswitzs
Principles of Modern Warfare
Command Skills
A KaeModa officer may select a number of command At the beginning of the Shooting Phase, the officer may
skills, chosen when the army is picked. A Captain may nominate any squad to fire its weapons twice at BS2. If the
select one command skill and use one per turn. A Major same unit is fired at twice, that squad must immediately
may select two and use one per turn. A Colonel may select take a Pinning test. Note that Covering Fire may not be
two and use two per turn. The same skill may not be combined with the Direct Fire command skill.
bought twice.
TACTICAL DEPLOYMENT While courage and tenacity are always a welcome sight on
Some officers can tell at the spur of a moment where their the field of battle, the KaeModa know the importance of a
men need to be in order to do the most good, or perhaps tactical withdraw. They will take turns laying down
are experienced enough to know how to best place them to suppressive fire and making a hasty withdrawal.
better counter enemy formations, and is able to deploy
them accordingly. At the beginning of the Shooting Phase, the officer may
nominate any squad or platoon to fire its weapon at BS2
Once all units have been placed, but before Scout moves, and then immediately fall back 2D6 inches. They count as
the KaeModa player may take any one of their own units falling back, and the normal restrictions apply as outlined in
and move it up to 12 in any direction in their own the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.
deployment zone. They may not be moved into impassible
Some experienced or charismatic officer are renown for
MISDIRECTION their courage and leadership, and their men have
Either through counter-intelligence or simply by unshakable faith in their officers command.
misrepresenting their own forces, an officer may make his
enemy believe that his forces are composed or organized While the officer is still alive all squads automatically
differently than they really are, and cause them to mobilize regroup the turn after they fall back, even if they would not
troops where they may not be needed. normally be allowed to. If caught in a sweeping advance,
they are destroyed as per the normal rules for sweeping
Once all units have been placed, but before Scout moves, advance.
the KaeModa player may take any one enemy unit and
move it up to 12 in their deployment zone. They may not
be moved into impassible terrain. (Note that it is polite to
let the models owner move them.)

Some officers have developed some sort of sixth sense
that tells them when their men may be in danger, and is
able to warn them to take cover.

At the beginning of the KaeModa Shooting phase,

nominate one unit with a model with 12 of the officer,
including the Command squad itself. This unit may re-roll
any cover saves until the start of the next KaeModa turn.

Either by an innate talent, a great deal of experience, or by
mechanical augmentation, some officers have a keen eye
to find weaknesses that enemy units may have in their
armour or cover, and is able to direct his men to exploit
these weaknesses.

At the beginning of the Shooting phase, nominate one

KaeModa unit with a model within 12 of the officer,
including the Command squad itself. This unit may re-roll
any failed To Hit rolls once in their next shooting phase.

At times some officers know that is more important to fire
more rounds than it is to use more accuracy. After all, it is
said that quantity has a quality of its own.
Advanced Tactical Command Vehicle
To the KaeModa, military intelligence is as important as this, the ATCV is not a common sight in front line battles,
the battle itself. Knowing when, how, and what to strike is though it makes an excellent transport and resource hub
just as important as that blow itself. Thus not only do they for commanders. Because of such, when an officer is not
employ extensive reconnaissance units and advanced commanding from the front, he is often nearby in one of
satellite imaging, but a constant flow of the most current these trusty vehicles.
Another important tool of the MkIV series of ATCVs is the
The Advanced Tactical Command Vehicle MkIV-A2 is the jamming beacon that it employs. This was initially
most recently developed vehicle in a line of mobile designed to prevent enemy forces from being able to
command vehicles designed to be a hub for information on intercept communications and data sent and received by
the battlefield. They sport an extensive computer network later MkIII series vehicles. However, they soon saw that
which is able to keep track of the location and condition of when this was employed nearby enemy communication
all nearby friendly forces, receive and process all local systems, they could not function. As such, KaeModa
communication, as well as being able to send engineers began to rework this to further its job as a
transmissions to not only all local and nearby friendly jamming beacon, disrupting even teleport homers and
forces, but even those located out in orbit. more bizarre methods of entering the battlefield.

While not a dedicated transport or Infantry Fighting Vehicle All in all, the ACTV is a tried and true support vehicle, and a
by any means, it is designed to take a substantial amount number are necessary on any campaign, large or small.
of firepower and functionally operate, though not However, its usefulness is slightly diminished in skirmishes
necessarily to engage any units. They are not in standard and smaller engagements where its communications and
practice equipped with any weapons excepting an intelligence systems are not put fully to use. The more
occasional pintle mounted machine gun, and because of taxed the system is, the better it is able to preform.

A piece of paper makes you an officer, a radio

makes you a commander.
General O. Bradley
Riddley Campaign; M38

Type BS F S R
ATCV Tank 4 12 12 10

Communications array: The ATCV houses a complex
network of communications equipment which allows for
superior communication on and off the field of battle. It
allows all KaeModa units with at least one model within 18
to take Leadership tests with a +1 to their Leadership
Characteristic to a maximum of 10. In addition, once per
turn you may re-roll one Reserves result. These no longer
are in effect is the vehicle is either wrecked or destroyed.

Command Skills: The ATCV may buy one of the following

command skills: Tactical Deployment; Misdirection;
Danger Sense; Direct Fire. All of the same rules apply as
they do to the officer.

Jamming Beacon: Teleport homers, Chaos Icons, or any

other similar wargear items that prevent Deep Strike
scatter do not function within 12 of the ATCV. In addition,
enemies who still wish to deep strike onto the board within
12 of the ATCV scatter 4D6 rather than the normal 2D6.
KaeModa Regulars Platoon
All citizens are required to serve a mandatory three year
service in one of the military branches after completing
basic education at the age of seventeen. Many will go into
service with the Republican Navy or technical branches
where they may develop skills in mechanics, engineering,
medicine, psychology, or a good other plethora of fields.
However, many more still have no real direction to go in, or
otherwise don't have the skills to develop for later in life.
These individuals join the Regulars.

Some decide that while they wish to stay in the military,

they do not wish to become a career soldier like the Black
Berets or Force Recon. These will stay in the Regulars to
become NCOs and lead fireteams of Riflemen on their
own, under the supervision of a specially trained
Lieutenant. Oftentimes these men are better able to cope
with battlefield conditions, and will have the most earnest
respect of their men.

While the majority of their infantry are composed of the

Regulars, relatively few ever actually see combat. Often,
career soldiers such as the Black Berets, AI construct
controlled machines, or heavily armoured vehicles that can
fight from afar are engaged primarily in ground conflicts. In
larger offenses, such as against the Tyranid menace or
when assaulting Ork and Chaos controlled territories, a
number of Regulars are pressed into action, putting their
training to good use.

Numerous regiments have preformed admirably against

enemies as diverse as they are deadly. However, the
Regulars are best left to a act in security positions, policing WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
areas that have already seen combat. The KaeModa Lieutenant 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 3+
military doctrine revolves around being able to strike an Sergeant 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+
enemy hard and fast, to set them off balance, and grind
away at weak points until they are unable to fight any
Rifleman 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+
longer. Oftentimes the Regulars just dont have the
training and morale to live up to this standard. SPECIAL RULES
Platoon: One Platoon counts as a single Troops choice on
This is not to say that they have no use on the field of battle the Force Organization Chart, but each Fireteam is
or that they have not had a long and prestigious history. deployed as an individual unit. The entire Platoon is rolled
The Regulars were formed in the second millennium Anno for collectively when coming in from Reserves, but each
Res Publica after over a thousand years of fighting against Fireteam is deployed independently.
the other original colonies and the alien Samnt Kingdom,
the early Republic seeing a need to reform their military Fireteams have a 6 coherency to at least one other
into a standard professional force. Fireteam in the same Platoon. If this coherency is broken
(often due to casualties) you must restore Platoon
They have fought for over ten thousand years since in all of coherency as soon as they have the opportunity.
the most important wars the Republic has been involved in.
They fought against the Space Marines in the Great One Platoon consists of a single Command Fireteam and
Crusade, against the Hadast in all three Peonus Wars, on an additional two to six Rifleman Fireteams. If you opt to
both sides of the Wars of the Triumverants, and more buy transports, you must buy transports for the entire
recently to stem the tides against Waagh Allboyz and the Platoon.
Tyranid menace. Were it not for the regulars manning the
defenses, carrying out the assaults, and campaigning
across the stars, the KaeModa Republic as it exists today An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as
simply would not exist. Officially Regulars are in service for a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of
only a period of three years, though any time wars need to bullshit.
be fought, and they always do, the poor infantryman may General George Smith
be called to stay his duty for an addition five, ten, or many Cleansing of Tigris IV, M34
more years than this.
Black Berets
Whilst not officially founded until 143.M35, the Black not, it is they and the Zero Troopers who are utilized in the
Berets draw their roots from the special operations forces most small engagements. Moreover, if one were to
that stemmed from the Legato system, present from soon speculate on just how many times they are called in to
after the settling of the system. Since their founding, they combat in instances where they actions are not even
have spread from system to system, and now most all have disseminated to the Republic at large, the number of
their own divisions of Black Berets. conflicts would be astronomical.

The planet of Legato III is in synchronous orbit around its Black Berets are issued with advanced arms and armour,
star, and as such half the planet never receives any light. some of the best available in the Empire. They have
While the other half of the planet is considered to be of a fair always held the basic training given to them from the days
environment, the side which receives no light is bitingly on Legato III, that the proper application of force in the fight
cold, and the lack of any light often gets to people. Thus, it place at the right time makes all the difference. Thus the
was considered to be the perfect training location for a training of stealth techniques has been key, as well as
special forces group whose original name has been lost in laying traps and ambushes. For this reason and that they
the annals of history. are often called to fight with little support, many members
opt to attain advanced and sometimes bizarre combat
Trained with greater scrutiny and standards than the augmentations, leaving some scarcely human.
average soldier, during the Bellows war it was they who
bore the brunt of the fighting and where by far more
successful than other groups against the Word Bearers. In War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things;
later offenses they were deployed in smaller the decayed and degraded state of moral and
engagements, often found to be in almost five times as patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is
much combat as the average soldier in a campaign. Their worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing
services were so highly sought after that in M35 the for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is
Republic declared them to be an official Republic-wide more important than his own personal safety, is a
force of the KaeModa military, though those trained on miserable creature and has no chance of being free
Legato III still maintain that they are the best. unless made and kept so by the exertions of better
men than himself.
Since then the Black Berets have served in every major Captain J.S. Mill
war, but the important thing to note is how many smaller Tyranid Offensive; M41
engagements they have taken place in. More often than

Lieutenant 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 3+
Black Beret 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+

Infiltrate, Fireteams

Covert Ops: The Black Beret squad may be kept in

Reserve, even if the mission does not normally allow you to
do so. Once they come in from Reserve, you may place
them in any piece of area terrain, or anywhere that an
enemy model cannot draw line of sight to, but may not be
placed within 6 of an enemy model. If any of the models
do not fit in this place, they must be left out of play.

Reactive Camouflage

Shaped Charges: If Black Berets assault a vehicle or

building, they may attach a Shaped Charge to it, which
follows the same rules as Melta bombs in the Warhammer
40,000 rulebook.
Tyranid Hunters
The Tyranid Hunters are the newest Infantry units to be
trained and deployed on a large scale. Able to combat
against organized armies and civilizations effectively, the
KaeModa could not comprehend these new aliens, nor
truly how to combat against them. Ground combat was
near always inevitable, and the prospect of engaging in
close quarters nearly so.

As such, the Tyranid Hunters were formed. Given the

proper equipment and training to combat the swarms of
bodies that these vile aliens tended to use, the Hunters
quickly were able to develop themselves into an effective
unit. Campaigns employing these regiments often saw
much better results, and on certain battlefronts, the overall
outcome of conflict started to change into the favour of the

The Tyranid Hunters are all career soldiers, and many of

them effectively sign their own death warrant by choosing
to follow this path. To be a Hunter means that you are to
devote your entire life to combating and destroying these
monstrosities, no matter the cost. They are now the first in
and the last out. The life expenctancy is the shortest of all
KaeModa forces, an average of three weeks once
entering combat. Sooner or later, most all Tyranid Hunter
come to meet their fate at the hands of that which they have
devoted their entire lives to destroying.

This does not impede enlisting however, as many children

have become disenfranchised, their homes and families
devoured, and once of age they seek for nothing more than
to get revenge on what has caused them so much pain and
suffering. Whilst retribution is a common reason for
Here pictured is a soldier of the Fauve V 22nd Tyranid enlisting, training attempts to repress these emotions.
Hunters, present at the defense of Nalit II. He has However, this does not stop many green Hunters from
undergone a microfibre muscle surgery to optimize his wasting their lives.
effectiveness against the Tyranids. He died along with the
rest of his squad just three days later whilst evacuating an This is not to say that they are not effective against their
outlaying town. Nalit II fell just some two months later. chosen target, nor that they are not truly a terrible sight to
behold on the field of battle. The Tyranid Hunters are the
only major KaeModa military force that has any sort of
major close quarters combat or melee training. They have
WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv been known to wade through swarms of Gaunts, blasting
Sergeant 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 3+ and slicing through everything in their path, searching for
Tyranid Hunter 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+ greater targets to engage. While all Hunters are equipt
with melee weapons, some take this a step further and
SPECIAL RULES fashion blades and other weapons to their arms and
Counter Attack, Preferred Enemy (Tyranids), armour. Most regiments dissuade against this sort of
Fireteams thing, but the Tyranid Hunters know that they are dead
men, and as such their commanders tend to give them
some leniency on such matters.
Chemical Missile: With the recent fighting against the Sure I am this day we are master of our fate, that
Tyranids, the KaeModa have developed a special missile the task which has been set before us is not above
designed to create a large air-burst explosion, spraying a our strength; that its pangs and toils are not
large area with a deadly chemical such as White beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in
Phosphorous. It is used instead of firing a Frag or SABOT our own cause and an unconquerable will to win,
missile, and must be declared before use. It has the victory will not be denied of us.
following profile: Marshal Winston
Conflagration missile- Range 48; Strength 3; Defense of Fauve III; M41
AP-; Heavy 1, 5 blast, Poison (4+)
Force Reconnaissance
To the KaeModa, knowing is half the battle. As such, they
make it a point to have very intensive intelligence
networks, and make thorough use of reconnaissance. It is
rare that they are thrown into a battle without having first
gotten the most up to date intelligence on the matter, and
thus are not often caught unaware.

In the field they make use of Force Reconnaissance teams

who scout out locations, clearing them of hostiles,
gathering intelligence, and preparing the area for the rest
of the force to come in. On many battlefields, Force Recon
are the first in, and for the most part would have it no other
way. Also, they are notorious for telling others this,
whether they care to hear about it or not.

Force Reconnaissance teams make a more extensive use

of the Stalker transport than any other group in the
KaeModa military, with the only other group using it with
great regularity being the Black Berets. The reason for
such is that both groups are often needed to act on their
own, and to act in hostile territory with little to no support.
Force Recon teams will use it to swiftly approach a target
destination and move into position, and if all else fails,
swiftly leave the hostile zone.

Despite the tremendous tasks that the Force

Reconnaissance are asked to undertake and the
importance of many of the aforementioned missions, it is
almost surprising how little equipment and supplies they
are afforded. As much as a detriment as it may be to them
however, they merely take it in stride. They say that it just
makes them stronger, and that they can do anything youd
ask another group to do and that theyd be able to do a
better job, faster, and with half the equipment. And there is
some truth to this, as they have to be ready to act under-
supplied and with little to no support at a moments notice.

Alright, theyre on our left, theyre on our right,

theyre in front of us, and theyre behind us... They
cant get away this time!
Gunnery Sergeant Busty Puller

Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+
Recon Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+

Scouts, Move Through Cover, Fireteams

Converge Fire!: Used to not relying on support elements

and operating with few men, Force Reconnaissance units
are able to position themselves as such that they deny the
enemy the luxury of good cover to hide behind.

If more than one unit of Force Reconnaissance fires at the

same target, one of the squads may ignore the enemy units
cover save. This only applies to the Force Recon squads,
and not to any other allied unit.
Special Intelligence Bureau
A shadowy organization that traces its roots back to the concentration camps, often deep underground. Here they
hand of the great Lucius the Vindicator himself, the Special are subjected to the worst of human conditions, tortured,
Intelligence Bureau is responsible for the protection of the experimented on. Those few who return are not the same
common people again the threat of psykers and the horrors people anymore. It is said that the Special Intelligence
that they may unleash. They monitor the Psychic activities Bureau is looking for a cure. Of course, this is all hearsay,
of all citizens, screening them for abnormalities, keeping a and likely none of it is true.
vigilant eye out for any threat to the Republic.
They are not often found on the field of battle, but any
The collars that all psykers wear are complex devices. military commander recognizes the importance of their
They monitor the psychic activity of the wearer, as ell as duties, and will simply allow them to do as they will. A t
their vitals and brain activity. Should things go awry, there times, commander will even requisition their help, or be
is a department of the Special Intelligence Bureau in called upon for assistance against a great threat that the
almost every settlement. They react quickly and efficiently, Bureau is not equipped to deal with alone. However,
burst onto the scene, where ere a psyker may be. More neither has authority over the other, and they often tend to
than once theyve broken into bedrooms to confiscate the try and stay off each others toes.
psykers for safety reasons.

Little is known of those who are taken by the Sib, and those
who try to pry too far into these matters often find
themselves with a similar fate. Offically they sate that the
psykers are sent to special recovery centers where they
may be recorded for a good period of time, and then
released back to their normal lives. Those taken rarely

Stories are much more insidious. Those kidnaped are

sometimes executed immediately, and as far as the word
goes, this is the better fate. Otherwise they are taken to

_ WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Superior 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 5+
Detective 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+

Preferred Enemy (Psykers)

Psychic Ward: All Detectives of the Special Intelligence

Bureau are trained extensively to ward the powers of
psykers, and are given special augmentations to
accentuate this training. As a result, the powers of the
warp often have little effect on them, an essential trait of
their job. If there is a Psychic power that directly affects a
squad from the SIB, it can be nullified on the roll of a 3+.
Psychic powers that do not directrly affect the squad
cannont be nullified.

Clean-up Squads: Some agents of the SIB are chosen to

burst into peoples homes or interrupt them whilst they go
about their daily lives and apprehend them. These agents
are equipped with two Avenger pistols (counts as twin-
linked), Ballistic plating, and Cybernetic bodies.

Stalker Squads: Other agents may be chosen to combat

those who would try to fight against the SIB, and any who
may make effort to safeguard them. These agents are
equipped with Storm rifles and Polymer armour. In
addition, they have the Move through Cover USR, as
detailed in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.
Heavy Assault Grenadiers

Sergeant 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+
Grenadier 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+
Myrmidon 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 8 3+

Deep Strike

Achilles-class Power Armour: The Heavy Assault
Grenadiers are issued with a special class of armour that
sets them apart from all other infantry, the Ares class. It
substantially increases their ability to shrug off damage as
though it were but as nothing. HAG Troopers are given a
+1 bonus to their Toughness characteristic (already
included in profile).

Myrmidon-class Drone: Squads of Grenadiers are

almost always accompanied by support drones which aid
them in combat in a number of ways. Their primary
purpose is to provide targeting and situational information,
but in a pinch they can use their light weapons to harass or
distract enemy forces.

To represent this, you may re-roll one failed To Hit roll per
turn for every Myrmidon in the squad.
Marauder Team
weapon, and counts as a power weapon with +2 to the
Strength characteristic of the model, however, it is
cumbersome and strikes at Initiate 1.

Personal Drop Pods: Marauders can be dropped from

orbit in individual drop pods that slowly disintegrate as they
enter the atmosphere, and then slow the descent of the suit
so that they arrive the on the ground safely. The breaking
up of the drop pod also produces a lot of Chaff which
makes them invisible amongst the debris to radar and
many other means of detection. Marauders may be held in
Reserve and enter the game via the Deep Strike special
rules found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

To be a Marauder means to be called upon for the

greatest of tasks. You will fight against untold
hordes, terrifying beasts, incomprehensible
machines. You will face the greatest combatants
this galaxy has spawned. But above all as a
Marauder, you will endure. You will combat those
hordes, beasts, and machines; and when its all
said and done, youll simply ask for more, and
youll do it with a bloody grin on your face!
Lieutenant Victoria Thera
Drop of Praetus V; M41

The Advanced Combat Powered Armour (ACPA) MkIV-A3

Marauder was first put into service 834.M41. The ACPA
MkIV has been used for hundreds of years now, with the A3
variant hopefully having worked out the kinks present in
older models. However, due to the nature of such a large
nation spanning the stars, most systems and even
individual regiments have tailored their suits individually,
WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv which can make them vastly different from army to army.
Lieutenant 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+
Marauder 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+ There is one trait that all Marauder teams have in common
though, their purpose and utilization. Marauders are oft
used as heavy shock infantry, to disrupt enemy forces and
SPECIAL RULES rely on heavy firepower to take down priority targets. Their
Firing Drill: Marauder teams are used to fighting without famed method of doing so is to use personal capsules,
support and handling many different enemies at once. raining down from the sky into key locations to offset the
They are consequently trained to use specialist weaponry enemies center of balance, routing and overtaking much
to take out priority targets, purposefully arming different larger enemy forces than other units can.
suits to handle different targets.

To represent this, models in a squad of Marauders may

elect to fire at different targets from other models in the

Repair Harness: Instead of a modular weapon system,
some suits are equipped with a complex servo harness.
This includes a welder, chainsaw, power spike driver, and
often many other tools and replacement parts. The
harness is used to patch up or reinforce armour that has
been damaged, allowing other suits to continue fighting at
optimal efficiency.

To represent this, any squad that has a Repair Harness

counts as having the Feel No Pain USR. In close combat,
this array of tools becomes a terrifying close combat
The people of KaeModa have by their very nature Being developed into a more lethal version, one aspect of
produced a number of keen intellects with their eyes the Spectre remained, its ability to deal with targets in close
looking towards the development of technology, and quarters. However, now instead of being able to detain
robotics have certainly not been ignored. Even in the them, it now has scything limbs and claws which it may use
Bellows War ten thousand years ago on Vermeer, Space with deadly efficiency against any living being, making it a
Marines battled against mechanical beasts, designed to truly unique machine.

Ten thousand years ago having automated war machines

was almost unheard of, but in this era the KaeModa
military relies extensively on them. One day they may
even be able to relegate all affairs of combat to machines,
to save human life.

However, the Spectre was not designed with the

preservation of human life in mind, but rather to seek and
destroy. It was originally designed to be used by civilian
police forces in order to track down fugitives, but soon
found new purpose under the watchful eyes of the Special
Intelligence Bureau, searching for and subduing psykers.

They soon found its capacity to be limited, and contracted

military engineers to develop a more efficient and much
more heavily armoured version, which led to the current
incarnation. The Spectre maintained its great speed and
excellent tracking abilities, but was given heavier armour
and much heavier firepower.

Spectre 4 4 5 11 11 11 4 2

Furious Charge

Agile Step: The Spectre is designed to be very quick on its

feet and to be able to react well to any situational stimulus,
able to combat its opponents according to their
weaknesses. It is able to move up to 12 in either its
Moving phase or Assault phase, but not both.

I could hear them in the night, it seemed as

though they were making some odd sounds, it
seemed as though they were... howling. Its
almost as though the bloody things knew where I
was, that they could come in at any time and drag
me away. They wouldnt let me sleep, they
wouldnt let me think, the damnable machines
were playing with me! We should not suffer
machines that can think for themselves, that can
torture a human so. They will be the undoing of us
Last journal entry of
dissenter, executed M40.
The Revenant is considered to be a very primitive design
by modern KaeModa technicians, and indeed it just may
be. When the Space Marines invaded the Vermeer system
in the ancient Bellows war, they would have encountered
machines akin in design to these. However, this means
nothing in the face of the utility of these beasts of burden,
for otherwise they certainly would not still be in use.

The size of a small vehicle, the Revenant is designed to be

able to provide support to infantry units in any environment,
whether it be in a city, a swamp, or even on an asteroid.
Indeed, it is this utility that has made the machine such a
standby for friendly forces. In addition, the KaeModa
believe in the strength of speed and maneuverability, and
the Revenant is no exception. They designed it as to have
powerful leg servos and pistons, able to project itself over a
fair distance to a better vantage point. Indeed, there have
been more than one occasion that they have jumped from
rooftop to rooftop to attain a more desirable location.

One of the biggest concerns that critics of the Revenant

have is its lack of firepower. Whilst able to be used in
almost any location and fairly tough for such a small walker,
it typically relies on one nose mounted weapon, getting no
greater than a heavy machinegun. This means that it is
severely lacking in anti-armour firepower, and also it is
unable to respond to multiple threats. Newer versions in
the works seek to correct this.


WS BS S F S R I A All-terrain Walker: The Revenant is often deployed in
Revenant 3 4 4 10 10 10 3 1 more difficult terrain, and adept at moving through rubble
and rocky crags. It may re-roll difficult terrain tests, but
must accept the second roll, even if it is worse than the first.

Leap: The Revenant may opt to make a single jump in the

The machine will never replace man on the field Movement Phase, but may not otherwise move or shoot
of battle. A computer may be able to complete a that turn. It may move up to 18 by the same manner as
thousand computations in a second, to have a Infantry equipped with a Jump Pack. The Revenant may
greater reaction speed than any human, to be able use this to move out of Close Combat if it is not Immobilzed
to fire with unparallel accuracy. Theres or Stunned.
something to be said about man though. He can
still outsmart a machine.
Gunnery Sergeant Busty Puller
A relatively new advance for the KaeModa is anti-gravity repairs on them if needed. Thus on any battlefield on
technology, and so far it has been used for mainly trivial which vehicles fight, undoubtably at least a few Valravne
things, such as entertainment and advertising. However, will be in the background, ready to get to work on a
the first major military application for it is the Valravne, a damaged vehicle.
floating AI controlled machine, typically with many limbs to
manipulate its environment. Whilst not combat vehicles, so far the Valravne have
achieved moderate success, and development staff have
So far they have been developed to serve two purposes, already began working on new uses for anti-gravity
the first of which is scouting. The Valravne are small, technology for military purposes.
lightweight, and dont make hardly any sound. Combined
with advanced optical, auditory, and other sensors, it can
take advanced readings, process them, and send detailed
information back to command.

Given these advantages, it is also adept at laying in wait to

ambush enemy patrols, scouts, or simply stragglers. Truly
it is little better than to be able to harass the enemy, but
harassment is all thats needed to distract an enemy
enough to strike elsewhere. This, or simply annoy the
enemy enough to make a rash decision, leaving
themselves weak in the process.

Some Valravne have been upgraded to support variants as

well. Some act as aids to medical staff, others for protocol,
but most notably some are used to aid technical staff,
repairing vehicles and other equipment. Indeed, some
have been programmed such as that they can learn how to
repair a multitude of vehicles, and make emergency

Valravn 4 10 10 10

Repair Servo: Some Valravne are modified for special
battlefield roles, one of which is to repair other vehicles
whilst under fire. Such are equipped with a special Repair
Servo which includes common spare parts and extra
armour plating to patch up and repair damage done to a

Valravne that start the Shooting Phase in contact with a

damaged vehicle may attempt to make a repair. If the
vehicle is immobilized or has had a weapon destroyed, roll
a D6 for each Valravn attempting to make a repair. For
every roll of a 5 or 6, one of these defects is repaired. Make
note that each Valravn must be assigned to what they
wish to repair. For instance, if a Valravn attempting to
repair a gun succeeds, the success may not be applied to
fix immobilization.
Intrepid Battle Walker
The KaeModa have not used tanks in millennia, barring
small backwater outposts using ancient technology that
main forces have long since abandoned. In place of
having a main battle tank, they have a battle walker, the
Intrepid. Sporting the most advanced vehicle armour the
Republic has to offer, a complex computer network, and
absolutely devastating firepower, the Intrepid is one of the
most fearsome things in their arsenal. Surely her enemies
would agree with this, or at least those whove seen its
potency in battle.

The basic design concept for the Intrepid is just as ancient

as the Revenant, and it is certainly not the first battle walker
that the Republic has put to use, but it is by far the most
effective. Introduced in the fourty first millennium, the
Intrepid was first deployed against Chaos forces in the
Itierat system. This is where it also made its claim to fame, Armour
when only a dozen Intrepid with light infantry support BS F S R
demolished a Chaos armoured assault, destroying over Intrepid 4 13 13 13
fifty vehicles.

KaeModa military leaders were absolutely stunned by this, SPECIAL RULES

and from all across the depths of Republican space Lumbering Walker: The Intrepid Battle Walker uses
shipment orders were made. They have since been used multiple legs as its method of locomotion, but it is unable to
to great effect against Chaos, Orks, the Imperium, and engage targets in close combat, and even if assaulted the
even Necrons. Its ability to take down enemy vehicles with behemoth will continue to wade through the melee and
either Optic or Gauss cannons from afar is nearly engage targets at a distance.
unparallel, utilizing advanced tracking systems to make The Intrepid is treated as a Tank for all intents and
precision shots to the weak points in enemy armour. purposes except that it uses the Walker profile on the
Moving and Shooting Chart.
Unfortunately though, it has had only mediocre results
against Tyranids, able to kill the beasts in droves, but not WARGEAR
with great enough cost-efficiency. If nothing else, they are Gauss Cannon: Easily the most powerful weapon
a boon to morale, standing stalwart against their available to the KaeModa that may be mounted on a
impending doom as waves of Tyranids flow forward, and vehicle, the Gauss cannon works by the same principle by
are able to stall enough groups to allow any survivors to which most of their infantry weapons do. By using
make an escape. So far though, it would seem that the powerful magnetic fields to project a tungsten alloy ball at
most effective and efficient way to deal with the Tyranids is such velocity that is makes mockery of the speed of sound.
simply fire bombing. Such powerful rounds tear through tank armour and
devastate infantry. It has the following profile:

Range Strength AP Type _

96 9 1 Heavy 1, Ordnance

When being used against non-vehicle units, use a Flamer

template and place it so that the small end is pointed
towards the barrel. Models fully under the template are hit
normally, but models only partially under are hit by a S6
AP4 attack.
Stalker Transport - 11 10 10

The Stalker has a transport capacity of six models. It
cannot transport Marauders.

Fire Points: Up to three models may fire their weapons

either over the side of the vehicle or through special firing
slits if it is given an Armoured Compartment.

Access Points: Whilst given an Armoured Compartment,

there is an access ramp on the back of the vehicle.

Crew-served weapons: The pintle-mounted weapons on
the Stalker are gunned by the passengers, and thusly the
relative ability to hit targets will depend on who is manning
the gun. Weapons mounted to a Stalker use the Ballistic
Skill of the passengers. If it is mixed, use the most
common Ballistic Skill.

Armoured Compartment: The Stalker is to production
standards without much armour, but many have still been
retrofitted to have enclosed crew and passenger
compartments due to battlefield hazards. This increased
weight also requires a new, heavier engine which in turn
increases the price of the vehicle even further.

Stalkers which take the Armoured Compartment upgrade

no longer count as being Open-topped. In addition, the
Side Armour value is increased from a 10 to an 11.
Harbinger Gunship Transport

Armour Fire Points: None.

Access Points: There is an access ramp on the rear of the
Harbinger 4 12 11 11 vehicle.

The Harbinger has a transport capacity of twelve models.
It cannot transport Marauders.
Deathstrike Gunship

Deathstrike 4 12 11 11

Cerberus Autocannon
Raptor Suppressor

Raptor Suppressor 4 12 11 10
Drone 3 9 9 9

Drone Array: The Raptor Suppressor was originally
outfitted with a few surveillance drones, as it was designed
to operate far into enemy lines and worked as much as a
reconnaissance vehicle as a combat one. Later models
included two new kinds of drones, gun and shield drones.

Any Raptor may take up to three drones of the following

types; Reconnaissance, Gun, or Shield. The drones are in
a vehicle squadron with the Raptor itself, though when fired
upon, randomize the hits on the Raptor and drones on a D6
as follows:
1-4 hits the Raptor
5-6 hits a Drone hand. Additionally, each Reconnaissance drone
increases the Raptors Ballistic Skill characteristic by 1.
Any glancing or penetrating hits against a Drone
automatically destroy it. If the Raptor is destroyed, the Gun drones may fire at any target independently of the
drones are as well. Raptor itself, using the singular weapon that has been
purchased for it.
Reconnaissance drones may stay up to 6 away from the
Raptor to which they are attached. They allow the Shield drones may automatically take one attack, chosen
Suppressor to fire its Missile launcher/ Multi-rocket pods before hits are randomized. It counts as having an Armour
indirectly, so long as the drone is able to see the target at Value of 12 against all attacks.
Captain Archibald Stirling

Captain Stirling 4 5 4 4 3 4 2 10 3+

Independent Character, Infiltrate, Covert Ops

Who Dares Wins: Black Berets count as a Troops choice,

rather than Elites.

Power Armour, Warp Field, Avenger Carbine, Optic
Pistol, Them-optic Camouflage
Lieutenant Victoria Thera

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv choose where to place them, and the squad does not

Lieutenant Thera 3 5 5 6 3 2 1 10 2+ scatter.

Marauder Detachment: Lieutenant Thera typically only

SPECIAL RULES takes part in larger operations involving entire Companies
Independent Character of Marauders, crashing down from the heavens to unleash
a torrent of firepower against the Republics enemies. You
Assisted Targeting: If Lieutenant Thera is attached to a may select Marauder teams as both a Heavy Support and
squad of Marauders and does not fire, the accompanying Elites choice.
squad gets BS5 for that turn. In addition, Lieutenant Thera
may fire all of her weapons in every Shooting Phase.
Into the Maelstrom!: If Lieutenant Thera is attached to a Marauder Suit, Warp Field, 2x Cerberus Autocannon,
squad of Marauders, if they choose to Deepstrike, you may Medi-nanite System, Sensors
Wing Commander Kilroy

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv fight again. Despite how many times hes been taken out,
Commander Kilroy 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 8 5+ his service record is impressive still, and so they keep on
giving him more aircraft to fly.
SPECIAL RULES When the aircraft that Kilroy was piloting has been
Ace Pilot: Kilroy is not deployed as a normal infantry Wrecked or Destroyed, he automatically bails out and is
model, but rather as the pilot of an aircraft. You may represented as an Infantry model on the field with the
choose to have him pilot either a Harbinger (page XX) or statline listed above.
Deathstrike (page XX) Gunship.
This increases the aircraft to BS5, and allows it to ignore Kilroy Was Here: Kilroys a good pilot, and like any pilot
shaken and stunned results on the roll of a 4+. Yes, hes whos been shot down, he knows when to leg it. However,
just that good. this doesnt mean that he doesnt yet still have a surprise or
Wing Commander: You may choose to buy an additional During the Assault phase Kilroy may move an additional 6
two aircraft which will act as a Squadron with Kilroys if it is towards his own board edge. This move may only be
aircraft. Both of these aircraft must be of the same type, done if he has already bailed out of his aircraft. If still in the
though they do not have to be the same as Kilroys. These pilots seat hes more likely to try and ram enemies with it.
aircraft do not benefit from his Ace Pilot special rule.

Good ol Kilroy: Kilroy is impossibly hard to kill. No matter

how many aircraft he has that are destroyed, he somehow Flak Vest, Avenger Pistol, Cybernetic Body, Medi
manages to survive and make it back to friendly lines to Nanite System
Magister Konrad Marlsburg

Konrad Marlburg 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+

Independent Character, Fearless, Preferred Enemy:

Psychic Barrier: Magister Marlsburg may not be the

target of and is immune to Psychic abilities.

Power Armour, Warp Field, Optic Pistol

Harbingers Blades: Power weapons.

Dannan Dathedi: An ancient Eldar artifact liberated from

ruins on a now-settled world, this device allows the wielder
to make short, controlled bursts through the warp. It
doesnt have to be used constantly, though the Magister
seems to insist that he does.
Magister Marlsburg must move a full 12 every Movement
phase, even if he is locked in combat or in a vehicle.
However, he may not teleport into a vehicle or into close
Solomon Cromwell

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Any army containing Solomon Cromwell may take Imperial

Solomon Cromwell 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 9 3+ forces as allies. After fulfilling the requirements on the
Force Organization Chart with KaeModa forces, you may
take the following from either (but not both) Codex:
SPECIAL RULES Imperial Guard or one of the Space Marine codices:
Independent Character
1 HQ choice
Sympathizer: Among other things, Solomon Cromwell is a
known Imperial Sympathizer, fostering good relations with
2 Elites
the Imperium of Man. This has had the odd result of the 4 Troops
system he controls being claimed by both the Imperium 2 Fast Attack
and the KaeModa Republic, and both have a military 2 Heavy Support
presence there. This might normally be a problem, but
with the Tyranids sending small assaults into the system, WARGEAR
both forces have agreed to work together, at least for now. Flak Armour, Avenger Pistol
The Watcher

The Watcher 5 5 4 5 3 5 3 10 2+

Indepdent Character, Infiltrate, Fearless, Fleet of Foot,
Relentless, Eternal Warrior

Psychic Ban: Psykers may not use any Psychic abilities

within 12 of the Watcher, nor may anything within 12 be
the target of Psychic abilities.

Warp Field, Cybernetic Body, Optic Rifle,

Deaths Touch: The Watcher may use her entire body in

the same manner as a Space Marine may wield a power
weapon, her very touch disrupting the molecular stability of
objects around her, charging parts of her body at her will.
In the melee, the Watcher enacts a deadly dance of death,
shredding everything around her to pieces as effortlessly
as a Lion with mewling infants.
The Watchers body counts as a power weapon that
wounds on no worse than a 4+, and grants +D3 attacks in
the Assault phase.
Gunnery Sergeant Busty Puller

Sergeant Puller 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 10 4+

Scouts, Move through Cover

Where do you put the bayonet?: Sergeant Puller and the

unit that she is attached to gets Rending, Counter-Attack,
and Stubborn.

Recon has arrived!: Hoo-ah! Squads of Force Recon

may be used to claim objectives.

Polymer Armour, Warp Field, Avenger Rifle, Auxiliary
Grenade Launcher, Offensive Grenades
Alginon and Grinx
Dr. Alginon 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 5+
Grinx 4 5 3 3 2 4 1 10 5+

Independent Character

Mutual disrespect: Alginon and Grinx are an odd case,

someone actually trying to tap into the potential of psykers
rather than attempt to banish what is practically a portal to
the Warp. Because he is a ranking official in the Special
Intelligence Bureau, normal members will not try to
interfere with them. However, you may not take them in the
same army as either the Watcher or Magister Marlsburg,
as the Watcher would kill Grinx, and Marlsburg try to kill
them both!

Ebb and Flow: Especially because of the equipment

attached to him, Grinx in unable to fully visit his powers,
instead having some surges of power followed by lulls
where is able to tap the Warp with little effect. Every turn
Grinx may use up to D3 Psychic Powers.

Flak Armour, Avenger Pistol

Failsafe Inhibitor: There is a complex network attached to

Grinx that severely limits his power and ability in order to
harness this power. However, measures must be taken to
ensure that the system is completely safe and the Warp will
not manifest through him. If Grinx fails a Perils of the Warp
test or if Dr. Alginon is killed, the failsafe system prevents
Grinx from being able to escape or otherwise be a
detriment to the Republic or her citizens. If either of these
happen, Grinx is instantly killed and removed from the
Conflagration: Large blast, template? S4AP5?

The Dark Mists: Cause unit (even vehicle) to use

nightfighting rules.

Mind Bullets: Ld tests; if fail, takes D6 wounds with no

saves of any kind allowed.

Warp Shield: 3+ invulnerable save, Grinx only

This section of Codex: KaeModa Republic lists the weapons and equipment used by the
KaeModa army, along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Weapons and equipment that can be used by For example, Gauss rifles are ubiquitous and
more than one type of model or unit are detailed carried by many models, and so are detailed in
here, while equipment that is unique to a single this section. The Repair Harness, however, is
model or unit (including wargear carried by unique to Marauders. While you will find a page
named special characters) is detailed in the reference here, the rules are detailed in the
appropriate entry in the Forces section. Marauders entry.

Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
The auxiliary grenade launcher is a tubular device that fires Users may also empty their magazine into the enemy
pre-primed and pre-loaded grenades. It is fixed onto a rather easily in a pinch. Any models equipped with an
rifle, and usually issued to squad and fireteam leaders. An Avenger Carbine may use their weapon as Assault 3 for
auxiliary grenade launcher may be fired in lieu of another one turn, but may not fire in the next Shooting Phase, as
weapon. One time use. they must reload.

Range Strength AP Type _ Range Strength AP Type _

24 6 4 Heavy 1 12 5 5 Assault 2

Avenger Pistol
The pistol version of the Avenger Rifle, most Special forces
and officers are equipped with one of these are a sidearm,
in case they are in need of some heavy firepower in a close
quarters battle.

Range Strength AP Type _

12 5 5 Pistol
Avenger Rifle
The most modern version of the gauss rifle used by the Bolos Rifle
KaeModa, the Avenger rifle is what is known as a coil Allegedly named after an ancient weapon designed for the
gun, using magnetized coils to project solid rounds of same purpose, the Bolos rifle discharges a sticky globule
metal ammunition at supersonic speeds, capable of designed to strike targets and then after a few seconds
shattering through most armour. Also, this method of after being fired and thusly exposed to oxygen, rapidly
delivering ammunition is much more accurate than foam up and envelop the target. It can also be used as an
conventional chemical based propellants, which combined effective method of crowd control, a few shots into a crowd
with the advanced training and sightings of the KaeModa able to disable dozens.
military, these weapons may be fired at much longer
distances than most other armies weapons. To represent this, each time you use the Bolos rifle, roll to
hit as normal. Make the targeted unit take a Strength test,
Range Strength AP Type _ where it must roll equal to or under its Strength to avoid
being ensnared. If it fails, the unit is automatically Pinned.
30 5 5 Rapid Fire Vehicles and models with a Strength characteristic of 6 or
higher automatically pass.
Avenger Carbine
A more compact version of the more common rifle, the Range Strength AP Type _
Avenger Carbine is designed to be used in more close 18 - - Assault 1
quarters combat, such as fighting in urban environments.
Its smaller size allows it to be used more easily on the run.
Cerberus Autocannon engineer Bartholomew Gep, and operates by firing in
A comparatively ancient design, the Cerberus is a tri- extremely rapid succession medium intensity lasers. Its
barreled rotary autocannon, belching out powerful rounds manner of operation is somewhat peculiar, and has found a
of ammunition which can crush through almost any surprising niche in the KaeModa military.
armour, and even decimate more lightly armoured Being that lasers are invisible and incredibly accurate, it is
vehicles. not actually aimed so much as sprayed in a general
direction, which causes fire to saturate an enemy position,
If you fire at the same target as you fired at the turn before leaving them to wonder where it is coming from. The user
with a Cerberus, treat is as Heavy 4 instead of Heavy 3. wouldnt even know either where it not for a special lense
on top which the lasers can be seen through.
Range Strength AP Type _ The Gep SSW is a highly versatile weapon, able to be used
36 6 3 Heavy 3 as a purely defensive weapon, dissuading would-be
attackers, or on the assault, suppressing defenders in
Chemical Missile fortified positions. It may use either of the following
See the Tyranid Hunters entry on page XX. profiles:

Range Strength AP Type _

Concussion grenades 24 4 - Heavy 4, Pinning
A simple design, tried and true from thousands of years of
use, a defensive grenade delivers a concussive blast, Range Strength AP Type _
dazing and disorienting the would-be attackers. Now 18 4 - Assault 3, Pinning
rather than having the upper hand, they find themselves at
a disadvantage. Models count as having Defensive
grenades as detailed by the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Deaths Touch
See the Watchers entry on page XX.

Faust HMG
The Faust Heavy Machine Gun is designed to be utilized
against sturdier targets, or punching through light cover to
eliminate targets that would have sought to use it as
Harbingers Blades
Range Strength AP Type _ See Magister Konrad Marlsburgs entry on page XX.
48 5 5 Heavy 3
Heavy Flamer
Flamethrower The Heavy Flamer is the ultimate weapon for sweeping
Flamethrowers spew a highly volatile spray of liquid fortifications clear and purging the ranks of the enemy at
chemicals that ignites on contact with the air. close quarters. It bathes its enemies in a conflagration of
Flamethrowers are primarily used to scour the enemy from burning fuel, charring flesh and rusting armour on the spot.
defended positions, their belches of superheated vapour
slaughtering the defenders in a fiery conflagration. Range Strength AP Type _
Template 5 4 Heavy 1
Range Strength AP Type _
Template 4 5 Assault 1 Micro-Ripper
A miniaturized version of the larger Ripper cannon, it is
designed to be carried by individual infantrymen as a close
quarters anti-material rifle, capable of tearing apart near
Flechette Rifle any target.
It operates by firing large darts which are specially
designed to puncture through armour. Its a shotgun that is
AP3 if the target is less than 6 away. Range Strength AP Type _
12 7 1 Assault 1,
Range Strength AP Type _ Melta
12 4 4 Assault 2 Missile Launcher
A common weapon among KaeModa infantry, the missile
Gep SSW launcher is a versatile weapon, lending itself to anti-
The Gep Squad Support Weapon was designed by the gun personnel and anti-vehicle purposes. Each time the
missile launcher fires, the controlling player may choose
which type of missile is being used. Reaper Sniper Rifle
Classified officially as an anti-material rifle, the Reaper is
SABOT used by KaeModa snipers for almost guaranteed long
Range Strength AP Type _ range kills against enemy personnel, with a particular note
48 8 3 Heavy 1 to high profile targets. On the roll of a 6 to hit, the Reaper
Sniper Rifle wounds on a 2+ for that Shooting phase.
Range Strength AP Type _ Range Strength AP Type _
48 4 6 Heavy 1, 3 blast 36 X 3 Heavy 1, Sniper
Myrmidon-class Drone Ripper Cannon
See the Heavy Assault Grenadiers entry on page XX. The ultimate in anti-material weapons, the Ripper
cannons only flaw is its relatively short range, unable to
Offensive Grenades effectively disable enemy armour until in close proximity.
If it is necessary to assault the enemy, the soldiers of At its core, the Ripper cannon is simply a particle
KaeModa use airburst grenades which utilize the accelerator, projecting uranium isotopes at relativistic
atmosphere around their them to combust into a localized speeds, causing the area of impact (and generally the
inferno, literally setting the air on fire. atmosphere it passes through) to break down into its most
basic elemental properties in a violent reaction. If nothing
On the turn that the squad equipped with Offensive else, the result is absolutely terrifying to behold.
grenades charges into assault, enemy models are
automatically hit with a Strength 4 hit for every model Range Strength AP Type _
equipped with the grenades before combat begins. Roll to 24 7 1 Heavy 1, Melta,
wound as take armour saves as normal. Offensive
grenades may not be used if the assaulted squad is
3 blast
already in combat. Shaped Charges
See the Black Berets entry on page XX.

Storm Rifle
The standard issue weapon of the KaeModa military, the
Storm Rifles works on the same principle as the Avenger
weapons, though on a lesser scale. It is simple and
rugged, able to be given to the masses and properly
utilized, but still advanced enough to be effective enough to
eliminate most any threat its wielder would come across.

Range Strength AP Type _

Optic Rifle 24 4 - Rapid fire
Using a series of specially constructed lenses to focus an
array of diode lasers, the Optic rifle is able to focus the laser
into powerful pulses that are designed to punch through Vermeer MP
enemy armour with great ease and accuracy. While its The Vermeer machine pistol is most accurately described
role may be similar to Imperial plasma weaponry, Optic as a sub-machine pistol. The theory behind its use is that
weapons have slightly less of a punch, but without the in a close quarters combat situation, the relative strength of
suicidal danger inherent to such. the weapon matters little in the face of actually hitting a
target. It is a compact SMG capable of being used in one
Range Strength AP Type _ hand with relative ease.
24 7 3 Rapid fire A model equipped with a Vermeer MP may use it as a pistol
akin to how other KaeModa units may use normal pistols in
Optic Pistol the Assault phase.
Utilizing the same principles as the Optic rifle, the Optic
pistol is simply a smaller, handheld version of the same Range Strength AP Type _
weapon. It is an uncommon weapon however, due to its 12 3 - Assault 3
great expense, and that the Avenger pistol is generally
sufficient in most cases where it would be used.

Range Strength AP Type _

12 6 3 Pistol
Other Equipment
Ballistic Plating Micro-Fibre Muscles
Some military and police forces, as well as high-profile Through quick but extensive surgery, military doctors are
VIPs may opt to have ballistic plates surgically inserted into able to replace in large the muscular system with a series
their body, protecting their internal organs and giving a thin of artificial muscles with electronic nerves designed to act
protective layer over their skull and spinal cord. In the as normal, but greater in their capacity. The model
event that their other armour may be pierced or if they are receives +1 to their Strength and Toughness
wearing no armour at all, the underlying plating may save characteristics. However, this toughness bonus does not
their lives, even against otherwise lethal attacks. It grants affect resistance to Instant Death.
the model a 6+ invulnerable save.
Occular Implants
Cybernetic Body The most important sensory input that you receive on the
Originally designed so that one could change their body to field of battle comes from visual stimulus. The ability to
appear as however they wished, available only to the rich, receive this information, process it, and then make solid
these soon found great use in military and police forces. decisions based on this stimulus is paramount and directly
Most all of the body is replaced with an artificial applies itself to the overall quality and skill of the soldier.
replacement that needs not food or water, it needs no rest, By this merit, some soldiers have their eyes replaced with
and it feels no pain. In military models, which are often mechanical counterparts which are given neural uplinks.
bulkier and much tougher than other versions, the They are able to see more clearly and in greater gamut
technology has not yet advanced enough such as that they than an unaugmented human may.
are able to move rapidly and with extreme dexterity,
resulting in slower and more deliberate movements. Models with Occular Implants add 3 to their maximum
weapons range. This bonus does not apply to the Rapid
Models with Cybernetic bodies are granted the Feel No Fire distance, which remains at 12. In addition, they may
Pain USR. However, their Initiative Characteristic is add 6 to their nightfighting roll, up to their maximum
reduced to 2. distance.

Dannan Dathedi Personal Drop Pods

See Magister Konrad Marlsburgs entry on page XX. See the Marauders entry on page XX.

Failsafe Inhibitor Pilum Guided Missile

The need for infantry to have the ability to counter enemy
See Alginon and Grinxs entry on page XX.
armour is paramount, especially for isolate special forces
groups. Furthermore, the need to vacate the area after
Laser Designator launching anti-armour weapons to avoid counter-fire is
A laser designator is simply that, a laser used to designate very important, causing need for fire and forget missile
targets for friendly units, usually artillery or missile strikes. systems.
The laser designator is used during the Shooting phase, You may choose to use your Pilum just as it were a normal
and does not need to target the same unit as the rest of the weapon in your Shooting phase, but it does not replace a
squad it is attached to. You may select any unit with 24, models normal weapon. Models may use a Pilum and then
and friendly missile weapons may be fired indirectly at this still make a Run move in the same Shooting phase. This is
target. Furthermore, you may select any point on the a one-shot weapon with the following profile:
battlefield within 36 and friendly models using weapons
Range Strength AP Type _
with the blast description may fire at that point, rather than
targeting a model as normal. 36 8 3 Heavy 1

Medi-Nanite System Personal Drop Pods

Some soldiers may be given a complex system of nanites See the Marauder Teams entry on page XX.
injected into their bloodstream which seek to rapidly repair
any damage that may be done to their host, effectively Reactive Camouflage
affording superior healing, saving them from otherwise To utilize camouflage is an age-old trick to try and remain
fatal wounds. undetected by enemy forces, as the best protection
against enemy guns is to have them not shoot at you. The
If a model with Medi-nanites is killed, instead of removing KaeModa use a spray on silicon nanite covering that
them, place it on its side. Roll a D6 at the start of the next detects the light, automatically adhering to the surrounding
turn: on the roll of a 5+ the model is stood back up with 1 environment, blending the wearer in with his surroundings.
wound but on any other roll it is removed as a casualty.
This is negated by wounds caused by Instant Death. Models with Reactive Camouflage get +1 to their Cover
Repair Harness
See the Marauders entry on page XX.

Some infantry units employ advanced sensors and
targeting systems, allowing them to better detect enemy
units. Weapons that scatter subtract an addition 1 from
the rolled distance.

Shaped Charges
See the Black Berets entry on page XX.

Therm-optic Camouflage
Some infantry units are lucky enough to be gifted with
Therm-optic Camouflage. While it may seem as magic to
those of the Imperium, it is simply a plasmonic cover, fitted
over the uniforms and equipment of the infantryman,
rendering them all but invisible to not only the naked eye,
but also thermal imaging.

Any model with Therm-optic Camouflage uses the Night

Fight rules when being targeted. The enemy unit must roll
2D6x3 when checking distance, and if within range, may
fire upon the target. Additionally, models withTtherm-optic
Camouflage gain the Stealth USR as detailed in the
Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. This bonus does not stack
with Reactive Camouflage.

Warp Field
By protracting metamaterial field around the wearer, they
are able to quite literally bend oncoming fire around them,
rather than trying to stop it outright. It confers a 4+
Invulnerable save to the wearer.
Ares-class Power Armour able to penetrated easily by anti-tank weapons and other
See the Special Intelligence Bureau entry on page XX. specialized weaponry, there is little better protection that a
soldier can ask for. And due to the motion-assist servos
other systems, soldiers utilizing this armour are actually
Flak Vest typically more potent, less likely to tire, stronger than a
A crude excuse for armour, the KaeModa wouldnt use this normal man, not needing to eat as long due to feeding
armour for combat troops if there were nothing else tubes and stimulants, and emergency medical systems
available. However, it is small, easily concealed, and can that try to coagulate wounds as soon as they happen. It is
stop much civilian grade weaponry. This makes it very designed in every way to maximize the potential of the
useful for police and soldiers not expected to see combat. wearer, and try to bring him home alive.
Typically though, the only ones who wear it on the field of
battle are the Special Intelligence Bureau. Models equipped with Power Armour are granted a 3+
Armour save.
Models equipped with a Flak Vest are granted a 5+ Armour
Warforge Armour
Warforge armour actually refers to very specifically made
suits of armour that are hand tailoured on one of Vermeer
Marauder Suit IIIs moons, though it is also a catch-all term to describe
Not actually strictly armour itself, but a large exoskeleton any suit of armour that is of such high quality or otherwise
that stands some three meters tall. Suits have to be offers truly superior protection. Armour such as this offers
somewhat personally tailoured to the individual, which nearly the penetration stopping power of Marauder
makes the already expensive suits even more costly. As armour, which is incredibly bulky. Typically this type of
such, these suits are typically rare and commanders who armour is only granted to very high ranking officers, and if
have them at their fingertips are glad that they have them, this is the case it is the ornate, beautiful craftsmanship of
versatile and profound in their ability to eliminate enemy the artisans on Vermeer IIIs moon. Otherwise it can be
targets. granted to some special soldiers as a reward for their
heroic deeds, or perhaps importance outside of the
Models equipped with a Marauder suit are granted a 2+ military.
Armour save, as well as a 6+ Invulnerable save.
Models equipped with Warforge Armour are granted a 2+
Models wearing a Marauder suit may opt to move up to 12 Armour save.
each turn, as if equipped with Jump Packs. If they move in
this fashion, they may not Run or Assault.

Models equipped with a Marauder suit have the Relentless

Universal Special Rule as detailed in the Warhammer
40,00 rulebook.

Polymer Armour
Consisting of layered plates of complex plastics, Polymer
armour offers good protection against most small arms and
even some anti-personnel weaponry. This is the standard
issue armour of the KaeModa Regulars, as well as all
other light infantry units. Heavier infantry, and units
expected to face more dangerous engagements often
forgo this and utilize powered armour. This does not mean
that it is ill-efficient at protecting the wearers. In fact, the
Force Reconnaissance who often operate alone and deep
in enemy territory enjoy it for that it keeps a lower profile
and is not as easily detectable. How Black Berets remain
hidden so well is a unit secret.

Models equipped with Polymer Armour are granted a 4+

armour save.

Power Armour
Heavily armoured, environmentally contained, motion-
assist servo powered suits are what make up the armour of
the more elite units in the KaeModa military. Typically only
Vehicle Armoury
Armoured Compartment LRM Missile Rack
See the Stalker entry on page XX. Often used on aircraft, missiles are bound together in pods
or racks for ease of use and rapid successions of firing, and
Chaff Launchers able to engage varied targets without much effort. Long
Aircraft may carry small reactive defense systems which Range Missiles are good for engaging targets from a
fire smalls rockets that explode into a huge cloud of small distance without much repercussion of return fire, but still
debris which interferes with targeting systems and gives deadly effect.
obscures its silhouette of the aircraft, making it more
difficult to hit with direct or guided weapon systems. There Range Strength AP Type _
is a chance that the attack may hit this debris instead of the 48 4 5 Heavy 1, Large blast
aircraft or miss entirely, and confers a 5+ cover save to the 48 9 2 Heavy 1, Ordnance
Optic Cannon
Cloaking Field The precursor to the rifle seen today, the Optic cannon was
Similar to those found on infantrymen, a larger cloaking designed to be mounted on vehicles for anti-armour
system may be placed on a vehicle. These are not as support. It has excelled in this capacity, and for this reason
efficient as those on infantrymen simply due to the sheer continues to be used commonly in this role, proving itself
size of the vehicle as compared to a normal human. very useful against medium and even heavy vehicles.
Enemy models must roll 3D6x3 when checking distance,
and if within range, they may be fired upon.
Range Strength AP Type _
Extra Armour 60 8 3 Heavy 1,
Vehicles equipped with extra armour count Crew Ordnance
Stunned results on the damage tables as Crew Shaken
results instead. Pintle Mounted Gep SSW/Faust HMG
Pintle mounted weapons are located on the outside of a
Gauss Cannon vehicle and can be used by a crewman from an open hatch
See the Intrepid entry on page XX or by remote control from the inside. A pintle mounted
weapon may be fired when the vehicle is eligible to fire
Hard Wiring another non-ordnance weapon, and only one pintle
Using new strives in computer technology, the use of hard mounted weapon may be taken per vehicle.
wiring allows artificial intelligence constructs to function
normally even when under great deals of physical stress Repair Servo
which would toss crew members about, not letting them See the Valravne entry on page XX
perform functionally. With hard wiring, any AI construct
controlled vehicle may ignore both Shaken and Stunned SRM Missile Rack
results. Developed after the normal missile racks, Short Range
Missiles have shorter fuses and are much more compact,
Infrared Targeting allowing for more missiles to be fit into the rack or pod.
Many vehicles commonly have infrared options added to Thus a pilot may make much more liberal use of his
their lenses and other targeting devices, in so that they munitions without fear of running dry, provided that he is
may more easily spot enemies in the dark of night. able to remain close enough to his potential targets.
Vehicles with infrared targeting do not need to make Night
Fight rolls to determine distance, but instead subtract 6 Range Strength AP Type _
from their full range, as that even with this advanced optics, 18 4 5 Heavy 2, Large blast
it is still not as good as in the light of day. 18 9 2 Heavy 2, Ordnance

Langston Shield Subsystems

Vehicles may sometimes carry special energy shields that By integrating a number of extra subsystems into the
would normally only be reserved for spacecraft, using the vehicles computer network, they may target and engage
exhaust of the vehicle to generate itself. While it cannot multiple targets simultaneously, though this often results in
eliminate enemy fire entirely as the spacecraft shields may, decreased accuracy. Choose one target as your main
it can still reduce the strength of the oncoming attacks. target in each Shooting Phase. All weapons fired at this
Whenever the vehicle takes a hit, the armour penetration target use the normal Ballistic Skill. Any weapon may be
score is reduced by D3-1 Strength. fired at any other target within range and line of sight, but at
with a Ballistic Skill characteristic of 2.
Optional Rules:
Zero-Gravity Combat
Insert rules for fighting in a zero-G environement, such as
in orbit, aboard spaceships, etc.
Zero Troopers
The Zero-Gravity Security Troopers, also known as Z-Sec putting a heavier strain on their forces, and as such they
or Zero Troopers, have had a long and great history within have given teams a greater abundance of support weapon
the KaeModa Republic, being quite possibly the oldest that small groups can deal with any threat necessary.
military formation still active, dating back to the initial
development of spacecraft to settle planets beyond As well a newer, more deadly threat has reared its ugly
KaeModa Prime. In that time their suits may have become head, stressing the Z-Sec further than ever before. The
more protective, their weapons more deadly, their tactics Tyranids crash spores into KaeModa ships, creating a
more efficient, but their core purpose has not changed one deadly maelstrom of battle aboard ships, not to mention
bit. They are the only infantry unit whose purpose is to having to cleanse them from the darkness of space. There
provide protection onboard spacecraft, as well as to have even been recorded missions to board Tyranid
engage enemy forces in a zero-gravity environment, space-organisms. Truly these are trying times for the
particularly in vacuum. Republics oldest military force.

Due to the nature of their specialized equipment and

training, not to mention purpose, the Zero Troopers are
often the first ones to combat new alien species, in
particular the more bestial variety, the more obscure. This
daunts them not, and has even made some more brash,
such that they would carry spears and knives to take claws
and fangs as trophies, and sometimes even more
indiscernible body parts. This is of course officially
frowned upon, but encouraged on a squad level, to help
promote competition among soldiers, to see who can
preform the best.

In the past millennia due to recent expansionism on the

part of the KaeModa and its neighbours, the Zero Troopers
have found themselves putting more emphasis on the
security role, due to the tendency of her enemies to try and
board enemy ships. The Republic tries to keep all of its
engagements in space, where it has a greater advantage
than it does on the ground, but Chaos, Orks, and even the
Imperium make attempt to board ships and capture them,

Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 2 1 9 4+
Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 2 1 8 4+

Relentless, Deep Strike

Zero-Gravity Suit: The Zero Troopers wear a special suit
that not only provided armoured protection against melee
and ranged attacks, but also from cosmic radiation and the
vacuum of space. It also has small jets to allow
maneuverability and more simply movement in low gravity
atmospheres. To represent this, the squad may be treated
as though it is equipped with Jump Packs.
KaeModa Republic Army List
The following pages contain an army list that
enables you to field a KaeModa Republic army and fight
battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer
40,000 rulebook. It also provides you with the basic
information youll need in order to field a KaeModa army in
scenarios youve devised yourself, or that form part of a
The army list allows you to pick an army based on
the troops that could be fielded by a KaeModa combined
arms joint operation, with attached support drawn from
other units in the army.
The army list is split into five sections. All the
squads, vehicles and characters in the army are placed
into one of these depending upon their role on the
battlefield. Each model is also given a points value which
varies depending on how effective that model is in battle.
Before you choose an army you will need to agree with you
opponent upon a scenario and the total number of points
each of you will spend. Then you can proceed to pick your


The army lists are used in conjunction with the
force organization chart from a scenario. Each chart is
split into five categories that correspond to the sections in USING THE ARMY LIST
the army list, and each category has one or more boxes. Before putting your army together for a game,
Each grey-toned box indicates that you may make one agree with your opponent on the size of each force. Many
choice from that section of the army list, while a dark-toned players like to play games of 1,500 points per side, which
box indicates a compulsory selection. Weve included the provides around two hours of play, or the best part of an
chart used for Standard Missions opposite. afternoon or evening. Look in relevant section of the army
list and decide what unit you want to have in your army,
MISSION & POINTS how many models there will be in it, and which upgrades
These army lists are primarily designed for use you want (if any)
with the Standard Missions from the Warhammer 40,000 Any upgrades that are taken must be represented
rulebook. They may also be used with any other missions on the model. Once this is done, subtract the points value
that use the Force Organization charts, but please note of the unit from your total points and then go back and
that play balance may be effected if they are used for make another choice. Continue doing this until you have
anything other than a Standard Mission. spent all your points. Then youre ready to do battle!


The KaeModa Republic is a diverse army that can Now a HQ selection is required, with either a
be approached from a number of ways, with much elite Command Squad or ATCV chosen, both of which can issue
infantry, robotic walkers, and powerful air support. With orders to their subordinates. However, it should be noted
this diversity comes plenty of tactical options, but there are that both Black Berets and SIB squads may be taken as
a few basics to bear in mind as you begin your collection. Troops if a certain special character is taken, which opens
up two new options as Troops, both of which are very
THE BASICS flexible themselves.
The standard force organization chart includes
two compulsory Troops units. Not only do Troops bear a EXPANDING YOUR ARMY
large burden of the fighting but also are used for seizing Once youve decided on your HQ and Troops
objectives a crucial role in many missions. units, the more specialist units of the army become
The KaeModa have but a single Troops choice, available for recruitment. Fast Attack, Elites, and Heavy
the Regulars platoon. It is a group of small units that can Support units all bring something unique to your army,
each be equipped to deal with specific threats. For whether through impenetrable armour, unique abilities,
instance, they can take a Gep SSW or Faust HMG for anti- specialist weaponry, or a mix of all three. Your KaeModa
personnel purposes, or a missile launcher for anti-armour army will likely never stop growing there are always fresh
purposes. tactics to try and new models to collect.
Each entry in the army list represents a different unit that you can use in a game. More information about the background and
rules for the troops, vehicles and equipment can be found on pages XX-XX, while information and examples of miniatures you
can use to represent the troops, vehicles and equipment used in the list can be found on pages XX-XX.

Each unit entry in the army list is spilt into seven sections:


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 7 Options:
Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ May include up to eight additional Recon
Recon Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ Troopers: .............................+12 pts per model
The squad may replace their Avenger Rifles
2 Unit Composition: 5 Wargear: with the following:
1 Sergeant Polymer Armour - Avenger Carbine ................. +2 pts per model
3 Recon Troopers Avenger Rifle - Flechette Rifle ..................... +3 pts per model
Avenger Pistol For every six models, you may take one of the
3 Special Rules: following special weapons:
Converge Fire 6 Dedicated Transport: - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
Scouts If the squad numbers - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Move through Cover six or less, may take a - Faust HMG ........................................ +15 pts
Stalker (see page XX - Missile launcher ................................. +15 pts
4 Unit Type: for points cost). One model may be upgraded to take a Pilum
Infantry guided missile: .....................................+10 pts
The Squad may be upgraded to have Reactive
Camouflage: ...........................+2 pts per model
The Sergeant may take any of the following:
- Auxiliary grenade launcher ................... +5 pts

1) Unit Profile: At the start of each entry you will find the further detail in the Forces section. Some refer to the
name of the unit, the profile of any models it can include, Universal Special Rules section of the Warhammer
and the points cost of the unit without any upgrades. For 40,000 rulebook. For example, the Force Recon squad
example, the entry shown above is for a Force shown above benefits from the Converge Fire special
Reconnaissance squad that costs 50 points. rule detailed on its page, the Fireteams special rule
located on page XX, as well as the Scouts and Move
2) Unit Composition: Where applicable, this entry lists the through Cover Universal special rules which can be
number and type of models that make up the basic unit. found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.
For example, the 50 point Force Recon squad shown
above is made up of one Sergeant and three Recon 6) Transport: This last entry refers to any transport
Troopers. vehicles the unit may take. These have their own entry
on page XX. The Transport Vehicles section of the
3) Unit Type: This entry refers to the Warhammer 40,000 Warhammer 40,000 rulebook explains exactly how
Unit Type Rules chapter. For example, a unit may be these dedicated transports work.
Infantry, Vehicle or Jump Infantry, and be subject to a
number of rules regarding movement, shooting, assault, 7) Options: This section lists all of the upgrades you may
etc. If the Unit Type box includes the word Unique you add to the unit if you wish to do so. If a model is
may only include one of this unit in your army. equipped with something listed in the Unit Upgrades
section then you must pay the points for it you may not
4) Wargear: This entry details the equipment the models in take an upgrade unless a model in the unit actually has
the squad entry carry. The cost for all of these models it. Some units have additional options regarding how
and all of their equipment is included in the points cost they may be chosen or fielded, often depending on
with the unit profile. whether an associated special character is taken.
Where an option states that you may exhange one
5) Special Rules: Any special rules that apply to the unit weapon and/or another, you may replace either,
are listed here. These special rules are explaned in neither, or both provided you pay the stated points cost.

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Model Options:
Colonel 3 4 3 3 3 3 2 10 3+ Any Bodyguard may replace his Avenger rifle
Major 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+ with the following:
Captain 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+ - Avenger Carbine .................................... +2 pt
Bodyguard 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 3+ - Flechette Rifle ...................................... +3 pts
- Micro-Ripper ...................................... +10 pts
Unit Composition: Dedicated Transport: - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
1 Captain May select a Stalker or - Laser Designator ............................... +10 pts
4 Bodyguards Harbinger (see page The officer may replace his Avenger pistol with
XX for points cost). any of the following:
Special Rules: - Vermeer MP ............................................ free
Command Skills Wargear: - Optic pistol ........................................... +5 pts
Power Armour The Captain may be upgraded to one of the
Unit Type: Avenger rifle following:
Infantry Avenger pistol - Major ................................................. +10 pts
Defensive Grenades - Colonel .............................................. +20 pts
The officer may take:
- Medi-nanite system ........................... +10 pts
- Warp field ........................................... +20 pts
The officer may select from the following
Unit Options: Command Skills:
The squad may be have: - Tactical Deployment .......................... +10 pts
- Reactive Camouflage .......... +2 pts per model - Misdirection ....................................... +10 pts
- Occular Implants ................. +3 pts per model - Danger Sense .................................... +15 pts
- Ballistic plating ..................... +3 pts per model - Direct Fire........................................... +15 pts
- Microfibre muscles .............. +3 pts per model - Inspirational ....................................... +20 pts
- Cybernetic body .................. +5 pts per model - Covering Fire ..................................... +20 pts
- Therm-optic Camouflage ..... +5 pts per model - Feign ................................................. +20 pts

ATCV 75 Points Page XX

Armour Options:
Type BS F S R May take any of the following:
ATCV Tank 4 12 12 10 - Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Extra armour ........................................ +5 pts
Unit Composition: Special Rules: - Pintle mounted Gep SSW .................. +15 pts
1 ATCV Communications Array - Pintle mounted Faust HMG ................ +20 pts
Command Skills - Cloaking field ..................................... +20 pts
Unit Type: Jamming Beacon - Langston shield ................................. +20 pts
Vehicle (Tank) The ATCV may buy one of the following
Command Skills:
- Tactical Deployment .......................... +10 pts
- Misdirection ....................................... +10 pts
- Danger Sense .................................... +15 pts
- Direct Fire........................................... +15 pts

Captain Stirling 4 5 4 4 3 4 2 10 3+

Unit Type: Wargear: Squad:

Infantry (unique) Power Armour Captain Stirling may take a Black Beret squad
Warp Field as a personal bodyguard (see page XX for
Special Rules: Avenger Carbine points cost).
Infiltrate Optic Pistol
Covert Ops Therm-optic Camouflage
Who Dares Wins
Independent Character


Lieutenant Thera 3 6 5 6 3 2 2 10 2+

Unit Type: Wargear: Squad:

Infantry (unique) Marauder Suit Lieutenant Thera may take a Marauder squad
Warp Field as a personal bodyguard (see page XX for
Special Rules: 2x Cerebus Autocannon points cost).
Into the Maelstrom! Medi-nanite System
Assisted Targeting
Marauder Detachment
Independent Character


Konrad Marlburg 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+

Unit Type: Wargear:

Infantry (unique) Power Armour
Warp Field
Special Rules: Harbingers Blades
Fearless Optic Pistol
Psychic Barrier Dannan Dathedi
Preferred Enemy: Psykers
Independent Character

Solomon Cromwell 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 10 5+

Unit Type: Wargear: Squad:

Infantry (unique) Flak Armour Solomon Cromwell may take a KaeModa
Avenger Pistol Command squad as a personal bodyguard (see
Special Rules: page XX for points cost).
Independent Character


Dr. Alginon 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 5+
Grinx 4 5 3 3 2 4 1 10 5+

Unit Type: Wargear:

Infantry (unique) Flak Armour
Avenger Pistol
Special Rules: Failsafe Inhibitor
Independent Character
Mutual Disrespect
Ebb and Flow

Psychic Powers:
The Dark Mists
Psychic Assault
Warp Shield

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Lieutenant 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 3+ The entire Fireteam may replace their Storm
Rifleman 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+ rifles with the following weapons:
- Avenger Rifles ................................... +10 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Flechette Rifles .................................. +20 pts
1 Lieutenant Polymer Armour One model may replace his Storm rifle with the
4 Riflemen Power Armour (Lt. only) following:
Storm rifle - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
- Laser Designator ............................... +10 pts
Special Rules: Unit Type: One model may be upgraded to take a Pilum
Platoon Infantry guided missile: .....................................+10 pts
The Lieutenant may take one of the following:
Dedicated Transport: - Vermeer MP ......................................... +5 pts
May select a Stalker (see - Avenger pistol ...................................... +5 pts
page XX for points cost). - Optic pistol ......................................... +10 pts


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Sergeant 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ The entire Fireteam may replace their Storm
Rifleman 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+ rifles with the following weapons:
- Avenger Rifles ................................... +10 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Flechette Rifles .................................. +20 pts
1 Sergeant Polymer armour One rifleman may replace his Storm rifle with
4 Riflemen Storm rifle one of the following:
- Flamethrower ...................................... +5 pts
Special Rules: Unit Type: - Optic rifle ........................................... +10 pts
Platoon Infantry - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
- Faust HMG ........................................ +15 pts
Dedicated Transport: - Missile launcher ................................. +15 pts
May select a Stalker (see The Sergeant may take any of the following
page XX for points cost). Upgrades:
- Auxiliary grenade launcher ................... +5 pts
- Vermeer MP ......................................... +5 pts
Dedicated Transports

Armour Options:
Type BS F S R May take any of the following:
Stalker Light Vehicle - 11 10 10 - Extra armour ........................................ +5 pts
- Armoured compartment ..................... +10 pts
Unit Composition: Transport Capacity: - Pintle mounted Gep SSW .................. +10 pts
1 Stalker Six models - Pintle mounted Faust HMG ................ +10 pts
- Cloaking field ..................................... +20 pts
Unit Type: Special Rules:
Vehicle (Open-topped) Crew-served Weapons


Armour Options:
Type BS F S R May take any of the following wing mounted
Harbinger Skimmer 4 12 11 11 pairs of weapons:
- 2x Gep SSW ...................................... +20 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: - 2x Faust HMG .................................... +20 pts
1 Harbinger Cerberus Autocannon - Twin-linked SRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
- Twin-linked LRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
Transport Capacity: Unit Type: May take any of the following:
Twelve models Vehicle (Fast Skimmer) - Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Chaff launchers ................................. +15 pts
- Cloaking field ..................................... +20 pts
- Langston shield ................................. +20 pts
BLACK BERETS 70 Points Page XX

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Lieutenant 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 3+ May include up to eight additional Black
Black Beret 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+ Berets: .................................+15 pts per model
The squad may replace their Avenger Rifles
Unit Composition: Wargear: with the following:
1 Lieutenant Power Armour - Avenger Carbine ................. +2 pts per model
3 Black Berets Avenger Rifle - Flechette Rifle ..................... +3 pts per model
Reactive Camouflage For every six models, you may take one of the
Special Rules: following special weapons:
Infiltrate Dedicated Transport: - Micro-Ripper ...................................... +10 pts
Covert Ops May select a Stalker or - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
Harbinger (see page - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Unit Type: XX for points cost). One model may be upgraded to take a Pilum
Infantry guided missile: .....................................+10 pts
The squad may have the following:
- Concussion Grenades ........... +1 pt per mode
- Shaped Charges ................. +3 pts per model
The squad may have the following upgrades:
- Occular Implants ................. +3 pts per model
- Ballistic plating ..................... +3 pts per model
- Microfibre muscles .............. +3 pts per model
- Cybernetic body .................. +4 pts per model
- Therm-optic camouflage ...... +5 pts per model
The Lieutenant may take any of the following:
- Optic Pistol .......................................... +5 pts
- Medi-nanite System ........................... +10 pts


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Sergeant 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 3+ May include up to eight additional Tyranid
Tyranid Hunter 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+ Hunters: ...............................+18 pts per model
For every four models, you may take one of the
Unit Composition: Wargear: following special weapons:
1 Sergeant Power Armour - Flamethrower ...................................... +5 pts
3 Tyranid Hunters Avenger Carbine - Heavy Flamer .................................... +10 pts
Avenger Pistol - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Special Rules: Close Combat Weapon - Faust HMG ........................................ +15 pts
Counter Attack Offensive Grenades - Missile launcher ................................. +15 pts
Preferred Enemy (Tyranids) Concussion Grenades The squad may have the following upgrades:
- Microfibre muscles .............. +4 pts per model
Unit Type: Dedicated Transport: - Cybernetic body .................. +4 pts per model
Infantry May select a Stalker or The Sergeant may take any of the following:
Harbinger (see page - Auxiliary grenade launcher ...................+ 5 pts
XX for points cost). - Medi-nanite System ........................... +10 pts

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Superior 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 5+ The squad must be upgraded to one of the
Detective 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+ following types of squads:
- Clean-up squad ................................. +25 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Stalker squad ..................................... +30 pts
1 Superior Flak Armour A Stalker Squad may take up to two of the
7 Detectives following special weapons:
Special Rules: - Bolos rifle ............................................. +5 pts
Unit Type: Psychic Ward - Flechette rifle ....................................... +5 pts
Infantry Preferred Enemy (Psykers) - Reaper sniper rifle .............................. +10 pts
Either squad may take any of the following
- Concussion grenades ........................ +10 pts
- Microfibre muscles ............................. +30 pts

THE WATCHER 200 Points Page XX

The Watcher 5 5 4 5 3 5 3 10 2+

Unit Type: Wargear:

Infantry (unique) Warp Field
Cybernetic Body
Special Rules: Deaths Touch (Power weapon, wounds on no worse than a 4+)
Infiltrate Optic Rifle
Eternal Warrior Flamethrower
Psychic Ban (Psychic abilities do not work within 6)
The Shroud (Must pass Ld test to shoot or assault)

REVENANT 35 Points Page XX

Armour Options:
WS BS S F S R I A May include up to two additional Revenants:
Revenant 3 4 4 10 10 10 3 1 .............................................+35 pts per model
May replace the Twin-linked Storm Rifle with
any of the following:
Unit Composition: Unit Type: - Twin-linked Optic Rifle ......................... +5 pts
1 Revenant Vehicle (Walker) - Twin-linked Micro-Ripper ................... +10 pts
- SRM Rack ......................................... +25 pts
Special Rules: Wargear: - LRM Rack .......................................... +25 pts
All-terrain Walker Twin-linked Storm Rifle All Revenants may take any of the following:
Leap - Infrared targeting ................... +1 pt per model
- Cloaking field ..................... +15 pts per model
- Hard Wiring ....................... +15 pts per model
- Langston shield ................. +20 pts per model
Fast Attack

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ May include up to eight additional Recon
Recon Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ Troopers: .............................+12 pts per model
The squad may replace their Avenger Rifles
Unit Composition: Wargear: with the following:
1 Sergeant Polymer Armour - Avenger Carbine ................. +2 pts per model
3 Recon Troopers Avenger Rifle - Flechette Rifle ..................... +3 pts per model
Avenger Pistol For every six models, you may take one of the
Special Rules: following special weapons:
Converge Fire Dedicated Transport: - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
Scouts If the squad numbers - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Move through Cover six or less, may take a - Faust HMG ........................................ +15 pts
Stalker (see page XX - Missile launcher ................................. +15 pts
Unit Type: for points cost). One model may be upgraded to take a Pilum
Infantry guided missile: .....................................+10 pts
The Squad may be upgraded to have Reactive
Camouflage: ...........................+2 pts per model
The Sergeant may take any of the following:
- Auxiliary grenade launcher ................... +5 pts


Sergeant Puller 4 4 3 3 2 4 2 10 4+

Unit Type: Wargear: Squad:

Infantry (unique) Polymer armour Sergeant Puller is an upgrade for a Force
Warp Field Recon squad, replacing its normal Sergeant.
Special Rules: Avegner Rifle
Move through Cover Offensive Grenades
Scouts Auxiliary Grenade Launcher
Recon has arrived!
Where do you put the bayonet?

VALRAVNE 25 Points Page XX

Armour Options:
BS F S R You may include up to five additional
Scout Valravn 4 10 10 10 Valravne: ............................+25 pts per model
Valravne may replace their Storm Rifle with any
of the following:
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Repair Servo ........................................ +5 pts
1 Scout Valravn Storm Rifle - Flechette Rifle ...................................... +5 pts
- Bolos Rifle ........................................... +5 pts
Unit Type: - Gep SSW ........................................... +10 pts
Vehicle (Skimmer) - Reaper Sniper Rifle ............................ +10 pts
Fast Attack
SPECTRE 60 Points Page XX

Armour Options:
WS BS S F S R I A May include up to two additional Spectres:
Spectre 4 4 5 11 11 11 4 2 ................................................+60 pts per model
Any Spectre may upgrade their close combat
weapons to power weapons: ................ +20 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: May replace their Storm Rifle with the following:
1 Spectre Storm Rifle - Avenger Carbine .................................. +5 pts
- Bolos Rifle ........................................... +5 pts
Unit Type: Special Rules: - Heavy Flamer .................................... +10 pts
Vehicle (Walker) Furious Charge - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Agile Step A single Spectre may take a Pilum: ....... +10 pts
Any Spectre may take the following:
- Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Extra armour ........................................ +5 pts
- Cloaking field ..................................... +15 pts
- Hard Wiring ........................................+20 pts


Armour Options:
BS F S R May take one of the following nose mounted
Raptor Suppressor 4 12 11 10 weapons:
Drone 3 9 9 9 - Gep SSW ........................................... +10 pts
- Faust HMG ........................................ +10 pts
- Optic Cannon ..................................... +15 pts
Unit Composition: Special Rules: - Ripper Cannon .................................. +20 pts
1 Raptor Suppressor Drone Array May take one of the following wing mounted
Weapon systems:
Unit Type: - Twin-linked Missile launcher .............. +20 pts
Vehicle (Fast Skimmer) - Twin-linked SRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
- Twin-linked LRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
Any Raptor may take any of the following:
- Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Subsystems ....................................... +15 pts
- Cloaking field ..................................... +20 pts
- Langston shield ................................. +20 pts
- Hard Wiring ........................................ +25 pts

Drone Options: Gun drone may take one of the following

Raptor may take up to three of the following Weapons:
Drones: - Flechette Rifle ...................................... +5 pts
- Recon drone ...................................... +15 pts - Micro-Ripper ....................................... +5 pts
- Gun drone .......................................... +15 pts - Optic rifle ............................................. +5 pts
- Shield drone ...................................... +25 pts - Heavy Flamer .................................... +10 pts
- Gep SSW ........................................... +10 pts
Heavy Support

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options:
Sergeant 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+ The squad may have up to six Myrmidon
Grenadier 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+ Drones for :..............................+10 pts per model
Myrmidon 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 8 3+ You may select up to three of the following
special weapons:
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Micro-Ripper ...................................... +10 pts
1 Sergeant Achilles-class Armour - Optic Rifle .......................................... +10 pts
8 HAG Troopers Avenger Rifle - Missile launcher ................................. +15 pts
Avenger Pistol - Gep SSW ........................................... +15 pts
Special Rules: (Myrmidon only) - Faust HMG ........................................ +15 pts
Deep Strike - Ripper Cannon .................................. +25 pts
The squad may have the following upgrades:
Unit Type: - Sensors ............................................. +10 pts
Infantry - Occular Implants ................................ +25 pts
- Ballistic plating ................................... +25 pts
- Microfibre muscles ............................. +30 pts
- Cybernetic body ................................. +40 pts
The Sergeant may take any of the following:
- Medi-nanite System ........................... +10 pts
- Warp Field ......................................... +15 pts


WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv _ Options:
Lieutenant 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+/6+ May include up to three additional Marauders:
Marauder 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+/6+ ................................................+45 pts per model
Any model may replace either Storm Rifle with
Wargear: Unit Composition: any of the following:
Marauder Suit 1 Lieutenant - Flechette Rifle ...................................... +2 pts
2x Storm Rifle 2 Marauders - Micro-Ripper ........................................ +5 pts
Sensors - Reaper Sniper Rifle .............................. +5 pts
Personal Drop Pods Special Rules: - Heavy Flamer ...................................... +5 pts
Relentless - Gep SSW ............................................. +5 pts
Unit Type: Firing Drill - Faust HMG .......................................... +5 pts
Jump Infantry - Optic Cannon ..................................... +10 pts
- Missile Launcher ................................ +10 pts
- Cerberus Autocannon ........................ +15 pts
- Ripper Cannon .................................. +15 pts
The squad may have the following upgrades:
- Occular Implants ................. +5 pts per model
- Warp Field ...................... +10 pts per model
One Marauder may replace his weapons with a
Repair Harness: .................................. +25 pts
The Lieutenant may take any of the following:
- Auxiliary Grenade Launcher ................ +5 pts
- Medi-nanite System ........................... +10 pts
- Cybernetic Body ................................ +10 pts
Heavy Support

Armour Options:
BS F S R May take the following on the inner hard-point:
Deathstrike 4 12 11 11 - 2x Faust HMG .................................... +20 pts
- Twin-linked SRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
- Twin-linked LRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: May take the following on the outer hard-point:
1 Deathstrike Cerberus Autocannon - 2x Faust HMG .................................... +20 pts
- Twin-linked SRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
Unit Type: - Twin-linked Optic Cannon .................. +30 pts
Vehicle (Fast Skimmer) May take any of the following:
- Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Chaff launchers ................................. +15 pts
- Subsystems ....................................... +15 pts


Commander Kilroy 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 8 5+

Unit Type: Wargear: Aircraft:

Infantry (unique) Flak Vest Wing Commander Kilroy may take a Harbinger
Avenger Pistol or Deathstrike as his personal vehicle (see page
Special Rules: Cybernetic Body XX or XX for points cost).
Ace Pilot Medi-nanite System
Good ol Kilroy
Kilroy was here
Wing Commander


Armour Options:
BS F S R May replace Twin-linked Faust HMG with one of
Intrepid 4 13 13 13 the following:
- Ripper cannon ................................... +30 pts
- Twin-linked SRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
Unit Composition: Wargear: - Twin-linked LRM Rack ....................... +30 pts
1 Intrepid Twin-linked Faust HMG - Twin-linked Optic cannon ................... +30 pts
- Gauss cannon ................................... +50 pts
Unit Type: Special Rules: May take any of the following nose mounted
Vehicle (Tank) Lumbering Walker weapons:
- Twin-linked Gep SSW ........................ +15 pts
- Twin-linked Faust HMG ...................... +15 pts
May take any of the following:
- Infrared targeting ................................... +1 pt
- Subsystems ....................................... +15 pts
- Langston shield ................................. +20 pts
WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Weapon Range Str. AP Type _
Black Beret 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+ Auxiliary Grenade 24 6 4 Heavy 1
Bodyguard 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 3+ Launcher
Captain 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+ Avenger Carbine 18 5 5 Assault 2*
Captain Stirling 4 5 4 4 3 4 2 10 3+ Avenger Pistol 12 5 5 Pistol
Colonel 3 4 3 3 3 3 2 10 3+ Avenger Rifle 30 5 5 Rapid Fire
Commander Kilroy 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 8 5+ Bolos Rifle 18 - - Assault 1*
Dr. Alginon 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 5+ Cerberus Autocannon 36 6 3 Heavy 3*
Gren. Sergeant 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+ Faust HMG 48 5 5 Heavy 3
Grenadier 3 4 3 3(4) 1 3 1 8 3+ Flamethrower template 4 5 Assault 1
Grinx 4 5 3 3 2 4 1 10 5+ Flechette Rifle 24 4 4 Assault 2*
Konrad Marlsburg 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+ Gep SSW 24 4 - Heavy 4, Pinning*
Lieutenant 3 4 3 3 2 3 1 8 3+ Heavy Flamer template 5 4 Assault 1
Lieutenant Thera 3 6 5 6 3 2 2 10 2+ Micro-Ripper 12 7 1 Assault 1, Melta
Major 3 4 3 3 2 3 2 9 3+ Missile Launcher
Marauder 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+ (Frag) 48 4 6 Heavy 1, Blast
Marauder (Lt.) 3 4 4 5 2 2 1 8 2+ (SABOT) 48 8 3 Heavy 1
Myrmidon 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 8 3+ Optic Rifle 24 7 3 Rapid Fire
Recon Trooper 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ Optic Pistol 12 6 3 Pistol
Recon Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ Pilum 36 8 3 Assault 1*
Rifleman 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+ Reaper 36 X 3 Heavy 1, Sniper*
Rifleman Sergeant 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 4+ Ripper Cannon 24 7 1 Heavy 1,
Sergeant Puller 4 4 3 3 2 3 2 10 4+ Melta, Blast
SIB Agent 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 5+ Storm Rifle 24 4 - Rapid Fire
SIB Superior 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 5+ Vermeer MP 12 2 - Assault 3
The Watcher 5 5 4 5 3 5 3 10 2+
Tyranid Hunter 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8 3+
T.Hunter Sergeant 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 9 3+ ORDNANCE
Weapon Range Str. AP Type _
Gauss Cannon 96 9 1 Heavy 1*
Armour (Frag) 48 4 5 Heavy 1, Large blast
BS F S R (SABOT) 48 9 2 Heavy 1, Ordnance
ATCV 4 12 12 10 Optic Cannon 60 8 3 Heavy 1, Ordnance
Deathstrike 4 12 11 11 SRM Rack
Harbinger 4 12 11 11 (Frag) 18 4 5 Heavy 2, Large blast
Intrepid 4 13 13 13 (SABOT) 18 9 2 Heavy 2, Ordnance
Raptor Drone 3 9 9 9
Raptor Suppressor 4 12 11 10
Stalker 4 11 10 10 *These weapons have additional rules detailed in their entries
Valravn 4 10 10 10

Revenant 3 4 4 10 10 10 3 1
Spectre 4 4 5 11 11 11 4 2