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F: Fiction; N: Non-fiction; D: Drama; P: Poetry; LC: Literary Criticism; A: Art; M: Multimedia / p: paperback; cl: cloth
BEST EUROPEAN FICTION Spiegel, Nadja. sometimes i lie and sometimes i dont $14.00 (p) F
Best European Fiction 2010  $15.95 (p) F Translated by Rachel McNicholl
Edited by Aleksandar Hemon (Preface by Zadie Smith)
Best European Fiction 2011 $16.95 (p) F BELARUS
Edited by Aleksandar Hemon (Preface by Colum McCann) Alexievich, Svetlana. Voices from Chernobyl$22.95 (cl) N
Best European Fiction 2012 $15.95 (p) F Translated by Keith Gessen
Edited by Aleksandar Hemon (Preface by Nicole Krauss)
Best European Fiction 2013  $16.00 (p) F BELGIUM
Edited by Aleksandar Hemon (Preface by John Banville) Boon, Louis Paul. Chapel Road  $14.95 (p) F
Best European Fiction 2014$16.00 (p) F Translated by Adrienne Dixon
Preface by Drago Janar My Little War$12.95 (p) F
Best European Fiction 2015  $16.95 (p) F Translated by Paul Vincent
Preface by Enrique Vila-Matas Summer in Termuren $14.95 (p) F
Best European Fiction 2016  $16.95 (p) F Translated by Paul Vincent
Preface by Jon Fosse Emmanuel, Franois. Invitation to a Voyage $12.95 (p) F
Best European Fiction 2017 FORTHCOMING Translated by Justin Vicari
Preface by Eileen Battersby Emond, Paul. The Dance of a Sham $13.95 (p) F
Translated by Marlon Jones
Robberechts, Danil. Arriving in Avignon $13.95 (p) F
Vorpsi, Ornela. The Country Where No One Ever Dies$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Paul Vincent
Translated by Robert Elsie and Janice Mathie-Heck
Writing Prague FORTHCOMING
ARGENTINA Toussaint, Jean-Philippe. The Bathroom $12.95 (p) F
Castagnet, Martin Felipe. Bodies of Summer FORTHCOMING Translated by Nancy Amphoux and Paul De Angelis
Chitarroni, Luis. The No Variations $15.00 (p) F Camera .$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Darren Koolman Translated by Matthew B. Smith
Fernandez, Macedonio. A Novel That Begins FORTHCOMING Urgency and Patience$13.95 (p) N
Filloy, Juan. Caterva  $14.95 (p) F Translated by Edward Gauvin
Translated by Brendan Riley Monsieur $12.95 (p) F
Op Oloop $14.95 (p) F Translated by John Lambert
Translated by Lisa Dillman Naked FORTHCOMING
Katchadjian, Pablo. What To Do FORTHCOMING Reticence  $12.95 (p) F
Lascano Tegui, Emilio. On Elegance While Sleeping$13.95 (p) F Translated by John Lambert
Translated by Idra Novey Running Away$12.95 (p) F
Puig, Manuel. Betrayed by Rita Hayworth  $13.95 (p) F Translated by Matthew B. Smith
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine Self-Portrait Abroad $12.95 (p) F
The Buenos Aires Affair (Introduction Scott Esposito) $13.95 (p) F Translated by John Lambert
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine Television (Afterword Warren Motte)$12.95 (p) F
Heartbreak Tango (Introduction Francisco Goldman)$13.95 (p) F Translated by Jordan Stump
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine The Truth about Marie$12.95 (p) F
Valenzuela, Luisa. Dark Desires and the Others$15.95 (p) F Translated by Matthew B. Smith
Translated by Susan E. Clark Verhaeghen, Paul. Omega Minor$16.00 (p) F
He Who Searches $12.95 (p) F
Translated by Helen Lane BOLIVIA
Colanzi, Liliana. Our Dead World FORTHCOMING
Birns, Nicholas, ed. New Australian Fiction, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA
RCF vol. 27, no. 3  $8.00 (p) F Bazdulj, Muharem. Transit, Comet, Eclipse FORTHCOMING
Cox, Jack. Dodge Rose$16.00 (p) F Boi, Mirko. Crystal Bell FORTHCOMING
Murnane, Gerald. Barley Patch$14.95 (p) F
Inland  $13.95 (p) F BRAZIL
Stoklosinski, Eduard. Another View  $35.00 (p) LC ngelo, Ivan. The Celebration$13.50 (p) F
Translated by Thomas Colchie
AUSTRIA The Tower of Glass $12.95 (p) F
Bcker, Heimrad. transcript (Afterword by Patrick Greaney)$16.95 (p) P Translated by Ellen Watson
Translated by Patrick Greaney and Vincent Kling Almino, Joo. The Book of Emotions $19.95 (p) F
Hartwig, Mela. Am I a Redundant Human Being? .$13.95 (p) F Translated by Elizabeth Jackson
Translated by Kerri A. Pierce Enigmas of Spring$15.00 (p) F
Jonke, Gert. Awakening to the Great Sleep War $15.00 (p) F Translated by Rhett McNeil
Translated by Jean M. Snook Free City $19.95 (cl) / $15.00 (p) F
The Distant Sound$14.95 (p) F Translated by Rhett McNeil
Translated by Jean M. Snook Brando, Igncio de Loyola. And Still the Earth$16.00 (p) F
Geometric Regional Novel  $11.50 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F Translated by Ellen Watson
Translated, afterwoord by Johannes W. Vazulik Anonymous Celebrity $15.95 (p) F
Homage to Czerny $12.95 (p) F Translated by Nelson Vieira
Translated by Jean M. Snook The Good-Bye Angel$14.95 (p) F
The System of Vienna $12.95 (p) F Translated by Clifford E. Landers
Translated, Afterword by Vincent Kling Teeth under the Sun$13.95 (p) F
Kofler, Werner. At the Writing Desk$15.00 (p) F Translated by Cristina Ferreira-Pinto Bailey
Translated by Lauren K. Wolfe Zero (Introduction Thomas Colchie)$13.95 (p) F
Rilke, Rainer Maria. The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge$13.95 (p) F Translated by Ellen Watson
Translated, introduction by Burton Pike Gomes, Paulo Emlio Sales. Ps Three Women$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Margaret A. Neves

w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
Lins, Osman. Avalovara (Introduction Gregory Rabassa) $15.95 (p) F The Other City$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Gregory Rabassa Translated by Gerald Turner
The Queen of the Prisons of Greece$12.95 (p) F Grua, Ji. The Questionnaire (Preface Josef Skvorecky) $12.95 (p) F
Translated by Adria Frizzi Translated by Peter Kussi
Machado de Assis, Joaquim Maria. Selected Stories$15.95 (p) F Ouednk, Patrik. Case Closed$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Rhett McNeil Translated by Alex Zucker
Maia, Ana Paula. Saga of Brutes FORTHCOMING Europeana: A Brief History of the Twentieth Century  $12.50 (p) F
Parisot, Paula. The Lady of Solitude FORTHCOMING Translated by Gerald Turner
Ribeiro, Joo Ubaldo. House of the Fortunate Buddhas $13.95 (p) F The Opportune Moment, 1855$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Clifford E. Landers Translated by Alex Zucker
Telles, Lygia Fagundes. The Girl in the Photograph Skvorecky, Josef. The Engineer of Human Souls$16.95 (p) F
(Introduction Earl E. Fitz)$14.00 (p) F Translated by Paul Wilson
Translated by Margaret A. Neves Topol, Jchym. Angel Station FORTHCOMING

Gospodinov, Georgi. Natural Novel $12.50 (p) F Hugus, Frank & Thomas Kennedy, eds. New Danish Fiction,
Translated by Zornitza Hristova RCF vol. 15, no. 1 $8.00 (p) F
Dvoryanova, Emiliya. Concerto for Sentence$14.00 (p) F Sidenius, Lars. Johanne, Johanne$15.00 (p) F
Translated by Elitza Kotzeva Translated by Paul Larkin
Rusev, Bogdan. Come to Me FORTHCOMING
Terziyski, Kalin. Is There Anybody to Love You FORTHCOMING ENGLAND
Brooke-Rose, Christine. Amalgamemnon$13.95 (p) F
CANADA Buckell, G. J. Rayner. Heppenstall: A Critical Study  $29.95 (p) LC
Bock, Raymond. Atavisms$13.95 (p) F Charteris, Hugo. The Tide Is Right (Introduction
Translated by Pablo Strauss Nicholas Mosley)$9.95 (p) F
Carson, Anne. Eros the Bittersweet$13.95 (p) N dArch Smith, Timothy. Alembic $19.95 (cl) F
Chrostowska, S.D. Permission$14.50 (p) F Dennis, Nigel. Cards of Identity$14.95 (p) F
Glover, Douglas. Bad News of the Heart $13.95 (p) F Kovacs, Alexander. The Currency of Paper$15.50 (p) F
The Enamoured Knight$14.95 (p) LC Figes, Eva. Nellys Version (Introduction Susan Faludi)  $12.50 (p) F
Scott, Gail. My Paris $12.95 (p) F Firbank, Ronald. Complete Plays (Introduction Steven Moore)  $19.95 (cl) F
Ford, Ford Madox. The March of Literature (Introduction
CATALONIA Alexander Theroux)$16.95 (p) LC
Bau, Miquel. The Siege in the Room$14.95 (p) / $22.95 (cl) F Green, Henry. Back $13.95 (p) F
Translated by Martha Tennent Blindness $12.50 (p) F
Bonet, Blai. The Sea$13.95 (p) F Concluding $11.95 (p) F
Translated by Maruxa Relao and Martha Tennent Doting  $12.50 (p) F
Espriu, Salvador. Ariadne in the Grotesque Labyrinth $13.95 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F Nothing $11.95 (p) F
Translated by Rowan Richardo Phillips Huxley, Aldous. Antic Hay (Afterword John OBrien) $12.50 (p) F
Subirana, Jaume, ed. New Catalan Fiction, RCF vol. 28, no. 1  $8.00 (p) F Crome Yellow (Introduction Michael Dirda)$13.95 (p) F
Trabal, Francesc. Waltz$15.00 (p) F Point Counter Point (Introduction Nicholas Mosley) $15.95 (p) F
Translated by Martha Tennent Those Barren Leaves $14.95 (p) F
Villalonga, Lloren. The Dolls Room$14.95 (p) F Time Must Have a Stop (Preface Douglas Dutton)$13.50 (p) F
Translated by Deborah Bonner Levy, Deborah. Billy and Girl$13.95 (p) F
Pillow Talk in Europe and Other Places$12.95 (p) F
CHILE Loy, Mina. Stories and Essays of Mina Loy (ed. Sara Crangle) $15.95 (p) F, N
Dorfman, Ariel. Konfidenz (Introduction Andrei Codrescu)$13.50 (p) F Medina, Susana. Philosophical Toys $14.95 (p) F
Guzmn, Jorge. JOB BOJ FORTHCOMING Momus. The Book of Jokes$13.95 (p) F
Moore, Olive. Spleen$10.95 (p) F
CROATIA Mosley, Nicholas. Accident (Afterword Steven Weisenburger)$11.95 (p) F
Petkovi, Nikola. How to Tie Your Shoes FORTHCOMING Assassins  $12.95 (p) F
Rudan, Vedrana. Night$22.95 (cl) F Catastrophe Practice (Introduction John Banks;
Translated by Celia Hawkesworth Author Postscript) $12.95 (p) F
Love at Last Sight FORTHCOMING Children of Darkness and Light$13.95 (p) F
Ugresic, Dubravka. Lend Me Your Character$12.95 (p) F Efforts at Truth $22.95 (cl) N
Translated by Celia Hawkesworth, Michael Henry Heim, and Experience and Religion $12.50 (p) N
Damion Searls A Garden of Tree $14.95 (p) F
Thank You for Not Reading$13.95 (p) N Gods Hazard $13.95 (p) F
Translated by Celia Hawkesworth The Hesperides Tree $13.95 (p) F
Hopeful Monsters (Introduction Sven Birkerts)$14.95 (p) F
CUBA Imago Bird$11.95 (p) F
Berg, Mary G., Pamela Carmell, and Anne Fountain, eds. Impossible Object $12.95 (p) F
New Cuban Fiction, RCF vol. 26, no. 3 $8.00 (p) F Inventing God$14.50 (p) F
Campos, Julieta. The Fear of Losing Eurydice$8.95 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F Judith $10.95 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F
Translated by Leland H. Chambers Look at the Dark$13.95 (p) F
Infante, Guillermo Cabrera. Infantes Inferno $14.95 (p) F Metamorphosis$14.95 (p) F
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine Natalie Natalia $12.95 (p) F
Three Trapped Tigers$14.95 (p) F Paradoxes of Peace$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Donald Gardner and Suzanne Jill Levine Serpent$11.95 (p) F
Lezama Lima, Jos. Paradiso$14.50 (p) F Time at War $12.95 (p) N
Translated by Gregory Rabassa The Tunnel of Babel $14.00 (p) F
Morales, Osdany. The Last Librarian FORTHCOMING The Uses of Slime Mould: Essays of Four Decades  $13.95 (p) / $34.95 (cl)
Sarduy, Severo. Cobra & Maitreya Quin, Ann. Berg (Introduction Giles Gordon) $11.95 (p) F
(Preface Suzanne Jill Levine; Introduction James McCourt) $13.95 (p) F Passages $12.95 (p) F
Translated by Suzanne Jill Levine Three (Introduction Brian Evenson)$11.95 (p) F
Tripticks (Illustrations Carol Annand)$14.95 (p) F
CZECH REPUBLIC Renouard, Madeleine and Debra Kelly, eds. Barbara Wright:
Ajvaz, Michal. Empty Streets$19.00 (p) F Translation as Art$40.00 (p) N
Translated by Andrew Oakland Themerson, Stefan. Hobsons Island (Preface Barbara Wright)$13.95 (p) F
The Golden Age $14.95 (p) F The Mystery of the Sardine $12.95 (p) F
Translated by Andrew Oakland Tom Harris (Introduction Nick Wadley)$13.50 (p) F
Journey to the South FORTHCOMING Labels, Logic and Flesh FORTHCOMING

w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
Wadley, Nick. Man + Book FORTHCOMING Chawaf, Chantal. Redemption  $19.95 (cl) F
Man + Dog$15.00 (cl) A Translated by Monique F. Nagem
Man + Doctor $17.95 (cl) A Chevillard, Eric. The Author and Me$15.95 (p) F
Man + Table$16.00 (p) A Translated by Jordan Stump
Woodall, Christopher. November FORTHCOMING Demolishing Nisard$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Jordan Stump
ESTONIA Cholodenko, Marc. Mordechai Schamz$10.95 (p) F
Lotman, Yuri. Non-Memoirs  $12.94 (p) N Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi
Translated by Caroline Lemak Brickman Crevel, Ren. Putting My Foot In It (Foreword Ezra Pound;
Mutt, Mihkel. The Cavemen Chronicle $19.95 (p) F Introduction Edward Roditi; Afterword
Translated by Adam Cullen Thomas Buckley) $9.95 (p) F
The Inner Immigrant FORTHCOMING Translated by Thomas Buckley
nnepalu, Tnu. Radio  $17.75 (p) F Doubinsky, Seb. Absinth FORTHCOMING
Translated by Adam Cullen Echenoz, Jean. Chopins Move$12.95 (p) F
Exercises FORTHCOMING Translated by Mark Polizzotti
Prt, Arvo et al. Arvo Prt in Conversation $24.00 (cl) N We Three FORTHCOMING
Translated by Robert Crow Ernaux, Annie. Cleaned Out (Afterword Carol Sanders) $10.95 (p) F
Raud, Rein. Reconstruction FORTHCOMING Translated by Carol Sanders
Unt, Mati. Brecht at Night $13.95 (p) F Flaubert, Gustave. Bouvard and Pcuchet (Preface
Translated by Eric Dickens Raymond Queneau)$13.95 (p) F
Diary of a Blood Donor$12.95 (p) F Translated by Mark Polizzotti
Translated by Ants Eert Gavarry, Grard. Hoppla!$12.95 (p) F
Things in the Night (Introduction Eric Dickens)$13.95 (p) F Translated by Jane Kuntz
Translated by Eric Dickens Making a Novel$19.95 (p) F
Three Novellas FORTHCOMING Translated by Jane Kuntz
Vint, Toomas. An Unending Landscape (Introduction Gilson, Etienne. The Arts of the Beautiful$11.95 (p) LC
Eric Dickens) $14.95 (p) F Forms and Substances in the Arts $12.95 (p) LC
Translated by Eric Dickens Translated by Salvator Attanasio
The Sweepstakes of Love $18.00 (p) F Grainville, Patrick. The Cave of Heaven $10.95 (p) F
Translated by Matthew Hyde Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi
Jouet, Jacques. My Beautiful Bus $13.00 (p) F
FINLAND Translated by Eric Lamb
Konkka, Anita. A Fools Paradise $12.95 (p) F Mountain R $12.95 (p) F
Translated by A. D. Haun and Owen Witesman Translated by Brian Evenson
Landon, Philip, ed. New Finnish Fiction, RCF vol. 16, no. 2 $8.00 (p) F Savage$12.95 (p) F
Liksom, Rosa. Dark Paradise  $12.50 (p) F Translated by Amber Shields
Translated by David McDuff Upstaged$14.95 (p) F
Manner, Eeva-Liisa. A Girl Upon Heavens Pier$14.00 (p) F Translated by Leland de la Durantaye
Translated by Terhi Kuusisto Juliet, Charles. Conversations with Samuel Beckett and
Vartio, Marja-Liisa. The Parsons Widow (Introduction Bram van Velde$13.95 (p) N
Austin Flint) $13.95 (p) F Translated by Tracy Cooke, Aude Jeanson, Axel Nesme,
Translated by Aili Flint and Austin Flint Morgaine Reinl, & Janey Tucker
Klossowski, Pierre. Roberte Ce Soir and The Revocation of the
FRANCE Edict of Nantes (Introduction Michael Perkins) $12.50 (p) F
Albert-Birot, Pierre. The First Book of Grabinoulor (Preface Translated by Austryn Wainhouse
Barbara Wright) $10.95 (p) F Laroche, Hadrien. Orphans$15.95 (p) F
Translated by Barbara Wright Translated by Jan Steyn
Apollinaire, Guillaume. The Three Don Juans FORTHCOMING Laurrent, Eric. Do Not Touch $12.95 (p) F
Belletto, Ren. Dying$13.95 (p) F Translated by Jeanine Herman
Translated by Alexander Hertich Le Tellier, Herv. The Sextine Chapel $14.95 (p) F
Brebel, Sbastien. A Perfect Disharmony FORTHCOMING Translated by Ian Monk
Francis Bacons Armchair $14.00 (p) F A Thousand Pearls (for a Thousand Pennies)$14.95 (p) F
Translated by Jesse Anderson Translated by Ian Monk
Villa Bunker $14.00 (p) F Leduc, Violette. La Btarde (Foreword Simone de Beauvoir;
Translated by Andrew Wilson Introduction Deborah Levy)  $17.95 (p) F
Butor, Michel. Degrees$13.95 (p) F Translated by Derek Coltman
Translated by Richard Howard Lev, Edouard. Autoportrait$12.95 (p) F
Mobile (Introduction John DAgata)$13.95 (p) F Translated by Lorin Stein
Translated by Richard Howard Newspaper$13.95 (p) F
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ape  $10.95 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F Translated by Jan Steyn and Caite Dolan-Leach
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi Works$13.95 (p) F
Cline, Louis-Ferdinand. Castle to Castle$13.95 (p) F Translated by Jan Steyn
Translated by Ralph Manheim Suicide$12.95 (p) F
Conversations with Professor Y (Introduction Stanford Luce)$12.95 (p) F Translated by Jan Steyn
Translated by Stanford Luce Lozerech, Brigitte. Sisters $22.00 (p) F
London Bridge (Preface Dominic Di Bernardi)$14.50 (p) F Translated by Betsy Wing
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi Mirbeau, Octave. Twenty-One Days of a Neurasthenic$14.95 (p) F
Normance $14.95 (p) F Translated by Justin Vicari
Translated by Marlon Jones Montalbetti, Christine. American Journal FORTHCOMING
North$13.95 (p) F Nothing But the Waves and the Wind FORTHCOMING
Translated by Ralph Manheim The Origin of Man$14.95 (p) F
Rigadoon (Introduction Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.) $13.50 (p) F Translated by Betsy Wing
Translated by Ralph Manheim Western$13.95 (p) F
Cerf, Muriel. Street Girl$19.95 (cl) F Translated by Betsy Wing
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi Motte, Warren, ed. The Editions P.O.L Number,
Chaix, Marie. The Laurels of Lake Constance $14.95 (p) F RCF vol. 30, no. 3  $8.00 (p) F
Translated by Harry Mathews Fables of the Novel: French Fiction since 1990 $19.95 (p) LC
Silences, or a Womans Life$15.00 (p) F French Fiction Today FORTHCOMING
Translated by Harry Mathews Navarre, Yves. Our Share of Time $12.50 (p) F
The Summer of the Elder Tree $14.00 (p) F Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi and Nolle Domke
Translated by Harry Mathews Sweet Tooth$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Donald Watson

w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
Ollier, Claude. Disconnection $19.95 (cl) F The Planetarium$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi Translated by Maria Jolas
The Mise-en-Scne (Afterword Dominic Di Bernardi)  $12.50 (p) F Sebbar, Lela. Confessions of a Madman $14.00 (p) F
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi Translated by Rachel Crovello
Wert and the Life Without End $16.95 (p) F Senges, Pierre. Fragments of Lichtenberg FORTHCOMING
Translated by Ursula Meany Scott Simon, Claude. The Invitation (Afterword Louis
Palleau-Papin, Franoise. This Is Not a Tragedy: Oppenheim) $9.95 (p) F
The Works of David Markson  $49.95 (p) LC Translated by Jim Cross
Pinget, Robert. Graal Flibuste$15.00 (p) F Siniac, Pierre. The Collaborators $16.95 (p) F
Translated by Anna Fitzgerald Translated by Jordan Stump
The Inquisitory $14.95 (p) F Vian, Boris. Heartsnatcher (Foreword Raymond
Translated by Donald Watson Queneau; Introduction John Sturrock) $14.95 (p) F
Mahu or The Material$11.95 (p) F Translated by Stanley Chapman
Translated by Alan Sheridan-Smith Vircondelet, Alain. Duras: A Biography (Preface
Trio (Introduction John Updike) $13.50 (p) F Thomas Buckley) $24.95 (cl) N
Translated by Barbara Wright Translated by Thomas Buckley
Queneau, Raymond. The Last Days (Introduction Vivian Kogan)$11.95 (p) F Volodine, Antoine. Writers$14.95 (p) F
Translated by Barbara Wright Translated by Katina Rogers

Odile (Introduction Carol Sanders)$10.95 (p) F
Translated by Carol Sanders
Akhvlediani, Erlom. Vano and Niko $15.95 (p) F
Pierrot Mon Ami (Preface Barbara Wright;
Translated by Mikheil Kakabadze
Afterword Inez Hedges)$11.95 (p) F
Chiladze, Tamaz. Bruegel Moon $14.95 (p) F
Translated by Barbara Wright
Translated by Maya Kiasashvili
Saint Glinglin (Author Preface; Introduction James Sallis)$11.95 (p) F
Contemporary Georgian Fiction $17.95 (p) / $29.95 (cl) F
Translated by James Sallis
Translated by Elizabeth Heighway
Ricardou, Jean. Place Names  $12.50 (p) F
Bugadze, Lasha. The Literature Express$16.00 (p) F
Translated by Jordan Stump
Translated by Maya Kiasashvili
Robbe-Grillet, Alain. A Sentimental Novel$13.95 (p) F
Burchuladze, Zaza. Adibas $15.50 (p) F
Translated by D.E. Brooke
Translated by Guram Sanikidze
Project for a Revolution in New York$15.00 (p) F
Javakhishvili, Mikheil. Kvachi  $17.95 (p) F
Translated by Richard Howard
Translated by Donald Rayfield
Roche, Maurice. Compact (Introduction Mark Polizzotti)  $19.95 (cl) F
Karumidze, Zurab. Dagny$15.00 (p) F
Translated by Mark Polizzotti
The Winedark Sea FORTHCOMING
Rohe, Oliver. Origin Unknown $13.50 (p) F
Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Ana. Me, Margarita $15.95 (p) F
Translated by Lauren Messina
Translated by Victoria Field and Natalie Bukia-Peters
Rolin, Jean. The Explosion of the Radiator Hose$13.95 (p) F
Morchiladze, Aka. Journey to Karabakh$15.00 (p) F
Translated by Louise Rogers Lalaurie
Translated by Elizabeth Heighway
Rolin, Olivier. Hotel Crystal$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Jane Kuntz
Roubaud, Alix Cleo. Alixs Journal (Introduction
Hildesheimer, Wolfgang. Tynset FORTHCOMING
Jacques Roubaud)$13.95 (p) N
Koeppen, Wolfgang. Youth $14.95 (p) F
Translated by Jan Steyn
Translated by Michael Hofmann
Roubaud, Jacques. The Form of a City Changes Faster,
Piwitt, Hermann Peter. Years in Their Midst FORTHCOMING
Alas, Than the Human Heart$16.95 (p) P
Schmidt, Arno. Bottoms Dream FORTHCOMING
Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
Collected Novellas (Introduction John E. Woods).$16.95 (p) / $22.95 (cl) F
The Great Fire of London (Afterword Dominic Di Bernardi) $13.95 (p) F
Translated by John E. Woods
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi
Collected Stories (Introduction John E. Woods)$14.95 (p) F
Hortense in Exile $11.95 (p) / $19.95 (cl) F
Translated by John E. Woods
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi
Nobodaddys Children (Introduction John E. Woods)$14.95 (p) F
Hortense Is Abducted (Author Afterword) $12.50 (p) F
Translated by John E. Woods
Translated by Dominic Di Bernardi
Two Novels$16.95 (p) F
The Loop$16.95 (p) F
Translated by John E. Woods
Translated by Jeff Fort

Mathematics$14.95 (p) F
Translated by Ian Monk
Abatzoglou, Petros. What Does Mrs. Freeman Want? $12.50 (p) F
The Plurality of Worlds of Lewis$9.95 (p) P
Translated by Kay Cicellis
Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
Koumandareas, Menis. Koula$11.95 (p) F
Translated by Kay Cicellis
The Princess Hoppy or, The Tale of Labrador $9.95 (p) F
Michalopoulou, Amanda. Id Like $12.50 (p) F
Translated by Bernard Hoepffner
Translated by Karen Emmerich
Some Thing Black $12.50 (p) P
Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop
Roussel, Raymond. Impressions of Africa$14.95 (p) F
Konrd, George. The City Builder  $12.50 (p) F
Translated by Mark Polizzotti
Translated by Ivan Sanders
Rozi, Fabrice, Esther Allen, and Guy Walter, eds.
As You Were Saying: American Writers Respond
to Their French Contemporaries$9.50 (p) F
Nordahl, Eirkur rn. Evil FORTHCOMING
Salvayre, Lydie. The Company of Ghosts (Preface
Christopher Woodall)$12.95 (p) F
Translated by Christopher Woodall
Brophy, Brigid. In Transit (Introduction Christine Brooke-Rose)$14.50 (p) F
Everyday Life $12.50 (p) F
Prancing Novelist: In Praise of Ronald Firbank  $21.00 (p) LC
Translated by Jane Kuntz
Cusack, Ralph. Cadenza (Afterword Gilbert Sorrentino) $7.95 (p) F
The Lecture $12.50 (p) F
Donoghue, Denis. Warrenpoint $14.00 (p) N
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King Goshawk and the Birds FORTHCOMING KOREA
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Of the Nature of the Gods FORTHCOMING
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NORWAY Jerusalem$13.95 (p) F
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w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
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ROMANIA and Other Stories$13.95 (p) F
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ivkovi, Zoran. Hidden Camera$13.95 (p) F
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the United States $14.95 (p) N Godr, Vladimr. Heretical Quodiblets FORTHCOMING
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Literature and Cinematography (Introduction Translated by Michael Biggins
Wallace Martin) $14.95 (p) LC alamun, Toma. Soy Realidad$14.95 (p) P
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Richard Sheldon & Sidney Monas)$13.95 (p) N Sosi, Marko. Ballerina, Ballerina $15.95 (p) F
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Afterword Lyn Hejinian)$12.95 (p) F Zupan, Vitomil. Minuet for Guitar$23.95 (cl) F
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Zoo, or Letters Not about Love (Introduction
Richard Sheldon)$11.95 (p) F SPAIN
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Vishnevetsky, Igor. Leningrad$13.50 (p) F Translated by Martin Sokolinsky
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w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
The Hive $12.95 (p) F TURKEY
Translated by J. M. Cohen and Arturo Barea Baar, Krat. Music by My Bedside$15.50 (p) F
Goytisolo, Juan. Count Julian$12.95 (p) F Kulin, Aye. Farewell $15.95 (p) / $23.95 (cl) F
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Translated by Peter Bush Translated by Ender Grol
Juan the Landless $13.95 (p) F Our Best Love Story FORTHCOMING
Translated by Peter Bush Where Were You When Darkness Fell FORTHCOMING
Makbara$13.95 (p) F Uzuner, Buket. I Am Istanbul$17.00 (p) F
Translated by Helen Lane Translated by Kenneth J. Dakan
Marks of Identity$13.95 (p) F
Translated by Gregory Rabassa UKRAINE
Quarantine $19.95 (cl) F Chapeye, Artem. The Red Zone FORTHCOMING
Translated by Peter Bush
Goytisolo, Luis. Antagony Book One FORTHCOMING UNITED STATES
Antagony Book Two FORTHCOMING Alfau, Felipe. Chromos (Introduction. Joseph Coates)$13.95 (p) F
Antagony Book Three FORTHCOMING Locos: A Comedy of Gestures (Afterword Mary McCarthy) $12.95 (p) F
Antagony Book Four FORTHCOMING Sentimental Songs (La poesa cursi) (Introduction
Lago, Eduardo. Call Me Brooklyn $16.50 (p) F Ilan Stavans) $9.95 (p) P
Translated by Ernesto Mestre-Reed Amato, Joe. Samuel Taylors Last Night $15.95 (p) F
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Maleno, Carlos. The Irish Sea FORTHCOMING Author Afterword)  $12.50 (p) P
Mesa, Sara. Scar FORTHCOMING Arias-Misson, Alain. Theatre of Incest $12.50 (p) F
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Procession of Shadows $13.95 (p) F Barth, John. Chimera$18.00 (p) F
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Translated by Susan E. Clark Once Upon a Time: A Floating Opera$19.00 (p) F
Sabbatical (Author Foreword) $12.95 (p) F
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Stig Sterbakken) $14.95 (p) F Barthelme, Donald. The King (Illustrations Barry Moser)$12.95 (p) F
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Battersby, Eileen. Teethmarks on my Tongue FORTHCOMING
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w w w. d a l k e y a r c h i v e . c o m
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The Idea of Home$12.95 (p) F
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and Praise for Lois  $12.95 (p) P
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Wylie, Philip. Generation of Vipers (Introduction Curtis White)$13.95 (p) N


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