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SAP Basis Training

Dear Followers,

As per request from some of my followers, have taken an initiative to start

i) SAP Basis Training(Coaching) program
ii) SAP Netweaver Training
iii) SAP Security Training

This program is designed to benefit fresh graduation passouts(any graduation) and other
professionals who are working on other domains and who would like to pursue booming SAP
Basis/Netweaver/security as their career.

This training will be imparted by real time SAP Basis professionals who have rich experience in SAP
Basis administration/coaching. This program will be conducted remotely across all the global
locations and class room training at Bangalore(India) location.

This training will also be conducted both during weekdays (for freshers) and during
weekends(sat/sun) to benefit working professionals.

Training Schedule
SAP BASIS Demo - Basislabs Hyderabad: 19-March-2013 at 7:30
SAP Netweaver Demo - basislabs Hyderabad : 19-March-2013 at
8:30 AM
3b, 3rd Floor, Shanthi nilayam (First right building in SAP Street ),
SAP Street (Behind Mytrivanam),
Contact: +91-9246220422
Website: http://www.basislabs.in/sap-basis-training-in-hyderabad

Week days & week ends class room training in Hyderabad at Basislabs
24*7 Lab is free of cost for those who are attending in Hyderabad. You can attend the
classes till you get the Job.
If you are interested in any of the above trainings write a mail with below details
Please contact basislabs Hyderabad - +91 9246220422.
Please register in our website: http://www.basislabs.in/sr

SAP Basis Training Contents:


Introduction SAP

Basis Roles & Responsibilities

Advantages of SAP & Advantages of Net weaver

R/3 Architecture

Presentation Layer, Application Layer, Database layer

SAP R/3 architecture in detail.

The System Central Interfaces

Dispatcher Process
Work Process Architecture
Services : Work Process Types (Dialog, Background, Spool, Enqueue, Update,
Message&Gateway Servers)

Installation of SAP, Post Installation Activities:

Applying Sap License

STMS Configuration between Landscapes.
Creating RFC Connections
Import the profiles into SAP level.
Other post installation activities.


Handling the End User Problems

Work Process Monitoring
Back ground Job scheduling & administration.
Daily system Monitoring & Updating
Logon Load Balancing to dynamically to load between the systems
Profile management to configure Memory , CPU, Buffer process
Operation Modes to Dynamically Switch between the processes.

Client Administration

Client Creation & Deletion

Client Copies (Local, Remote, Export & Import)
Troubleshooting client copies

The Change and Transport System

SAP DATA types.

Change request creations.
Configuration of Transport Domain.
Distributing and verifying TMS Configuration between systems.
Creating the Transport Layer, Transport Routes, and Transport Groups.
Import transport request to between systems

Support packs & Enhancement packages, add-ons, plug-in

Support patches, Add-ons, and Enhancement upgrade procedure.


Oracle Architecture
Connectivity Mechanism of work process to Database
Starting & Stopping Database
Working on Database Parameters
Configure Listener services
Table space Administration (Table spaces, Data files extending and segments)
BR Tools administration
Configuring the database backup (Offline/Online)
Configuring the Re-do log Backup
Monitoring The Database growth for capacity planning
Monitoring Database logs related to schedule job.


Introduction to workload analysis

Performance analysis monitors
R/3 memory management


Single user administration

Mass User administration
LSMW Script running
Central User administration(CUA)
Role Administration and authorizations concept.
Missing authorization.

SAP Printing system

SAP Spool system Architecture

Introduction to SAP Access Methods

Defining R/3 Printer Devices

Managing spool Requests

The SAPLPD Driver Program

TEMSE object Database

Introduction to SAP NETWEAVER

Java tools overview

Visual admin

Introduction to SAP Solution manager.

Early watch Alerts

Maintenance optimizer
CCMS monitoring

SAP Netweaver Training Contents:

2. SAP NW Installation , Post installtion
3. SAP WEBAS JAVA Architecture
4. Java tools overview
a. Configtool
b. Visual admin
c. SDM
e. NWA

5. Java security administration

Enterprise Portal:

1. EP overview.
2. EP Installation and Post installation
3. EP Administration
a. Content administration
b. User administration
c. System administration.
4. Portal security administration.
5. SSO Configuration.
6. Collaboration.
7. Knowledge management.

Process integration:

1. PI installation and Post installation

2. SLD configuration.
3. PI monitoring Tools.

SAP Solution Manager: 8 hours

1.Introduction to solution Manager

2.EWA alerts configuration

3.Maintenance optimizer

4.Solman_setup/work centers

5. SMD agents. 6.Preview on service Desk/charm/solman 7.1

SAP Security Training Contents

1 SAP R/3 Security

1.1 Overview of SAP
1.2 Overview of SAP BASIS
1.3 Introduction to SAP Security
1.3.1 Why we need security
1.3.2 What needs to be protected
1.3.3 From whom we need to protect
1.3.4 Implementation methodology
1.4 User administration
1.4.1 Single user administration
1.4.2 Mass User administration
1.4.3 LSMW Script running
1.5 Introduction of CUA (Central User administration)
1.5.1 CUA Configuration for different landscapes
1.5.2 Performing user administration activities in CUA
1.5.3 Distributing User/IDOCS and troubleshooting issues
1.6 User Groups Concept
1.7 Role Administration and authorizations concept
1.7.1 Overview of authorizations and roles
1.7.2 Change management process
1.7.3 Creating custom authorization objects
1.7.4 SAP Role types
1.7.5 Working with Profile Generator
1.7.6 Creating and modifying different roles
1.8 Authorization Group Concept
1.9 Missing authorization
1.10 Tracing the user for missing authorization.
1.11 Working with R/3 tables, parameters and Reports
1.12 SAP Security Audit

2. BW/BI Security

2.1 Architecture and strategies for a BI authorization concept

2.2 Security requirements in SAP BI

2.3 Standard roles and templates for the authorization concept

2.4 Creating BW/BI roles and modification

2.5 Difference between BW and R/3 security

2.6 Difference between BW and BI Security

2.7 Different authorization objects involved in BW/BI

2.8 Analysis authorization concept and reporting

2.9 Troubleshooting BW/BI issues

3 HR Security

3.1 Introduction to HR security

3.2 Personal administration and Organizational management

3.3 HR General and Structural authorizations

3.4 HR authorization objects and info types

3.5 Troubleshooting HR issues

4 GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliances 5.3

4.1 Introduction to GRC

4.2 Sarbanes Oxley Rules (SOX)

4.3 In depth discussion of GRC Components

4.3.1 Compliance User Provisioning (CUP)

4.3.2 Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR)

4.3.3 Enterprise Role management (ERM)

4.3.4 Super User Privilege Management (SPM)

4.4 Working with functions, Risks and Mitigation Controls

4.5 Introduction to GRC 10.

Best Regards,