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Nancy Huang

4346 Pine Blossom Trail, Houston TX 77059 | (832) 712 2696 | huangn@seas.upenn.edu

Education The University of Pennsylvania May 2017

Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Science

Relevant Coursework: Physics-Based Animation (C++), Computer Systems (C), Intro to

Computer Graphics (C++), Data Structures and Algorithms (Java), Programming Languages
and Techniques (Java, OCaml), Applications of Scientific Computing (MatLab), Data Mining
(Python), Computer Graphics (C++), Mobile Software Programming (Java)

Projects Fluid Simulation C++

A dam-break fluid simulation constructed with a MAC grid data structure and semi-Lagrangian
calculations for particle updates.

Mini-Maya C++
A micro-3D modeling application. Implemented raycasting, octree data structures, quaternion camera
view, and Catmull-Clark subdivision, extrusion, and keyframe animation. Used Git to integrate GUI
and raytracer in collaboration with a partner for final in-class demonstration.

Mini-Twitter Java
A model of a typical online social network. Built classes for user data read in from JSON files,
emphasizing runtime and object-oriented design.

TetraSpell Java
A single-player mashup of Tetris and Scrabble in. Implemented data structures to support intuitive
user interaction and game logic.

Work Software Engineering Intern Apple May - Aug 2016 (current)

Used Objective-C to improve user experience on iWork applications for iOS. Created mockups of
Experience possible designs while working with both Design and Engineering teams and implemented changes in
front-end framework.

Computer Graphics Teaching Assistant The University of Pennsylvania Jan May 2016
Guided students through debugging techniques and clarified concepts in office hours. Helped plan
course material, exam questions, and graded weekly projects.

Design Intern MingJian Jun - Aug 2015

Designed logos, certificates, infographics, and media invitations for Shanghai-based consumer
reporting startup. Created mockups for future website designs.

Activities Design & Marketing Lead Penn Play Game Jam Jan 2015 - present
Designed and scheduled release of promotional media for student-run game development
hackathon which fostered collaboration between four undergraduate schools of the University of
Pennsylvania as well as Penns Computer Graphics and Game Technology Masters Program.
Webmaster Phi Gamma Nu Business Fraternity Jan 2015 - May 2016
Redesigned website using HTML/CSS/JQuery in time for Spring 2015 rush. Updated alumni
database and managed internal email groups and forums.

Skills & Programming Languages: Java (proficient), C++ (familiar), Objective-C (familiar), OCaml (familiar)
Software: Android Studio, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Autodesk Maya, Houdini
Interests Foreign Languages: Chinese (conversational), French (introductory) Hungarian (introductory)
Interests: Graphic Design, Travel, Comedy, Education, English