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Inquisimunda: The Bizarre Bazaar

Compiled by Jeremy Olsen ancientsociety79@gmail.com

Version 1.0b

(Intended to replace the Necromunda Trading Post section)

Spending your Geld

Even in the strictest, most patrolled worlds of the Imperium, there are black markets and hidden
illegal bazaars filled with wonderful and terrifying things. As long as one has a full purse, anything
is possible. As the saying goes Geld talks, grox-shit walks.

Between scenarios, all warbands can do any two (2) of the following activities:
Recruit new members
Recruit new Hired Guns
Purchase weapons & equipment from the bazaar
Deny information OR attempt assassination via Subversion

Note that some warbands may do more (or less) of the above. If so, this will be detailed in the
warband listing itself.

Recruiting new members

Unless specifically denied by the last scenario, a warband may attempt to recruit new members.
There is no set limit to the amount of new members a warband may recruit during each post-
game sequence, other than the amount of credits it has and the limit of each type available to the

New recruits are selected in the same way as new members were selected upon warband
creation. New members may be equipped with weapons and equipment available in the
warband s stash, so long as their type may use that weaponry or equipment.

Unless the warband are Void Pirates or Rogue Traders, any Xenos a warband wishes to recruit
are difficult to find. If a warband wishes to recruit Xenos members, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, the
warband may recruit up to one (1) Xenos this post-game sequence.

Recruit new Hired Guns

Hired Guns may be recruited exactly as upon creation.

Purchasing from the Bazaar

Common items may be purchased at the cost listed at any time and in any quantity. Uncommon
items may only be purchased by rolling a D6. On a roll of 1-2, the market simply doesn t have the
goods available (maybe they ran out of stock, suffered a raid by the authorities, etc.). On a roll of
3+, the player may purchase as many uncommon items as they wish for this post-game

Rare items are difficult to obtain, even in the most well-stocked black markets. If a player wishes
to buy Rare items or weapons he must roll the following:
Radical warbands/Rogue Traders/Void Pirates: 2D6-3
AdMech warbands/un-aligned warbands: D6
Puritan warbands: D3+1
Whatever the roll may be, this is the total number of Rare items that may be purchased. If an item
is both Rare and Exotic, the player pays full price for that item and only one (1) of each Exotic
item may be purchased each post-game sequence.

Note: Some scenarios may limit the amount of uncommon and/or rare items that may be
purchased after playing them!

Visting The Saw-Bones

Bionics and Implant weaponry require advanced technical and biological knowledge that is not
very widespread within the Imperium. Some warbands have the means and resources to fit and
produce these parts (detailed below), but most do not. As such, to purchase any sort of bionic or
implant weaponry, a warband must make sure the Bazaar has some sort of Doc, Genetor, or
Heretek willing to fit the implants.

The player rolls a D6. Puritan warbands subtract 1 from the result. On a roll of 3+, the warband
may purchase and equip bionics and implant weaponry as detailed above.

On a roll of 1-2, the warband may not purchase implants and bionics this post-game sequence.
However, word spreads during the next battle, and that warband may automatically purchase
bionics and implants in the subsequent post-game sequence, as the Doc catches up with them.

The following warbands may ALWAYS purchase implants and bionics:

AdMech Explorators
Inquisition Cells with a surviving Tech-Adept
Nobilist Factions

Selling to the Bazaar

Some warbands may end up with excess equipment or weapons from dead members, captured
opponents, or loot taken from scenarios. Any warband may sell as many items as it wishes each
post-game sequence and the sold items are worth half their fixed value (i.e. an item worth 10+D6
Geld, may be sold for 5 Geld, etc.).

Items and weapons never HAVE to be sold and may be hoarded in the warband s Stash for later
use or sale.

Price Chart

HtH Weapons

Knife, Brass Knuckles 5 Common

Sword 10 Common
Stiletto, Dirk, Punch Knife 5+D6 Common
Throwing Knife 5+D3 Common
Club, Maul, Bludgeon 10 Common
Chain, Flail 10 Common
Massive Weapon 10+D6 Common
Chainsword 25 Common
Chain-Axe 25+D6 Uncommon
Eviscerator 35+3D6 Rare
Power Sword 40+2D6 Uncommon
Power Axe 40+3D6 Uncommon
Power Fist/Claw 80+2D6 Uncommon
Thunder Hammer 85+2D6 Rare
Shock Maul 35+D6 Common
Electro-Flail 35+D6 Rare
Man-Catcher 35+D6 Rare
Force Sword 55+D6 Rare
Force Axe 55+2D6 Rare
Force Staff 55+2D6 Rare
Buzzsaw 40+D6 Uncommon*
Chainsaw 40+D6 Rare*
Pneumatic Hammer 45+D6 Uncommon*
Rock Drill, Breacher 45+D6 Uncommon*
Shears 50+3D6 Rare*

Pistol Weapons

Hand Bow 5 Common

Autopistol 10 Common
Stubber 10 Common
Hand Cannon 15 Common
Laspistol 15 Common
Hellpistol 20+D3 Common
Duelling Pistol 20+D6 Uncommon
Bolt Pistol 20 Common
Needle Pistol 85+3D6 Rare
Plasma Pistol 25+D3 Uncommon
Hand Flamer 20 Common
Web Pistol 85+D6 Rare
Inferno Pistol 45+3D6 Rare

Basic Weapons

Bow 5 Common
Musket 5 Common
Blunderbuss, Scatter Gun 10 Common
Las Carbine 15 Common
Lasgun 25 Common
Hellgun 25+D6 Uncommon
Autogun 25 Common
Shotgun (Solid/Scatter) 20 Common
Bolt Carbine 30 Common
Bolter 35 Common
Hunting Rifle 65+2D6 Uncommon
Exterminator Cartridge 10+D6 Rare

Special Weapons

Flamer 40 Common
Grenade Launcher 100 Common
Melta-Gun 85 Common
Melta-Lance 85+D6 Uncommon
Plasma Gun 75 Common
Long-Las 40+2D6 Uncommon
Storm Bolter 45+2D6 Rare
Ripper Gun 50+D6 Uncommon
Rad-Cleanser 60+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Imperial warbands)
Stake-Crossbow 80+3D6 Rare
Webber 95+2D6 Rare
Needle Rifle 195+2D6 Rare
Scatter Cannon 75 Common
Spear Gun 50 Common
Pistol Sword 35+D6 Rare

Heavy Weapons

Autocannon 270+3D6 Common

Assault Cannon 250+2D6 Uncommon
Heavy Bolter 175+D6 Common
Heavy Stubber 115+D6 Common
Missile Launcher 175+2D6 Common
RPG Launcher 150+D6 Common
Heavy Flamer 100+D6 Common
Heavy Webber 110+D6 Rare
Multi-Laser 120+D6 Common
Heavy Plasma Gun 270+3D6 Uncommon
Multi-Melta 215+D6 Common
Lascannon 285+2D6 Common

Grenades, Missiles, & Ammo

Frag Grenades 25 Common

Krak Grenades 35 Common
Fire Bomb 20 Common
Tox Bomb 25 Common
Smoke Grenades 15 Common
Photon Flash Grenades 15+D6 Common
Scare/Choke Gas Grenades 15+D6 Uncommon
Hallucinogen Grenades 40+D6 Rare
Plasma Grenades 40+D6 Rare
Melta-Bomb 40+D3 Uncommon
Demo-Charge 60+D6 Rare
Frag Missiles 25 Common
Krak Missiles 35 Common
Plasma Missile 40+D6 Rare
Dum-Dum Bullets 5 Common
Man-stopper Rounds 5 Common
Metal Storm Bolts 15+D6 Rare
Inferno Bolts 15+D6 Rare
Kraken Bolts 20+D3 Rare
Psycannon Bolts 20+D6 Rare
Overcharge Cell 10+D6 Common
Executioner Shell 15+D3 Rare
Hot-shot Shell 5 Common
Man-Stopper Shell 5 Common
Bolt Shell 5 Common

Armor & Fields

Light Armor 5+D6 Common

Flak Armor 15 Common
Flak Armor Enclosed 15+D6 Common
Medium Armor 20 Common
Medium Armor Enclosed 20+D6 Common
Heavy Armor 30+D6 Common
Heavy Armor Enclosed 35+D6 Common
Power Armor 50+D6 Uncommon
Power Armor Enclosed 60+D6 Rare
Refractor Field 25+D6 Uncommon
Conversion Field 30+D6 Rare
Displacer Field 35+2D6 Rare
Hexagrammic Wards 50+3D6 Rare
Cameoline 15 Uncommon
Ghosthelm 20+D6 Rare (Uncommon for Void Pirates/Eldar)
Holo-Field 30+D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar/Dark Eldar)
Kustom Force Field 35+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Orks)


Mono-Sight 35+D6 Uncommon

Telescopic Sight 25 Common
Red-Dot Sight 20 Common
Psyocculum 50+3D6 Rare
IR Sight 40+2D6 Uncommon


Bionic Eye 40+3D6 Common*

Bionic Arm 60+3D6 Common*
Bionic Leg 60+3D6 Common*
Electoos 40+3D6 Rare*
MIU 10+3D6 Common*
Mechadendrites/Servo-Arm 40+3D6 Uncommon*
Injector Rig/ Bio-Booster 10 Common**
Lobo-Chip 10 Common**
Skull Chip 25+2D6 Uncommon*
Shoulder Rig 15+3D6 Rare*

Xenos HtH Weapons

Choppa 10 Common
Big Choppa 15 Common
Power Klaw 40+3D6 Uncommon (Common for Orks)
Diresword 25+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar)
Witchblade 50+3D6 Rare
Singing Spear 55+3D6 Rare
Triskele 25+D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar)
Harlequin s Kiss 25+3D6 Rare
Web Of Skulls 15+D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar)
Wych Blade 10+D6 Uncommon (common for Dark Eldar)
Agonizer 15+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Dark Eldar)
Bonding Knife 5 Uncommon (Common for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Neural Whip 25+3D6 Uncommon

Xenos Pistol Weapons

Slugga 10 Common
Shuriken Pistol 20 Uncommon (Common for Eldar/Dark Eldar)
Splinter Pistol 15 Uncommon (Common for Dark Eldar)
Fusion Pistol 40+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar)
Shredder 70+3D6 Rare
Pulse Pistol 25+D6 Uncommon (Common for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Nailer 15 Common

Xenos Basic Weapons

Shoota 15+D6 Common

Big Shoota 100+3D6 Uncommon (Common for Orks)
Grot Blasta 15 Common
Shuriken Catapult 20+D3 Uncommon (Common for Eldar/Dark Eldar)
Splinter Rifle 20+D3 Uncommon (Common for Eldar/Dark Eldar)
Pulse Carbine 30+D3 Uncommon (Common for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Pulse Rifle 35+D3 Uncommon (Common for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Kroot Rifle 25+D3 Uncommon (Common for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Flechette Projector 70+3D6 Rare (Common for Loxatl)

Xenos Special Weapons

Kustom Mega-Blasta 75+3D6 Rare

Burna 45+2D6 Rare (Uncommon for Orks)
Rokkit Launcha 100+D6 Uncommon
Rail Rifle 110+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Tau/Kroot/Vespid)
Fusion Gun 85+D6 Rare (Uncommon for Eldar)
Neutron Blaster 65+3D6 Rare (Common for Vespid)
Hrud Fusil 75+2D6 Rare (Common for Hrud)
Gauss Flayer 150+3D6 Rare (Common for Necrontyr)

Xenos Heavy Weapons

Deffgun 250+D3 Rare

Reaper Launcher 275+2D6 Rare
Splinter Cannon 100+3D6 Rare (Uncommon for Dark Eldar)
Dark Lance 300+D6 Rare

Xenos Grenades, Missiles, & Ammo

EMP Grenades 20+D6 Uncommon (Common for Tau)

Haywire Grenades 25+D6 Uncommon
Crystalline Spheres 35+3D6 Rare
Soul Seekers 15+D6 Rare


Bio-Scanner 50 Common
Blade Venom (1 use) Common
Charm 20+2D6 Uncommon
Clip Harness 10 Common
Comm-Link/Microbead 5 Common
Control Collar 10 Common
Concealed Cavity 10+D3 Common*
Frenzon 20+3D6 Rare
Flects 40+3D6 Rare
Grav Chute 25 Common
Holy Weapon +150 Rare
Liquid Courage (1 use) 15 Common
IR Goggles 20 Uncommon
Kalma 5 Common
Master-Crafted Weapon weapon cost Rare
Medi-Pack Common
Photo-Visor 10 Common
Respirator 10 Common
Reloads weapon cost [As weapon rarity]
Screamers (1 use) 10+D6 Uncommon
Silencer 10 Common
Slaught 20+3D6 Uncommon
Spur 15+3D6 Uncommon
Stummers (1 use) 10+D6 Uncommon