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McGraw-Edison Lawnai re

McGraw-Edison Lawnai re
ln any outdoor setting, Lawnaire is an Sockei-shall be porcelain enclosed and
appealing, decorative motif, designed to shall accommodate medium screw base
complement all modern environments. lamps for 75 watt mercury fixtures and
The simple, contemporary styling is mogul screw base lamps for all other
suited for offices, restaurants, small park- fixtures. lt shall be part of the reflector
ing lots, churches, campuses, walkways assembly and shall be positioned to pro
and residential areas. vide proper location ofthe lamp for max-
Precisely designed optics producing either imum optical efficiency.
a symmetric or asymmetric light pattern Ballasts-shall be of a dedicated design
provide a uniformity of illumination with a for the lamp type specified and at the volt-
minimum of glare. age specified.
Constructed of heaw gauge aluminum Mercury Lamp Ballast-shall be of the
and finrshed with a black powder coal, constant wattage, high power factor type.
acrylic enamel, the Lawnaire is exception- High Pressure Sodium Ballast-shall be 2511r'
ally durable and weatherproof. of the high reactance, high power facior
type for 70, 100 and 150 wati lamps. For
Specif ications 150 watt, single 120 volt input units it shall
be of the reactor normal power factor
Housing-shall consist of the fixture type and tor 250 watt lamps shall be con
base, pole top fitte[ refractof cover stant wattage autotranstormer, high power
support assembly and top cover. factor type.
Pole-Top Fitter-shall be cast aluminum lnterlock Switch-shall be positioned on
and shall fit 3-inch O.D. pole tops or vertical the cover support assembly so that cur
tenons. lt shall be seltaligning on the rent to the internal circuitry is disrupted
tenon and shall be held securely in place when the cover is removed. EPA 1.1
by three corrosion resistant set screws. Finish all external metal surfaces shall
The fitter shall hold the cover support be black powder coat acrylic enamel
assembly by means of three support arms. except cover support which shall be a
Top Cover-shall be hea4/ gauge spun white color
aluminum and shallconceal and protect
the electrical components and opiics. lt Orderins lnformation
shall be held in place on the cover sup
port assembly by a push-button, spring catalog Number (1)
action latching system. Light Patteh (2) Lamp
Photocontrol-shall be optional and shall and Ballasr (31 Watts
be of the button type located on the TWI I8l TWl28l HPS Hioh Feactance
cover support assembly TWl182 T\t!1282 HPS H gh Reactance 100(4)
Twllg3 TW1293 FIPS Reactor l2ovonly 150
Refractor-shall be prismalic borosili-
cate glass and shall be hemispherical m _-
shape. lt shall be mounted in the cover sup- l^llf \41/ll V-r Lr, ,W^ l2o\o1,
port assembly and shall be held in place
by the retlector assembly.
Optics-borosilicate glass ref ractor and Notes:
1 Lamps not included Use lamps designed for base upto horizontalor universalposition. Medium
specular aluminum reflector shall provide base lamps for 75 watt lixtures and mogul base lamps for all other Iixtures.
svmmetric or asvmmetric Iight pattern 2. Symmetric light pattern is IES Type V Asym mek c lig ht paltern s IES type lll with 175 watt clear
mercury and 2 50 watt high pressure sod r.r m ampsandlEStype with75 100 and 250 watt c ear
Cover Support Assembly-shall be rnercury lamps and 70 and 150 watl h gh pressure sodium lamps.
heaw gauge sheet aluminum and shall 3 Bal asts are avai able for 120 through 480 volts input except where noted otherwise Speciiy vo tage
accommodate all electrical and optical ascalaognumbersuffix,e.g.:TW11B1 120. Other ballasts ava able Contactiactory
components including lamp socket, bal- 4. Mulii Tap Ba last avai able with iaps for 120, 248,24O ard 277 valls nput Add sutf x I to catalog
number, e.g. TW1181 9. NOTE: lvlulii Tap ballasts are factory wired for 277 volts input but can easily
last, terminal block, interlock switch,
be field changed.
cover latch, refractor and reflector Mounting-Fitler fits poles with 3-lnch O.D. vertical ienons
Finish Black, powder coai thermoset acrylic enamel (except cover support assembly white).
Photocontrol Button type availab e ior units rated through 277 volts. Faciory installed.
Add suffix P to catalog number, e.g : TW1 1 81 - 1 20P Speciiy nput voltage for l\,4u ti Tap lix.tures


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