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':...- Features:
. One piece, cast aluminum
:--\- hou sing.
Gasketed cast aluminum
housing door f rame with
tempe red, impact resistant.
glass lens.
Removable ballast drawer
assembly containing all
electrical components.
Adjustab le cast alum in u m
siipfitter for single, tw n, triple
and quad units.
Single reflector system for
use with clear or phosphor
coated h igh intensily
discharge lamps.
. Three housing sizes to
accommodate ballasi d rawer
assemblies for operation
of 70 through 1000 watt HID
lam ps.

2 Area Lighting Divis on McGraw-Edison Company

A New Concept in Outdoor Area Lighting
lll!stralions demonstrate how adjustment ol McGraw-Edison Power Drawer
Area Light produces various IES light distribution patterrs.
POWER DRAWEF Area Light-a completely IES Dislribution type ll IES Distribulion type t IES Distribution type tV
adjustable luminaire that produces popular
standard and offset type IES light distribution
patterns for roadway and area lighting
. Overcomes design limitations ol conventional
lu m inaires with fixed opiics.

. Eliminates need to change reiractors.

. Single reflector system design fits all application
. Prepositioned lamp socket requires no additional

] .,"g." rumrrarre oesrgn provroes oomprere

V app-lication flexibility."

Area Width Coverage W

Expressed in lerms of-ratios oi l!minaire mountinq heights (M.H.)

Exclusive Ballast Exclusive Fitters:

Drawer Assembly: . Available for rnounting of one. two. three or iour f xtures.
. Contains ail electrica components. . Single units f i 2 pipe \23/s O.D.) and 3'O.D teno.s.
Triple un ts iit 3'O.D tenons Quad units fit 3" O.D. and
. Contalns proper y posltioned lamp socket for 4r,? ' O.D. ienons
maximu m optical efiiciency.
C. Slides into housing and cofnects to power
supply with polarized quick-d sconnect pLug.
Provides flexlbility; a slng e housing can
Cal:brated. serrated knuckle-type adjustment locks fixture in
des red position wlth a concealed reta ning boll.
Contains a gaskeied compartment lor inlerna wiring
accommodate a variely oJ lamp and ballasi
types. Perrfits easy Lrpgradinq at a future date . Photoconlrol accessory easi y lnslal ed in wiring cornpartment
cover without rnodiiicalion.
. Cast alu minum construction.

Area Lighting Divis on IMcGraw-Ed son Company 3

Ordering lnformation


Lamp and Ballast (2)

Series 1000
FR1025 FR1025T FR1O25G FR1O25Q FR1O25M FRt025W 100
FRt045 FR1O45T FR1045G FR10450 FB1O45M FRt045W Mercury CWA 175(3)
FR1055 FRJO55T FR1O55G FR10550 FR1N55M Fn1055W 250(3)
FRl tss FRl155T FRt155G FR11550 FR1155M FR1t55W Meial Halide-CWA 250
FR t 815 FRt815T FR,I815G FR t8t 50 FR1815M Fn1815W 70
FR1825 FR1825T FR1825G FR18250 FR1825M FR1825W High Pressu re Sodiu m-ATR 100
FR1A35 FR1835T FR1835G FR1835cJ FR1835M FR1835W 150/41 J

Series 2000
FR2065 FR20551 FR2O65G FR2O65Q FR2055M FR2065W Mercu rv CWA 400(3
FR216s FR2t65T FR2165G FR21650 FR2165M FR2165W Melal Halrde--CWA 400(3
FR2255 FR2255T FR2255G FR22550 FR2255M FR2255W igh Pressure Sod urn-ATR 250(3
FR2265 FR2265T FR2265G FR22650 FR2265M FR2265W 400(3
Series 3000
FR308s FR3O85T FR3O85G FR3085() FR3085M FB3O85W 1000(3)
FR3185 FR3185T FR3185G FR31850 FR3 t 85M FR3185W Metrl Hallde-OWA 1000(3)
FR3285 FR3285T FR3285G FR32850 FR3285M FRs285W Hioh Pressure Sodium Lead Reoulator 1000/3)

Additional Ordering lnf ormation

(1) Lamps not included. i-Jse lamps des gned for use in base Pole-Single units fit 2'pipe (23ls" O.D.) and 3" O.D. tenons.
down to horizontal or any position. Cata og number nc Lrdes Triple units f t 3" O.D tenons. Quad units f t 3" O.D. and 412" O.D.
pole-top fitier. tenons. Mast arra rnounting units fit horizontal uminaire supports
with 2" pipe (23ls" O.D.) tenons. For loading data see chart on
(2) Ballast-Available 120 through 480 volts. To order specify page 5. See pole section ot catalog for appropr ale poles.
voltage as catalog number suffix, e.g.r FR1025 120.
Ballast-CWA-Constant Wattage Autotransf ormer.
(3) ftlulti-Tap Ballast Avai able with taps fat 120,208,240 and ATR-Autotransf orrner Reactor.
277 vo t inp!t. To order add sufJix 9 to catalog number, e.g-i Finish-Bronze thermoset acrylic enamel.
LJ.L. Lisied Su table for wet locations
(4) Lamp arc rating oi 55 volts.


h qh.
I rnouriting back p ate dimensions-ss 6" wide v, 43/a " j

Vandal Shield


Material Polycarbonate

4 Area L ghting Div sion McGraw-Edison Company

Technical Data
Nominal Loading Data
Ellective Projecled Area-Sq. Fl. (1)
Description Weight Pole-Top Mounling
Single Triple Ouad Mounting-Single

SERIES lOOO 27 1.2 2.2 3.5 5.2 0.9

sERts 2000 40 2.1 3.2 5.0 7.9 1.4

SERtES 3000 79 6.3 9.7 132 24

(l) Al mosl 5pvp'a co'rdilro,l ol 30'above ror lonrdl.

! Light Distribution
ANSI-lES Light Disvibulion Patterns (1)
Luminaire Adiuslment Angle
Lamp Watts & Type
5' 20'
aight Patleln classiticalion

Series 1000
Crear Mercury
100, '175, 250
De uxe Wh te Ny'ercury
T00 175, 250
Clear Metal Halide
Creal. lig f'-cr"ss*J Soair.
70. 100, 150 rv-L-NCO

Series 2000
Clear Mercury
400 t-M-co tv I -Nco
De uxe Whrte Mercury
400 rv-s-Nco
C ear Metal Hal de
C ear H gh-Pressure Sodium
200. 250, 310, 400 IV-L-NCO

i Series 3000
1000 ll l\,4-co IV M.NOO On Appl calion

1000 I-S-CO On App rcalion On Appl cation

r-M-co On Appl catlon V L.NCO

1000 IV M-SCO On Applicat on

*l S CO lor 70 watt H gh Pressure SodrLrrn Lamp

(1) Lumlnaires are classified according 1o lateral and vertica light d stribuiion at a given adj!stment angie
Lateral ight dislribution-ll, lll, V.
Vertical ighl dislr bution S Short [,4-Mediu n L-Long.
Light Contro , SCO-Semicutof f . NCO-Noncutofi.

Area L ghtlnq D v sion McGraw-Ed son Company 5

Photometric Data
Single Luminaires

Dashed Cu.ves Stow Llmen Utilization (ln ?")

Spacing Chart
\a 2a 30 40 50

! Luminaire Series
;1 Adlustment AngLe
5" above horirontaJ
t- Dist.lbution I
Nledium, Cutoil

Lam! 100 watts

Nigh Press!re
I Sodium
Mounting Neight-20
For 70 watt H.P.S.
i2 amp, multlply
iootcand es by.61
for 150 watt H.P.S.
amp, multiply
lootcandles by 168

r23456 80 90 100 110

Ratio ot Longitudinal Distanc to Mounting Height Staggered Spacing-fe1
ls0fo0icrndle D agranr aod Lunen uti iniion (0n Pavenent)

Dashed Curves Show Lutne. Uti!irati0n (ln "/.)

l0 20 30 40 50 r;0
Sparing Chart

Adlustment Angle
a 20" above
L-I E horizontal
0istribution lll,
lvedlunr, Smi
l c!toff
.9 Lanrp-250 watts,
9 High-Pressure
Z2 N4ounting Neight--30
For 400 watt H.P.S.
lamp, m!ltiply
footcandles by 1.96

r23456 i.2a 130 140 150

nalio ot longitudinal Distance to Mo!nting leight Staggered Spacing-Feet
lso{0otcandle D asranr and Lumen Util zation (rln Pavenrent)

Dashd Curves Show L{men Utilkation (li %)

SPaciig Charl
1A 2A 30 40 50 611

Adiustnrent Angle-
Dlstribution lll,
Short, Semi cutoff
Lamp-400 watts,
Dluxe White
[4ounting Helght
30 feet

Raiio 0I Longitudinal oistance to irlounting fieight
lsoJ0otcandle Dlagram and Lumen Ut:l zat:0n (0n Pavement)
Photometric Data
Twin Luminaires

Dashed c!rves show Lumen Ulilization (ln %)

spacing charl
30 :)u lt D 1! 2(r 1i.)

l: :: rl: :l: : rrrr!:li::r lr rl

t: tl il:
:25'Area or Rczdw3y W dLl:
: .t , I
;15' Ares or iordway
.\.. rr r:rr:r1:::: : rl:;: ::::
65'Ar.a or Roadwav W
W dih

Adiustn:ent Angle
,/ 1,,,:::,:l:: :li::,, 20' above
D on I l,
N4edlum l!cn cutofl
35 1,,,
Lamo-150 lri]tls
><. High-Pressure
\.:':: lvlcunting l] e ight
+.-'- {a\ 25 feet
;::/ )r:.( For 100 watt f.P.S
amp. mu tiply
loolcandles by.511
121112a) I lr. titi r!_a r30 1.ri
Ralio 0t Longiludinat 0inance 10 l,lounling ljeight 0pposile Spacing reei
tlt I z?t 0r i0i Pavemei:l
ls0100tcaidle 0 asram ,nd lunrr:r

Dashed C!rves Sh0w Lumen UtilDation (ln.b)

la jiii t! i. t.r :a .)i-j Spacing Chad

l:l rl
\-... Luminalre S1]rie!
-.:.....) Ad ustmenl Angle
::i :"
Distrlbrtl1]n lV,
\ {/' Long. Non cLrtoil
:l .::.::;
\, I 1

t--\ \,

> '-j.1
,] ::::::::
Lano 400 Vlalts,
H gh PressLrre
lvlountlng Height
4r) feet
For 250 watt 11 P.S
r*-, ianP, .ryrultl!. Y
footcendles by.51

Ralio or Lonsitudinal 0islance to Mounting lleight
lsNl00t.rrd e Dlagnn irid iuner Ul I .t or (An Parenert)

0ashed C!rves Show Lumen Utilization (ln'61

tt i! t| | lr |il ta

LLrminaire Seales
Adjusiment Angle


Lamp-400 watls,
Deluxe White
lvle rcury
Mounting Height
30 feet

na1i0 oi L0ngitudinal Distance lo Mountine Hsighl
r:at0otcaldle D israr aic L!mei UtL llat 0i (ln Pr!enreit)

Area Lighting Divis on McGraw-Edison Company 7

This specification covers l\lccraw-Edison Power Drawer have a back plate and gasket thai shall form a weather-
Area Lights for use with 70 through 1000-watt high inten- proof joint with the mounting surface. The back plate
sity discharge lamps. shall be removable to allow mounting of the fitter over
a 4-inch square or round electrical box. The Jitter shall
Area Light-shall be catalog number (specify) and shall have a knuckle type, serrated, calibrated, vertical angle
include the f ollowing features: adjustment for precise positioning of the housing and
shall lock in place with a single concealed retaining bolt.
General-unit construciion shall consist of a cast alum-
inum housing and housing door assembly which shall Optical compartment-shall coniain the reflector assem-
conlain the optical components and a removable ballast bly and shall be enclosed by the lens and optical com-
drawer assembly. The unit shall be supported by a cast parrment door assembly and housing.
alu m inu m, adjustable fitter.

Housing-shall be a single piece aluminum casting form-

Reflector*shall be constructed of sheet aluminum, iin-
ished with Alzak. process. lt shall be shaped to provide
ing a water tight shell. lt shall contain the electrical and
LE.S. Type (ll) (lll) (lV) Iight distribution at the recom-
optical component com partment.
mended adjustment angle.
Housing door-shall be casi aluminum and shall hold a 'Proprietary term of Alcoa.
tempered, heat and impact resistant, glass lens. lt shall
be gasketed and shall be hinged to the fixture housing. lt Sockei-shall be porcelain enclosed and shall be ad-
shall be held in the closed position by corrosion resistant justed to properly position a high intensity discharge lamp
captive screws. to be used with the ballast specified.
Ballast drawer assembly-shall be a self-contained, re- Opiical tilter-shall be posiiioned between the housing
movable assembly and shall support the ballast assembly, support casting and main housing allowing circulation of
lamp socket and polarized, quick-disconnect power input air through the opiical assembly and shall effectively filter
p lug. out external contaminants.

Slipfitte,-sh ali be cast aluminum and shall be Jastened to Ballast-shall be high power factor:
the tenon wlth corrosion resistant locking type set screws. lt
shall contain a gasketed wiring compartment (two on twin Constant Wattage Autotransformer Mercury lamp ballasl
units) easily accessible by means of a removable cover plate rated (100) (175) (250) (400) (1000) watts with an inpui oi
and shall have provision for external wiring. lt shall have a 1120) (208) l24o) (277t (480) volts.
knuckle type, serrated, calibrated, adjustment for posi-
tioning the tixture and shall lock in place with a concealed Autotranstormer Reactor High-Pressure Sodium lamp bal-
retaining bolt. last rared (70) (100) (150) (250) (400) (1000) watts with an
input rating of (120) (208) \244) (2771 (480) volts.
Wall mounting fitter-shall be cast aluminum and shall Constant Wattage Autotranstormer Metal Halide lamp
mount on a vertical flat service. lt shall have mounting ballast rated (250) (400) (100) walts with an nput of (120)
holes ior two 3/s-inch bolts. lt shall contain a gasketed (208) (240) (277) (480) volts.
wiring compartment accessible by removal of a cover
plate. Provision for external wiring shall consist of two Finish-shall be thermoset enamel and shall be bronze
3/a-inch pipe plugs located in the fitter side walls. li shall color.

Area Lighting Division
McGraw.Edison Company
760l Durand Avenue
Racine, Wisconsin 53405

:t Copynghl 1978