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The corruption

Good morning to all the public and authorities present, today I come to
tell you a small analysis on a very common topic and that is very often observed
in the media, corruption.

Let's start with a current case, the case of Odebrecht, what happens in
this case ?, the case is the payment of bribes of the company to senior
authorities, such as our former president Alejandro Toledo, to not carry out
inspections or other forms to the works carried out in Peru.

In this case, in addition to demonstrating a bad political government by

our former presidents, we see a serious case of corruption, but, what is
corruption ?, corruption is the act of breaking or corrupting the law or authority
of a system to base of bribes or other means for the benefit of oneself, whether
economic or of power.

In simple words, corruption is getting power at the cost of dirty and mean
acts. Our society is either accustomed to such acts, so much so that they are
resigned to having an incompetent government; "It does not matter that he
steals ..., provided he does works," says the society.

But that has caused such resignation, perhaps the frequency of

corruptive acts, or the presence of corruptive acts in society itself, but in fact
according to historians, corruption is an evil that is constantly transferred to
contaminate the entire population.

At the beginning of the Peruvian viceroyalty, a man named Antonio de

Ulloa, captain of a ship, on his first arrival in Peruvian ports, took the surprise of
all the corruption that was then, impacted wrote a letter to the Spanish crown on
what happened in Peru, but did not take importance and the said letter was

In this story, we realize how corruption is not a problem today and

manifesting for a long time, but we do not realize these serious corruptive acts,
thanks to the famous smoke curtains that conceal these acts, and getting rid of
their consequences in political government.

For example: during the years 1998 and 2000, during the last years of
the government of our former president Alberto Fujimori, these famous
programs appeared starring street comedians, the frequency with which they
were transmitted to the point of supplanting the news made suspicion to the
critics of those times this was a case of smoke screen.
This curtain of smoke was used by the government in turn to cover up
the corrupt acts of former president Alberto Fujimori and his adviser Vladimiro
Montesinos Torres; they committed massacres, bribes, money laundering and
blackmail. According to historians, it was one of the greatest moments of
corruption that Peru has suffered.

Now, the consequences are greater, political parties attack each other,
society loses total confidence in the government, there is no order and every
time Peru becomes more unstable; so much so that there have even been laws
in favor of corruption, in defense of corrupt with public authority.

In conclusion, corruption affects the political development of all states,

leading to mistrust of society, the malfunctioning of public institutions and the
loss of both ethical and economic values in the current political institutions

But despite everything we are going through, we have faith and hope that
this could change, it all depends on how we form ourselves as people, perhaps
at this moment we are in the presence of the person who could change this
fame that has won Peru.

Finally, the recommendation for the entire Peruvian state is not to think
with a closed mind and open to new points of view, not be fooled by the ruses of
government and come together to change this corrupt government that is
increasingly collapsed, increasingly plus.