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Design of Ultra Wideband Antenna Matching Networks
Via Simplified Real Frequency Technique

Series: Signals and Communication Technology

Covers the full details of Simplified Real Frequency Technique (SRFT)

to design ultra-wideband matching networks for antennas
Includes many actual antenna matching network designs such as
extended HF antenna matching networks over 20 MHz-100 MHz both
for commercial and military applications, multi band PIFA antenna
matching network covering the frequency bands over 824 MHZ-1000
MHz and 1710-2000 MHz
Includes complete SRFT design tools written in MatLab which
enables the reader to re-generate all the matching network designs
presented in the book
2008, XIII, 308 p. Covers fundamentals of electromagnetic field theory and antenna
design techniques for cellular communication
Presents a detailed description of scattering parameters and analytic
Printed book theory of broadband matching
Hardcover Offers an excellent practical source for design and research engineers
valid through October16,2017 employed by military agencies, communication companies and
209,00 | 155.50 | $239.00 research laboratories
*223,63(D) | 229,90(A) | CHF229.50 Serves as an excellent reference or textbook for Masters' and Ph.D
students who wish to develop deeper understanding in the field of
eBook power transfer networks
Available from your library or Can also be used as a textbook offered in Wireless Communication
springer.com/shop and Microwave Engineering programs at junior and senior class
Design of Ultra Wideband Antenna Matching Networks: via Simplified Real Frequency
Printed eBook for just
Technique (SRFT) is the first of its kind and expected to fill a very important gap in the field
| $ 24.99
of wireless communication.

It will open up a new horizon for the design engineers, researchers, undergraduate
and graduate students to construct multi-band and ultra wideband antenna matching
networks for antennas which in turn will push the edge of technology to manufacture
new generation of complex communication systems beyond microwave frequencies both
in commercial and military line.

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