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University Admissions in Notification of International Master Programmes

Sweden Selection Results Autumn Semester 2017
FE 20102 2017-04-19
839 87 stersund
Application no. 9588314 FIKAN ROHIMSYAH
Personal code no. 19940218-T334 JL.K.H AHMAD DAHLAN
68162 JEMBER

Notification of Selection Results for the autumn semester 2017

You have received this admissions notification for one of the following reasons:

- You received a notification after the first selection round, and this is your result after the second selection.

- You were earlier placed on reserve (waiting list) and have now been offered a place.

- You submitted a late application and it has now been reviewed.

Accepting and declining any offers

You do not need to reply Yes to any offers of admission or reserve (waiting list) places you wish to keep. You
should however, decline your place in the courses and programmes that you know you will not be attending. This
is important as it allows these places to be made available to applicants on waiting lists. Also, the university will be
notified that you will not be attending and they can remove your name from any contact and class lists.


For questions regarding admission, please go to www.universityadmissions.se/en/faq.

For questions regarding scholarships that you may have applied for in Sweden, please contact the organisation or
university issuing the scholarships.

For questions regarding your residence permit for studies, please contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

For any further information that you require, please contact the university in question.

Offical copy of your notification

This pdf document is your official copy of your notification. No paper copy will be issued or sent to you by the postal
service. If you are required to present an official copy of this notification, please print this pdf document. Please be
aware that Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide have been informed about this type of official notification
(pdf document) used by Swedish universities.

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19940218-T334 2017-04-19

The right to appeal is restricted to decisions regarding general and specific entry requirements; you cannot appeal
the selection results. The appeal must be made in writing. You must use a specific Appeals form for your appeal.
This form can be found at www.universityadmissions.se/en/appeals.

Your appeal must have reached University Admissions in Sweden no later than three weeks after your receipt of
this notification. The university to which you appeal will re-assess your eligibility. If the university concerned chooses
not to change its decision, your appeal will be forwarded to the appeals authority for a final decision.

Common selection groups


Results after selection No. 2

Prio Appl. Education/ Credits Selection Selection No. of people Notes/

Code University (College) Group Result admitted in the Info

selection group

1 KTH- Master's Programme, Engineering Mate- 120 Admitted 1

E0828 rials Science, 120 credits
Normal teaching
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Tuition fee, first instalment: 77 500 SEK

Total course/programme fee: 310 000 SEK
2 CTH-09009 Materials Engineering, Msc Progr 120 Deleted TA
Normal teaching
Chalmers University of Technology
3 LU-18075 Master Programme in Physics, Materials 120 Deleted OB
Normal teaching
Lund University

Educational programme-/Course notes

1 If you have been admitted to a course/programme: Your university will contact you regarding payment
of the tuition fee. In order to register and for your application for a residency permit to be approved, it
is important that you make your payment by the due date indicated by the university. Because a tuition
payment is required from you, your status is listed as Conditionally admitted. Please note that this
status cannot be changed in the admission system, even after you have made your payment. This is a
technicalmatter and does not mean that there is any problem with your status. If you are on a waiting list
(reserve) for a course or programme: The university will contact you directly if a place becomes available.
University Admissions cannot answer any questions regarding your chances of being offered a place.
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19940218-T334 2017-04-19

OB You do not meet the requirements for this course/programme.

TA You have already been accepted to the maximum number of credits.

Information from University/University Colleges

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Information concerning your studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Questions concerning the start
of your studies, programme content and the chances of being offered admission if you are currently still on
the waiting list should be directed to the programme. You will find contact information on the programme
descriptions at www.kth.se/en/studies/master . For tuition paying students: invoices for the first tuition
installment will be sent out shortly. For students in the final year of your Bachelor's studies: please upload
your complete transcripts and diploma to your application on universityadmissions.se as soon as you
have received them. Follow the same uploading instructions you used to make your application. If your
degree was granted by a Swedish university you are not required to upload your transcripts or diploma. Kind
regards KTH Admissions Office
Chalmers University of Technology
Fee-paying students may be interested to learn that Chalmers has created a new scholarship programme,
The Adlerbert 60th Anniversary Scholarships, which fee-paying students who have been admitted to and
completed one year of Master's programme studies at Chalmers (60 credits) will be able to apply for. Thus,
you will not be able to apply for it as a prospective student. Meanwhile, it will be open to all fee-paying
students, including scholarship holders who are not recipients of a cost of living scholarship via, for instance,
a Swedish Institute or Sievert Larsson version two scholarship. Each scholarship amounts to 60 000 SEK
and will be offered to 10-20 students annually based on the applicants' relative academic performances
during the first year of studies. <br> <br> For more information, click <a href="http://www.chalmers.se/en/

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