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Short Answer: No!

Why: becase..

The Winning Combination Raymond Francisco and Samuel Verzosa, the

brainchild of FRONTROW Enterprise Philippines, Inc. are both products
of the University of the Philippines where they met as members of UP
Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (UP Samaskom). Though
they started as merely orgmates, the bond grew deeper when they
engaged in several businesses together.

Through the years, the rapport between them proved to be the winning
formula for success
stories in the MLM community.

RAYMOND RS FRANCISCO Raymond RS Francisco, a graduate of B.A.

Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines is one of the
most sought-after and highest paid commercial directors in the
Philippines. Hes been in the advertising industry since 1997, where he
has directed major TV commercials for major brands such as Pantene,
GSM Blue, Chow King, Close-up, McDonalds, Globe, Smart
Communications wherein he coached top-notch celebrities like Manny
Pacquiao, Loren Legarda, Manny Villar, Judy Ann Santos, and Gretchen
Barretto. RS entered the theater life at a young age of 10. His love for it
led him to train formally in theater arts with Dulaang UP during his
college years. He garnered most praises from audience and critics alike
during his outstanding performance as the lead actor in M. Butterfly in
all its 300 shows. This landed him commendable reviews in major
spreads like Inquirer, and the cover of Newsweek and Asiaweek. His
monologues during the annual staging of UP Samaskoms LIVE AIDS are
among the most anticipated part of the show. Aside from stage acting,
RS also entered the world of show business. Among his movie projects
are A Love Story, Markova and Midnight Dancers,'GMA7 Gumapang
Ka Sa Lusak' 'ABS-CBN Magkaribal as Gian Franco', 'TV5 Nandito Ako as
Volta' His latest television project is a telvision show is 'Princess and I
of ABS-CBN Primtime Bida as Dorji'.

SAMUEL SAM VERZOSA Samuel Verzosa, a licensed Civil Engineer,

earned his degree at the University of the Philippines and was set to
follow the footsteps of his father in the engineering field. But fate has
different plans for Sam. He found his mind and heart leading him to the
rough and challenging road that is sales and marketing. Here he
mastered the art of sales and communication where he emerged as a
well-respected and promising entrepreneur. He earned his first million
at the age of 22. Since then, his financial growth served as his
motivating force and inspiration to help others as well. He wants to
continue to be the inspiration to many people who want change and
have a new perspective in their lives. His vision for the company is to be
leading advertising, modelling and marketing firm in the Philippines.
Being a wise businessman, Sam knows how and when to take
calculated risks by investing in other business ventures. In 2008, he
ventured into the clubbing business by opening together with his
partners, Dolce Superclub in Quezon City.

The club immediately became popular to many personalities and

Manilas social community. Following its success is the recent opening
of their newest club, Icon Ultimate Club Manila located at
Intercontinental Makati, which he is also joined by his partner RS
Francisco. Sam is also involved in several business ventures in I.T. and
trading. He is also helping in running and elevating their family
businesses which include Saver Construction, Saver Hardware, and
Saver Trucking.

Hailed in the 2010 Philippines Yearbook: The All New Power 88 as the
hottest multi-level marketing firm of todays generation, FRONTROW
Enterprise Philippines, Inc. (FRONTROW) is a dynamic and rapidly
expanding direct selling company in the health, beauty, and wellness
industry in the Philippines today. It is a 100 percent Filipino owned
corporation spearheaded by two of the most-promising new-breeds of
entrepreneurs, Raymond RS Francisco and Samuel Verzosa. As new
blood of businessmen, they introduced a new formula for success in the
multi-level marketing industry in order to build a more forward-driven
company that is FRONTROW.

Since the boom of the vanity industry earlier this decade, more and
more Filipinos, both men and women are opening their options to
beauty enhancements and treatments making it a very lucrative
playground for radical capitalists. Amidst the current global recession,
many individuals are turning into new options without leaving their
current employment. Individuals who want to try their hand in business
are venturing into direct-selling as a start of their voyage as
entrepreneurs utilizing their current network of contacts both in their
community and the worldwide web. With these trends, FRONTROW has
positioned itself in the forefront and is emerging as the new face of
multi-level marketing industry. As a young company, FRONTROW has
already received recognition in the business sector because of its
competency and increasing membership of more than 5000 members all
over the Philippines. The combination of beauty, health, and wealth is
the companys formula in building an empire consisting of young
entrepreneurs. Empowered with potentials of self-growth and
companys future expansion, FRONTROWs members are open to
transformation and are committed to achieve financial freedom and
success by nurturing a positive attitude and enhanced self-image.

To become the most trusted and effective multi-level marketing

company, creating long-term and rewarding business opportunities to
aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs by bringing world-class products to the
Philippine market.

We are committed to be the preferred and reliable marketing firm and

ensure the sustainable growth and financial independence of our
business partners. To become the leading and model framework to other
multi-level marketing firm in the country.

The Philosophy of Beauty, Health, and Wealth Wisdom is the sum of the
past, but beauty is the promise of the future. Shakespeare, As You
Like It, Act III, Scene III. Armed with the philosophy of beauty, health,
and wealth, FRONTROW is the revolutionized scale model of the multi-
level marketing industry in the Philippines. It aims to open doors of
equal opportunities to people with interest in micro-business enterprise
and bring world class product to the Filipino consumers. With its out-of-
the-box business approach, the company gives a new meaning to the
age-old proverb that beauty and health is wealth.

Source: https://www.frontrowenterprise.net/