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Amwoy. - Products Opportunity Possibilities AMWAY BUSINESS OVERVIEW 1 What would you do with extra time? 4] What would you do with extra money? On your current career path, what are your chances of living the life you want? ONGER common sense, ople for their accomplishments t down together to think through an idea. A etter life for their growing families. 4 give people the chance to start their own businesses by providing ntrol oftheirlives. raining, and: ir goal was to help business own .a conceived more than 50 years ago has become a global phenomenon. And the legacy continues rovides millions of individuals worldwide the possibilty to through the leadership of the next generation. Am 1ethei path to succe: citing opportunity. Now the k you for t king the time to learn more about this ¢ ce you ready to change your lfe? Steve Van Andel Chairman x Doug)Devos President