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TEST I. Instruction: Write your answers in 1 WHOLE YELLOW PAPER.

Choose your answer in the

parenthesis for each item.
The Philippine Supreme Court 1.(rules/rule) over a few cases six feet below the ground. The
overarching cause of injustices in the Philippine legal system 2(is/are) rooted from our judicial officials
themselves. Power, prestige and position 3(muddles/muddle) what they ought to be. Pursuant to the law,
such judicial officials who 4(commits/commit) crime against the state beyond reasonable doubt shall be given
a verdict accordingly. However, who 5(is/are) the ones that 6(decides/decide) to give verdict to criminals? Do
they sometimes 7(manipulates/manipulate) over a few cases six feet below the ground? One of the greatest
challenges among judicial officials 8(is/are) to live out their integrity and credibility to serve and protect the
citizens. The Congress or the Senate 9(enacts/enact) the law while a judicial function 10(is/are) merely to
apply and interpret the law.
TEST II. Instruction: Erasure means WRONG.
Step 1. Underline ONCE the incomplete VERB if grammatically CORRECT.
But if grammatically WRONG, then underline TWICE the incomplete VERB.
Step 2. Identify the appropriate MISSING VERB. If none or not applicable, then write X on the
space provided before the parenthesis. If your answer is X, then proceed now and follow the instruction on
Step 6 only. But, if there is an appropriate answer on the MISSING VERB, proceed to Steps 3, 4 & 5 only.
Step 3. Label each KIND of VERB of the missing verb and incomplete verb.
Step 4. Identify the FORM/FORMULA of the Complete Verb.
Step 5. Identify the Complete Verb Tense and Voice of the Verb.
Step 6. If your answer in Step 2 is X, Skip Steps 3, 4 & 5 or do not apply.
Just write then N/A on the space BEFORE the statement and SYNTACTICALLY WRONG on the space
AFTER the statement.
Step 7. At the back page, transform each statement from active tense to passive tense or otherwise if grammatically
correct, but if grammatically wrong then write NOT APPLICABLE or N/A.
1. __________________ A number of clients ____ (has/have) complained to the clerk.
2. __________________ If I ______(was/were) you, I would _____ (has/have) listened.
3. __________________ Both Tanner and his twin brother_____ (is/are) been following you.
4. __________________ Either Mark or his sisters______ (was/were) convicted in court.
5. __________________ There _____ (is/are) a few crowd actively participating in the forum.
6. __________________ Any of the student ______(was/were) being given a chance.
7. __________________ The marriage ceremony is _____ (be/being/been) starting now.
8. __________________All stars might ____ (has/have) _____ (be/being/been) probably preparing so much for
the most awaited star magic ball tonight.
9. __________________ The law ____(do/does) apply categorically and not hypothetically.
10. __________________ The criminal has finally being ______ (sentence/sentenced) to life imprisonment for
the crime of robbery with homicide.