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Thirty-First Army (Japan)

The Japanese 31st Army ( 31 Dai-sanjy-ichi gun) 3 List of commanders

was an army of the Imperial Japanese Army during World
War II.
3.1 Commanding ocer

3.2 Chief of Sta

1 History
4 References
The Japanese 31st Army was formed on February 18,
1944 under the Imperial General Headquarters as a gar-
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rison force to contest landings by Allied forces in the
the Imperial Japanese Empire. New York: Random
Japanese South Seas Mandate island-by-island, and to
House. ISBN 0-679-41424-X.
inict such losses in a war of attrition that it would de-
ter an American invasion of the Japanese home islands. Jowett, Bernard (1999). The Japanese Army 1931-
The South Seas Mandate was divided into three sections 45 (Volume 2, 1942-45). Osprey Publishing. ISBN
(Northern Mariana Islands, southern Mariana Islands, 1-84176-354-3.
and Truk). The 80,000 man Japanese 31st Army was ini-
tially headquartered on Truk. Madej, Victor (1981). Japanese Armed Forces Or-
der of Battle, 1937-1945. Game Publishing Com-
After Operation Hailstone, the Japanese garrison on Truk
pany. ASIN: B000L4CYWW.
was isolated as American forces continued their advance
towards Japan by invading other Pacic islands. Cut o, Marston, Daniel (2005). The Pacic War Compan-
the Japanese forces on Truk and other central Pacic is- ion: From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. Osprey Pub-
lands ran low on food and faced starvation before Japan lishing. ISBN 1-84176-882-0.
surrendered in August 1945. (Stewart, 1986)
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Southern Marianas Force

29th Infantry Division 5 External links

48th Independent Infantry Brigade
Wendel, Marcus. Axis History Factbook.
Northern Marianas Force Japanese Thirty First Army.
43rd Infantry Division
47th Independent Infantry Brigade

Truk Garrison Force

52nd Infantry Division

50th Independent Infantry Brigade
51st Independent Infantry Brigade
52nd Independent Infantry Brigade


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