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14/12 GC Balaji Nagar 4th street, Royapettah, CHENNAI-600014.

Contact No: 9790963408
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Mechanical Engineering from Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Secured an overall CGPA of 8.79/10.

Design and Fabrication of a Regenerative Shock Absorber May 2016
Recovered Energy that is lost when a vehicles shock absorber undergoes deflection due to crests and troughs on a
road using a rack and pinion mechanism.

Diesel Cycle Simulator using Octave October 2016
Made p-V plots based on the initial pressure, temperature, bore, stroke, connecting rod length, heat input and
specific heats.
Depending on the number of simulations the user required, several p-V plots were made.

Gear Design Module using Octave November 2016
Designed an optimized gear drive based on the inputs of power to be transmitted and operating speed given by the
user, by calculating parameters such as addendum, pitch circle diameter, etc.

Performance and Emission Appraisal of CME And NME blend as Diesel Engines using nano additives May 2017
Ran performance tests on a Diesel Engine with 20% Corn and Neem methyl ester blends with and without Cobalt
Oxide Nanoadditive and compared the results with that of pure Diesel on the same engine.

Vishal Jagannathan C D, Suraj S Shyam, Subisen R, Shanthi R, "Performance and Emission Evaluation of a Diesel
Engine Fueled with 20% Neem Methyl Ester and Nano Fuel Additive", International Journal of Advanced Research
Trends in Engineering and Technology, Vol 4, Special Issue 16, April 2017 ISSN 2394-3777(Print), ISSN 2394-

Alternate Energy Sources and Hybrid Vehicles October 2015
Place: Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai
Discussed the alternate energy sources that do not contribute to global climate change and contrasted the effect of
fuel-run automobile vehicles and their emission rates with that of hybrid and electric vehicles on climate change
and Co2 emission.

High Speed Transportation using Magnetically Levitating Trains in Partially Evacuated Tubes September 2016
Place: SRM Easwari Engineering College, Chennai
Discussed the components involved, ranging from air bearings to electromagnets, the need for partial instead of
complete evacuation, the working principle, and the potential pitfalls of the system.

Advances in Materials used for Engineering September 2016

Place: Sri Vekateshwara Engineering College, Chennai
The paper discusses advancements of alloys and other composite materials used in engineering field. It gives a
clear insight on thermal and structural properties. The concept of SMA is also discussed briefly in this paper.
Awarded with a Certificate of Merit for securing a rank in the top 0.1% of CBSE students, India in the subject of
Engineering Graphics in the All India Senior School Certificate Examination.
Secured the 1st place in Paper presentation in COMBUSTED 2K16, conducted at SRM Easwari Engineering
College, Chennai on 19th September 2016.

Received a certification in GNU Octave upon the completion of the course Simulation for Mechanical Engineers
at EdXengine.

Design software: SolidWorks, AUTOCAD
Analysis software: ANSYS APDL
Operating System: Windows, Linux
Microsoft Office Package: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Programming Languages: C, Octave


Attended a Training Program on Bosch Fuel Injection Systems in February 2016.
Attended a 2 day training program on Advances in fuel handling systems in SI Engines: from carburetor to fuel
injection conducted by ProTorque Auto Labs in August, 2015, at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai.

Attended a 2 day Workshop on CRDi Systems and Emission norms and control conducted by Meedhavi Research
institute, Haryana India in April 2016 at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai.
Attended a 2 day training program at TDPS TD Power Systems,, Bengaluru, India in July16.

Won 1st place in TV series Quiz conducted in an Enactus Carnival held in Rajalakshmi Engineering College in
March 2015.
Participated in TRIO RALLY ON INCOME DECLARATION SCHEME conducted by ROTARACT at Elliots
Beach, Chennai.
Participated in SAY NO TO DRUGS conducted by ROTARACT at Ethiraj College, Chennai.