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Reciprocating Performance Output

When the "Performance" button on the main Ariel 7.X screen is clicked, a single performance point is
calculated based on the application data from the "Service/Stage Data" screen and the compressor
chosen on the "Frame/Cylinder Data"screen. Below are the options associated with a single point
reciprocating compressor run. Please note that these performance options can be accessed by using
either the screen buttons, or by clicking on "Reports" and using the drop down menu. To save the
current report as an Adobe PDF file, click "File" and then "Save as".

Performance - the standard Ariel single point performance run. This run contains all of the compressor
performance parameters calculated by Ariel 7.X.

Short - an abbreviated or short version of the standard Ariel single point performance run. This run only
includes the basic performance information such as: flow, power, pressures, temperatures, and rod loads.

Graphs - The drop down includes:

PV Card - the theoretical pressure vs. volume (percent stroke), for each compressor throw.

PT Graph - the theoretical pressure vs. crank angle (in degrees of rotation), for each compressor

Forces - the crosshead pin force diagram (in degrees of rotation), for each compressor throw.

Weights & Couples - a summary of the compressor balancing components (with their weights) and the
unbalanced forces and couples.

Cyl Summary - a basic cylinder summary report which includes internal temperatures, pressures, and
cylinder power reported per end. Note that this report replaces the "internal pressure report" from

mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files%20(x86)\Ariel\Performance\Ariel.CHM::/Perfor... 09/08/2015
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previous versions of the Ariel performance program.

Gas Analysis - The drop down includes a summary of the application gas components and the calculated
gas properties as well as a Phase Diagram for use with the heavier gasses to review potential condensing
of the gas.

Info - a summary of information for the current performance run. This information may include any
exceeded compressor limits, special application information, and as configured compressor valve

Print - prints the current report.

Close - returns to the Ariel performance program.

Report Manager

Ariel 7.X is capable of producing and displaying data in many different formats. The report manager
window allows the user to select from all of the available data reports and produce a series of reports
tailored to their exact needs. Note that as reports are selected, they become bold in the selection
window. Once the required set of reports has been configured, use the "Generate" button to produce the
actual reports. The configured set of reports can be given a name and saved using the "Save Cfg"
button, allowing the user to quickly run this set of reports for any compressor.

The Report Manager screen is accessed by pressing the F7 key while in any of the performance output

mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files%20(x86)\Ariel\Performance\Ariel.CHM::/Perfor... 09/08/2015