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Full name : on Cng Trung.
Date of birth : 23/12/1991.
Gender: : Male
Address : 70/35 Nguyen Sy Sach, 15 ward, Tan binh district, Ho Chi Minh city.
Phone number : 0964.797.782
Email : Congtrung2312@gmail.com
Qualification : Civil Engineer.
Marital status : Single
Health : Good

2. EDUCATION: From 2009 to 2014

Studied at : Da Nang University of Technology
Qualification : Civil And Industrial Construction Engineering
Graduation : 2014
Grade : Good
Foreign language : English

3. EXPERIENCES: From 2014 to now

During the time working for DK Construction Trading Investment Corporation and Tan Gia Phat
Investment - Construction Corporation two professional Contractors for projects of industrial
construction in the South of Vietnam. I have worked at positions which are detailing as follow:
+ supervising construction, accepting for the completion of construction put in to use: plasticolors
Vietnam cor.,Ltd. Project; period: 09 months, and Truc Quan Corporation project; period 4 months.
+ Design structure and apply for permit for construction: Butter factory Honoroad project and Song
Hoang corporation project. Period: 12 months.
Besides the jobs mentioned above, sometimes I am also assigned to draft and translate some internal
documents of company; join meeting with foreign partners to learn about new project and introduce
companys ability.
- Proficient in using office computer and software for civil engineering such as Autocad, , Sap, Etabs,
Safe, Project.
- efficient to work independent or in group
- ability to keep a positive attitude under pressure.
- Ability of collecting, checking and connecting information between different departments.
- Communication skill is good
- Foreign language: proficient in listening, speaking, reading, writing English (toeic 735/990)
- Have ability to read and interpret civil engineering documents in english and vietnamese
- Expected posittion : Official staff
- Type of work : Full time
- expected salary : Negotiaton
- I can go off on a mission.
- Job objective : Work to get knowledge, reality experience and get financial promotion.
Contribute to develop myself, company and society.