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6th Literacy 2017-18 Lesson Plan

Sept. 11 15/2017 Warm-up: Lesson: Exit Slip: H/ Work:

Monday Lesson 4 Inferring About Character
Chpt 1 ?s with proof
Add to our First Draft
Close Read TLT Chpt 2
Character Chart Read
Vocab practice using context clues
Chpt 3
Inferences using text evidence

Tuesday Chpt 2 Lesson 5 Inferring About Character Actions

comprehension quiz v. Review Chpt 3
Close Reading TLT Chpt 3
Inner Thoughts
Actions v. Inner Thoughts

Wednesday Chpt 3 Lesson 6 Vocabulary Strategies

comprehension quiz
Using Prefixes to determine word meaning
Review questions from the text
Thursday Quiet Zone
IReady Reading Assessment Book Look Review TLT
Kahoot Review of TLT, Chpts 1-3 Chpts 1-3

Friday Friday Letters

Mid-Unit Assessment (if ready) Friday Letter First Draft
Chpt 4

Follow-up for Next Week:

First Book Check-out: Friday 9/24