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Time allowed: 1 Hour 50 Minutes. Write all your answers on the question paper.

SECTION A [10 Marks]

Choose the correct answer by putting X or a Circle on the correct answer.

1. Which of the following best describes what input is

A. The data that is entered to a computer
B. The entering of data to a computer.
C. The entering of data to an output device
D. The data that is output to a computer

2. The device shown in the diagram is used for

A. Copying a game to a CD
B. Copying files and data to a CD ROM Drive
C. Storing data to a CD ROM Drive
D. Storing and moving data from one computer to another

A. Which type of input provide quickens the processing of bank cheques?

B. Optical Character Recognition
C. Physical Character Recognition
D. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

3. Which of the following measures the speed of the Processor?

A. Kilograms
B. Gigabytes
C. Gigagrams
D. Megahertz

4. Why are computer games sold on CDs and DVDs?

A. CDs and DVDs are big
B. DVD are smooth
C. CDs and DVD use light
D. CDs and DVDs cannot be scratched
5. Which of the following copyright software must be purchased after trying it for a limited
A. Commercial Software
B. Shareware
C. Freeware
D. Public Domain software
6. A tape drive reads data sequentially. This means it reads records
A. In alphabetical order
B. In descending order
C. In the order from the ascending
D. From the beginning to the end
E. From the ascending to the descending
7. Among the functions of the operating system is
A. Management of memory
B. Managing load shedding
C. Managing the user
D. Managing movements
8. Which kind of operating system requires the least amount of user interaction?
A. Real time system
B. Single user system
C. Multi tasking system
D. Multi user system
9. Which of the following is an application program?
A. Windows
B. Mac O/s
C. Word processor
D. File Utility

Fill in the missing word/s or phrases

10. Circle an output device.

11. Circle a device which you can use to transfer photos from one computer to another
12. Circle a device which can be used to control at a distance a potentially dangerous device.
14. If you damage your nerves in the hand as a result of using the computer with the same hand
movements over and over again it is called_________________________________________
15. ________________ is a device that lets you copy printed images into the computer.
16. _______________ follows the mouse movement on the screen
17. Storage devices_______________ information even when the computer is turned off
18. ________________ is a component of the computer which helps the user command the

Answer the following questions in the spaces provided.
1. What can you do with a CD-RW that you cannot do with a CD-R?
2. Why can random access storage devices access information faster than a sequential storage
3. What is the difference between storage device and storage media