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Business Plan Project

Group Task 1
Engineering Management 2

In the first task the students are required to:

1. Form groups of four (maximum five).

2. Design a group meeting minute template to be used to plan, document, benchmark

and control for their group tasks and the project activities.

3. Read all three (3) samples of the business plan provided by your subject convener
to gain an insight into this project. Give comments after you have read the
samples and summarize the comments in your minute template.

4. Create the group profile by introducing your group members and their
backgrounds. It should contain at least, group number, contact names, courses that
student are doing, areas of interest, strengths and talents, etc

5. Nominate 5 products or services or combination of both (for general ideas on

products visit the Students should consider that they need
to develop a business plan for only one of their chosen products that will be
negotiated with the lecturer. Factors such as sustainability, product potential and
pragmatism are suggested to be considered when students form the list of

6. Plan and discuss the overview of the company, industry & products:
i. Nominate at least 5 products.
ii. The opportunity of the business for each product you have nominated.
iii. Select and choose the final product.
iv. For the final product you have chosen, set a business name and describe it.
v. What is the business? The business model (e.g. supplier, manufacturer,
service provider, etc)
vi. What customer will it serve?
vii. Where is it located?
viii. What industry does the business in?
ix. The mission and objectives of the business.

7. Summarize the outcomes of group meeting in your minute template and submit it
to the subject convener. Each group should submit one (1) minute only for a
meeting conducted. The number of meeting conducted is not limited, however.

8. Submission of Group Task 1 in Week 3 (Mar 18th, Wednesday, by 5:30 pm

through blackboard assignment tab).

* Note: The minutes of the group meeting will be used to measure the efforts exerted by the group
members in accomplishing this business plan project and shall influence the final result.