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Letter to the Editor

Anaphylaxis by antihistamine containing bovine gelatin:

the utility of the basophil activation test in the diagnostic

Eleonora Nucera1, Amira Colagiovanni2, Simona Mezzacappa1, Alessandro Buonomo1, Arianna Aruanno1,
Angela Rizzi1, Domenico Schiavino1

Allergy Unit, Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Policlinico A. Gemelli, Rome, Italy

MCAU Cardarelli Hospital, Campobasso, Italy


Adv Dermatol Allergol 2017; XXXIV (3): 279280


Gelatin, acollagen protein obtained from cow and pig ty to the antihistamine. In our patient, specific IgE for
bones and fish skin is widely used, by the hydrolysis of gelatin and beef result was 0.01 kU/l and 0.10 kU/l, re-
collagen, in food preparations (sweets, yoghurt, etc.) and spectively.
as astabilizer in the pharmaceutical industry. In particu- Peripheral whole blood samples were collected in
lar it could be found as an ingredient of drug capsules, heparinized tubes: 100 l of whole blood was pre-incu-
plasma expanders, vaccines and plasma substitutes. bated with 20 l of the basophil stimulation buffer (con-
Systemic allergic reactions to gelatin-containing vac- taining IL-3). Basophils from the patient and from five
cines and drugs have been proven by anti-gelatin IgE healthy controls were stimulated with 100 l of the baso-
assay [13] and by the Basophil Activation Test (BAT) [4]. phil stimulation buffer as negative control (BD Pharmin-
Bovine gelatin sensitization is commonly associated gen) and with 100 l (10 g/ml) of anti-IgE as positive
with cow milk allergy and beef allergy [5]. control (BD Pharmingen). Then we used, as stimulants,
We report the case of a14-year-old patient affected 100 l of bovine gelatin contained in the drug and 100 l
by cows milk allergy, who experienced lip paraesthesia, of ebastine. The degranulation was stopped on ice,
generalized itching and dyspnoea with bronchospasm the cells were stained with CD63-FITC/CD123-PE/Anti-
after the ingestion of lyophilised ebastine; the reaction HLADR-PerCP (BD FastImmune) and the samples were
was handled in the emergency room with intramuscular lysed, fixed, washed and analyzed within 3 h on aFACS-
and aerosolized epinephrine, systemic corticosteroids Canto flow cytometer (BD, Immunocytometry Systems,
and antihistamines. San Jose, CA, USA). Activated basophils were gated as
The clinical history revealed an asthmatic reaction CD123+/HLADR/CD63+ and the results of BAT were ex-
after polio vaccination and an egg allergy; for this reason pressed as apercentage of CD63+ basophils.
the patient did not undergo any other immunization. The basophil activation test with gelatine and ebas-
Since the information leaflet of ebastine showed the tine resulted in no activation of cells in any of the five
presence of gelatin as an ingredient of the lyophilised healthy controls, while adose-dependent CD63 up-regu-
drug, we suspected abovine gelatin hypersensitivity. lation (from 67% to 87%) was observed in the patient af-
We did not perform either the skin prick test with ter the stimulation with gelatine. No basophil activation
bovine gelatine and ebastine (kindly provided by the drug was observed after ebastine stimulation.
manufacturer) or the oral challenge test with ebastine In the literature, Apostolou et al. [4] reported asensi-
because the patient had previously experienced an an- tivity of 100% and aspecificity of 87.5% of the basophil
aphylactic reaction after the skin prick test with acom- activation test for the diagnosis of Gelofusine allergy.
mercial extract of milk. Hypersensitivity to gelatin can be diagnosed by the
Specific IgE (ImmunoCap Phadia, Uppsala, Sweden) detection of the specific IgE and skin prick test, however
to bovine gelatin and beef was detected and we also BAT could be an additional test [6] in fact, even if the skin
carried out the basophil activation test with gelatin and prick test remains the gold standard for the diagnosis
ebastine in order to exclude or confirm hypersensitivi- of adrug hypersensitivity, our case report is an example

Address for correspondence: Dr Eleonora Nucera, Allergy Unit, Universit Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Policlinico A. Gemelli, Largo F. Vito,
1-00168 Rome, Italy, phone: +39 0630154965, fax: +39 0630156999, e-mail:
Received: 10.02.2016, accepted: 9.07.2016.

Advances in Dermatology and Allergology 3, June / 2017 279

Eleonora Nucera, Amira Colagiovanni, Simona Mezzacappa, Alessandro Buonomo, Arianna Aruanno, Angela Rizzi, Domenico Schiavino

of the utility of the BAT in the diagnostic work-up of apa-

tient who experienced ahistory of anaphylaxis during
the skin prick test with other allergens.
In conclusion, we suggest that BAT should be con-
sidered asafe in vitro test especially when in vivo tests
are contraindicated. Moreover it is important to under-
line that the type of gelatin used as ingredients of drugs
should be specified in the information leaflet in order
to avoid hypersensitivity reactions in potential allergic

Eleonora Nucera, Amira Colagiovanni and Domenico
Schiavino equally contributed.

Conflict of interest
The authors declare no conflict of interest.

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280 Advances in Dermatology and Allergology 3, June / 2017