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Geometry Pre-AP

H. Grady Spruce High School

Ms. Aguilar

Purpose of this Course:

The fundamental purpose of the course in Geometry is to formalize and extend students geometric experiences
from the middle grades. Students explore more complex geometric situations and deepen their explanations of
geometric relationships, moving towards formal mathematical arguments.

Class Goals
Make connections between the math we learn in class and the world around us
a. 80% mastery on all TEKS objectives
b. All students pass each semester ACP exam
As a class, we will build character and operate as a team
All students are set up to be accepted/attend college, enter the workforce, or join the military

Course Materials:
1-Inch Binder Pencils
4 Binder Tabs Home: Ruler, protractor, compass
1 folder with 3 hole punch

You will be responsible for the following tests and assignments:

15% 6 Weeks Test

20% Projects
20% Daily Work
20% Homework
25% Class Participation

Unit Tests and Projects

Each Six Weeks, we will take Six Weeks Test designed to assess your understanding of the covered material. These
will account for 15% of your grade each six weeks, and you will complete mandatory test corrections and data
corrections for every test. Larger or long-term homework assignments will count as a project and will account for
20% of your grade.

Daily Work
In-class work may include daily notes, group work, class participation, or reading passages, and DOLs, among
others. All work must be completed every class period at the end of the period, and must be turned in before you can
leave class. All work will be checked for completion but will not be graded for accuracy with the exception of
DOLs, which will be graded for accuracy.

You will have homework assigned every Monday that is due every Friday. Each homework assignment will be
available in class or on the class website. They will be graded for completion, but work must be shown. *If your
assignment is one (1) day late, it will be graded to a maximum of 70%. If it is two (2) days late, it will be graded to a
maximum of 60%. If it is three (3) days late, it will be graded to a maximum of 50%, your parent will be notified,
and you will be required to go to tutoring to complete your work.
Students who are absent are expected to ask classmates what was missed; it is your responsibility. If you missed
handouts and homework, please refer to the missing work bin and find the days work. If you missed class the day
homework was assigned, you are still responsible for turning in the homework on the assigned date. If you missed
notes, get them from a classmate or from Ms. Aguilar after school. If you miss a test or quiz, you must schedule a
time prior to the test date (before school, lunch, after school, etc.) to take it. If you did not schedule a time, you
choose to receive a 0 on that assignment.

Academic Honesty and Integrity

Each student in this course is expected to abide by H. Grady Spruce High School and Dallas ISDs rules. Any
work submitted by a student in this course for credit will be the students own work. Students are
encouraged to study, discuss, and work collaboratively, however, this permissible collaboration should never
involve plagiarism. Should copying/plagiarism occur, both the student who copied work from another student
and the student who gave material to be copied will both automatically receive a zero for the assignment, and
additional disciplinary actions may be implemented.

Student Expectations
In this class, we have a lot to accomplish. Equally important to our academic goals, we will build character, never
give up, and always ask why. Because of these goals, I expect:
Follow the directions the first time they are given.
No cell phones or technology devices unless I specify otherwise.
Respect yourself, your peers, and Ms. Aguilar.
Ask questions!

Teacher Expectations
Challenging and engaging classes
A safe learning atmosphere
Open communication, open door policy
Fair and consistent enforcement of rules and consequences
Grades and feedback provided in timely manner
Recognition and rewards for academic and behavioral success, hard work and progress toward goals
Someone who CARES ABOUT and LOVES YOU enough to push you to ACHIEVE

Contact Information

Instructor: Ms. Aguilar Website: www.aguilar17.weebly.com

Room: 201
Conference Period: 6th Period Remind 101 Code: text @alg3brah to 81010
Tutoring Time: Wednesday from 4:30-5:30
Email: angaguilar@dallasisd.org