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SparshAgarwal April2016



Sports are theultimateunifier,andoneofthemostintriguingmarketsinventureinvesting. Fora
sports fan, a lot of free time is defined by the teams and athletes they follow, which influences
how they spend their disposable income. Sports is a global industry, to put this in context, the
2015 Cricket World Cup quarter final between India and Pakistan drew an estimated TV
audience of 1 billion people , or
14% of the worlds populatio
n 8 times the audience for last
years Super Bowl. The Summer Olympics holds the highest estimated total viewership , with
almost 5 billion people tuning in at some pointapproximately 70% of the worlds population.
Theentiresportsmarketisworth $700billionperyear ,or1%ofglobalGDP1.

While there are a large group of professional investors in traditional sports (leagues, teams,
advertising, media etc.), the venture ecosystem in the sports technology sector is still
developing. There is momentum in VC investing in the space, with over $1 billion invested in
sports technology startups in 2014, according to a TechCrunch Tableau study.2 For a list of
some prominent investors see Exhibit 1
. Through this note, we attempttodemystifythesports
technology ecosystem and introduce a taxonomy of the different companies being built in the

Sports Technology is a broad sector with many companies serving different parts of the sports
value chain. In this section, we introduce a taxonomy of 12 different categories of companies
that collectively constitute Sports Tech. We have classified 400 private companies into these
categories, primarily looking at those in the early stages. Appendix A lists all the companies
along with their classification. Our goal with this categorization is to be as MECE (mutually
exclusive, collectively exhaustive) as possible. However, we do realize that some companies
span multiple categories. In such cases, we have done the classification based on the


We have defined most categories by the primary application of the technology (for instance
Coaching and Training, Media etc.). However we make an exception in cases such as
Wearables, Drones and VR/AR since these are upcoming technologies with a broad array of
applications. Finally, we have compiled the most promising companies in each of the 12
categoriesbelowintoasectormap(see Exhibit2

Today, every major professional sports team either has ananalyticsdepartmentorananalytics
expert on staff.3 For instance, teams in the NBA, such as the San Antonio Spurs, use big data
sets to help owners and coaches recruit players and execute game plans.4 Teams are also
Kitman Labs
using data analytics to prevent injuries using tools such as . With intelligentuseof
analytics, sports teams can dominate a league and venues can maximize ticket sales through
dynamicpricing( QCue ).

Data driven thinking has also caught on with fans, who are now big consumers of sports
analytics. For instance, performance prediction is widely used by fans in deciding teams for

The analytics market is anticipated to reach $4.7 billion by 2021.5 The MIT Sports Analytics
Conference ( is a testament of the growing importance
of this category. We have intentionally left out any technologies that use sensors (eg. a smart
tennis racket) or smart devices from this category. These have been covered under the

Coaching and Training fulfills one of the most fundamental needs in sport, i.e. to improve
individual and team performance so as to obtain better outcomes than the competition. This
category covers companies that connect athletes & coaches, manage athletic goals, and offer
unique insights into training & development. For instance video analysis tools such as
Mobicoach that supplement a coach's ability to provide instant feedback are covered here.
Tools aimed at athlete recruitment are also covered here as their primary purpose isdiscovery

for coaches & teams. The sports coaching platform technology market is estimated to be$864

Drones are rapidly being adopted for sports, whethertoassistinfilmingofsportseventsorasa
sport in itself (Drone Racing League). This category covers all companies using drones in
sports. Along with VR, drones are clubbed into what is sometimes referred to as Frontier or
Emerging Tech. According to CBInsights, Frontier Tech startups have raised over $3.2 billion

Drone photography hasspecialpotentialinindividualsports,likecycling,orskiing.Forinstance,

Hexo+ builds programmable drones that follow an individual athlete by locking onto a GPS
signal. + raised over $1.3 million on Kickstarter in 2015 (with apledgedgoalof$50,000).8
Drone videography also levels the playing field, such as a high school football team that can

Drone racing as a sport in itself, has rocketed in popularity over the last year. Dubai's World
Drone Prix is oneofthelargestsuchevents,withatotalprizepoolof$1million. Intheinaugural
event held in March 2016, Luke Bannister, a British teenager won $250,000 as the first prize,

However, drones can also be anuisanceduringsportingeventswithmultiplereportedincidents

of amateurs having crashed drones at stadiums during live games. The U.S. Open does not
allow drones to be used on its premises. The Federal Aviation Administration prohibits most
drones fromcomingwithinthreenauticalmilesofallNFL,MajorLeagueBaseball,andDivisionI

There are multiple online retail models in sports. Companies include merchandise retail stores
500Level and ticket sales platformslike SeatGeek
Viagogoand .Theprimaryvaluedriverin
this category is transactional revenue through B2C sales. B2B models also exist, though to a


smaller extent, with sites like that sell sports gear to teams. The world sports

eSportsalsoknown aselectronicsports,competitive(video)gamingorprofessional (video)gaming
can be defined as a formof sport facilitatedby electronicsystems. 13MostcommonlyeSportstake
the formoforganizedmultiplayervideogamecompetitionsbetweenprofessionalplayers.Therecent
proliferationofprofessional competitionsandgrowingviewershipnowsupportsasignificantnumber
ofplayersandteams.14TheeSports market is valuedat $747 millionand isexpected tomorethan

Forinstance,the 2015 League ofLegendsworlds championshiphitanalltimehighof360million

hoursofliveviewership.Forthefinalgame,peakconcurrentviewership(the highestnumberoffans
tunedinatanyone point) was14millionandthe unique viewercountwas36million.16Toputthisin

Companies in this space include platforms for streaming tournaments and community building,
toa significantincreasein venturefundingand eventhe launchofaneSportsfocusedventurefund

Fantasy Sports involves players putting together virtual teams of real players of a professional
sport. The realgame statistics of individual players are then compared to determine whose
fantasy team performed the best. Players can compete in public or private leagues using a

Having begun as a competition among friends, today fantasy sports have evolved into a
multibillion dollar business. Some 56 million people play fantasy sports in North America.
Wealthier fans are more likely to play: 16% of people with incomes of $50,000 or more play
fantasy sports, while only 10% of people who earn less than $50,000 participate.Atotalof$18

Companies in this space include platforms for fantasy sports players to build andmanagetheir
teams & leagues with flexibility and convenience (e.g. Fantrax ) betting platforms such as
FanDuel & DraftKings analytics platforms providing statistical data and projections
(e.g. )andfantasysportsnewsaggregatorssuchas FantasySportsPortal.

A growing trend in Fantasy Sports is speculation on eSports. It was estimated in 2015 that
fantasy eSports will collectively take in roughly $20mm in entry fees from just under 600,000
active, unique customers participating in realmoney contests. Revenues are projected to grow
past$2billionby2020.20Companiestonoteare Vulcun AlphaDraft
and .

Mobile fitness and companion appsareaninexpensivewayfor fitness&sportingenthusiaststo
enrich their sporting experiences. These can be used to track miles, find motivation, eat
healthier, sleep better or simply make exercise more enjoyable. These apps take advantageof


Activity Trackers: Apps geared to help users track their daily fitness/sporting activities
withsimplebuiltinfeedback.Examplesinclude Strava Trace
, andFishBrain.

Workout Guides : These apps help guide users through their workouts and can be
greatsubstitutesforpersonaltrainers.Examplesinclude VirtuaGyma nd

Nutrition & Sleep : These help track calories, eat healthier, buy smarter groceries and
tracksleepquality.Examplesinclude Fooducate andLifeSum.

Gamification Apps: These apps make working out more fun and help increase
engagement.Examplesinclude Fitocracy andNexercise.

The global marketforfitnessappswasestimatedat$4 billionin2014.21Itisexpectedto growat

a CAGR of 31% till 2020.22 This market is highly competitive, with multiple local and
international players. The driving forces behind thegrowthoftheseappsarehighpenetrationof
smartphones, availability of costeffective apps and a rise in demand for fitness apps among
women23 .

This category covers a wide array of technology to assist with management of athletes, teams
and venues. Generic CRM companies which are not sports focussedhavenotbeencoveredin
this category. For instance, DigitalCaddies is a golf course management platform which uses
tablets to improve guest experience, reduce operating costs (through inventory management

Fans today have the opportunity to experience live games in the comfort of their homes, on
multiple screens whilst engaging with their social group using technology. In the words of one
investor, the best place to watch the NFL is your couch. As such, traditional stadiumsneedto
evolve and find new ways to engage audiences. Hyp3r, a location based engagementplatform
for venues, which won the TechCrunch NFL competition in the Future Stadium category, is

The Sports media market is one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving sectors in sports.
According to Nielson, in 2015, there were over 127,000 hours of sports programmingavailable
on broadcast and cable TV and 31+ billion hours spent viewing sports, which is up 160% and
41% respectively from 2005.24 The media rights market alone is projected to grow to $20.6

Ondemand/time shifting, streaming, and social media technologies are having a dramatic
impact on the way fansareconsuming,sharingandevencreatingcontent.Whilecordcuttingis
now universally recognized as a major threat by media companies, an even more interesting
trend is that of cord nevergetters. This is an entire generation of youth whove learnt to
consume media on their mobile phones. Other trendstolookoutfor globalizationofsports,and
an increasing number of sports teams, leagues and players going direct to the consumer. In
2015, there were over 69 billion minutes, or 1.2 billion hours, spent on sports sites via

Companies covered under this category are online content publishers (e.g. Bleacher Report ),
content creators catering to millennials (e.g. Whistle Sports), Overthetop (OTT) content
providers(e.g. FloSports),andRadio/Podcastingservices(e.g. TuneIn ).

Social media connection is vital across sports, since fans want to be connected to content
anytime, anywhere.26 This category covers all technology aimed at connecting people with
interests in the same sport. Forinstance,appssuchas Playwith.cohelppeopletofindothersto
play sports. Further, fan engagement is inherently social and has also beencoveredunderthis
Companies primarily drive value in this space through sponsorship and advertising during live
events (examples include companies like FanServ, Crowdsight)
. Other companies generate
revenue through complementary business models, such as MyNextRun, a running events

The VR market is still in its infancy and requirescoordinationfromseveraldifferentplayersand
needs to overcome significant tech challenges. David Famolari, of Verizon Venturesinhis blog
writes, I believe that VR can dramatically transform the Sports viewing experience.27
According to a report by Piper Jaffray, the VRmarketin sportsisestimated togrow to$4billion
by 2025.28 Value drivers in VR could range from live broadcasts, deep fan engagement to
gaming,coachingandtraining(eg. StrivrLabs) .

The energy in this space is incredibly exciting. VR levels the field, enabling the masses to
experience what only a minority might otherwise experience.29 For instance, LiveLike,
company that promises to bring a live stadium experience to your home, won the TechCrunch

VR can be divided into subcategories such as VR headsets ( Oculus Rift

), 3D contentcreation
(JauntVR) and stitching ( VideoStitch) etc. Further, within VR headsets there are 3 distinctions:
Mobile VR (Samsung Gear, IonVR) ,
Tethered VR ( Oculus CV1, HTC Vive ) and
HoloLens, MagicLeap)
Reality ( . Saswat Panda,CTOofLiveLikeinaninterviewquotesVRwill
eventually merge with AR, but AR is definitely quite a few years out from consumer adoption.
Tethered VR provides the best experience, but requires purchase of the VR equipment and a
highend PC or gaming console to go with it. That puts itoutofthereachoftheaverageuser.I
personally believe Mobile VR will be the leader in the near future.30 In this category we have
covered VR companiesprimarilycreatingproductsforSports,whilethereisamuchlargersetof

Wearables & Smart Devices is one of the most innovative and evolving areas in sports
technology with a broad set of applications. This segment include all wearables fitness
trackers, smart watches and other devices worn on the body smart fabrics with sensors

This includes but is not limited to technologies for performance optimization (e.g. Kenzen) ,
faster recovery (eg. ShockBox
), injury prevention (e.g. Fitbit)
), activity tracking (eg. ,
training insights using wearables (eg., Zepp) , and sensors that capture and improve
gameplay(eg. Scoutee,PlaySight ).

Wearables and smart devices arebeingusedbyathletesandcoaches toimproveperformance,

and teams that are early adopters are gaining a competitive advantage. Even corporate
wellness programs are using these devices as a means to promote exercise and improve
overall health. The sports and fitness wearables market is projected to hit$14.9billionby2021

Investing in the sports technology space comes with its own unique set of challenges. Our

a) Few Exits : While there has been a lot of investmentinthespace,therehavebeenfew

exits. The most notable exit in recent years was the sale of BleacherReport to
TimeWarner in 2012 for $200 million.32 Further, the exit environment is category
dependent. For eg. companies innovating in VR/AR applications for sports could scale

b) Market Sizing & Monetization: The revenue potential for some of the categories is
unclear and can be a challenge for investors. Question remains if companiesshouldbe

c) Total Addressable Market (TAM): The TAM can often be small for some sports tech
companies. For eg. if companies target athletes and teams, they are limited by the
number of teams in the sport(s). A smart investor should look for companies that can
scale across industries, where sports can serve as a captive market to test and grow

d) Venture Scale: A number of companies in sports technology can be great cash flow
generating, profitable businesses. The challenge can be scaling them to become billion

dollar companies which provide venture like returns. This however, is changing

e) Positioning : Sporting organizations (teams & leagues) can be entrenchedintheirways

of thinking and conducting business, having been fueled by their success. Some of
these could be seen as antiquated from the viewpoint of a successful venture investor
and/or technology entrepreneur. This coupled with the long sales cycles in B2B

f) Access: The sports world is incredibly network driven and access to the right

The Sports technology ecosystem is exciting and growing at a rapid pace, with momentum in
VC activity. As frontier technology (VR/AR, Drones) improves and gainsmainstreamadoption,
we expect it to play an even larger role in redefining how sports are played, broadcasted and
experienced by fans. The very nature of what constitutes sports is changing as well, with
professional competition in video gaming in the form of eSports. Wearables and smart
connected devices are transforming every facet of thesportsindustry,forinstancebeaconsare

Some categories are yet to beinvented.Forinstance,couldsportsseetheeffectiveadoptionof

the blockchain for digital asset verification (ecommerce transactions, verifying authenticity of
memorabilia etc.)? Naturally, investors will be more interested in some categories more than
others, especially as they search for billion dollar companies or unicorns as they are more
fashionably called. Investment trends and the mainstream adoption of technology in sports

This document is just a first step in classifying various companies in the ecosystem. We hope
this to be a working document, to be refined and improved through feedback. If you have
comments and suggestions, please email us at and .

This study was completedasaHarvardBusinessSchool, 2ndyearMBAIndependentProjectin
April 2016. To form our thesis, we conducted interviews with a number of investors and
operators in the space (see list below). This report would not have been possible without their
insights. We sincerely thank each of them for their time and willingness to contribute to this

To compile the list of companies and generate the ecosystem map, we used a number of
research tools, such as Crunchbase, Mattermark and CBInsights. We would like to thankAndy

Further, a special note of thanks to Deepen Parikh of Courtside Ventures for his extraordinary

Finally, we want to extend our sincere thankstoRobertHiggins,ProfessoratHarvardBusiness

School and General Partner at Causeway Media Partners, who was our supervisor on this
project. His enthusiasm for sports, insights through his immense investing experience, and



Seed / Early
Investor Accelarators Stage Growth Later Stage
Accel Partners
Bedrock Venture Partners
Bruin Sports Capital
Causeway Media Partners
Comcast Ventures
Court side VC
CrossOver Ventures
Elysian Park Ventures
Evolution Media Capital
Green Point Sports Trust
Guggenheim Partners
LA Dodgers Accelarator
MLB Ventures
NFL Ventures
Nike + Fuel Lab
R/GA Ventures
Raine Group
Raptor Capital Management
Rockbridge Growth Equity
RSE Ventures
San Francisco 49ers
Shamrock Capital
Silver Chalice Ventures
Sporting Fund
Sports & Entertainment Advisory
Group (SEAG)
Sports Investment Partners
Stadia Ventures
Steel Sports Inc.
Sterling Equities
The Chernin Group
The Kraft Group
Under Armor
Verizon Ventures

Coach360 CoachUp MEDIA Whoop Zepp Labs

CoachTube Mobiplex SenseLabs X2 Biosystems
DRONES Whistle Sports Bleacher Report*
HiDef Performance Volt Athletics Woo Sports
Aerial Sports League AeriCam 90Min OneFootball
XOS Digital Peloton Cycle Kenzen Scoutee
Game of Drones Hexo+ FloSports The Players Tribune
PlayerLync Scout Force Game Golf PlaySight
Drone Racing League FotoKite Rant TuneIn
Sportsy Athlyst ShockBox PowerDot
FanSided* Replay Technologies*
Strava VirtuaGym CrowdSight FanServ
Strivr Labs JauntVR
MyFitness Pal* Nexercise 500 Level StubHub* CricHQ PlayWith
Virtually Live NextVR
Fitocracy Trace SeatGeek ClassPass MVPIndex Tok.TV
VSportr VideoStitch
JoyRun RockMyRun ViaGogo Gametime Game Face Media Lemonade Labs
LiveLike EON Sports
FishBrain Fooducate SquadLocker PogoSeat Fanbase MyNextRun
Vantage.TV Tru Golf
Lifesum Swing by Swing Golf* FanStreamm FitCause Stanza YinzCam
Volk VR
RunKeeper* Sworkit
ESPORTS Sport Ngin Hyp3r Hudl PrePlay*
DraftCrunch DraftKings
Curse Vulcun VenueNext TeamSnap Swish Analytics FiveThirtyEight
Twitch* eSports Hero DraftFuel Boom Fantasy Korrio Varsity News Network QCue Krossover
FaceIt AlphaDraft Fantasy Sports Portal Fantasy Labs Kinduct Digital Caddies Athla SportRadar US
Fantrax* FanXT* Big Teams LeagueApps StatMuse Kitman Labs

Compiled by Sparsh Agarwal and Varun Sanon, MBA 2016, Harvard Business School
* Denotes acquired companies, Version 1 | 05.10.2016

Thefollowinglistofcompanieshasbeen compiledusingpubliclyavailabledatasourcessuchas
Mattermark, CBInsights and Crunchbase. While we have tried to ensure the data is up to date
and accurate, we understand that this data is continuously evolving. If you notice any
inaccuracies or have updates please drop us an email at and .
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
3D Sports Technology Unattributed - III Analytics Undisclosed $0.91 3D Sports Tech is a software and media tools developer of play books and other products for coaches and
players of competitive team sports. 3D PlayBook is a play drawing and play animation software for team
http://www.3dsportste sports. Animate play drawings, visually engage coaches and players, create playbooks, and export play animation for use in Hudl and other digital editing systems. Analytics Undisclosed Velocity by Athla: Turn your iPhone or iPad into a $1,200 hands-free speed-radar for baseball, tennis, soccer and cricket. Discover your personal best.
BirdieFire Unattributed Analytics Undisclosed $0.18 BirdieFire is run by former DI athletes and coaches armed with a dedicated team of software specialists
http://www.birdiefire.c working in unison with clients to build the most advanced and complete analytics and live scoring
om applications for college golf.
Block Six Analytics Analytics Undisclosed Sports sponsorship experts through data driven analytics
Cadee Seed Analytics 500 Accelerator $0.25 Cadee, powered by GetSatisfaction, allows golfers to submit photos of their scorecards using a mobile
device. Cadee inputs the data and provides golfers with a detailed analysis of their game, showing them what they need to work on and how to lower their scores.
Competitive Sports Analytics Undisclosed competitivesportsanal Providing highly accurate, predictive data for sports
FiveThirtyEight Analytics Undisclosed FiveThirtyEight maintains the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the original site Nate Silver founded in
2008, while extending its coverage to diverse areas such as sports, politics, economics, science and life.
Flip Technologies Seed Analytics $0.19 http://www.fliptechnol Flip Technologies focused on developing cutting edge IOT (Internet of things) devices & tracking devices for adventure sports.
Hudl Growth Equity Analytics Accel Partners;Nelnet $76.19 Hudl is a software company changing the way coaches and athletes train to stay ahead of the competition,
offering video distribution, play diagrams, individual analysis and more, securely available online. More than
3.5 million users from 100,000 teams, spanning the smallest youth programs, to high schools, elite colleges
and professional teams, rely on Hudl's software to give them the competitive edge they need to succeed.
iOn Sport Analytics Undisclosed ion sport provides professional video analysis tools to boost your performance edge
Join The Players Seed Analytics Eleven Accelerator $0.03 Join The Players brings the amateur sports experience to the next level by offering HD video recordings
Venture Fund and highlights of mini-football matches. Amateur sport players today dont get the experience they need from
the sports they play. With Join The Players, sports enthusiasts can enjoy and share the best moments with
http://www.jointheplay friends, discuss the game with their teammates, and analyze their play to improve both as a team or individuals.
Kitman Labs Series A Analytics BlueRun Ventures $4.65 Kitman Labs is a sports science company working to predict, manage and reduce the risk of injury within
http://www.kitmanlabs professional sports organizations. The company's first product, Injury Profiler, uses technology in predictive
.com analytics, scientific analysis and relevant academic research to reduce a club's rate of injury.
Krossover Series B Analytics SierraMaya360 $25.66 Krossovers crew of sports and technology addicts has been disrupting the sports media and analytics
landscape from their headquarters in New York City since 2008. With state-of-the-art film study and
http://www.krossover. advanced statistics becoming commonplace at all levels, and in all sports, we strive to bring smart,
com/ affordable solutions to all teams, coaches, athletes, and their fans.
MSL Group Corporate Analytics Atos MSL Group is a provider of real-time results and information systems for major sports events.
Myagonism Angel Analytics $0.48 http://www.myagonis innovative coaching analytics that win. Affordable BIG DATA sports analytics.
numberFire Acquired Analytics FanDuel $0.77 numberFire develops a technology that helps users make smarter decisions in sports statistics by analyzing
http://www.numberfire historical results, and making comparisons between how things happened in the past and how things might
.com happen in the future.
Pace Insights Limited Analytics Undisclosed By performance engineering competitor data, we design and develop tools to help people win in Elite Sport.
Picks+ Analytics Undisclosed
PrePlay Acquired Analytics RSE Ventures, Trilogy $8.28 http://www.preplaysp Enabling fans to predict every play of every game. PrePlay offers powerful solutions to properties, brands
Equity Partners and networks.
Qcue Analytics Undisclosed Professional sports and entertainment organizations have made Qcue the most widely deployed dynamic pricing solution on the market today.
Analytics http://www.secondsp Player tracking data is transforming the sports experience and Second Spectrum is at the forefront of this
Second Spectrum revolution.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Shot Scope Seed VC Analytics Equity Gap;Old College $0.64 Shot Scope has developed patent pending technology that automatically collects scoring and statistical data
Capital;Scottish http://www.shotscope
as a golfer plays. On completion of a round, data is uploaded to the Shot Scope website or mobile app
Investment Bank .com where statistics, analytics and maps detailing every shot are displayed in a graphical user interface.
SmartSports Unattributed VC Analytics Impetus Capital http://www.smartkage
SmartSports is a technology company that develops, markets and manages technologies that measure,
.com analyze and report athletic performance.
SportHold Seed Analytics 500 Accelerator $0.02 SportHold ( is a website and mobile app that collects users predictions for sporting
games. Its addictive, easy to use and free to play. We then take those data and use an algorithm to make a
superior sports prediction engine.Our users can show their friends that theyre a top predictor by collecting
badges and trophies for getting streaks of games correct and climbing the leaderboard. We also send email
notifications and push notifications to app users to keep them making predictions for upcoming games.We
also offer cash prizes to top predictors. If you can predict the outcome of a week of English Premier League
http://www.sporthold. games (10 in total) then you can win a cash prize of $250. In the future well offer Warren Buffet $1 billion
com March Madness style challenges on a regular basis.
Sportradar US Late Analytics Mark Cuban,Michael $44.00 Sportradar provides real-time scores, stats, and play-by-play for 40+ sports, 800+ leagues, and 200,000+
Jordan,Revolution LLC events. Sign up for a free trial key at our develop
Sports Performance Seed Analytics Brady Scanlon;Tony $0.70 Sports Performance Tracking is the developer of GameTraka, software that targets amateur sporting clubs
Tracking Gandel and players and aims to capitalize on the popularity of sports fans who like to "gamify" people within a
sporting match. The GPS-based technology tracks on-field sports activity and, once complete, brings all the
http://www.gametraka data back into a game tracker dashboard so the player and coach can analyze their stats post-match.
SportsFormulator Analytics Undisclosed We run the formula on every game on the board each day and publish the results. Check out our data driven predictions for today's games.
Sportstec Acquired Analytics Hudl Sportstec provides coaching applications and professional services to the world's premier sporting teams.
Since 1999, Sportstec has lead the performance analysis revolution with its famous SportsCode and
http://www.sportstec. Gamebreaker brands. Sportstec has built a global network that includes direct operations in 14 countries
com and a distribution network spanning another 40 countries.
Squawka Angel Analytics Neil Hutchinson;Tom Squawka is a web application to get access to the latest stats on the game being watched. The web app
Teichman http://www.squawka.c allows users to compare teams and players and actions in real-time, generating a live Player Performance
om Score which can be used to compare the performance of teams and players.
StatEasy Unknown Analytics $0.87 RessQ Technologies offers a software platform for sports teams to integrate their statistics and videos, and generate media products.
StatMuse Series A Analytics David Stern,Disney $10.00 StatMuse is developing an artificial intelligence platform to help sports fans explore data using simple,
2015,Techstars,The Walt natural language.
Disney Company,United
Talent Agency
Swish Analytics Analytics Undisclosed Sports betting predictions, analytics, wagering tools, news, insights, and projections. NFL and NBA betting lines, wagering recommendations, and predictions...
Synergy Sports Analytics http://corp.synergysp Synergy Sports Technology is an American company that creates web-based, on-demand video-supported
Technologies basketball analytics for the purposes of scouting, development and entertainment.
Telemetrio Seed Analytics Desai Family Accelerator $0.02 Telemetrio offers digital tools that track fitness metrics have never been hotter, and Telemetrio plans to
http://www.telemetrio. capitalize on that trend by offering users a broadcasting and statistics platform designed for recreational
com athletes.
Vantage Pre Series A Analytics 500 Startups,500 $0.13 Vantage Sports provides advanced data and video analytics to track and assess sports team and player
Startups Batch 10 (Fall team.vantagesports.c performance.
2014) om
Voumove Technology Analytics Undisclosed VouMove is a new and unique concept in the area of sports and strength and conditioning training.
WellPlayed Sports Analytics Undisclosed WellPlayed provides sports analytics for revenue-driven decisions, including athlete advancement, trades , sponsorship and sales
Wildsoft Acquired Analytics Wildsoft, established in 1995, is a F1, MotoGP, NASCAR and other major racing series statistical database.
At peak Resources Angel Coaching & Training Angels $0.56 At Peak Sports is a customized training platform that brings the best of sports medicine and athletic training.
Athleon Series B Coaching & Training Alliance of Angels $0.02 Athleon offers competitive amateur team sports such as high school and club teams servces to organize
m and prepare themselves.
Athlyst Incubator/Accele Coaching & Training Propel ICT Accelerator Athlyst is an open platform for managing athletic talent. Athlyst is a total athlete management platform.
rator m Create, share and monitor schedules, plays, and physicial and mental training programs.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Coach360 Coaching & Training Undisclosed Unified sports coaching platform
Coachbase Series A Coaching & Training Ironfire Ventures $0.36 Coachbase is a mobile app to help develop athletes. CoachBase develops mobile applications and
provides content for sport coaches. The company's core product is the coach's clipboard available on iOS,
http://www.coachbas Mac, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry 10. CoachBase also has a cloud platform that allows for sharing of plays and drills.
CoachMePlus Seed Coaching & Training Buffalo Angel $1.00 CoachMePlus is a Web-based software application aimed at helping coaches and trainers organize data
Network;Z80 Labs they collect about their athletes. Within the CoachMePlus software, each athlete's information is entered
into the system, with specifics of any restrictions that the athlete might have and any position(s) they play.
Coaches are able to develop custom workout routines and assign each workout to an individual or a group
of athletes. All athlete information is entered, viewed, and modified within the player dashboard; a quick
http://www.coachmep drag-and-drop program building tool allows the trainer to modify group or single workout routines as needed per athlete.
CoachTube Coaching & Training Undisclosed Accelerate your Skills and Abilities today. Find videos from coaches in seconds. We have coaches in basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, track and many more. Find a Coach Today
CoachUp Series A Coaching & Training General Catalyst $9.40 CoachUp is a service that connects athletes with private coaches. We believe that private coaching is the
Partners, Point Judith secret to reaching the next level in sports + life.
Capital, Breakaway https://www.coachup.
Innovation Group com
Digital Scout Acquired Coaching & Training 2080 Media Digital Scout is a provider in high school and amateur sports stat tracking, Digital Scout is in over 60% of all
US high schools. The company has online and mobile applications for football, basketball, baseball, softball
http://www.digitalscou and volleyball. Digital Scout also has stat tracking software products for Soccer, Hockey and Track and Field.
Golf Genie Angel Coaching & Training Atlanta Technology http://www.golfhelptip Golf Genie provides guides and mobile apps for golf instruction, tips, practice drills and routines to
Angels accelerate development and rapidly lower scores for on-course play and off-course preparation.
Hi Def Performance Coaching & Training Undisclosed Streaming and monetizing video simplified for training professionals in sports, fitness, and wellness.
iSoccer Angel Coaching & Training Undisclosed $1.10 http://www.isoccer.or iSoccer is a mobile application that gives soccer players and coaches of all levels the tools and
g methodology to make skills development exciting.
Lockr Seed VC Coaching & Training Confluence Capital $0.25 Lockr is an online app that aims to help individual position coaches organize drills, measure player progress
Partners;Dundee Venture http://www.getlockr.c and collaborate with other coaches all in one place.
Capital om
Metrica Sports Seed Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.10 http://www.metrica- Metrica Sports helps football coaches to analyze their team's performance and communicate with their players.
Mobile Youth Sports Incubator/Accele Coaching & Training Business Innovation http://www.parisischo Mobile Youth Sports Training Academy young athletes ages 7 and up work to improve their athletic
Training Academy rator Center performance and develop a higher level of self-confidence.
Mobiplex Seed - II Coaching & Training Brian Halla;Dr. Sandeep $4.40 Mobiplex is a maker of hardware and software to improve sports performance based on miniature wireless
Sherlekar sensors and mobile device apps that help athletes improve skill levels for better enjoyment of the game.
Leveraging biomechanics, wireless, pattern recognition and motion sensing, the company has developed its
ProView Motion Analysis engine that can accurately capture, analyze and digitally reproduce a sports
http://www.mobiplex.c motion in three dimensions. The company's first product, SwingTIP, delivers real-time, visual golf swing
om analysis via a Bluetooth app-cessory and the MySwingTIP website.
My Golfing Goals Unattributed Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.30 My Golfing Goals helps inspire, excite and motivate golfers to reach their true potential. The company is
committed to giving users the tools needed to envision goals and create action plans to achieve them. My
http://www.mygolfing Golfing Goals is also dedicated to helping users see, appreciate and benefit from the "daily victories" that happen every time they pick up a golf club.
Overtime Media Unattributed Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.02 HomeField is a web-based media management network for athletics programs. HomeField aims to provide
teams with secure, universal access to the information they need to be successful. Coaches connect to
their athletes via the HomeField interface which focuses on game film. Reviewing film is an essential
http://www.teamhome element of preparation in athletics today and is widely used at all levels. With HomeField, every team now has a home on the web for viewing, sharing and discussing their competitive media.
Peloton Interactive Late Coaching & Training Tiger Global $119.00 https://www.pelotoncy Access high-energy indoor cycling workouts instantly. Discover the Peloton bike: the only exercise bike streaming indoor cycling classes to your home live and on-demand.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
PlayerLync Series A - III Coaching & Training Anschutz Investment $14.25 PlayerLync provides a Professional and Collegiate tablet based platform for secure team collaboration. The
Company Lync's platform modular design allows organizations to adopt applications that drive the most value, one
step at a time. PlayerLync's tools include automatic content synchronization - so teams can load up
http://www.playerlync. everyone's apps with new tape before they get on the plane after the game - as well as annotation via
com screen recording, voice and text. There are also extensive security measures.
Powerchalk Seed Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.95 http://www.powerchal Powerchalk is a web-based sports instruction company providing a sports motion telestrator that lets users upload, markup and voice-over videos.
ScoutForce Debt Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.45 http://www.scoutforce ScoutForce is an online resource for recruiters and coaches to track and share recruiting information.
SelfLoops Coaching & Training Undisclosed SelfLoops allow sport lovers and professionals to be in control of their fitness activities
Spark Motion Seed VC Coaching & Training Consigliere Brand Capital $0.40 Spark Motion, formerly Kinesio Capture, is a provider in motion analysis technology on the mobile platform.
Spark Motion was built out of necessity by performance and healthcare professionals in the field who knew
there was a better way to work with athletes and patients using the latest tablet technology. The Spark Pro
app with Cloud by Spark Motion is a mobile motion analysis system specifically designed to be powerful
http://www.sparkmoti enough for industry leading professionals and organizations, yet accessible to all performance coaches, trainers and medical practitioners.
Sportsy Seed VC Coaching & Training Foundry Group $0.18 Sportsy is a mobile training platform that makes it fun for kids to learn, practice and become better at key
skills in a variety of sports. Launching Sportsy Soccer in early 2014 in partnership with professional soccer
players and top coaches, Sportsy is developing a series of training programs designed for players just
starting out and those who want to take their skills to the next level. Using their iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device, players learn how to perform drills and take part in challenges to earn points and badges.
Swingpal Seed VC Coaching & Training Carilliam $0.94 Swingpal provides online golf lessons from certified golf instructors. The company allows users to upload
Capital;Limestone Fund http://www.swingpal.c videos and analyze swings with self-diagnosis tools. Swingpal also allows users to utilize side-by-side video
om capability to track progress.
V1 Sports Unattributed Coaching & Training Undisclosed $0.51 V1 Sports, formerly Interactive Frontiers, is a sports motion analysis and digital media technology company
http://www.v1sportsa specializing in the development of video analysis software and advertising vehicles for online and mobile device applications.
Volt Athletics Angel Coaching & Training $1.87 http://www.voltathletic Disrupting sport performance by bringing elite-level training to all athletes, everywhere.
XOS Digital Late Coaching & Training Beechtree Capital,Blue $59.80 XOS Digital provides video editing and data analysis software, and audio visual systems for the sports
Chip Venture industry.
Technology Investment
Aerial Sports League Drones Undisclosed The Aerial Sports League (ASL) is a worldwide leader in drone sports, entertainment and media.
AeriCam Drones Undisclosed Aericam manufactures professional drones and flying cameras that facilitate aerial photography with high- impact images and videos.
Drone Racing League Series A Drones RSE Ventures $7.60 http://thedroneracingl Drone racing is a real future of the sport that combines the best of e-sports Formula 1 and a touch of virtual reality
Fotokite Pre Series A Drones Qualcomm Ventures $0.25 Fotokite makes tethered drones which acts as a safe, intelligent flying cameras which anyone, including
journalists, can deploy in under a minute to obtain versatile aerial photography.

Game of Drones Drones Undisclosed Only A Few Hours Left! The Action-Sports Drone Airframe: The Virtually Unbreakable, Practically Indestructible Airframe. Act Now!
Hexo+ Drones Kickstarter $1.30 A self-flying camera to capture and share beautiful aerial images directly from the HEXO companion app.
500level E-Commerce & Undisclosed Officially licensed, Fan Designed Apparel. NFL, NHL, Muhammad Ali, Walter Payton, Bruce Lee and others
Allen Sportswear E-Commerce & Undisclosed Purchase Custom Sports & Athletics Uniforms From Allen Sportswear. Dress Like It and Play Like It.
Alps & Meters Undisclosed Alps & Meters upholds the tradition of classic alpine sport. Performance alpine gear tailored for rich
E-Commerce & mountain experiences. Shop our collections today.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Appetize Appetize is the most powerful payment platform for live events and ports. Deployed in over 350 venues
E-Commerce & worldwide with clients like Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Financial Field to Bonnaroo and Governors
Ticketing m Ball, Appetize has the most robust and reliable mobile Point of Sale solution on the market.
AskaTicket E-Commerce & Undisclosed Online Tickets Broker - Buy Sports, Concerts and Theatre Tickets and secure your desired seat. For latest
Ticketing information of Sports, Concerts and Theatre Events at
Beckett Media Undisclosed offers collectors instant access to the world's leading trading card databases, including the
E-Commerce & ability to organize, price, buy, sell and trade their favorite trading cards. In addition, is a leading
Ticketing news destination for sports card enthusiasts with a hard earned reputation steeped in integrity.
CheckOutMyCards E-Commerce & Undisclosed
Ticketing m
ClassPass Series C Google Ventures, $84.00 Access the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPass.
General Catalyst, Thrive
E-Commerce & Capital, SV Angel,
Ticketing TechStars
Diviac Angel E-Commerce & $1.00 Book your next scuba holiday
Ecommerce Solutions E-Commerce & Undisclosed Shop our large selection of Pop culture and music t-shirts, Beer and Liquor shirts, retro 80's television t-
Ticketing shirts, apparel and more. We also carry a vintage collection of USFL t-shirts and hoodies.
ENERSKIN E-Commerce & Undisclosed Discover Enerskin's compression clothing sports gear. The only compression clothing line that combines
Ticketing compression and elastic therapeutic tape in one.
Fananza E-Commerce & Undisclosed Fananza is a social discovery platform for sports gear. Discover products from your favorite teams and
Ticketing sports delivered by a community of members who share your passion.
Fanlime Debt - IV E-Commerce & Undisclosed $0.93 Fanlime is a stealth curated sports content platform offering relevant sports news.
Ticketing m
Fanstreamm Pre Series A E-Commerce & $0.04 Creating sustainable relationships with ticket holders. Know every fan. Leverage fan data to fill empty seats
Ticketing and grow revenue.
FitCause Seed TechStars $0.02 FitCause is a marketing tool that empowers consumers as participants in the corporate giving ecosystem.
The company's platform acts as a conduit between corporations and charitable organizations by developing
E-Commerce & http://www.gofitcause campaigns that quantify fitness data in fitness apps, and linking these accomplishments to corporate
Ticketing .com donations.
Gametime Series B Accel, Havoc, Maven $17.00 Last minute concert and sports tickets at unbeatable prices.
E-Commerce & Ventures Growth Labs, All on your phone.Gametime makes your phone your ticket. The Gametime app presents you with a view
Ticketing Soma Capital from your seat so you can select the right perspective.
Golfdigg Seed VC E-Commerce & InVent $0.67 http://www.golfdigg.c Golfdigg allows users to book slots at golf courses across Thailand for lower rates than walk-in prices.
Ticketing om
Kelly's Sports, Ltd Undisclosed A National Top 10 Team Dealer with more than 35 years of experience, Kelly's Sports provides a wide
E-Commerce & range of specialty sports equipment for baseball, field hockey, rugby, football, lacrosse, wrestling, soccer
Ticketing and other team sports.
LeftLane Sports Unknown E-Commerce & Shop thousands of Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Outdoor, and Action Sports brands at up to 70% off retail
Ticketing price. New Sales Daily on Shoes, Clothing, and Gear.
Lynx Sportswear Pre Series A E-Commerce & MassChallenge,MassCha After years of trying every bra on the market, I came up with an idea that was too crazy to work.
Ticketing llenge 2011 Program
Make-A-Ball Undisclosed Design your own custom sports ball. Make your own custom sports ball or create one for you friend, coach,
E-Commerce & or entire team! Great as a coach gift, sponsor gift, birthday present, or to commemorate a season!
NYStixs Sports E-Commerce & Undisclosed NYStixs is devoted to handcrafted personalized baseball bats and baseball gear for pro baseball, college
Ticketing baseball and little league baseball players. Order online!!
OneResult E-Commerce & Undisclosed OneResult only sells NCAA-legal supplements, while offering free sports-specific training plans, and goal-
Ticketing oriented nutrition plans.
Pogoseat Seed $3.30 Pogoseat is an enterprise solution for sports teams and concert venues that enables their fans to upgrade
seats and purchase unique VIP upgrades during events. Their mission is to provide fans with the ability to
E-Commerce & https://www.pogoseat optimize their live entertainment experience and teams and venues a platform to increase fan engagement,
Ticketing .com/ monetize unused inventory and gather data to improve the fan
Preferred Seating Inc. Undisclosed Preferred Seating Tickets has been the fans choice since 1987 for the best seats and concert tickets, sports
E-Commerce & tickets and theater tickets.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
reQwip Pre Series A E-Commerce & StartOut Undisclosed The local marketplace for athletes to buy and sell cycling, triathlon and outdoor sports gear.
Rock/Creek E-Commerce & Undisclosed Are you looking for quality camping gear, hiking boots, climbing gear, paddleboards & more from brands like
Ticketing Patagonia & Northface; contact Rock/Creek today!
Rukkus Pre Series A E-Commerce & Altair VC Rukkus is the fastest, easiest way to get the best prices on concert, sports, and theater tickets.
ScoreBig E-Commerce & Undisclosed Crowd Seats is a website that enables users discover deals for sports tickets across the sports landscape.
Seat Hound E-Commerce & Undisclosed Search through multiple sellers to find Concert Tickets, Sports Tickets, Theater & Arts Tickets at
Seaters Seed E-Commerce & $5.00 https://www.seaters.c First global solution to optimaize the occupation rates of sports and music events
Ticketing om/
SeatGeek Series C Accel Allen Levinson Arie $103.00 SeatGeek is a ticket search engine enabling users to find and purchase tickets for live sports, concert, and
Abecassis Ashton theater events.
Kutcher Brainchild
Holdings Causeway
Media Partners DreamIt
Ventures Eli Manning
Entree Capital Fabrice
Grinda Founder
Collective Jason Finger
E-Commerce & Jose Marin Kal Vepuri
Ticketing Lerer Hippeau Ventures
Shop Smarter E-Commerce & Undisclosed
SideStep Early E-Commerce & Sidestep is a mobile platform that allows fans to browse and buy live event merchandise before, during and
Ticketing after a show for both pickup and delivery. E-Commerce & Undisclosed Ecosystem for sports and fitness.
Sports Unlimited E-Commerce & Undisclosed Sports Unlimited's mission is to empower individuals to meet their athletic goals through our passion for
Ticketing m innovation, knowledge, and exceptional service.
SportSetter Pre Series A E-Commerce & Reaktor Polte $1.00 SportSetter makes discovering and experiencing new sports convenient and cost-effective. All you need is
Ticketing your iPhone and your gym bag.
SportsMemorabilia E-Commerce & Undisclosed Buy sports memorabilia, autographs & signed gifts from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. Find baseball, football,
Ticketing m basketball, hockey autographed jerseys.
SquadLocker Pre Series A George Overholser,Slater $2.30 SquadLocker is an innovative "one-stop" resource capable of providing gear and apparel for any athlete, in
E-Commerce & Technology Fund any sport, for any season.
Streaker Sports E-Commerce & Undisclosed
SV Angel, FirstMark, StubHub is an online ticket marketplace enabling fans to buy and sell tickets to entertainment events.
E-Commerce & Great Oaks Venture http://www.stubhub.c
StubHub Acquired Ticketing Capital, Pequot Capital Undisclosed om/
StubOrder E-Commerce & Undisclosed Buffalo NY Ticket broker that sells all sports, concert and theater tickets worldwide. We have access to all
Ticketing tickets including sold-out events.
swappow E-Commerce & Undisclosed
Ticket Toss E-Commerce & Undisclosed Online ticket site providing tickets to sports, concerts, and theater events.
TicketCity E-Commerce & Undisclosed TicketCity sells tickets for sports events, concerts & theatre productions. Since 1990, TicketCity has
Ticketing provided hard to get tickets and superior customer service.
TicketLab E-Commerce & Undisclosed Advanced Sports Ticketing Search Engine
TicketNetwork E-Commerce & Undisclosed Buy and sell tickets at! Find sports tickets, theater seats, and concert tickets at
Ticketing competitive prices.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
TickPick Pre Series A TickPick is a ticket marketplace to buy, bid on and sell tickets on sports, concerts and other live events.
E-Commerce &
TiqIQ Series A Contour Venture $4.00 Search all sellers and save on all sports, concert, theater and event tickets with TiqIQ. No fees, all tickets
Partners,Stonehenge 100% guaranteed.
E-Commerce & Growth Capital,iNovia
Ticketing Capital
Tracktivity Angel E-Commerce & Tracktivity is the only global, mobile-first platform connecting thousands of motor racing venues with fans,
Ticketing drivers and businesses - primarily geared towards ticket sales.
Viagogo Late Ali Partovi,Andre $65.00 Tickets for Concerts, Sport, Theatre at viagogo, an online ticket marketplace. Buy and Sell Tickets 100%
Agassi,Atomico,Bernard safe and guaranteed.
Arnault,Davis Shapiro
Lewit Grabel Leven
Granderson &
Blake,Great Oaks
Venture Capital,Hadi
Rothschild,March Capital
Partners,SV Angel,Steffi
E-Commerce & Graf,Wavemaker
Ticketing Partners
Vivid Seats Late E-Commerce & Vista Equity Partners Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets to sports, concerts, and
Ticketing theater events nationwide.
WOLACO, Inc. E-Commerce & Undisclosed WOLACO fitness apparel, activewear, pocketed compression shorts, athletic apparel, athletic compression
Ticketing shorts, North Moore Short, iPhone pocket, WOLACO sports
Zigabid Pre Series A E-Commerce & $1.00 Zigabid is an online ticketing site that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate ticket prices for sports, theatre,
Ticketing or concert tickets.
AlphaDraft eSports
Curse Series C eSports Cyril Vermeulen,GGV $74.00 Offers gaming information services such as online gaming communities, live streaming of sports events and
Capital ,IDInvest exclusive tips for winning popular games.
eSports Hero Venture eSports $1.05 brings the excitement of live eSports tournaments online where players of all skill levels
can compete for cash prizes, glory, and to the enjoyment of viewers globally.
Built from the ground up by hardcore gamers, our platform facilitates user-created microtournaments for the
world's most popular games.
We provide gamers with a vibrant community where they can get recruited by professional teams, attract
http://www.esportsher the attention of sponsors, and kick start their eSports career with the help of our match crowdfunding features.
FACEIT Series A eSports Anthos Capital;Index $17.00 FACEIT operates a competitive gaming platform which offers eSport players the opportunity to participate in
Ventures;United Ventures structured competitions such as online tournaments as well as daily, weekly and monthly leagues. Gamers
get access to a player-centric interface, automatic results verification with no need to report results. Once
gamers win a competition they are awarded "FACEIT" points that can be collected and redeemed in the FACEIT store. eSports Undisclosed is a site devoted to helping new e-sports content creators monetize their content and build their brand.
Super League Gaming Series B eSports Cinemark, Softbank, Undisclosed https://superleague.c Super League Gaming is the world's first recreational video game league in a cool movie theater.
Quadrant om
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Twitch Late eSports Acquired by Amazon - $35.00 Founded in June 2011, Twitch is social video for gamers. It is the worlds leading video platform and
$970M community for gamers where more than 100 million gather every month to broadcast, watch and talk about
Previously Bessmer video games. Twitchs video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire
Venture Partners and video game ecosystem. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user generated
Thrive Capital content, and the entire esports scene. In February 2014, Wall Street Journal ranked Twitch as the 4th
largest website in terms of peak internet traffic in the U.S. fortifying the brand as an entertainment industry leader and the epicenter of social video for gamers.
Vulcun Series A eSports CAA Ventures,Ludlow $13.30 Vulcun hosts fantasy contests for spectators of "League of Legends" and other electronic sports.
Ventures ,Roger
Dickey,Sequoia Capital
World Series of Video Angel eSports Angel $0.50 E-Sports. World Series of Video Games is a premier electronic sports competition featuring Live Events,
Games, Inc Online competitions and gaming Software.
Advanced Sports Logic Unattributed - II Fantasy Sports Undisclosed $0.22 Advanced Sports Logic is a technology company offering advanced team guidance software and league
provider solutions in the fantasy sports industry. The company was founded to provide solutions for some of
http://www.advanced the greatest challenges in fantasy sports, starting with The Machine which offers advanced draft and in- season advisory tools available for fantasy football.
Boom Fantasy Seed VC Fantasy Sports Mark Pincus;Rubicon $1.40 Boom Fantasy is an in-game fantasy sports company that helps sports fans better engage with the games
Venture they are following by pushing real-time bets (e.g. will Adam Vinatieri make this 50-yd field goal?) to their
Capital;StartX;Undisclose http://www.boomfanta phones while also allowing them to compete against other fans around the world.
d Angel Investors
BroBox Sports Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Sports predictions, previews, reviews, and opinions all brought to you in one place and in a cool way
bukbuk Unattributed Fantasy Sports Undisclosed $0.60 Bukbuk is a fantasy sports social utility site that seamlessly organizes and catalogs all of a user's plays and
games. This allows players to query and filter the data in order to find the best players on the site and interact with them. Bukbuk combines social media, fantasy sports, and data mining that gives the players an
m edge in the sports gaming/fantasy market.
Draft Kings Late Fantasy Sports Atlas Venture,BDS $443.00 The best place to play daily fantasy sports for cash prizes. We offer the biggest money pools for all of the
Venture Fund,Fox major pro and college sports.
Investments,GGV Capital
,Jeanine Heller,Jordan
Ventures,The Raine
Group,The Walt Disney http://www.draftkings.
Company com
DraftCrunch Fantasy Sports Undisclosed DraftCrunch provides advanced analytics and research tools for the daily fantasy sports market. Think of us
as the Bloomberg for DFS.
DraftFuel Fantasy Sports Undisclosed DraftFuel provides accurate sports analytics for fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, NHL picks, and fantasy golf related sports betting.
Edge Up Sports Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Edge Up Sports takes the grind out of Fantasy Football research, so you can concentrate on what's important: having fun.
fanamana Fantasy Sports Undisclosed A mobile gaming company specializing in in-game fantasy sports contests.
Fantasy Aces Merger Fantasy Sports DraftTeam Fantasy Aces is an interactive online fantasy sports website that is structured similarly to traditional fantasy
sports leagues with several exciting twists. The major difference being that Fantasy Aces offers free and
cash contests that last just one day (MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA ) or one week (NFL/CFB). Rather than drafting a
http://www.fantasyac team and managing a fantasy roster throughout the entire season, members can compete daily and win cash prizes any day professional sports are played.
Fantasy Day Sports Acquired Fantasy Sports MGT Capital Investments Fantasy Day Sports is the operator of the, an original daily fantasy sports
http://www.fantasysp website.In July 2013, Fantasy Day Sports was acquired by MGT Capital Investments. The valuation of Fantasy Day Sports was undisclosed. Other terms of the deal were not released.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Fantasy Labs Angel Fantasy Sports Mark Cuban Fantasy Labs is a daily fantasy sports analytics platform. The company provides a platform of proprietary
daily fantasy sports data, tools and analytics, allowing users to leverage its massive database of stats and
information for a competitive advantage. The platform offers a "Lineup Optimizer" that automatically
http://www.fantasylab generates optimal lineups based on player projection models and a "Trends" feature, allowing users to determine what factors are priced into player salaries on DraftKings and FanDuel.
Fantasy Sports Portal Fantasy Sports Undisclosed fantasy sports news aggregate
Fantrax Acquired Fantasy Sports Avatar Ventures Corp. has strategically positioned itself as the most comprehensive fantasy sports website in the
industry. Intuitive functionality and cutting edge customization features allow fantasy sports experts and
novices alike to manage their leagues with more flexibility, ease of use and convenience than any other
league manager product. The feature comparison chart and testimonials speak for themselves. operates fantasy leagues for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA football & basketball, NASCAR,
m PGA and Premier League Soccer.
FanXT Acquired Fantasy Sports Grand Perfecta FanXT is a global fantasy sports provider that offers fantasy sports application such as fantasy World Cup,
fantasy F1, fantasy cricket, fantasy Champions League, fantasy cycling and more. The Company offers
white-label fantasy sports solutions to any organizations that wish to own their own fantasy sports application.
Fleaflicker Acquired Fantasy Sports Fleaflicker LLC Fleaflicker is a fantasy sports site founded by 26 year old Ori Schwartz. In May 2008, Fleaflicker was
http://www.fleaflicker. acquired by AOL. In June 2011, AOL divested the company selling it back to its original founder, Ori
com Schwartz's entity Fleaflicker LLC.
Reality Sports Online Angel Fantasy Sports Undisclosed $0.18 Reality Sports Online (RSO) is engaged in the development and dissemination of reality-based fantasy
sports products. RSO aims to provide fantasy users with a realistic and engaging online general manager
experience by simulating the front office operations of a professional sports franchise through its platform.
http://www.realityspor RSO's leadership is comprised of former NFL team personnel with experience in football operations, football administration, and legal administration.
Rivalry Games Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Single game fantasy sports for cash
RotoMinds Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Daily Fantasy Sports Projections, Optimal Lineups and Cheat Sheets
Star Fantasy Leagues Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Star Fantasy Leagues is a daily fantasy sports, weekly fantasy sports, and season long fantasy sports
provider. We are based out of Rochester, NY, USA, and all of our games are games of skill offered legally
in the USA and Canada. Compete daily for cash prizes by depositing real money, or play in our daily
freerolls; free contests in which you can earn real cash prizes. Utilize our salary cap draft format to compete
in weekly fantasy football, daily fantasy hockey, daily fantasy baseball, daily fantasy basketball, and other
daily fantasy sports contests and tournaments. The salary cap draft format is different than the traditional
snake draft format. Draft a new team every day of each sports season, enter real money and free games
starfantasyleagues.c daily, and earn real money by collecting your winnings at the end of each night!
Zobee Fantasy Sports Undisclosed Social Gaming Platform
Bass Manager Seed Fitness & Undisclosed $0.25 Bass Manager is an intelligent application for professional and amateur fishermen, alike. At no cost, anglers
Companion Apps can join the application and start an online journal that tracks catches, personal fishing adventures and
performance from their favorite lures. The cloud-based platform stores user data and photographs, while
providing direct feedback and analysis to help anglers improve their skills and techniques. The application's
http://www.bassmana social capabilities enable users to share their catches and fishing stories on social media, by email and on forums.
Dude Angel Fitness & $0.03 Dude is an App where you locate the best spots to practice action sports and be in contact with nature.
Companion Apps
Fatsack Outdoors Unattributed Fitness & Undisclosed $0.08 Fatsack Outdoors is committed to keeping the age-old, outdoor traditions alive by leveraging the latest in
Companion Apps http://www.fatsackout technology to provide consumers with an enhanced and simplified sporting experience for not only the casual weekender but for the professional as well.
FishBrain Series A Fitness & Active Venture $10.55 FishBrain is a mobile social network for fishing enthusiasts, allowing users to log, analyze, and follow other
Companion Apps Partners;Edastra Venture fishers. Available on iOS and Android, the free-to-use FishBrain app helps sport-fishing enthusiasts catch
Capital;GP BullHound more (and bigger) fish by gathering and managing vast amounts of meteorological and user data, and
Sidecar;Industrifonden;No allowing them to share fishing trips and catches with their peers. Users can also upgrade to a Premium
rthzone Ventures;Novel Account for 3.99 per month or 27.99 annually, which allows deeper insight and personal analysis that helps
TMT Ventures;Recruit improve an angler's performance, for example by predicting what bait would be most effective in catching a
Strategic Partners http://www.fishbrain.c particular type of fish in a specific lake.
Fitocracy Seed Fitness & Undisclosed http://www.fitocracy.c Fitocracy is an online fitness community offering games and social networking tools that help members
Companion Apps om improve their fitness.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Fooducate Seed Fitness & Kima Ventures $0.05 http://www.fooducate. Fooducate allows users to see a food product's nutrition grade through a barcode scanning app, enabling
Companion Apps com them to make healthier choices.
Freeletics Unknown Fitness & Undisclosed Undisclosed https://www.freeletics. Your individual training plan. High intensity workouts. Adapted to you and your goals.
Companion Apps com/en
Gamebook Angel Fitness & Anssi Vanjoki http://www.golfgameb GameBook develops social technology via an iphone app for golfers created by golf pros.
Companion Apps
GolfLogix Angel Fitness & Undisclosed GolfLogix, a mobile golf app, boasts more than 3 million members. Dedicated to offering consumers an
Companion Apps advanced GPS solutions with the best features, quality and price, GolfLogix helps improve individual
performance. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading content provider Golf Digest, top retailer
http://www.golflogix.c Golfsmith and tee time provider GolfNow present members with exclusive benefits directly through the app.
Hole19 Seed VC Fitness & White Star Capital Hole19, a product of H19 Limited, is a mobile application that provides Golfers with an easy way to gain
Companion Apps http://www.hole19golf valuable insights into their game. Hole9 integrates a GPS rangefinder, Club Tracker, Strokesaver and
.com mobile Scoreboard in one device.
Huntloc Seed Fitness & Buildit Accelerator $0.02 Founded in 2013, Huntloc makes hunting smart by collecting, sharing and managing hunting related
Companion Apps information. Huntloc's mobile app and dog tracking device gives hunters the ability to see where people and
m dogs are moving, thus reducing accidents in hunt.
JEFIT Fitness & Workout & Fitness Tracking
Companion Apps
JoyRun Series B Fitness & The Arena Capital $18.00 Yuepao Information Technology Co. is the developer of Joyrun, an app that combines running and
Companion Apps http://www.thejoyrun. socializing. It aims to construct a running community by providing services like: searching for running pals,
com forming runner groups, and sharing running records.
LifeSum Series A Fitness & Bauer Media, Spark Labs $6.70 Lifesum is a Swedish digital health startup that helps clients become healthier by using applied psychology
Companion Apps Global Ventures and technology.
MyFitnessPal Aquired by Fitness & Kleiner Perkins Caufield $18.00 MyFitnessPal offers a mobile app and website for people to track, learn, communicate and improve their
UnderArmour Companion Apps & Byers m health and wellness.
Nexercise Venture Fitness & Militello Capital, Dingman $2.98 Nexercise is a mobile application that motivates people to lose weight and stay in shape.
Companion Apps Center Angels, Techstars,
Right side capital http://www.nexercise.
management com
Rock My Run Debt Financing, Fitness & $1.13 Rock My World is a real-time, adaptive media company that takes in sensor data and in real-time can
Venture Companion Apps change and adapt media to create compelling experiences. The company's first target is digital health &
fitness, where the first mobile app, RockMyRun uses this technology to increase athletic performance and exercise enjoyment.
RocketJourney Seed Fitness & 500 Mexico City $0.25 http://www.rocketjour RocketJourney is a fitness/workout app. The app helps users best track their workout history and keep a
Companion Apps consistent workout strategy.
Rolltech Unattributed Fitness & Undisclosed $2.66 http://www.rolltechbo Rolltech provides a patent-pending technology allowing bowlers to automatically track scores and statistics
Companion Apps in real time as well as sharing their experience with friends.
Runkeeper Aquired by Asics Fitness & http://www.runkeeper. RunKeeper is the largest and most global mobile fitness platform, with over 36M users and integrated with
Companion Apps com/ 100+ 3rd party devices & services. Fitness & Undisclosed Innovative sport accessories & fitness app
Companion Apps
Skyfit Sports Unattributed Fitness & Undisclosed $0.45 http://www.skyfitsport The Skyfit app offers dozens of classes for spinning and runners of all skill levels. The running classes
Companion Apps include outdoor, treadmill, and elliptical.
Sports Tracking Acquired Fitness & Amer Sports http://www.sports- Sports Tracker Technologies offers a mobile application that tracks user's sport activity levels. The app
Technologies Companion Apps uses a phone's internal GPS to track route, time, distance and speed.
Sportsman Tracker Seed VC Fitness & Detroit Innovate;Huron $1.05 Sportsman Tracker is dedicated to help making great experiences for hunters and fishermen. The company
Companion Apps River Ventures;Karis offers mobile apps that help predict certain areas best for hunting and fishing.
Partners;Muskegon http://www.sportsman
Angels;Start Garden
Strava Series D Fitness & Sequoia Capital,Madrone $34.60 Strava is the online network connecting the global community of athletes
Companion Apps Capital Partners, Sigma
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Swing by Swing Golf Acquired Fitness & Back9Network $0.05 Swing by Swing Golf offers a free golf GPS range finder application. Swing by Swing's free Golf GPS &
Companion Apps Scorecard app is used by more than three million golfers in 130 countries to master the world's golf
http://www.swingbys courses, get distance information, play games, stay connected with golfing buddies, and maintain personal stats.
Sworkit Unknown Fitness & Undisclosed Undisclosed Sworkit provides randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated to exercise and stay fit
Companion Apps anywhere.
TerraStride Unattributed - III Fitness & South Carolina Research $0.63 TerraStride is the operator of, a satellite image based G.P.S. mapping, data-management,
Companion Apps Authority http://www.huntstand. land-management, and collaboration enhancing website and mobile application that will greatly improve the
com experience of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.
Trace Seed VC Fitness & Allegro Venture $2.13 AlpineReplay gives skiers and snowboarders ultimate bragging rights. The company measures speed,
Companion Apps Partners;Amplify airtime, vertical, Calories, distance and more, on any mountain in the world. Compare and compete with
L.A.;CrossCut Ventures anyone, including yourself, with the click of a single button on the iPhone or Android. Users will see a basic
set of stats right on your phone or log into the to see even more detailed stats, compare
https://snow.traceup.c and compete between friends, push stats to Facebook and Twitter, or virtualy compete against friends in
om/landing 3D.
VirtuaGym Series A Fitness & Saffelberg Investments $3.22 An online fitness platform for consumers & professionals in the health industry
Companion Apps
Wanamaker Seed Fitness & Undisclosed $0.11 http://www.iwanamak Wanamaker is developing iWanamaker, an mobile golf scoring application with a live leaderboard
Companion Apps integrated into social networks.
Wee Golf Unattributed Fitness & Undisclosed $0.33 Wee Golf is the producer of a golf platform that uses a mobile app and other digital technology to "gamify"
Companion Apps the golf learning experience for children ages 3-8. The company's mission is to get kids and their parents
engaged in golf early.
Ball Park Waiter Management Tech Undisclosed Order food and beverages from you mobile phone while you are at sporting events and we deliver it to you in your seat. We make every fan a VIP.
Big Teams Series B Management Tech SWan & Legend Venture $5.00 Athletic Management Platform for high School Athletes & Teams
Partners, Capital Sports http://www.bigteams.
Ventures com
Digital Caddies Angel Management Tech Undisclosed $4.11 Digital Caddies creates low cost, easy-to-use and easy-to-implement GPS for golf systems. The company's
network provides unique access to players via an interactive tablet mounted in golf cars, serving up
features golfers, course operators and advertisers want. Once a golf course is equipped with Digital
Caddies' touch-screen tablets, golfers enjoy a variety of useful applications and services, including GPS-
based course navigation and aerial fairway and green views with accurate yardages to landmarks. Digital
Caddies' tablets install easily on golf cars and connect wirelessly to the Web through Sprint's nationwide 3G
http://www.digitalcadd network, providing the golf course a broad portfolio of real-time course management tools via GPS-based cart tracking and communications.
Digital Edge Sports Pre Series A Management Tech Undisclosed Jersey Watch Network :: Introducing Jersey Watch, the fastest-growing youth sports technology in Ohio.
Jersey Watch is a free, professional-grade, website platform for youth sports organizations in Central Ohio.
DirectAthletics Management Tech Undisclosed Management of sports events
Eyeball Corporate Management Tech Clearwater $1.00 Eyeball allows coaches, fans and players of amateur sports to communicate, engage, manage and
Minority celebrate at any time and from any location. The app features diffetn tools including an instant chat, real-
time scorekeeping, information on everything from game or practice time changes, the hotels nearest to a tournament, which team is winning a game, etc.
flaik Management Tech Undisclosed flaik allows ski resorts to track the real-time location of every student and instructor in their ski school, so
that if someone takes a wrong turn down a run they can be reconnected with their class within minutes.
fuseSPORT Convertible Note Management Tech Undisclosed $0.29 fuseSPORT is a provider of software solutions for major sports events and federations. fuseSPORT has
helped major sports events; leagues and governing bodies operate and communicate more efficiently
through use of online software, servicing large and small organizations worldwide for more than a decade.
fuseSPORT turn-key systems allow such organizations to deliver a vastly improved sports participant
http://www.fusesport. experience at a price affordable for cash tight non-profits. Clients are located within the U.S., Europe, Africa
com and Asia.
Get Upper Hand Seed Management Tech Elevate $0.45 Software for sports organizations, to manage and grow their business
Ventures;Undisclosed https://getupperhand.
Investors com/
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Go Club Golf Unattributed Management Tech Undisclosed $0.10 Go Club Golf offers a mobile platform for members of golf clubs to have complete access to everything their
http://www.goclubgolf club has to offer. The application offers course GPS, instant push notifications, mobile bill pay, tee times
.com and more.
Hyp3r Pre Series A Management Tech Disney, NFL, Techstars $0.50 HYP3R is a location-based engagement platform for venues. Winner of TechCrunch NFL 2016
JumpForward Angel Management Tech Kevin O'Leary;Robert $0.60 JumpForward offers a mobile application that aims to help athletes, parents, coaches and college
Herjavec administrators navigate the complicated recruiting process. The company was featured in the finale of
http://www.jumpforwa ABC's show, Shark Tank, and won an investment on the show from "sharks", Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec
Kinduct Seed Management Tech LA Dodgers Accelarator, 0.02 Consolidate data, prevent injury and maximize athletic performance with Kinducts suite of athlete
R/GA Ventures management tools and content.
Korrio Series B Management Tech Ignition Partners $7.98 Korrio is a cloud-based service for organizing youth sports. The company unifies and amplifies the sports
life of athletes. Korrio provides the tools required to get players on the field as well as an online environment for staff, families and fans to share and build community. Seed - II Management Tech Undisclosed $2.00 Management of the administration side of running a soccer club
LeagueApps Seed VC Management Tech Contour Venture Partners $3.89 LeagueApps aims to enable great sports experiences for everyone. The company does this by powering
http://www.leagueapp local sports communities, helping sports organizations better operate and grow, and players better experience the game. LeagueApps has offices in New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco.
LeagueCast Management Tech Undisclosed The best way to manage youth leagues and tournaments.
LinkMySport Management Tech Undisclosed LinkMySport is a Cloud-based Business Management & Online Scheduling Software for Fitness & Sports
Businesses & Professionals. LinkMySport provide a suite of products which seamlessly integrates into a
single platform to help manage their Scheduling, Operations and Customers via web & mobile.
My Online Camp Pre Series A Management Tech My Online Camp is a leading online sports camp registration service for college sports camps and
independent camps across the country. We provide college sports camp websites that include online
registration. My Online Camp assists with college sports camp marketing and sports camp registration & management.
Playpass Management Tech Undisclosed Organize sports better, faster & easier with Playpass. Online league management software with league
scheduling, player registration, online payments and lots more. It's free to get started and post your league or event today.
Race Nation Angel Management Tech http://www.race- Technology and registration platform for mass participation sports events
RosterBot Seed Management Tech Bret Hedican;David $1.00 Create events, add players and send out reminders from your desktop, tablet or phone.
Reinhart;Undisclosed http://www.rosterbot.c
Angel Investors om
Schedule Star Acquired Management Tech BigTeams Schedule Star, a provider in high school athletic scheduling, has been trusted by thousands of athletic
departments across the country since 1964. For 50 years Schedule Star has provided a complete solution
for managing team schedules, facilities, transportation, eligibility, rosters, officials, game help, contracts,
http://www.schedulest awards, certificates, scores, stats and more while keeping the schools' community up-to-date with real time schedules, detailed information and alerts of event changes.
Sport Ngin Series D Management Tech Causeway Media $39.10 At Sport Ngin, we build applications and services to help the heroes of today spend less time on the
Partners, El Dorado administrative activities of their organization and more time teaching the qualities of Sport to their athletes.
Ventures, Piper Jaffray
Rally Ventures, Taylor http://www.sportngin.
Univision com/
Sportifik Unattributed Management Tech Undisclosed $0.05 Sportifik is a stealth company that aims to let users organize life around sports. Find venues, meet new
m players, and organize games with ease.
Sportlyzer Seed - II Management Tech Estonian Development $0.05 Sportlyzer is an online sports club software, where coaches can plan, track and analyze every single athlete
Fund;Rein Lemberpuu in their club - even those who dont bother to log training. Besides training management, coaches can also
http://www.sportlyzer. use Sportlyzer for storing athletes digital profiles, and tracking attendance and club membership fees.
Sportsvite Series A - III Management Tech Scout Ventures;Social $6.05 http://www.sportsvite. Sportsvite lets users manage sports teams online, organize schedules, find players and activity partners,
Starts com and join recreational adult leagues in their area.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
TeamSnap Series B - II Management Tech Colorado Impact $21.93 TeamSnap is a mobile and web service for managing recreational and competitive sports teams and
Fund;Crawley groups. With a simple but powerful interface, TeamSnap makes it easy to keep track of Rosters, Schedules,
Ventures;Foundry Game and Practice Attendance and Availability, Team Payments, Statistics and much more.
Group;Northgate Capital http://www.teamsnap. Comprehensive messaging functions keep everyone in touch, and with a strong focus on usability and
com simplicity, TeamSnap is software that people actually find fun to use.
T-Links Acquired Management Tech IBS T-Links is a golf course member owned electronic tee Sheet Company designed for destination markets
and management companies. The software allows golf courses to manage their tee time inventory across
multiple channels including direct-to-consumer, third parties and hotel partners on a cloud-based platform.
TopScore Management Tech Undisclosed TopScore is a company that makes league and member management software for recreational sports organizations. Our brands include Ultimate Central, USA Spikeball, and ReqSpace.
Varsity News Network Series B Management Tech Arsenal Venture $8.32 Our technology automatically syncs schedules, game results, articles, photos, forms, and alerts as you
Partners;Avram manage the things you already do everyday.
Angels;Michigan Angel
Fund;Nir Arkin;North
Coast Technology
Michigan Angels;RSL
Venture Partners;Start http://www.varsitynew
VenueNext Series A Management Tech Causeway Media $9.00 VenueNext is a technology company focused on improving the live event experiences for guests and facility
Partners, Twitter operators with software and a focus on mobile device access.
Ventures, Live Nation
90min Series C Media Battery Ventures;Dawn $39.10 Sportority, dba 90min, formerly FTBpro, is a global football media and technology company focused on the
Capital;Gemini Israel digital generation. 90min's product platform taps into the passion and dedication of the hyper-connected fan
Ventures;ProSiebenSat.1 by producing authentic, engaging and socially driven content that is distributed to a rapidly growing
Media m audience of 30 million monthly users in ten languages across web, mobile and social.
Alliance of Action Media Undisclosed Get exclusive action sports videos, athlete news, lifestyle shows and insider industry perspective. Home of
Sports the Dew Tour, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, and Red Bull Signature Series. Owned by NBC
Are You Watching Media Undisclosed areyouwatchingthis.c We watch sports. Every game. Every channel. And alert you when to tune in.
This?! om
Bleacher Report Acquired Media Time Warner Cable $42.36 Bleacher Report (B/R) is a web-based publisher of original sports editorial content. Bleacher Report was
launched in 2008 as a centralized platform for writers to contribute original articles about their favorite
http://www.bleacherre sports teams and topics. It has built a distinguished editorial team that oversees thousands of contributors.
Bleachers Unknown Media $1.00 Bleachers enables live and on-demand video streaming access to sports and performing arts programs on desktop and mobile devices. Media Complex is an online magazine that features articles about music, styles, pop culture, sports, and sneakers.
Conversant Media Seed Media Ten Network http://www.conversan Conversant Media is an Australian company that produces premium online publications across sports, tech, and pop culture. The company's titles include Lost at E Minor, The Roar, and Techly.
Cress Media Media Undisclosed Sports marketing agency helping brands grow through awesome digital content, experiences, and interactions.
EverSport Media Series A Media Amplify.LA,Emil Capital $4.20 Hulu for live sports
Accelerator,Third Wave
Fancloud Series A Media ASC Ticket Company,Jeff $0.22 Rumors & News from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, & College Basketball Streaming Live
Duva From Over 2,500 Sports Writers! Follow FanCloud!
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
FanSided Acquired Media Time Inc. FanSided is a sports, entertainment and lifestyle network of more than 300 websites with thriving
communities. Launched in 2009, FanSided is one of the industry's fastest growing independent digital
content networks, with a collective audience of approximately 15 million unique visitors per month that
generates an average of 50 million page views per month. The company's unique fan-focused editorial
http://www.fansided.c voice, very popular mobile app and personalized digital newsletter are behind FanSided's rapidly growing
om popularity among millennial sports and entertainment fans.
FloSports Debt Media Silicon Valley Bank, $11.00 FloSports, previously known as Flocasts, is a sports media and events company that changes the way
Causeway Media athletes and fans interact with their passion in sports. Focused on untapped sports markets historically
Partners neglected by traditional media, the company brings together fragmented communities and provides them
the platform to connect with the sports they love through live streaming of premier events, original video
programming, weekly studio shows, branded entertainment, and event creation and execution. FloSports is
http://www.flosports.t dedicated to growing and elevating these communities that share a deep commitment to the sports that
v matter to them: Running, Elite Fitness, Wrestling, and Gymnastics.
Foxtel Media Undisclosed Foxtel brings you the best live sports, television shows and movies on demand. Get ready for our most epic year of sport yet!
fubo TV Series A Media Luminari Capital, Lion $5.58 fuboTV is the worlds only Internet TV service dedicated to soccer- streaming Live sports networks, club
Tree Partners, DCM channels, football news & more
GiveMeSport Series B Media IMG Worldwide $4.60 GiveMeSport is the home of exclusive player and manager interviews, providing fans with up-to-date
m features, match previews and match reviews to go alongside all the other great stuff on the site.
Media http://www.greenfly.c
Greenfly om Greenfly is a software platform that powers the on-demand creation of short-form videos.
Kiswe Mobile Media Undisclosed Best live sports on mobile
Lodestone Social Media Pre Series A Media $0.10 Omni-channel engagement platform for agencies, sports, TV, CPG, retailers & entertainment brands to create experiences & convert crowds into commerce.
MaxPreps Acquired Media CBS Corporation $7.00 MaxPreps is America's Source for High School Sports. The company are proud to be involved with
America's hometown heroes - the young men and women working hard to improve their skills, place team
above self, and serve as inspirations to their local communities. MaxPreps aspires to cover every team,
http://www.maxpreps. every game and every player. The company do this in partnership with nearly 25,000 varsity coaches
com throughout the United States.
Media Strike Media Undisclosed Match Strike Media is a multimedia production company that helps advertisers reach their target audience in a brand-friendly environment. Acquired Media Team China Racing is an international network of online motorsports content, multi-national platforms, world-
class digital distribution, video and interactive multimedia worldwide. The company's "One Team, One
http://www.motorsport World" approach to motorsports content is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week and is updated
.com continuously throughout the day.
mycujoo Seed Media $1.03 myCujoo is the first football social TV! We aim to providing quality football content and empower clubs, leagues and federations businesses. Unknown Media $1.00 MyOutdoorTV is a video on demand service specializing in the broadcast of outdoor sports.
ONE Other Investors Media Kaedan Capital Group ONE is an Israeli sports portal as well as one of Israel's top 10 destination sites, delivering premium-level
local and international sports content, live games commentary, video summaries, quality sports news, and
professional reviews by Israel's top sports writers. ONE enjoys a high quality technological infrastructure
featuring superior streaming and advanced web technology, allowing a top quality user experience.
One Football Series B Media Undisclosed $20.00 Onefootball, owned and operated by iLiga, is a mobile application which covers over 100 international
https://www.onefootb football leagues and competitions live. Users can find live scores and commentaries, breaking news, videos, tables, statistics and background information.
Page2Sports Media Undisclosed Page 2 Sports is your best source for sports news like NHL, MLB, Soccer, NFL, NBA, fantasy sports, combat sports on world-wise. To get all news visit website.
RANT Convertible Note Media Undisclosed $10.84 RANT, previously known as RantSports, is a creator and distributor of online media, owns and operates a
network of opinionated sports, lifestyle, and entertainment content. The company's expanding portfolio of
sites includes RantSports, RantLifestyle and RantChic. The company covers all major world sports,
leagues, teams, players and sporting events. Rant leverages its broad network of more than 400 paid
writers across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to provide male and female enthusiasts
with entertaining and engaging content. Major brands partner with Rant to develop unique native content
http://www.rantsports. experiences and to reach its passionate audience. Rant offers deeply engaging content across its 100%
com owned and operated and fully transparent network of sites.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Rarest-Air Media Undisclosed The most consistently trusted name in sneaker news. Details on the latest release information and updates on important events in sports, fashion, and culture.
Media Deutsche Telekom,
Samsung Ventures, http://replay- Replay technologies has introduced Free Dimensional Video (FreeDTM), which allows viewers to see and
Replay Technologies Acquired Guggenheim Partners $23.00 experience real-life scenes through immersive camera views from multiple angles
Rockstar Famous LLC. Media Undisclosed The best, latest and new popular videos in Action Sports, Music, Tech, Celebrity News & Entertainment
Daily. It's not just a web site, its a lifestyle! #RF
SEN (Sports & Media Undisclosed
Entertainment Network)
Sports Freak INC. Media Undisclosed The Sports Freaks publication is dedicated to creating cutting edge content for sports enthusiast and professionals. The #1 place for Sports Fitness.
Sports Injury Alert Acquired Media Marzen Media Sports Injury Alert is a fantasy sports news provider dedicated to bringing current information regarding
injuries involving players and the impacts they have on teams. Covering every major sport, Sports Injury
http://www.sportsinjur Alert provides timely in-depth analysis of injuries that take place, allowing for educated decisions to be made.
SportsDirect Acquired Media Gracenote SportsDirect Inc. delivers high-quality sports content and cross-platform solutions. The company's cross-
http://www.sportsdire platform delivery solutions for Web, Mobile and Print range from the flexibility of raw feeds to off-the-shelf solutions, all powered by state-of-the-art technology. Acquired Media RotoExperts is a sports news and opinion web site, offering news, videos, and opinion about sports as
seen through the eyes of the media-addicted fan.In February 2013, was acquired by
http://www.sportsgrid. RotoExperts from The Abrams Media Network. The valuation of was undisclosed. Other
com terms of the deal were not released.
Sportsmanias Series A Media Jorge Mas;Undisclosed $4.50 Sportsmanias is a sports news aggregator site that combines a dynamic mix of 24/7 professional beatwriter
Investors news with team and athlete tweets, videos, photos and personalized feeds to meet every diehard's interest.
http://www.sportsman The site for team inside scoop and social interaction among sports fans, complemented by a mobile app for IOS and Android.
Sportsoverdose Media Undisclosed Sports news and rumors
Sportvision Late Media Austin Ventures,Motorola Sportvision, Inc. is the nation's premier innovator of sports and entertainment products for fans, media
Solutions Venture companies and marketers.
Capital,New World
Ventures,Pritzker Group
Venture Capital
The Players Tribune Series B Media New Enteprise $18.00 http://www.theplayers The Players' Tribune is a new media platform that presents the voices of professional athletes, bringing
Associates, Kobe Bryant fans closer to the games they love.
theScore Series A Media Relay Ventures $16.00 theScore creates mobile-first sports experiences, connecting fans to what they love through an addictive
http://www.thescore.c combination of real-time news, scores, fantasy information and alerts while creating and curating content
om that is mobile optimized, comprehensive, customizable and seamlessly shareable.
TuneIn PE / Venture Media General Catalyst, IVP 50.15 TuneIn allows users to stream and listen to online radio, talkshows, and news on demand.
(institutional Venture
UBER Pro Baseball USA Seed Media Undisclosed $0.25 UBER Pro Baseball USA, dba UBERFAN, is a stealth company a mobile app for MLB fans.
UBERFAN Media Undisclosed Find media of an exact event moment instantly. UBERFAN automatically indexes the world's real-time
sports, event and TV media in full content with 100% accuracy and precision to deliver the smartest, fastest and easiest ways to search and discover.
Vox Media Series F Media NBS Universal, Accel, $307.63 Vox Media Inc. is an American digital media company.operates as the parent of eight distinct media brands:
Khosla Ventures, The Verge (Technology and Culture), (News), SB Nation (Sports), Polygon (Gaming), Eater (Food
Comcast Ventures, Allen and Nightlife), Racked (Shopping, Beauty and Fashion), Curbed (Real Estate and Home), and Re/code
& Company, General http://www.voxmedia. (Tech Business).
Atlantic com
VSporto Seed VC Media Sterling VC;Undisclosed $0.20 VSporto is a personalized sports radio company, building a better sports radio for fans. Live, on-demand,
Investors m and anywhere in the world.
Wazee Digital Pre Series A Media Wazee Digital (Thought Equity) is home to a renowned library of sports, news, entertainment & creative footage. Find the right video clips for your project today!
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Whistle Sports Series B Media Tangelmann Ventures, $53.00 A sports and entertainment network for the next generation of fans and athletes, Whistle Sports is the first
Sky, SeventySix Capital, cross-platform entertainment network created to serve young millennials, providing compelling, quality
Emil Capital Partners, content on multiple platforms to entertain, inspire and activate.
NBC Ventures m
WillowTV Acquired Media Times Media Group $100.00 Live broadcast of cricket games
WSC Sports Grant Media BIRD Foundation WSC Sports Technologies helps media-right owners to maximize the use of their video assets. The
Technologies http://www.wscouting. company's automatic video generation engine is an infrastructure that enables the usage of the content for
com many implementations. Late Social & Fan ACTIVE powers the worlds event and activities and connects people with the things they love to do. Find,
Engagement register or learn about races, local events, sports...
AthletePath Angel - II Social & Fan Willamette MBA Angel $1.72 http://www.athletepat AthletePath is a Web-based software application that allows runners to document, compare and share race
Engagement Fund performances, while helping event managers with registration and promotion.
Ballers Bridge Pre Series A Social & Fan Stanford StartX Your Bridge to The Basketball Community.
Blinkfire Analytics Inc. Series A Social & Fan FG Angels, Maiden lane $0.90 Blinkfire Analytics uses computer vision to analyze multimedia resources and generate reports for Teams,
Engagement ventures, Marc Bell https://www.blinkfire.c Players, Agents and Brands so they can better engage their fans and sponsors.
Ventures om
Boost3 Social & Fan Undisclosed Boost3, Cloud-based Fan Engagement Platform for the Sports and Entertainment Industry.
Brinkway Pre Series A Social & Fan A fan chat community
CaptainU Social & Fan Undisclosed CaptainU is the largest youth sports network providing tools to help athletes make college teams and tools
Engagement that help coaches build great teams.
Chat Sports Seed VC Social & Fan Rothenberg $1.00 Chat Sports provides a curated sports interface personalized to each fan's specific interests, using next
Engagement Ventures;Undisclosed generation technology and an intuitive design.
Investors http://www.chatsports
CricHQ Private Equity Social & Fan Tembusu Partners $10.00 CricHQ is a digital platform that offers performance insights for coaches and players, while providing fans
Engagement the latest essential cricket information. CricHQ's platform includes a cricket administration module that
m integrates with its real-time scoring app.
Crowd Scores Angel Social & Fan $1.97 The Social Scores Network
Engagement m/
CrowdSight Unknown Social & Fan Undisclosed Crowdsight identifies valuable fan generated content at live events, powering Sponsors to react and reward
Engagement fans - as the event is happening!
Fan Zone Series A Social & Fan Firstime Venture $5.50 Fanzones online platform for event organizers allows attendees to plan their journey to sports events and
Engagement Partners, Infinity Venture live music concerts, by offering multiple services such as organized buses, shared taxis, shared rides,
Partners, Microsoft http://www.myfanzon navigation to parking and additional location-based services.
Fanatix Angel - II Social & Fan Undisclosed $2.00 Fanatix is a United Kingdom-based social networking application that is entirely dedicated to sports.
Fanbase Series A Social & Fan Benchmark $5.00 Fanbase is a web-based almanac of pro and college athletes, built entirely by fans. Eventually, Nirav Tolia,
Engagement the founder of Fanbase "pivoted" and used the company's remaining funding and team to start
http://www.fanbase.c neighborhood networking site, NextDoor. Fanbase, therefore, was added to the deadpool at the launch of
om NextDoor.
Fancred Series A Social & Fan Atlas Venture;Breakaway $5.02 Fancred offers a social app for sports fans, enabling users to communicate, share, and experience sports.
Engagement Innovation Group;Militello
Capital;VegasTech Fund m
Fandeavor Seed VC Social & Fan Base $0.52 Fandeavor partners with colleges and sports teams to package and sell exclusive experiences, like stadium
Engagement Ventures;VegasTech http://www.fandeavor. tours and sideline passes, to sports fans. Users can browse the site for opportunities and bid auction-style
Fund com on particular events or "buy them now\ at pre-set prices."
fanfuel Pre Series A Social & Fan Muru D Sydney Class 2 The digital ecosystem where athletes and sponsors meet. Connects influential athletes with brands.
FanKave Venture Social & Fan $0.95 http://www.fankave.c FanKave is a social networking application that will cater to the needs of a passionate sports fan - before,
Engagement om after and during every game throughout the season covering major leagues around the world .
FanMode Seed Social & Fan $2.40 Fanmode is making the world a stadium for fans. Fanmode makes global real-time fan participation
Engagement possible. Finalist, TechCrunch NFL 2016
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Fanpics Debt Financing, Social & Fan $4.80 Live events are all about unique, emotional experiences. They create incredible moments that make you
Series A Engagement erupt in excitement, or crumble in despair. Fanpics captures these reactions of every single fan in a venue
https://www.fanpics.c and delivers them within seconds to your mobile device, all you have to do is enter your seat number.
FanServ Unknown Social & Fan Undisclosed Combining a network of sports publishers with an ad server created exclusively for sports apps.
Fantain Incubator/Accele Social & Fan Start Tank Fantain is a sports fan engagement and management company whose signature mobile application enables
rator Engagement m a shared, interactive experience during live cricket matches.
Fubles Seed Social & Fan Red Circle Investment Fubles is a social sport sharing platform with an active sport community in Europe, which allows users to
Engagement efficiently organize sport matches of all types by connecting players, games and venues in an area. Anyone can sign up for free and organize games with friends or participate in games already scheduled.
Gaga Sports & Venture Social & Fan $2.33 http://www.gaga- GAGA Sports & Entertainment offers a social CRM platform that enables athletic programs to engage fans
Enterainment Engagement for data collection and monetization.
Game Face Media, Inc. Series C Social & Fan Copley Equity Partners, $6.50 http://www.gameface Gameface Media is the largest provider of free sporting event photos in the United States
Engagement Bialla Venture Partners
GameOn Private Equity Social & Fan Snoop Dogg $1.50 http://www.getgameo Chat with your friends and enjoy real-time news, scores, and highlights
Go Hopscotch Series A Social & Fan Mosaik Partners, KGC $2.00 https://www.gohopsc Hopscotch is an open, mobile experiences platform for teams, venues and event that want to increase
Engagement Capital loyalty and generate new revenue streams Venture Social & Fan $1.93 http://www.heiaheia.c provides web and mobile-based motivational products for health improvement activities.
Engagement om/corporate
InfiniteSports LLC Social & Fan Undisclosed InfiniteHoops is a pickup basketball social sports website for finding pickup basketball games in your
Engagement neighborhood.
Leap Seed Social & Fan Eleven Accelerator $0.03 http://www.thisisleap. Leap allows users to discover videos, people, events, and spots within the extreme sports world.
Engagement Venture Fund com
Lemonade Labs Series A Social & Fan Foxconn Technology $5.80 Social product encouraging healthy and active lifestyle through exercise
Engagement Group
LoyalTree Seed Social & Fan $1.40 http://www.loyaltree.c Fully customized, mobile fan engagement and loyalty apps
Engagement om/sports.html
Make YES Happen Unknown Social & Fan $0.40 IR4C is an online platform for organizing and promoting sports and targeting profit generation for good
Engagement causes.
MatchOn Convertible Note Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.03 MatchOn envisions a world where players of a similar ability can easily get together to enjoy a sport, on
Engagement http://www.matchon.c their schedule. Starting with tennis, the company makes this type of service a reality for all recreational
o athletes.
Mitoo Seed VC - III Social & Fan 500 Startups;Andreas $2.68 Mitoo, formerly, developed by Sports Team Space, is a global communication platform for
Engagement Koukorinis;Kima sports leagues, teams and players. The platform is primarily used to find tables, fixtures and key statistics.
Arrix;White Star Capital
MVPindex Series A Social & Fan $7.00 MVPindex is a social media index and measurement platform for sports and entertainment.
MyNextRun Seed VC - II Social & Fan Andy Phillips;Christian $1.95 MyNextRun allows anyone to find running events all over the world and to enroll directly through their
Engagement Lorenzen;Omar http://www.mynextrun service.
Bisi;Tekes .com
NextGame Seed VC Social & Fan Fortify Ventures $0.02 NextGame aims to enhance people's active lives by connecting individuals and groups to play and
Engagement participate in the sports and activities they love. Users can search for new places to play, find and organize
games and activities, and share those activities with friends. The company will bring people, locations,
http://www.nextgame retailers, and event organizers together, and will be the only platform people need to manage their active lives.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
OneTwoSee Convertible Social & Fan Mission OG, Robin Hood $1.30 OneTwoSee is a Philadelphia-based company that sits at the intersection of digital media, sports and
Note, Debt Engagement Ventures technology.We're on our third-generation of a highly scalable technology platform that delivers real-time
Financing, sports gamecenters by combining statistics, game data, advanced analytics and social media into a rich,
Venture engaging fan experience.
OnFlow Unattributed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.25 OnFlow is a free iPhone app that shows the best skateboarding spots, who else has hit them, and video of
Engagement tricks that have been done there.
Outdoorsie Social & Fan Undisclosed Experience Outdoorsie. Discover the world of sport
Paranoid Fan Social & Fan Undisclosed http://www.paranoidfa Paranoid Fan is a GPS-based social networking utility for sports fans. Finalist TechCrunch NFL 2016.
Pickstream Debt - II Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.30 Pickstream, dba OnSide Sports, offers a competitive social network mobile app. The app also offers real-
Engagement http://www.onsidespo time scores, schedules, standings for all major professional and college sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football and basketball.
Play Your Sport Angel Social & Fan Hyderabad Angels $0.02 http://www.playyours Play Your Sport is a location-based mobile app that enables its users to create, join and book sports and
Engagement fitness activities in their nearby location.
PlayWith Undisclosed Social & Fan $0.50 PlayWith helps you meet real people, through your favourite sports and games, in real life.
Powderhook Angel Social & Fan Nebraska Angels $0.65 Powderhook is a free web and mobile service that connects outdoorsmen with places to hunt and fish. The
Engagement http://www.powderho company is building a one-stop marketplace to find any and all places, public and private, paid and free to hunt or fish in the United States and beyond.
ProfilePasser Debt Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.03 http://www.profilepas ProfilePasser is a mobile platform that connects high school athletes with college recruiters by increasing
Engagement relevant and valuable interactions before, during, and after showcase events.
PumpUp Seed Social & Fan General Catalyst $2.64 PumpUp is a positive community to share and achieve your health goals.
Recruiting Sports Seed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.26 Recruiting Sports Network was built to provide athletes with the advantage in connecting with future college
Network Engagement coaches by easily uploading game length video to the company's library. By uploading games and profiles
http://www.recruitings to RSN, athletes and coaches cut through the limitations related to college coaches' ability to sufficiently observe and evaluate performances.
Scorebook Live Unattributed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.50 Scorebook Live is a sports technology and media company that provides teams, leagues and tournaments
Engagement http://www.scorebook with the tools to publish real-time content to their fans while also supporting the efforts of local media.
Sidelines Seed VC Social & Fan Social Starts $0.62 Sidelines crowdsources and delivers awesome comments to improve the quality and engagement potential
Engagement of discussion/comment sections on sports websites. Sidelines' vision is to power every sports discussion on
http://www.sidelinesa the Web and on Mobile by becoming the social arm of every major sports content publisher.
SkateBout Unattributed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.05 SkateBout is dedicated to the growth of skateboarding over the long-term. The company supports
Engagement skateboarders by creating an online stage where they can express their creativity and compete against
http://www.skatebout. each other. SkateBout hosts online skateboard contests where viewers watch and rate videos to determine
com the winners. Skateboarders can enter contests to gain exposure and win cash and prizes. Pre Series A Social & Fan Samuel Feuer $0.50 Smacktive LLC (Smacktive) is a mobile app designed to connect people nearby to do activities with.
SoccerScout Seed Social & Fan Eleven Accelerator $0.06 SocerScout is a professional web based network for soccer players, coaches, agents and teams. In addition
Engagement Venture Fund http://www.soccersco to providing instant global access to participants in this industry, it creates new transfer opportunities and radically reduces operational costs for player scouts.
SocialChaser, Inc. Social & Fan Undisclosed SportChaser helps sports fans locate the best bars to watch their favorite team - Search by sports, leagues
Engagement or teams. It's free!
SoFitU Social & Fan Undisclosed First version of a tutorial for SoFitU
Southern Experience Acquired Social & Fan Cox Enterprises Experience is a dfan experience technology company dedicated to making sure fans enjoy live events to
Engagement the fullest extent possible. With Experience, fans can personalize their live event experience by upgrading
seats or participate in other unique opportunities all from their mobile device. Experience is the official
upgrade partner of and the preferred mobile upgrade partner for the National Football League
( Additionally, Experience is the preferred partner for Live Nation Entertainment and Ticketmaster, enabling their millions of fans access to upgrades and experiences at live events.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Sport Thread Unattributed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.32 The Sports Thread was created for athletes to be heard on a national stage. The Sports Thread provides
Engagement student-athletes with the opportunity to tell the real story. By merging the culture of college athletics with
http://www.sportthrea social media the inner workings of student-athletes with their university, coaches, and fans will be revealed for the first time.
Sport195 Unattributed - IV Social & Fan Undisclosed $8.06 http://www.sport195.c Sport195 is a sports social network providing information on sports, including athletes, teams, leagues,
Engagement om clubs, venues, products and events from all countries, and all levels in sports.
SPORTEGO Social & Fan Undisclosed Sportego is a marketing and sports gaming development company with the sole purpose of helping
Engagement professional sports clubs and organisations increase engagement, interaction, conversion rates and revenue.
SporterPilot Pre-Seed Social & Fan SEED Capital SporterPilot is interactive sports media solution, for delivering broadcast TV content across any device,
Engagement within seconds of the real-time play. The company is based in Copenhagen, and has two international
http://www.sporterpilo offices. The SporterPilot technology creates opportunities for enhanced interaction with stats and data, letting sports viewers follow leagues, teams and players simultaneously.
Sports Recruits Seed Social & Fan $0.50 At SportsRecruits, we build sport-specific platforms to help high school student-athletes market themselves
Engagement http://sportsrecruits.c to college coaches.
SportsBuddy Social & Fan Undisclosed We are connecting people through sports. Join today to get early access to the #1 sports app.
Sporty Social & Fan Undisclosed Play sports with people nearby.
Sqor Sports Series A Social & Fan $4.00 Sqor Sports is a social media and editorial sports technology platform revolving exclusively around sports,
Engagement athletes and fans
Stanza Seed Social & Fan 4.3 Stanza is the Add-to-Calendar button the button that lets you add online events to your personal
Engagement calendar. Using Stanzas technology, it becomes a more powerful tool, allowing the event organizer to push
additional updates (such as scores after a game or recipes after a cooking class) and to integrate with other services (like buying tickets or taking an Uber to the venue). The organizer also gets analytics about how
/ people are engaging with the event listing.
Stattleship Social & Fan Undisclosed Stattleship is building the fantasy sports platform for young fans.
TheLocker Pre Series A Social & Fan $0.78 TheLocker is an athlete-focused social e-commerce platform that enables users to share, collect, and buy
Engagement sports products. Venture Social & Fan U-Start $6.55 is the fastest growing social network in sports, allowing fans to talk with their friends, while they
Engagement watch sports at home.
Tonsser Angel Social & Fan Kasper Hulthin;Phil Tonsser is a real-life version of the classical manager game for amateur football. The company aims to
Engagement Chambers make a global football platform uniting real players, coaches and clubs with real statistics and results in
m order to make football more professional.
TopFan Pre Series A Social & Fan TopFan is the world's largest sports & entertainment mobile app network.
Trophy Stack Unattributed Social & Fan Undisclosed $0.59 Trophy Stack provides the - who, what, where, when, why and how - on everything related to hunting and
Engagement fishing. All this information can easily be verified, stack ranked and organized so users can find the
information they are looking for. Hunters and fishermen are looking for information on the sport they are
passionate about, and they want to know who is catching or killing - what, where, when and how. To make
http://www.trophystac the verification of information easier, Trophy Stack is partnering with the cornerstones of the Outdoor Industry to help provide this information.
Trread Early Social & Fan Undisclosed Trread produces engaging collaborative videos in real time by monitoring your events and crowdsourcing
Engagement content from your audience.
Wooter Social & Fan Undisclosed Wooter is a sports & activities marketplace in NYC. Search for any Sport, Activity, Coach or Rent a Court
Engagement around you!
XS Social & Fan Undisclosed XS is an iPhone app that has created a dedicated mobile community for action sports. We enable you to
Engagement view and share high quality user-generated and professional content.
Yingit Social & Fan Undisclosed
YinzCam Social & Fan Undisclosed Our mission is to bring fans closer to the game they love through the use of technology.
YourSports Debt Social & Fan Undisclosed $3.05 http://www.yoursports AtoZ Sports, dba YourSports, is a social network for high school and college sports teams. The platform
Engagement .com delivers articles about favorite teams live to newsfeeds throughout the day.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
AltspaceVR Series A Virtual Reality / Comcast Ventures, Dolby $15.70 AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company. AltspaceVR is bringing two-dimensional web content into
Augmented Reality Family Ventures, shared virtual spaces, and extending the web to create fully holographic experiences. Through the software
Formation 8, Foundation users will be able to watch streaming video, play games, and get work done, together and entirely inside of
Capital, GV Haystack, virtual reality.
Ken Arnold, Lux Capital,
Marc Bell Ventures,
Maven Ventures, Growth
Labs, Promus Ventures,
Raine Ventures,
Rothenberg Ventures,
StartCaps Ventures,
Streamlined Ventures
EONSports Seed Virtual Reality / $0.20 Helping athletes unlock their true potential with Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies.
Augmented Reality m/
JauntVR Series C Virtual Reality / Axel Springer Blake $100.00 Jaunt is developing the hardware, software, tools, and applications to enable cinematic VR and put the
Augmented Reality Krikorian China Media power of virtual reality in the hands of todays best content creators.
Capital (CMC) David Wu
Evolution Media Partners
GV Highland Capital
Partners InnoSpring
Seed Fund Paul
McCartney Peter Gotcher
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
Redpoint Ventures Sky
SV Angel The Madison
Square Garden Company
LiveLike Grant, Virtual Reality / NFL, TechStars $0.90 Virtual Reality to bring the stadium experience in your home
Convertible Note Augmented Reality
NextVR Series A Virtual Reality / Comcast Ventures, $35.80 NextVR is a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences.
Augmented Reality Formation 8, RSE, Time From rock concerts to sporting events to fashion shows, and everything in-between viewers are
Warner m/ transported into life-like experiences with true broadcast quality.
StrivrLabs Series A Virtual Reality / Undisclosed http://www.strivrlabs.c Virtual reality for sports training
Augmented Reality om/
TruGolf Virtual Reality / Grenville Strategic TruGolf is a virtual golf Content Solution provider that offers cutting edge technology for Cloud-based, real-
Augmented Reality Royalty time gaming, game improvement and alternative formats. For more than 20 years, TruGolf has been
passionately committed to recreating the artistry of the game and currently offers the most prestigious
course library with almost 100 courses available. TruGolf's E6GOLF Software, a physics-based engine that replicates the precise behaviours of outdoor play, can be found in commercial and residential indoor golf
m simulators throughout the world. Seed Virtual Reality / Rothenberg Ventures $0.10 Founded in 2014, is disrupting the world of live events with VR live streaming and VOD content,
Augmented Reality social fan community features, and provides relevant commerce options to users.
VideoStitch Seed Virtual Reality / $2.80 VideoStitch's Vahana VR is the world's first versatile 4K Live 360 video production solution. Live Virtual
Augmented Reality Reality literally teleports the viewer where 360 multi-camera arrays stand.
VirtuallyLive Unknown Virtual Reality / Undisclosed http://www.virtuallyliv Our Virtually Live platform enables everyone to experience the magic of attending live sports and events, no
Augmented Reality matter where they are.
VokeVR Virtual Reality / VOKE is at the forefront of Virtual Reality based viewing of real events and on-demand media. We are
Augmented Reality catering to current trends in VR immersive viewing and also rich second screen mobile experiences for active fan engagement.
VSportR Unknown Virtual Reality / Undisclosed VsportR is the place for immersive sports content - we create, find and distribute the best 360 videos and
Augmented Reality Virtual Reality experiences in sports. We're a technology AND media company with a team of developers and video producers passionate about making sports content better.
Ashton Intruments Grant Wearables & Smart Mass Challenge $0.05 Cycling Power meter at half cost
Devices http://www.ashtoninst
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Clothing + Wearables & Smart Undisclosed We are a developer and manufacturer of textile-integrated wearable sensor solutions.
Diamond Kinetics Seed Wearables & Smart Bob Nutting;Undisclosed $2.75 Diamond Kinetics is a Pittsburgh-based company focused on bringing motion data and analytics to players
Devices Investors of all ages and skill levels, and their coaches, in baseball and softball. Building upon intellectual property
developed at both the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh, we've combined engineering
http://www.diamondki talent, innovation and a fanatical passion for the sports to create the most cutting edge motion analysis and skill improvement tools available.
Ernest Sports Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Ernest Sports Golf Launch Monitors
Fatigue Science Unknown Wearables & Smart $0.30 Fatigue management products and solutions scientifically validated to improve safety, performance and
Devices productivity for sports, healthcare, industry and military. Pre Series A Wearables & Smart HAXLR8R $0.03 Focus Edge helps ultra-athletes increase their endurance. v2 is a swiss army knife of brain
Devices stimulation technologies.
Fortiori Design Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Moxy is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes infrared light to continuously monitor oxygen saturation
Devices (SmO2) levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise.
FUSAR Technologies Pre Series A Wearables & Smart JumpStart $1.10 Fusar is developing a smart helmet and advanced wearables that enhance the riding experience and keep
Devices Inc.,Socialatom Ventures you safe on the road.
Game Golf Series B Wearables & Smart Venture51 $16.29 http://www.gamegolf. Game Golf develops sport specific wearable technology and a software platform which is extendable across
Devices com/ multiple sports beginning with Golf.
Glassy Pro Seed Wearables & Smart $0.81 Glassy Pro is the union of technology and action sports under the structure of a start-up company.
Devices Founded in July 2012, Glassy Pro has developed an application (available for both iOS and Android) and a
wearable device to record the activity and improve the performance in action sports.
Our first product, the Smartwatch for surfers, is wearable that assists surfers to improve their performance.
Head Case Company Wearables & Smart Undisclosed headcasecompany.c Head Health Management Systems for youth sports
Devices om Bootstrapped Wearables & Smart Wearible Technology - measuring oxygenlevels in muscles to determine lactate threshold and optimal
Devices levels for trainng and recovery
InfoMotion Sports Series A Wearables & Smart Rev1 Ventures $4.88 94Fifty ( is the basketball brand of InfoMotion Sports Technologies (IST). InfoMotion is a
Technologies Devices developer of sports products that quantify and digitize muscle-memory based athletic skills and for
managing online communities in which customers can share and compare results. 94Fifty develops
sophisticated but cost-effective basketball skill analysis technologies for the mass market. 94Fifty is
http://www.infomotion committed to bringing new information to both elite level and youth level basketball so that players can better develop skills and their coaches and trainers have objective information about their development.
Inside Coach LLC Wearables & Smart Undisclosed INSIDECOACH is a smart technology inside of a soccer ball. It detects the force of impact, the spin, the
Devices position, the trajectory among other variables, and provides positive reinforcing coaching cues to the user.
The soccer ball functions and looks like any other other soccer ball except for its sleak design and it's smart like you.
Jolt Athletics Seed Wearables & Smart Tech Stars, Sprint $0.13 http://www.joltsensor. Jolt makes wearable sensors for tracking and evaluating head impacts in youth athletics.
Devices Accelarator com/
Kenzen Pre Series A Wearables & Smart TechCrunch $0.05 Kenzen delivers real-time health insights using patented biosensors, sweat analysis and predictive
Devices analytics. Winner TechCrunch NFL 2016 competition in the future athlete category.
Kinetek Sports Debt Wearables & Smart Undisclosed $1.85 http://www.kinetekspo Kinetek Sports, dba ClubHub, is a technology company developing a golf club sensor for swing analysis.
K-MOTION Interactive Series A Wearables & Smart Kodiak Venture Partners $2.00 K-MOTION Interactive is a sports and health motion analysis company developing wireless technology-
Devices based motion improvement systems.
Lines Seed Wearables & Smart Oxygen Accelerator $0.02 Lines provides a wearable technology ski boot that enhances a skier's performance by measuring their
Devices biometric data and connects to a smartphone app. Such data enables a skier to analyze and improve their
http://www.chooseyo performance to make any experience in the slopes richer. Track your rides, challenge your friends, and choose your line. Series A Wearables & Smart Banyan Capital Partners $3.00 Moov is dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your everyday workout. By combining artificial
Devices intelligence and gameplay into a first-of-its-kind wearable device, Moov is fitness training taken to the next level.
Physiclo Seed Wearables & Smart Crowdfunded $0.40 Get fit faster with Physiclo, the first compression pants with built-in resistance to give you a better workout.
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
PlaySight Interactive Series B Wearables & Smart Bill Ackman;Billie Jean $5.00 PlaySight Interactive offers affordable, consumer sports analytics systems. The PlaySight Smart Court,
Devices King;James Loehr;Mark which has been designed and priced for tennis clubs across the world, is based on concepts used to train
Ein;Novak Djokovic;Ray fighter pilots in the air force and advanced 3D visualization technology. The system provides, in real-time
Benton http://www.playsight.c and with no operators, event-based visual feedback of "what" happened in a tennis match and helps
om analyze "why" it happened and "how" the players can improve.
Portable Scores Pre Series A Wearables & Smart HAXLR8R $0.03 Make anything count! DigiTally is a portable scoreboard for all sports that connects to smartphones and fits
Devices in a backpack.
PowerDot Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Smarmissimo Technologies is designing and manufacturing PowerDot - the world's first connected and
Devices wearable sports muscle stimulator.
ReelSonar Unattributed Wearables & Smart Undisclosed $0.05 ReelSonar has developed iBobber, a castable fishfinder using bluetooth to sync with iOS and Android
Devices phone and tablet platforms to help find and catch fish, map waterbeds, identify water temperature, lunar
http://www.reelsonar. calendar and weather, while offering new and unique features- GPS tags, Trip Logs, Fish and Bite Alarms,
com and an LED Beacon.
Revl Arc Y-Combinator Wearables & Smart https://www.indiegog The Revl Arc is the first stabilized 4K smart action camera. Shoot, edit and share. Instantly.
Scoutee Crowdfunding Wearables & Smart Kickstarter $0.05 Scoutee is a developer of a smart speed radar. Convenient, affordable and reliable ball speed radar,
Devices connected to a cloud-based app on a smartphone/tablet offers verified speed measurements and features
http://www.scoutee.c such as video recording, history and video analysis with training hints. The acquired data and videos are
o synced with the players' profiles in the cloud.
Sense Labs Venture Wearables & Smart $4.89 SenseLabs develops personal sensors to quantify the mental aspects of focus, decision speed, reaction
Devices / time, and stress regulation
Shockbox Pre Series A Wearables & Smart FedDev IBI $0.49 https://www.theshock Shockbox is an award winning miniature wireless helmet sensors designed to immediately alert parents,
Devices coaches and trainers when a hit is too hard.
ShotTracker Unattributed Wearables & Smart Undisclosed $1.39 ShotTracker is a wrist sensor, net sensor and an app for basketball players who want to improve their
Devices http://www.shottracke shooting. ShotTracker automatically tracks shot attempts, makes, and misses. The net sensor is weather resistant. The wrist sensor weighs less than .4 oz. And, the app works for iPhone and Android.
Suunto Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Suunto, sports company offering products & services for sports enthusiasts of all levels.
Devices Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Sport camera includes all accessories, WiFi ready and waterproof. Money Back Guarantee, 2 year warranty
Devices and free shipping. Complete line of accessories
Trago Wearables & Smart Undisclosed The world's first smart water bottle
TuringSense Pre Series A Wearables & Smart Angel Plus,China Rock $3.00 TuringSense, a pioneer in wearable sports technology, is revolutionizing sports training through innovative
Devices Capital,Ideosource,SV multi-sensor, high-speed full-body motion analysis solutions. PIVOT, the company's first product, is
Tech Ventures,Zen Water designed specifically to improve tennis playing and training.
Up Performa Angel Wearables & Smart $0.02 Connected and Wearable Technology For Consumer and Sports players.
Devices m Wearables & Smart Undisclosed Connected and Wearable Technology For Consumer and Sports players.
Vibrado Technologies Seed VC Wearables & Smart Khosla Ventures $1.41 Vibrado Technologies develops wearable technologies to help athletes reach peak performance more
Devices http://www.vibradotec quickly. Its technology applies to top sports, including basketball and golf. Vibrado is based in Sunnyvale, California, and is a spin-out of Carnegie Mellon University.
Wearit Wearables & Smart Undisclosed WearIT develops customized embedded solutions that are the future for wearable computing devices.The
Devices Company will introduce WearIT advanced Sport Watch, a unique Android based standalone smart watch featuring WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.
Web's Most Popular Wearables & Smart Undisclosed LARGEST Range of connected health and fitness products in store now! We also carry competitive
Swim Shop! men's and Devices swimming equipment and technical swimsuits. We ship worldwide and accept payment by Credit Card
women's swimwear -
Axtro Sports
Name Stage Vertical Investors Funding Website Description
Whoop Series B Wearables & Smart Two Sigma Ventures, $24.75 WHOOP is the performance optimization system that helps elite athletes and teams win. WHOOP provides
Devices Valley Oak Investments, athletes, their coaches, and trainers with a continuous understanding of strain and recovery to balance
Promus Ventures, training, reduce injuries, and predict performance.
Nextview Ventures,
Mousse Partners, Infosys,
Founders Collective,
Collaborative Fund, Atlas
Venture, Accomplice
WOO Sports Series A Wearables & Smart Prism VentureWorks $7.47 WOO Sports, formerly KinematIQ, offers a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker. WOO captures the data
Devices http://www.woosports behind the rush - it's a revolutionary device that stores every second of your session-each jump's height
.com and airtime are all precision-recorded.
X2 Biosystems Series A Wearables & Smart $9.00 X2 Biosystems is a science and technology company developing systems for end-to-end management of
Devices sports brain injury.
Zepp Labs Series B Wearables & Smart Bertelsmann Digital $20.00 Zepp Labs is committed to helping athletes and coaches discover ways to improve their game. Comprised
Devices Media of seasoned executives, designers and engineers located in Silicon Valley, California and Beijing and
Investments;Cherubic Shenzhen, China, the Zepp Labs team is applying years of technology, design and go-to-market experience
Ventures;GGV from industry-leading consumer technology companies including Apple, Jawbone and Microsoft toward
Capital;Legend Capital improving the way we practice, play and experience sports.