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HR Specialization:

1. Labour & Social Security Laws (305 HR)

Q.1. What do you mean by deduction from wages? What are the Permissible
deductions from wages under payment of Wages Act, 1936?

Q.2. Explain with reference to the Payment of Gratuity Act:

a) Continuous Service.

b) Provisions under Gratuity Act regarding nomination.

2.Human Resource Accounting & Compensation Management


Q.1. Explain in detail theories related to compensation Management .

Q.2.Short Notes :
b.HR Accounting process.

3.HR Audit (309HR)

Q.1. How HRD audit Methodology implementing in organization, explain in detail

Q.2.Short Notes :
1.HRD Score Card
2.HR Audit

4. Public Relations & Corporate Communications (312HR)

Q.1. Give the importance of Public Relation for HR professional.

Q.2.Short Notes:
1. PR campaign and strategies for PR
2. Corporate Communication
5. Lab in Recruitment and Selection (314 HR)

Q.1.Diffrenciate between Job Description and Job Speciofcation.

Q.2.Short Notes:
1. Documentation for Recruitment.
2. Study of Interview Modes

6. Lab in Personnel Administration Application & Procedure


Q.1 . Draw a sample copy of Warning Letter.

Q.2. Short Notes :
1. Superannuation Scheme
2. TDS
1. Essentials of Supply Chain Management (305 SCM)

2. Define Supply Chain? Explain in detail Generalized supply chain model.

3. Write short note on
1. Push based supply chain.
2. Structure of Supply chain.

2. Logistics Management (306 SCM)

1. Discuss the role of logistics management in modern day economy with

2. Explain types of logistics relationships

3. Inventory Management ( 308SCM)

1. Explain in detail Safety and Environmental Aspects of Inventory

2. Short Notes:
a. Types of Inventory.
b. Demand Pull Approach to manage Inventory.

4. Purchasing & Supplier Relationship Management - I

1. Define Purchasing objectives and types of Purchases.
2. Short Notes :
a. Advantages of Centralized and decentralized Purchasing.
b. Supplier Quality Management.

5. Six Sigma ( 310SCM)

1. Explain in detail Total Quality Management.
2. Short Notes :
a. Six Sigma
b. Lean Manufacturing
6. Supply Chain Practices - I ( 315SCM )

1. Elaborate the concept of Supply Chains for Agro Based Products

2. Short Notes :
a. Supply Chains for Commodities
b. Supply Chains for Consumer Products