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DANA RORABACHER © “see Congress of the United States Xena fice eae cna ‘Bouse of Representatives raceme September 6,2017 Chairman Ed Royce House Committee on Foreign Affairs 2170 Raybum House Office Building ‘Washington, DC 20515, Dear Me, Chairman am writing you to request that either the full committee or my subcommitie hold a series of hearings ‘his yea focused on alleged corruption between Russian and American entities and political figures. ‘These hearings should take a close look at possible involvement Hillary Clinton may have had with Russian financiers who donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation. There i ample evidence to justify an ‘underoath examination of he relationship between the donations and the 2013 CFIUS approval of the sale of America's uranium reserves. ‘This request is prompted by new evidence that the Obama Administration had prior knowledge of possible bribery and violations of the Foreign Compt Practices Act involving state-owned Russian ‘nuclear industry figures, the Clinton Foundation, and other Americas prior othe CFIUS approval of the uranium transaction The hearings could also examine financial suppor of corporate Russian energy interest to various US. ‘environmental entities. This litle known clandestine Russian campaign was aimed at undermining the emergence ofthe American fracking industry and the construction of any cil or gas pipelines needed to make America energy selfsuiient. “The witnesses forthe hearings would include US law enforcement officals, individuals who worked in coordination with US law enforcement in Russia andthe United States, Clinton Foundation oficils, leaders of environmental organization, legal experts and others. ‘We can no longer wait to fll inform the American people of alleged crm Administration with the Russians 3 collsion by the previous Sincerely, Qe RA ndoet— Dan Rohrabacher Chairman, Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats