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Process for Referring a Student to the Student Services Team

The SST referral process is in place as a preventative measure to ensure the success of all Walker
Spivey Elementary students.

Determine the need (Pre-referral procedure):

After you have completed initial assessments and a cumulative file
review, determine what specific skills the child may need
supplemental support with and begin to target those skills in your
interventions. It may be helpful to see if there was a previous
Personalized Education Plan (PEP). If there was one, notice which
interventions were successful. You may also want to conference with
the previous teacher for helpful information.
During this time you should take your data and concerns on this
student to your grade level team to gain helpful insight from them.
Your student concerns meetings should take place after school on
Tuesdays, on a needed basis. Student concerns meetings are a
required step prior to referring any student to SST. Documented
interventions should occur for at least two weeks.
Make concerted attempts to contact parents, making them aware of
your concerns and your efforts to support growth in this area. (Please
document all parent contact to include failed attempts).
Begin Intervention and Documentation:
Begin preparing the online PEP in MyTrack with specific, targeted
areas and interventions. Each goal/strategy requires 2 interventions,
and each intervention needs four weeks of progress monitoring and
documentation. PEPs should be started as soon as possible, but best
practice is by first progress report for any student NOT on grade level.
The PEP should include Level 1 and Level 2 interventions. The
teacher should schedule a meeting with parents to discuss
implementation of the PEP, allowing the parent opportunity to do
interventions at home, and obtain parent signature on the PEP.
Preparing for Student Services Team Meeting:
If after completing previous steps, data determines that further support
is needed, contact Mrs. Wester (alexiswester@ccs.k12.nc.us) and
submit completed packet (See checklist).
When the School Counselor receives the aforementioned items, the
student will be placed on the SST schedule on a first come, first
served basis.
You will receive an invitation approximately 1 week prior to the
scheduled meeting.
The parents will receive an invitation through the mail.
If you have suspicion that a child may need testing, do not wait! It is a lengthy
process that can take the entire school year. If at all possible, complete the referral
prior to the end of the first 9 weeks. It is better to begin and not need the service than
to wait and see and then it is too late. The SST process is preventative, not