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Present Address: C/0: Hasina Chowdhury, B-4 Sonali Bank Colony, Motijil, Dhaka-1000
Contact Number: +8801674817735


Looking forward to working in a challenging, target intensive environment where I can

implement my acquired highest technical skills and knowledge in perspective Mechanical
Engineering fields. My vision is to maximize the output with diligently and regularity and
achieve organizations goals as well as to build up a successful career by creating mutual


PRAN-RFL Group (Asst. Manager (Operation), 23/10/2013-06/11/2014)

1. Supervise production activities to ensure that manufactured products meet or exceed
the quality.
2. Requirements including product integrity and production order documentation.
3. Assures product quality, optimum utilization of men/machine & materials.

Runner Motors Ltd. (Sr. Executive (Service), 15/11/2014-09/03/2016)

1. Working as a team leader of a quick service team.
2. Arrange proper training for peoples working within the service centers; follow up the
progress after training.
3. Monitor proper tools utilization by the mechanics, Support admin section in auditing the
tools according to time schedule.
4. Ensure spares supply under FIXED VARIABLES policy as well as maintain regular payment
(weekly) from service/ dealer end so that the transaction continues without interruption.
Send the sales lost information to procurement team every 15 days.
5. Monitor SMS based free service and provide necessary feedback to concerned people
nextSPACES] Limited (Sr. Asst. Engr. (Maintenance), Continuing..

1. Supervise, monitor and control the subordinates of maintenance team.

2. Commissioning, receiving and setup new machine at job location.
3. Troubleshooting equipments in major repair and decision making for further development.
4. Timely claim warranty, repair and maintenance of all equipment & machines from Suppliers.
5. Ordering the spare parts and materials to foreign and local.
6. To take care of all the tools & equipment of maintenance team.
7. Arrange and give training on new products to mechanics and operators.
8. Playing a major roll during shifting of machines from project to project.

Examination Institution Passing Result

Bachelor of Science Khulna University of 2013 CGPA : 3.29

(B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering & Technology Out of 4.00
Engineering(ME) (KUET)

Higher secondary School Rajbari Govt. College, Rajbari 2008 GPA : 5.00
Certificate (HSC) Out of 5.00

Rajbari Govt. High School,

Secondary School Rajbari 2006 GPA : 4.50
Certificate(SSC) Out of 5.00
Curriculum Vitae
RESEARCH & Publication

Undergraduate Thesis Design and Construction of a Cross Flow Heat

Exchangerunder supervision of Dr. Nawsher Ali Moral Professor, Dept. of
Mechanical, Engineering, KUET.
Design Construction and Performance Test of a Cross flow Heat Exchanger,
Proceedings of the 15th Annual Paper Meet 2013 (15th APM -2013) organized by
Mechanical Engineering Division(MED), Paper ID-APM-HT-04, 07-08 February, 2014,
IEB, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Computational and programming language- C programming, FORTRAN.


Expert in Microsoft (Having a training on Advanced Excel)


Good command in reading and writing both Bengali and English.

Undergraduate language of instruction was English.


Successfully arranged piyal-smrity cricket tournament.

Manager as well as captain in several tournaments.

Working as a team member of cricket football and hall committee.

Participated in Auto CAD based development program arranged by CADers.

Curriculum Vitae


Father's Name : Late Md. Jamal Uddin Bhuyan

Mother's Name : Khodeza Jamal
Date of Birth : June 22, 1991
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Religion : Islam
Permanent Address : 185/B Kazi Hedayet Road, Shajjan Kanda, Rajbari.


Dr. Mohammad Mashud Dr. Tarapada Bhowmick

Professor Professor
Department of mechanical Engineering Department of mechanical Engineering
Khulna University of Engineering and Khulna University of Engineering and
Technology (KUET). Technology (KUET).
Khulna-9203 Khulna-9203.
Email: mdmashud@me.kuet.ac.bd Phone No.:01714087351
Phone No.: +8801713255226 E-Mail: drtpb@me.kuet.ac.bd

I, the undersigned certify that, according to my knowledge and belief, this C.V. correctly
describes my qualifications & myself.


(MD. Fazla Rabbi)