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Metropolitan State University

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Metropolitan State University 2

Metropolitan State University

The Metropolitan State University provides low fee charges to students. They ensure the

students are supplied with high quality education and accomodation services at affordable prices

as well as providing high ethical standards. The organization is capable of reducing the cost of

production through minimizing the number of staff. The organizations are also capable of cutting

down the marketing expenses thus operating at high profit margins (Kleindorfer, Singhal, &

Wassenhove, 2005).

Metropolitan State University Strategy

1. Use of customer service in different university branches as well as promotion of distance

learning international program has boosted their business operations (Kleindorfer,

Singhal, & Wassenhove, 2005).

2. Use of economical marketing strategies such as customer word of mouth and networked

marketing through social media has boosted their increased clients that promote their

products and services (Kleindorfer, Singhal, & Wassenhove, 2005).

3. The company adheres to highest ethical practices by strictly ensuring it has enforced

effective innovation in areas that favor maintenance of environment and human rights. It

ensures well installation of natural lightings with well structured heating, ventilation, and

air conditioning (Kleindorfer, Singhal, & Wassenhove, 2005).

Metropolitan State University has best Measure of performance which includes

Metropolitan State University 3

1. Through tracking the progress of growth and developing through expanding operations in

the states.
2. Checking and monitoring annual revenue generation and comparing it with previous

3. Determining the potential of maintaining customers through maintaining huge profit

margins, reduced prices as well as maintaining higher standards of environmental and

labor standards compared to competitors

Criteria used to evaluate their performance

Metropolitan State University has designed and defined new methods for competing with

competitors as well and defining mechanisms for monitoring employees closely. Metropolitan

State University organization is ensuring full exploitation of contributions from community and

environment (Kleindorfer, Singhal, & Wassenhove, 2005).

Metropolitan State University has established laws and standards that should be observed

when dealing with international students from different countries. They enforce friendly relations

in learning to protect clients and foreign students from very poor quality education (Matsushita,

Schoenbaum, & Mavroidis, 2006).

Impact of a firm Compared to others

Metropolitan State University has dominated the market using their competitive

advantages. The smaller institutions face problems in defining methods of advertising their

services as well as operations that can be applied in securing their popularity and identity.

Metropolitan State University has used that advantage as a strategy for dominating the market in

offering quality education trends. They are usually best in using marketing opportunities

(Matsushita, Schoenbaum, & Mavroidis, 2006).

Metropolitan State University 4

The most effective competitive strategy Metropolitan State University has used is the use

of well establishment and favorable trade rules. The standards for delivering services and

products are clearly and specifically defined to ensure that all countries fairly participate getting

Metropolitan State University education services (Matsushita, Schoenbaum, & Mavroidis, 2006).


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