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This kit is designed for use with the Holley – Screamin’ Eagle two barrel carburetor kit (P/N 27970-00, 27973-00, 28009-00, and
28011-00). This kit contains a selection of main metering jets and transfer feed restrictions to help tune the carburetor to your

See Service Parts Illustration and list at the end of this sheet for kit contents.

For removal procedure refer to your installation instruction sheet. Reverse this process with the exception of removing the air
cleaner bracket and breather manifold assembly. It is not necessary to remove these parts for carburetor removal.

With the carburetor removed from the engine, remove cotter pin (#16) from the accelerator pump rod and remove the rod from
the accelerator pump cover lever (#9). Remove the four fuel bowl screws (#11) from the fuel bowl (#15). Remove the fuel bowl
from the metering block (#39). Dispose of the fuel from the fuel bowl into an appropriate container, taking care not to lose the
accelerator pump check needle (#49) from the accelerator pump passage. The needle is located in the interior passage of the
fuel bowl. Remove the metering block from the mainbody. The main metering jets (#’s 42 & 43) are at the end of the jet
extension tubes (#41) located in the metering block. The transfer feed restrictions (#’s 51 & 52) are located in the main body.

The Holley/Screamin’ Eagle two barrel carburetor, as shipped, is a general calibration for use on EVO and Twin Cam
applications, using the supplied air cleaner assembly and high performance exhaust system. It can be calibrated to work with
other high performance parts, such as camshafts, high flow cylinder heads, higher compression pistons, etc., using the same

NOTE: All carburetor tuning should be performed with the engine at normal operating temperatures.

NOTE: Before performing any jetting changes, ensure that the carburetor and manifold are installed correctly and that
there are no intake leaks.

Engines running lean will exhibit conditions, such as engine spitting back through the carburetor and hesitations upon
Engines running rich will exhibit sluggish acceleration, black smoke on acceleration, and decreased fuel economy.

If the engine exhibits either a lean or rich condition at idle or up to 3/8 throttle opening, adjusting the idle mixture screws (IMS)
may correct the condition without having to change transfer feed restrictions. There is an IMS for each bore on the carburetor,
located at the front and rear of the metering block. The IMS is a fuel flow adjuster for idle and part throttle load ranges. Turning
the IMS in (clockwise) leans the carburetor and turning it out (counterclockwise) enriches the carburetor.

If the idle mixture requires adjustment, start at the initial setting of one turn out and the idle speed at 1000 rpm. Then turn both
IMS ¼ turn at a time, (in for leaner adjustment, out for richer adjustment). After each adjustment reset the idle speed back to
1000 rpm and check the engine for improvements to its running operation.

The normal range for the IMS is ½ to 3 turns out. If your engine runs best at 3 turns, you may want to change to the larger (#24)
transfer feed restrictions. If your engine runs best at ½ turn out you may want to change the smaller (#21) transfer feed
restrictions. Repeat the idle set procedure after changing transfer feed restrictions.

After performing the idle set procedure described above and a hesitation off idle still exists, it may be necessary to change the
accelerator pump discharge nozzle (#35) with the one supplied in this tuning kit.

If your engine runs well at the idle and part throttle ranges stated above, but exhibits rich or lean conditions above those driving
ranges, it may be necessary to change the main metering jets (MMJ). A set of #58 and #62 MMJ were included in the original
carburetor kit. In the tuning kit #56 (leaner) and #’s 64,66,68,and 70 (richer) are included. For jets richer than #70, see an
authorized Holley dealer.

1 Fuel Inlet Lock Screw 34-7
2* Fuel Inlet Lock Screw Gasket 29708-00
3 Fuel Inlet Seat Adjusting Nut 34-7
4* Fuel Inlet Adjustment Nut Gasket 29690-00
5* Fuel Inlet Needle & Seat Assembly 29709-00
6* Plug Gasket 29689-00
7 Fuel Drain Plug 26-85
8* Accelerator Pump Diaphragm 29712-00
9 Accelerator Pump Cover Assembly
10 #8-32 Screw x 5/8” (4) 1005-370
11 Fuel Bowl Screw (4) 26-135
12*** Fuel Bowl Screw Gasket (4) 29683-00
13 Diaphragm Return Spring
14 * Accelerator Pump Check Valve 29710-00
15 Fuel Bowl 134-271 Satin
134-272 Polished
16 *** Cotter Pin 29682-00
17 Accelerator Pump Rod Assembly
18 Accelerator Pump Spring Bushing (3)
19 Accelerator Pump Spring
20 #8-32 x ½” SS SHC Screw
21 * E-Ring (2) 29729-00
22 Pump Cam
23 Lock Nut
24 Upper Accelerator Pump Lever
25 Lever Stud
26 Cable Guide Bracket 20-117
27 #10-32 x ½” SS SHC Screw
28 Idle Adjustment Screw Spring
29 Idle Adjustment Screw
30 High Speed Air Bleed (2)
31 Idle Air Bleed (2)
32*** Screw Gasket 29687-00
33** Pump Discharge Nozzle (#16 Stock) See Tuners Kit
34 *** Pump Discharge Nozzle Gasket 29686-00
35 Pump Discharge Nozzle Screw
36 *** Metering Block Gasket 29685-00
37 Metering Block 134-273 Satin
134-274 Polished
38 Idle Needle (2) 26-136
39 * O-Ring (2) 29688-00
40 Main Jet Extension (2) 122-5001
41 ** Main Jet (2) (#60 Stock) See Tuners Kit
42 *** Fuel Bowl Gasket 29684-00
43 #8-32 Screw x 3/8” (2)
44 #8 Plain Washer (2)
45 Float Assembly 116-12
46 Float Pivot Shaft
47 Pump Discharge Needle Valve
48 ** Transfer Feed (2) (#22 Stock) See Tuners Kit
49 Idle Feed (2)
* Gasket, Carburetor to Manifold Not Illustrated 27972-00
* Gasket, Back Plate to Carburetor Not Illustrated 29676-00

Items marked with asterisk (*) and in bold are included in the rebuild kit (P/N 29680-00).
Items Marked with double asterisk (**) and in bold are included in the Tuners Kit (P/N 29681-00).
Items marked with triple asterisk (***) and in bold are included in both the Tuners Kit and the Rebuild Kit.

Part numbers in the “Holley Part Number” column are available separately from your local authorized Holley dealer.
Part numbers listed in the “Harley Part Number” column are available separately from your local authorized Harley-
Davidson Dealer.

33 Pump Discharge Nozzle (#18) 29727-00

41 Main Jet
QTY 2 - #56 *122-XX 29730-00
QTY 2 - #64 29734-00
QTY 2 - #66 29735-00
QTY 2 - #68 29736-00
QTY 2 - #70 29737-00

48 Transfer Feed Restriction

QTY 2 - #21 29720-00
QTY 2 - #24 29722-00

*Additional Holley Main Jet sizes can be purchased at your local Holley dealer using the prefix 122- with the size of the
main jet number to follow. Example 122-72, for a jet richer than the #70 in the Tuners Kit and 122-54, for a leaner jet
than the #56 in the Tuners Kit.

Part numbers in the “Holley Part Number” column are available separately from your local authorized Holley dealer.
Part numbers listed in the “Harley Part Number” column are available separately from your local authorized Harley-
Davidson Dealer.

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Date: 3-14-00 Holley

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