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Under the new fire arms law regardless of the classification of the firearm, MTC has no more jurisdiction

because all the penalties are more than 6 years- RTC na

One degree higher if the firearm is:

1. loaded with ammo or magazine
2. fitted with laser or gadget used to guide the shooter to hit the target
3. fitted with sniper scopes, firearm muffler, or firearm silencer
4. accompanied with extra barrel
5. converted to be capable of firing full automatic bursts

(if more than one, penalty will also go higher, even as high as reclusion perpetua)

Aggravating when inherent in the commission of ANY crime; no separate info for the possession of loose
firearm. Meaning only one case but ang firearm kay taken into consideration as aggravating

If penalty for the other crime is lower, the penalty for illegal possession of firearm shall be imposed in
lieu of the penalty for the crime charged. For example grave threats or illegal discharge or alarms and
scandals all with the use of firearms, mao ang case na ifile pero ang penalty kay sa loose firearms kay
mas higher man. or kung gun bun plus loose firearm kay file only one because when the loose firearm is
inherent in the commission of another crime then ang firearm kay merely aggravating. Penalty will
depend which of the two crimes carries a heavier penalty.

If penalty for other crime is the same, the penalty of prision mayor in its minimum period shall be
imposed in addition to the penalty for the crime. so kung prision mayor na ang punishment sa other
crime nya prision mayor man jud pirmi sa firearms so ang punishment kay prision mayor plus prision

If the violation of this act is in furtherance of, or incident to, or in connection with the crime of rebellion
or insurrection, or attempted coup detat, such violation shall be absorbed as an element of the crime of
rebellion or insurrection, or attempted coup detat

If the crime is committed by the person without using the loose firearm, the violation of this Act shall be
considered as a distinct and separate offense

If neither absorbed nor aggravated- filed separately (two separate crimes)

Lahi pa tung registration to carry, license to possess sa firearm, and permit to carry outside, so kailangan
ug 3 kabuok. No permit to carry = prision correctional and 10,000

Imitation firearm is not strictly speaking covered by this law kay about ra ni loose firearm. You cannot be
held liable for illegal possession of lighter na murag firearm or kanang murag firearm na di mu buto.
Firearm must be capable of ejecting a projectile from the burning of gun powder
However, this law makes it clear na bisag fake or imitation na but is used in the commission of a crime,
ma considered na siya a real firearm and therefore may either be absorbed or aggravated

Injuries caused on the occasion of the conduct of competition, sports, games, or any recreation activities
involving imitation firearm shall not be punished