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FEBRUARY 29 child prostitution, child abuse, white slave

trade, etc. There can be as many charges as the

[Read mo sa mga ppt na gi post guyssss kay mao
crimes committed. In terms of service of
ra ni ang gipang ingun ra ni maam and other
sentence, kung pwede simultaneously, edi
important stuff]
simultaneously like fine ug imprisonment. But if
dili, kay successive ang punishments like
imprisonment and desierto- serve the
DISINI VS SOJ imprisonment first so if naka gawas na kas
Why cant a person be charged for libel if he prisohan, di gihapun ka kaulis inyo haha.
had already been charged with cyber-libel or
child pornography if cybercrime.
PP vs Casio
Reason: in the cybercrime law, the crime of
child pornography was not defined- only made - the case that happened here in Cebu.
reference. It only mentioned that if child Trafficking of minors- qualified trafficking.
pornography was committed by the use of
computers or internet, then this law can apply.
Wa siyay iyang kaugalingon definition. Photo and video voyeurism
Essentially the same crime. same goes with
- does not necessarily involve the internet or a
libel. Same ra man elements pud. You have to
choose only one. Same is true with 7610(child
abuse) and rape. If you look at 7610, it did not 2 acts:
define rape kay same definition ra sa rape
under RPC. 1.) act of taking a photo or video coverage of a
person or group of persons performing sexual
Sa pagkaron, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND LIBEL acts or any similar activities or capturing an
LANG SAH ANG NAAY JEOPARDY. Unya na ang image of the private area without consent and
judgment sa SC sa uban once an actual case is when the person has a reasonable expectation
decided. of privacy
There should only be an increase in the penalty
of the cybercrime law if the use of the
computer is specifically sought Sa taking- no particular form of consent
pwede verbal like sa katung ka katrina halili, ni
Anti-trafficking in Persons (RA 9208, as tanaw shas cam, consent need not be in writing,
amended by RA 10364) pwede implied. (
PP vs Lalli Should be under circumstances in which the
person expected privacy- like if sa public beach
- katung case na gi bring ang girl sa Malaysia to
kung mag sex mo nya it was found on youtube-
work as a restaurant entertainer unta pero it
no violation of this law, no reasonable
turned out na prostitution den diay tung
expectation of privacy unlike if mag hubo kas
imong kwarto nya kwaan kag picture
- NO double jeopardy between Illegal
recruitment and anti-trafficking kay different
elements. Same goes with anti- trafficking as to
2.) selling, copying, producing, sharing,
distributing, etc. through DVD, cd, cellphone

-consent must be in writing

Sa case ni katrina, there would still be a crime

kay wa may written consent sa kaning number 2
(selling, distribution, etc) ang ma validate ra sa
implied consent ang taking