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Kenny Collishaw

Middle Creek High School
Social Studies: Room 212

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Psychology/Sociology at Middle Creek High School! Psych/Sociology is a Social

Studies elective course and will prepare students for upper level Social Studies courses. By working
together, we can ensure that psychology/sociology is a positive LEARNING experience for all. Class
activities will be varied and material will be presented in several forms, so that each student will have
a chance to build his/her own understanding of world events today through synthesis of the past.

In order to maximize learning, my expectations of students are as follows:

Follow all school rules, policies, and Bring necessary materials to class.
procedures. Actively participate in class and
Always respect others, their opinions, complete all assignments.
and their property. Think, hard!
Be polite and positive. Form an opinion of your own.
Tell the truth. Ask for help whenever you need it.

To ensure success for each student, my expectations of parents/guardians are as follows:

Ask the student daily about assignments and what he/she is learning in Psychology/Sociology.
Communicate with the teacher about the students needs.
Check PowerSchools weekly to stay up to date on students progress.
Review, sign, and return progress reports when they are given.

From me, you can expect:

Adherence to all WCPSS and MCHS policies and procedures.
Respect, politeness, honesty, optimism, and fair-treatment.
Concern for students well-being, academic and otherwise.
Prompt and adequate feedback and communication on students progress in the course.
Enthusiasm for Social Studies.

For this class you will need the following materials:

3 ring binder (1.5 recommended) Notebook Paper
Dividers (8) Colored Pencils, Pens, & Highlighter

Course material (all notes, assignments, and handouts for this class) should be kept in the
students folder dated and in chronological order. Folders will be checked periodically for
completeness and organization.

Units of Study:
Unit 1: Introduction and Biopsychology
Unit 2: Cognitive and Developmental Psychology
Unit 3: Differences
Unit 4: Social Psychology
Unit 5: Introduction to Sociology and Cultural Diversity
Unit 6: Socialization, Conformity, Deviance
Unit 7: Inequality and Stratification
Unit 8: Social Change

The percentage system and the grading scale are as follows:

Course Grade: 90-100-A
Tests/Projects: 45% 80-89-B
Quizzes: 30% 70-79-C
Classwork: 25% 60-69-D
Total 100% Below a 60-F

Grading Policy:
We will have classwork most days. Anything not completed in class will need to be completed at
home. Assignments will be checked the next day for completion.

Instead of tests, you will have a project for each unit as your summative assessment. This is your
opportunity to prove to me that you have mastered the content of this unit. This is subject to change
depending on classroom engagement and quality of projects submitted.

Quizzes: There will be 1-2 quizzes for each unit. Typically, these quizzes will be in multiple choice/fill
in the blank format and will be used to check in and make sure you are grasping the content.

Technology can be an excellent tool in education, when it is used responsibly. If your use of
technology becomes a distraction to you, or to those around you, I will remove the distraction.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions, comments, or concerns at any time. Email

(kcollishaw@wcpss.net) is the fastest way to reach me, but please also feel free to call me at school
(773-3838) and leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Mr. Collishaw

******************************FILL OUT AND RETURN BY FRIDAY 8/31******************************

I have extremely high expectations for this course and expect every student to live up to these and
strive to do their very best for the whole semester. If any students or parents have a question about
course material or progress, please email me at kcollishaw@wcpss.net. I welcome any parent contacts
and look forward to working with each student meet the course objectives and goals.

Student Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Guardian Name:_______________________________________________________________________


Students and guardians - is there anything I need to know about you (or your student) to help you
be successful in my classroom?

Classroom Wish list

Parents, if you are able to donate any of the following, they would be put to great use!
-Tissues -Notebook Paper
-Colored pencils -Hand sanitizer
-Pens/pencils -Clorox Wipes
-Whiteboard Markers

After reading the course syllabus, please sign below, indicating that you have read and understand
the syllabus: