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Please review my resume in consideration for the position you have available.

As you can see by my

resume, I have a very diverse background. I have worked in manufacturing, R&D and quality
environments and have functioned well in all of them. The main advantage my background brings is that I
do not look at things from only one perspective.

My greatest strengths and talents are ones that cannot be taught. I am dedicated and have a strong work
ethic. I have excellent communications skills with all people.

I have experience with:

New plant start-up

Departmental start-up
QMS implementation
5S implementation
Process gap analysis
5 Whys
Ishikawa fishbone diagrams
Pareto analysis
Process development
Product development
Process transfer from one plant to another plant within the same company
Customer interaction
Process and equipment transfer from competitive acquisition
Plant recovery from a natural disaster (Hurricane Floyd)

With the background, experience and skills that I have, I feel that I can be an asset to any company.

Please contact me at your convenience should you need more information or would like to discuss current
or future openings that you may have.

Thank you in advance for your time, effort and consideration of this inquiry. I look forward to speaking with
you when the opportunity presents itself.

Steve Pruitt