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STT Unit Notes
1 cleaning the street with a broom ( broom: ci chi)
conduct a phone conversation : ni chuyn in thoi
at the water's edge: mp nc
2 One of the women is having her legs crossed ( have one's legs
crossed: bt cho chn)
along the fence: dc theo hng ro
line up in a row: xp thnh mt hng
water fountain: vi nc
the men are briefing their colleagues (gii thch cho ng nghip)
3 The carts are stacked neatly (stack: xp thnh cm/ng; neatly
(adv): gn gng)
There are arches over both doors (arch: vm, mi vm)
The driveway is being paved (pave: lt)
there is a fire hydrant next to the curb ( fire hydrant: vi rng,
curb: mp ng)
there are no pedestrians on the sidewalk (pedestrian: ngi i
4 people are shoveling the snow ( shovel: xc (tuyt)
There is a big pile of snow in front of the building. ( pile: ng)
The trees have lost their leaves.
6 downtown : trung tm thnh ph
aisle seat: gh ngi cnh li i
when is the proposal due? ( khi no k hoch n hn)
I prefer the patterned wallpaper ( giy hoa vn)
8 sign the contract: k hp ng
contractor: nh thu
decline our offer: t chi li ngh
would you like me to mop the floor or just clean the tables? ( mop
the floor: lau sn)
10 in the lobby: hnh lang

12 a proof of purchase: bng chng mua hng

employee lounge: phng ngh dnh cho nhn vin
gourmet sirloin: tht thn b ngon, cht lng
get the check: ly ha n
14 during regular hours: trong gi lm vic

15 a fort: pho i
cosmestics industry: ngnh m phm
remarkably: mt cch ng ch
a round of applause: mt trng v tay

STT Unit Notes

1 accept responsibilities for: nhn trch nhim v
2 orderly (a): theo th t
out of order: b h hng
deliver a speech: pht biu
raise questions: t cu hi.
3 meet one's needs: p ng nhu cu
pay the rent: thanh ton tin thu
4 Construction on the road is on schedule ( construction: vic thi
cng; on schedule: ng k hoch.
you have to present your identification ( : xut trnh chng minh
5 defective products: sn phm xu, km
Fair (n): hi ch
6 Hold a press conference: t chc mt cuc hp bo
Deposit: (v) t cc, (n) tin t cc.
a leave of absence : vng mt c php
There will be an orientation for new employees tomorrow morning
( orientation: t tp hun)
The economy will recover from the recession next year ( recession:
tnh trng kinh t m)
blueprint for the office building (blueprint: bn thit k)

7 Considerable (a): ng k ( considerable efforts: n lc to ln; take

into consideration: xem xt vic g)
Promotion (n): s khuyn mi ( announce the promotion: cng b
t khuyn mi)
We will conduct a thorough inspection of the facility (thorough: k
lng, trit ; facility: thit b)
Comprehensive review: xem li ton din
8 originally (adv): trc tin; original (a): nguyn gc, origin (n): gc
closely (adv): mt cch k cng.
raise the subscription rates ( tng t l t mua di hn)
9 once (conj): khi; unless (conj): tr phi
be on a business trip: ang i cng tc
patron (n): khch quen
suspend (v): hon, nh ch.
Mr. Jim succeeded in his business because of his diligent efforts (
diligent (a):chm ch, cn c)
10 written notification: thng bo bng vn bn
terminate an agreement: chm dt hp ng
Decline invitation: t chi li mi
Conduct an extensive search: thc hin cuc tm kim m rng
11 federal law: lut lin bang
fire extinguisher : bnh cha chy
reimbursement: bi thng
13 Cu hi thng gp:
+) V ngi gi:
Who sent this e-mail?
Who wrote this letter?
+) V ngi nhn:
Who is this letter intended for?
Whom is the e-mail intended?
+) Mc ch vit th:
What is the purpose of this e-mail?
Why was this letter written?
Why was this letter sent to Ms.Kim?
What is the main purpose of this letter?
14 T vng
after-sales: hu mi
job description: m t cng vic
qualifications: trnh chuyn mn
supervisory (a): gim st
help wanted: tuyn dng ( = job advertisement)
job openings: c hi ngh nghip (= job postings)
seek/look for/ recruit: tm/tuyn dng
Cu hi thng gp
+) i tng c qung co:
What is being advertised?
What is this advertisement for?
+) V chng trnh gim gi:
What is being offered?
+) V v tr tuyn dng hay thng tin cng ty:
Where is the main office of the company?
In what department is the advertised position?
+) Qung co tuyn dng: cu hi v trnh chuyn mn
What is required for the position?
What is a requirement for the position?
15 T vng
regarding: v, v vic
memo (memorandum): th bo
work from home: lm vic ti nh
enroll ( = register): ghi danh
Cu hi thng gp:
+) V mc ch thng bo:
What is the purpose of the notice?
+) V ch v i tng thng bo:
Who issued the notice?
To whom is this notice intended?
+) V mc ch th bo
What is this memo about?
What is the purpose of this memo?
+) V thng tin ngi gi v ngi nhn th bo:
For whom is this memo intended?
Who wrote this memo?