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Emmanuel System Collage of Bulacan Inc.

Sto. Cristo Pulilan,Bulacan

Healthyness of Students

Concept Paper
Proposal by:
Cruz, Erica P.
Cruz, Winbert
Gonzales, Jeff Joshua D.
Peralta, Paul Jhon U.
Reyteran, Emmie C.

Proposed to:
Mrs. Yolanda B. Santos

August 29, 2017
Table Of Contents

I. Cover Page 1

II. Title Page 2

III. Table of Contents 3

IV. State of purpose 4

V. Background of the Proposal 5

VI. Benefit of the Proposal 6

VII. Project Cost 7

VIII. Conclusin/Reccomendation 8

IX. Appendices 9

X. Bibliography 10
Statement of Purpose

Why is health and safety in schools important? Simple accident, such as

slips or trips might seem a trivial part of the day to day hostle and bustle of
school life, but they are capable of causing serious injuries and worse. In one
accident recorded or the HSE website a school dining room as a result she
broke her leg and later died due to a blood cut.

From the minor ailment to the more serious injury a first aid kits can
help reduce the risk of infection first aid kit should include items like how to
treat certain condition and also explain with each item n the first aid kit
treats and how it is used to treat that ailment.

The importance of first aid at its most basic, first aid is the initial
assistance given to a victim of injury or illness. Comprised of relative simple
technique that can be performed with rudimentar equipment, first aid is
usually carried out by a layperson until professional medical assistance
arrives looking at first aid specially should a member of staff a pupil or a
visitor baecome unconscious. It will take an average of eight minutes
following an emergency call by having someone feels confident enough to
use them emergency first aid be implemented immediately, potentially
saving a life.
Background of the Proposal

As we go along wirh difeerent activities, we are prone to experience

different occurness that are usually we don't expect to happen. We cannot
assure the safety of the everyone for we don't know where will accidents
come yo place thats why being prepared is really accessible in case of the
injuries and emergencies. However we have observed that our school doesn't
have any first aid kit yet. Even through we have a clinic we prefer to choose
this our topic to make our school at least ready for an injury or emergencies
for the safe of the students and teachers to ensure their health and safety. We
are palnning to ask the help of every president in section to make our
proposal possible. We will sk the student's cooperation to atleast give a
small amount of their contibution for them to have a first aid kit in clinic.
This first aid kit is includes the complete items/tools in first aid kit.
Benefits of the Proposal

Having a first aid kit can make response to injuries or emergencies more
efficient and pront hence lessing the severity of it because first aid kit is the
immediate care given to a person who has been injured or suddenly become
ill. It is much better if each section will have it so that they will not find it
difficulty to ask of they will be needing it because they have their own first
aid kit. It can be used any time when the students injured in sports suffer
them it while doing physical activities like
sprains,strains,joint,injuries,dislocation of bone. Further more it can also be
used in minor cuts,beerns slipping and falling case the TVL students
accidentally suffer from it while cooking ang baking. Moreover a simple
head ache,stomach ache,fever,cough and colds can also be prevented.
Project Cost

Medicines 200
Elastic Bandage 80
Antiseptic Wipes 45
Soap 50
Antibiotic Ointment 50
Safety Pins 20
Ethyl Alcohol 100
Betadine 80
Band Aid 50
Cotton 50

Total= 470

Therefore the goal of our proposal is to make our school prepared for
giving an immediate car for every student in terms of emergencies and
injuries, By means of having a first aid kit it can alleviate sufferings, prevent
further injuries or danger that the students might experience so that can
atleast ensure their healthy and safety.