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MW issues and resolutions

1) Error related to Logical system in SMQ2 of CRM.

Resolution: SAP Note 765018 - Problems with logical system during data exchange

Quick Resolution: Entry from the table CRMMLSGUID in CRM needs to be deleted and queue should be
processed again.

2) Customer Mapping issues in Sales order view in Web UI

Below screenshot from CRMM_BUPA_MAP transaction confirms that partner is not in CRM.

Go to transaction R3AR2 in CRM, and define the request as follows.

Execute report Z_CHECK_BP_GUID in CRM to align customer GUIDs in ECC table (CRMKUNNR) and
CRM table (CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO). (reference to OSS Note 609766)
Go to transaction R3AR4 and execute the Request as below.
Clicking on Execute button displays the below screen.

Now monitor the request status in transaction R3AR3.

Click on Execute to find the status of the request.

If still replication did not happen, check the BDOC in SMW01 transaction.
Navigate to SMW01 and select button as shown below and click on Execute icon.

You can see that there is an erroneous BDOC.

Select the line and click on RED lower triangle to view the error messages.

System displays the error log as highlighted. Please correct these errors in ECC system and initiate the
request load in CRM as explained above.
Now, Go to XD02 transaction in ECC system and check the Authroization Group field.

As explained in the error message, ECC sytem has value NN and this has failed the Validation in CRM system.

You can find the available options in CRM system by navigating to BP transaction and checking the
Authorization group field.
Therefore, maintain one of the above values in ECC system Customer Master to replicate the BP
successfully to CRM.

Processing Queues Automatically

RSQOWKEX and RSQIWKEX are the programs that can help you in case of processing queues with large

RSQIWKEX -- automatically resets the inbound queues.

RSQOWKEX -- automatically resets the outbound queues