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1. Tim : What do you think about the film?

Amy : ... . The ending is too obvious.

A. It's amazing B. It's confusing
C. It's surprising D. It's disappointing

2. Adhi : I'm very tired of having non- stop walking for an hour. I feel thirsty.
Dhina : ...
Adhi : That's very kind of you.
A. Can you give me a bottle of milk? B. Would you like to have some cakes?
C. Would you like some mineral water? D. Do you want to have some cake?

3. Teacher : What is your plan for this coming year?

Student : ..., sir.
Teacher : Then, you must work hard and prepare yourself right away.
A. I'm thinking about getting a job B. I'm confused what I'll do
C. I'll visit my grandmother D. I'll prepare it next year

4. Beny : Where did you go on your last holiday?

Yany : ...
Beny : Yeah. It was a great place.
A. I have a great holiday B. I went to Pindul cave
C. We were very happy there D. We are going to Maninjau lake.

5. Reza : Hmmm. It's almost 12 a.m now.

Anwar : ...?
Reza : No, thanks. I dislike eating meat quite much.
A. What would you like to have for lunch B. Would you like some steak for lunch
C. Why don't we eat at the restaurant D. Could you bring something to eat

6. Joanna : How do you spend your weekend?

Winda : .... because I do not have enough time to do household in week days.
A. I like listening to music B. I prefer lying on the bed
C. I'd rather do the laundry and cook D. I would rather have fun with my friend

7. Andre : It's hard to learn this new software.

Dodi : Don't say that. It just need practice. If you practice it more, ...
A. You will understand the program B. You would be able to create the program
C. You wouldn't use the program anymore D. You could explain the program to others

8. Daniel : This place is too noisy. I need to find a quiet one to do my work.
Sinta : ... You can also find many references there.
A. You could go to the street over there B. You shouldn't turn on the radio
C. Why don't you turn on the computer? D. How about the library?

9. Dudi : Who finished the project?

Harve : Citra did. Last night, ...
A. she worked over time B. she finishes it on time
C. she hasn't started it yet D. she will do it

10. Joko : I didn't see Annisa in her class. Where is she now?
Badra : ... It has to be submitted tomorrow
A. She is finishing her accounting assignment in the library
B. She's gone hiking to Mount Salak with her classmates.
C. She was attending the meeting of students association
D. She is operating the new photocopy machine
11. Santy : Hello, what are you doing here?
Decka : I 'm waiting for Andin.
Santy : Im sorry for not calling you last night. I go bed early.
Decka : _______________ .
Santy : Thank you for your understanding.
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is
A. Please, forgive me B. Any time
C. Youre welcome D. That's all right

12. Librarian: Your library card, please?

Student: Oops _____________ I forgot to bring it.
Librarian: So, you can't borrow this book.
The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is
A. I'm sorry B. I'm sad
C. With my pleasure D. That's OK

13. The underlined word has similar meaning with ...

A. Berated B. Lend C.Return D. Collect

14. Guest : Im sorry to say this, I think the air conditioning doesnt work properly.
Customer service : Im sorry. Ill get someone to check it for you.
From the dialogue we know that
A. The guest is complaning about the bedroom service
B. The guest is complaining about the air conditioning
C. The guest is angry about the bad service
D. The guest is very disappointed about the situation

15. Awan : You look very happy, Dinda. What happened?

Dinda : Guess what? I got an A on my English test.
Awan : Sorry? Its very noisy here. I can hardly hear you.
Dinda : I said, I got an A on my English test.
Awan : Really? Thats fantastic.
a. What did you say? b. Is it important?
c. Can you believe it? d. How come?

16. Dimas : Would you accompany me to the internet ?

Bonar :
Dimas : Thanks. I really appreciate it.
a. Im disappointed b. Im not so sure
c. Sure d. Not at all

17. Boni : How was your trip to Nias?

Yudha : with it. I want to go there again next year.
a. Im very pleased b. Im really disappointed
c. Im very displeased d. Im very unsatisfied
18. Endang : Hoe was your visit to the museum ?
Ayu : It was closed when I got there about it.
Endang : Im sorry to hear that
a. Im satisfied b. Im happy
c. Im really content d. Im Very disappointed

19. Aspani : . We help reduce global warming?

Rini : I think we can help reduce global warming trough saving energy and
a. What do b. Why should c. How can d. When can

20. Aldo : I would stay away from drugs

Tius : Yes, I know. Ill stay away from it
a. I dont want to say that b. I wouldnt say
c. If I were you d. I dont think

Dr. Scott
The Chairman Of International Petroleum, Tbk.
Mrs. Scott Simpson

Cordially invite you to a Dinner Dance Party

At their Residence in Kelapa Gading
On Saturday, 3rd April at 9 p.m.

The party will start at ..

a. 6 p.m. b. 9 a.m. c. 7 p.m. d. 9 p.m.

22. The purpose of the text is to .

a. describe a dinner dance party b. invite someone to a dinner dance party
c. tell someone about s dinner dance party d. invite the chairman of international