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AIR (see also ELEMENTS) -

Lightness, the ability to be equally in the high peaks and depths of the val-
leys, and an ethereal subtlety are characteristic of the Air element. It im-
prints matter with a positive vibration of a masculine character which fa-
cilitates closeness to the supramental worlds. Since its vibratory energy is
similar to ether (see TER), Air is facilitates contact of life-forms with the
subtle planes.

Not all the nuances of Air have been revealed: only the next Race (Sixth)
ruled by lndra, the Lord of Air (see INDRA and RAA) will penetrate its most
profound arcana. The air qualifies the intuitive level, at which human awake
after planetary purification. Only then will previously unknown characteris-
tics of this element become perceptible to subtilized man.

During this period of transition, in which the Fifth Race approaches its desti-
ny, and the Sixth Race is being prepared, the Hierarchy works for the eleva-
tion of man. Human consciousness and life on Earth's surface receive intense
stimuli to open themselves to the future and transcend intellectuality.

The element of Air is connected to planes higher than the personality, which
aids transcendence in a special way. The possibility of the energy of will-
power (Ray 1) using the air element as a means of expression is little known
today; but great is its potential to act as the basis for the First Ray's work,
promoting the dislocation of forces and structures, even at the concrete
physical level. This is partly evident in hurricanes and other natural phenom-
ena which have intensified, of late.

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