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In its essence, the cube has unparalleled power of cohesion. The cube's static
equilibrium is expressed by its rectilinear patterns, which symbolize perfec-
tion in form: the square.

It evokes the quality of the Earth element. Currents of expansive life exit the
cube's center and bring forth volume, a three-dimensional space. However,
the currents of contraction move in the opposite direction, and in their equi-
libration, the cube's harmony is modified.

The Earth element, in its original purity, holds the possibility of concretizing
ideas and images from incorporeal impulses associated with the balance of
the two currents. The cube, which vibrates in the abstract worlds, is the fo-
cus for that equanimity (calm, composed).

Devas builders of the molds that define form in the manifested world
work with inner sound and with archetypal patterns (see DEVA). Thus, on the
abstract levels, devas interact with geometric figures and solids that express
the sound and patterns associated with their assigned task. Thus, in some
esoteric teachings, a certain class of deva is actually called a cube.

Reference for reading: Novo Orculos.

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