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How to make best use of

Well Barrier Schematics (WBS)

Can happen again!

However, the next disaster will not duplicate this one

The well integrity tool
that helps you to
select the optimal well barrier solution
Choose and compare from 250 available illustrations

clearly identify well barrier elements and envelopes

Validation and acceptance criteria, monitoring of parameters

communicate well barriers to stakeholders

Offshore team, service providers, authorities, partners, your boss

prepare well shut in sequence

How to regain control in the event of failure / leak

risk assess robustness of well barrier elements

Weak link? Degradation? What happens if it leaks?
The value of illustrations

Would you consider the

safeguarding of a process plant
without a P&ID?

Would you consider the safety of a

well and its well barriers without a
Well Barrier Schematic (WBS)?

... probably not!

Prepare a draft well illustration

Make a basic hand sketch of

your well
Show casing program
Show reservoirs relative to
casing depth
Show BOP/x-mas tree or
intervention equipment
Identify the barrier envelopes

Primary well barrier
The elements that are
directly exposed to the
formation pressure
Secondary well barrier
The elements that provide a
back-up to the primary
Define this envelope as the
ultimate defence, often with
shear seal rams closed
Find the appropriate WBS drawing

Enter the
webside and find the
appropriate drawing
250 configurations
Available as thumbnail
pictures on front page
New drawings are made
as part of the subscription
Prepare the WBS form

Chose type of form

Qualification planning
1. Chose form type
Monitoring during well activity
As built
Monitoring during well life
Well control action diagrams
Risk assessment (coming)
2. Add well specific
information Input well specific information
Field and well number
Verified by
Drawing annotation
Test pressure, etc
3. Annotate
illustration with Annotate
information like
casing depth
Export to your PC
Insert WBS in ...
Plans for
Drilling and well
and Operation

Final report Well handover


Communication Presentations

investigation Well data base
Planning purposes

Prepare a diagram with

details for planning
purposes, including all
associated WBEACs
Use the Barrier
qualification planning
form when you prepare
the procedures
Procedure attachment

This will make available

clear illustrations to all
Include in the procedure
the form that is most
Well control action
Document as built

The form should be part of

the handover
documentation to
operations specifying how
each installed barrier
element has been
May also be used for P&A
To be stored in well file
Define life time monitoring

The form should be part

of the handover
documentation to
operations specifying how
to monitor each installed
barrier element
The form should also
contain the frequent test
acceptance criteria
Define Well Control Actions (WCA)

In the event that the primary

barrier fail what do you do?
Discuss this plan with the
crews before the event
Particularily to be used for
new, unfamiliar og high risk
Include the plan in the
Plan field developments

Use the illustrations in

discussion when you
consider different solutions
Set casing above or in
Where to set top of cement?
Screens or cemented liner?
Plan well interventions

Use the illustrations to

show complex and
unfamiliar rig-up and
running scenarios
Define components that
are required
Think about the shut-in
Make these available in
the procedures
Plan P&A

Think ahead when you

plan the well, one day it will
have to be abandoned
Is the cement in place where
it should be?
Shallow and deep set plugs?
Is the formation strong
enough to contain the
maximum pressure?
What happens if the
elements in the primary
barrier fails?
Make risk assessment

Scrutinize each well barrier

Define failure mechanisms and
detection methods
Establlish probability and
consequences of failures
Define compensating measures (if
Define monitoring

Do you have a robust solution?

Basis for discussion
Use it to

show consequence of casing show P&A show complex

setting depth in drilling phase arrangements intervention arrangements
We give you
the tool to do all this
Allowing you to make
professional illustrations with
a minimum effort

so you can spend better

time on evaluating the actual
to stay calm

Photo by Heidi Runneks, Statoil