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COACHING 14.) 28.

16.) What load P which causes a
1.)687.55 deformation of 0.036in in a steel rack
2.) A car of mass 2000 slugs which has a cross-sectional area of 4in2
accelerates in 10 seconds from rest at a and length of 5ft? (72,000lb)
constant rate to a speed of 20 fps. What
is the resultant force on the car due to 17.) 10409
this acceleration? (4000) 18.) 10000
19.) 1.875
3.) A man weighs himself in an elevator 20.) 9656.85
is at rest he weighs 185 lbs; when the 21.) 1.22
elevator starts moving upwards, he 22.) A steel bar 24in in length is
weighs 210 lbs. How fast is the elevator subjected to a tensile impact load
accelerating, assuming constant caused by weight of 100lb having an
acceleration? (4.35 fps2) impact velocity of 140 fpm. Find the
stress in the bar if the diameter 1.5in
4.) Find the joules of work to pull a roller and the modulus of elasticity is
of a mass of 50kg in a distance of 8m up 30,000,000 psi (12,000psi)
a gradient inclined at 6 degrees to the
horizontal neglecting resistance. (410) 23.) 9333
24.) 4.87
5.)3.77 25.) Aluminum bolt 2cm in diameter and
6.) 43986 500cm long is used to hold a head of
7.) 0.773 pressure vessel. One bolt has sensitive
8.) An LRT II project steel railroads rails extensometer attached to the body of
of 10m long is to be installed. The the bolt. It measures an elongation of
lowest temperature considered is 20C 0.00400mm in a ten-cm length of the
and the maximum temperature is 36C bolt when it is tightened. How much
design for and the modulus of elasticity force the bolt produces (8670)
of the steel is 207,000 MPa. Determine
the clearance between the rails such 26.) A spherical shell 1.8 outside
that adjointing the rails to its maximum diameter and 1.725 inside diameter with
temperature. (1.86mm) a pressure of 10.4 MPa. What is the
stress in shell? (119.6MPa)
9.) 37.5 27.) 5000
10.) 1.875 28.) Pressurized water at 1.37 Mpa is
11.) 5.17 stored at a steel cylindrical tank of 1.4
12.) 36 x 10^6 meters in diameter. If the allowable
13.) 4.59
stress is 8.5 MPa find the thickness of force on each bolt? (ANS. F = 2356.2
the tank? Ans. 123.59 mm lbf.)

29.) A thin walled cylinder with internal 36.) 0.2955

diameter of 20in and external diameter 37.) 2825
of 36. Internal pressure is 10,000 and 38.) 105.4
external pressure is 2500. Compute the 39.) 3780
inner stress. (11,696.43) 40.) 0.75
41.) 2
30.) 31.5 42.) 14760
31.) The shell plates of a boiler 4.5m in 43.) 4.3951
diameter are 42mm thick and the stress 44.) 12.5
is 495 MN/m2. The longitudinal seam 45.) A single threaded metric thread has
efficiency is 85% and circumferential a pitch of 4mm and a mean diameter of
seam is 85%. Find the pressure using 18mm it is used as a translation screw
factor of safety of 5. (1.57 = 1.66 in conjunction with a collar having an
logical) outside diameter of 37mm and an inside
diameter of 27mm. find the required
32.) A compression ring is used to torque in N-m to raise a load of 400kg if
fasten a steel conical head and shell. the f=.3 for both thread and collar
Determine the required area if the (32.6N-m).
pressure is 50 psi and the allowable
stress is 13750 psi. Assume 80% joint 46.) A mechanical press is used to
efficiency. Ans 0.007156d^2 punch 6 holes per holes is 25mm
diameter and the plates has an ultimate
strength in shear of 420 Mpa. The
normal operating speed is 200 rpm. And
33.) 21.2 it slows down to 180 rpm during the
34.) A cylindrical pressure vessel which process of punching. The flywheel has a
measuring (2ft x 5ft) holds gas at 3000 mean diameter of 1 meter and the rim
psi using stainless steel OQT 12000, width is 3 times the thickness. Assume
determine the thickness of the plate with that the hub and arms account for 5 %
a design factor of 1.4 yield. Assume the of the rim weight concentrated at the
efficiency of the welded joints as 85%. mean diameter and the density of cast
Note: For SS OQT, Sy=130000 psi. iron is 7200 kg/cm3. Find the power in
(ANS. t = 0.549 in.) KW required to drive the press.(1.310
KW )
35.) The cylinder head of a 10in x 18 in
Freon compressor is attached by 10 47.) A load of 10,000 lb is to be raised
stud bolts made of SAE grade 5. The by a shaft jack. The screw has an
cylinder pressure is 300 psi. What is the
outside diameter of 2.5 in. and an 59.) 60
ACME single thread of two turns per 60.)44.1
inch if the coefficient of friction is 0.2. 61.) 1177
Determine the torque required to raise 62.) 144.112
the load. (3166 in-lb) 63.) 1.5276
64.) 74
48.) A cast iron flywheel with a mean 65.) 150
diameter of 36 in. changes speed from 66.) 4.2953
300 rpm to 280 while it gives up 8000 ft- 67.) 34
lb of energy. What is the coefficient of 68.) 44200
fluctuation (0.069) 69.) 0.625
70.) 1
49.) A double square thread screw is 71.) Determine the cylinder wall
used to raise a load of 20,000 lb at a thickness of the ICE chamber if the
velocity of 3 fpm outside diameter of pressure inside the cylinder is 400psi.
thread and pitch are 2 7/8 in and 1 in. The cylinder diameter is 3.75 in and the
respectively collar and friction coefficient maximum allowable stress is 2000psi.
is 0.12, thread friction coefficient is 0.10. (0.375in)
mean diameter of collar is 5 in.
determine the power required to drive 72.) The pressure in the cylinder of the
the screw. (4.2953hp) hydraulic press is 1000 psi. Cylinder
diameter is given as 15in. Determine the
50.) Two 2 in. sellers standard square thickness of the cylinder wall if the
thread screws are used to raise and maximum allowable stress is 2,500 psi.
lower a hydraulic gate weighing 60 tons. (4.2in)
A 570 rpm electric motor operates the
screws. The fc and ft are .03 and .14. 73.) 22
the Dm of the collar is 4 in. if the gate 74.) Determine the width and thickness
rises at the rate of 2 fpm, determine the of the leaves of the leaf steel cantilever
size of the motor required to lift the gate spring, 13 in long and loaded with 375lb
if the mean efficiency is 85% to a speed with a deflection of 1.25 in. The
reducing equipment (39.30hp) allowable stress of the leaf spring is
51.) 34 50,000 psi. (0.225in, 1.93in)
52.) 97
53.) 0.587 75.) 4.63
54.) 41.1 76.) 1.105
55.) 152.95 77.) 15.1
56.) 17.56 78.) 13.6
57.) 25.28 79.) 5.53
58.) 334 80.) 1660
81.) 8.04
82.) A valve push for a overhead engine
valve with a diameter of in and length
of 14 in. Find the critical load when the
rod is considered as a column and has a
round end. (290lb)