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A. Abdusattorov - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi boshqarmasi tasarrufidagi 36-son

Ayrim fanlar chuqur organiladigan DIMI ning ingliz tili oqituvchisi

S. Abdazimova - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi boshqarmasi tasarrufidagi 36-son
Ayrim fanlar chuqur organiladigan DIMI ning ingliz tili oqituvchisi
A. Abdullayev - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi boshqarmasi tasarrufidagi 36-son

Ayrim fanlar chuqur organiladigan DIMI ning 9-sinf oquvchisi

A. Mamadaliyev - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi xodimlarini qayta tayyorlash va
ularni malakasini oshirish instituti Til va adabiyot kafedrasi, dotsent
A. Jorayeva - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi xodimlarini qayta tayyorlash va
ularni malakasini oshirish instituti katta oqituvchisi
U. Ahunjonova - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi boshqarmasi tasarrufidagi 36-son
Ayrim fanlar chuqur organiladigan DIMI direktori
T. Bakirova - Andijon viloyati xalq talimi boshqarmasi tasarrufidagi 36-son
Ayrim fanlar chuqur organiladigan DIMI ning OTIB direktor

Jenny Duli va Virginia Evensning 6-7-sinflar darajasiga mos tushuvchi

GRAMMARWAY darsligining 1-kitobi asosida yosh oqituvchilarimiz Abduvosil
Abdusattorov, Saidaxon Abdazimova va 9-sinf oquvchisi Ahliddin Abdullayevlar
hamkorligida yaratilgan TESTS ON GRAMMARWAY testlar toplami ingliz tilini
chuqurlashtirib oqitiladigan maktab va akademik litsey oquvchilariga
Bu kitobga 330 dan ortiq testlar kiritilgan. Oquvchilar bu testlarni yechish orqali
olgan bilimlarini sinash, oqituvchi va ustozlar hamkorligida bilimidagi boshliqlarni
toldirish imkoniyatiga ega boladilar.
Bu kitob fan olimpiadalari va oliy oquv yurtlari kirish imtixonlariga
tayyorlanayotgan oquvchilar uchun ingliz tilini organishda juda kata ahamiyatga

Ushbu toplam institutning 2014-yil 29-dekabr kuni bolib otgan ilmiy kengashda muhokama qilinib,
8/04 sonli qaroriga binoan chop etishga ruxsat etildi.
Tests on
Grammarway 1

Abduvosil Abdusattarov, Saida Abdazimova
Ahliddin Abdullayev

Dear pupil!
You are holding a new book that includes lots of tests which helps you
to check how you learned the book Grammarway 1.
This book contains 3 parts:
General tests on Grammarway
Reading and the use of English
Mixed grammar tests
The first part incudes 200 tests: 10 tests for every unit
In the second part you will be checked out on your reading skills
Mixed grammar tests help you to improve your English additionally

The purpose of this book is to help you to develop your


Note: You can use this book when you are sure that you have finished
perfectly all the grammars on Grammarway 1
We hope you will enjoy using this book and your English will be
better with the helping of the tests

The Authors

Write plural forms of words

1. Child -
A)childs B)childes C)children D)childese
2. Piano -
A)pianos B)pians C) pianoes D)pianoese
3. Sheep -
A)sheeps B)sheepes C)sheepese D)sheep
4. Ox -
A)oxes B)oxen C)oxs D)oxese
5. Deer -
A)deers B)deer C)deeres D)deerese

Find the correct amounts of uncountable nouns to fill in

6. We bought of fish in the shop

A)a tin of B)a jug of C)a bar of D)a loaf of
7. Every morning we like drinking coffee
A)a kilo of B)a carton of C)a piece of D)a cup of
8. Would you like to eat chocolate?
A)a jug of B)a bowl of C)a bar of D)a bottle of
9. Can I have bread?
A)a bottle of B)a can of C)a slice of D)a kilo
10. I am thirsty , I want to drink water
A)a glass of B)a tin of C)a loaf of D)a piece of

Complete the sentences with appropriate words

11. Who is that girl? is my sister

A)he B)she C)you D)it
12. What colour is your car ? is black
A)she B)he C)they D)it
13. My friend and I in the stadium now
A)is B)are C)am D)be
14. Can you see the flowers? very beautiful
A)you are B)it is C)we are D)they are
15. Is Andrew from Canada? No, from the USA
A)he is B) she is C)I am D)they are
16. Are you a student? Yes,
A) He is B) you are C)she is D)I am
17. Helen and Paul at school
A)is B)are C)am D)be
18. Is your name Peter? Yes,
A)it is B)I am C)she is D)he is
Choose the antonyms of following words
19. beautiful -
A)new B)sad C)ugly D)slow
20. weak -
A) old B) happy C) fast D)strong

Articles This-That-These-Those

21. I study at university

A)a B)an C)the D)-
22. I will go home after hour
A) a B) the C)- D)an
I have ..(23).. big dog in my house. One day when we were walking in ..(24)..
street suddenly ..(25).. weather changed and It started ..(26).. raining . And my
dog saw something in ..(27).. sky and started barking. It was a really big flying
machine. We were very scared. Then we came back home. I can never forget
..(28).. event.

23. A)a B)the C)an D)-

24. A)the B)a C) an D)some
25. A) any B)the C)a D)an
26. A)the B)- C)some D)a
27. A)a B)the C)some D)-
28. A) these B)the C) this D)a

29.Can you play piano?
A)some B)the C)a D)an
30.Taj Mahal is the proud of India
A)a B)- C)this D)the

Have got - Can

31. Have you got a bicycle? .

A)Yes, I do B)No, I have C)Yes , I have D)No, I dont
32. I dont feel myself well. I have got headache
A)a B)the C)some D)an
33. Katty doesnt know The ABS . She read
A)has B)can C)cant D)have got

34. Can you play computer games?

A)Yes, I cant B) No, I can C) Yes , I can D) No , I dont
35. Can I a cup of tea, please?
A)has B)get C)have D)do
36. Which is the correct negative form of can?
A)cannot B)can not C)not can D)cannt
37. An artist paint pictures
A)cannot B) do C)has D)can
38. Can you give me your pen ?
Here you are
A)Yes , I can B)No, I cant C) Yes , I have D)No, I do
39. ..... you. a car?
Yes , I do
A)have/got B)do/get C) can/have D)do/have
40. Hes got a new mobile phone, .?
A) is he B)hasnt he C)isnt he D)doesnt he


41. .. car is this? Its Bens

A) who B) whose C) whom D)whos
42. These are . shoes
A) mens B)mans C)mans D)mens
43. Whose pens are those ? They are
A)pupils B)pupil C)pupilss D)pupils
44. .. are blue
A)Patrick balloons B)Patrick balloons
C)The balloons of Patrick D)Patricks balloon
45. .. are open
A)The offices windows B)The window of the office
C)The office of windows D)The windows of the office
46. This notebook is .
A)me B)our C)her D)his
47. These are documents
A)mine B)they C)ours D)their
48. Tom and wife live in a flat in London
A)his B)their C)her D)our
49. Jack likes swimming . It is hobby
A)our B) her C)my D)his
50. What is ?
A)Peters hobby B)the hobby of Peter C)Peter hobbys D)Peters hobby

Present Continuous

51. Ronald and Mark playing on the ground

A)are B)is C)am D)-
52. Tim is . in the pool now
A)swimming B)swim C)swimmed D)swam
53. Bob . in his garden
A)is worked B)are working C) work D)is working
54. .. is writing a lesson to his friend
A)She B)You C)I D)He
55. Are you a meal in the kitchen?
A)make B)makeing C)making D)made

56. Do you know that person who is . next to the door?
A)sitted B)siting C)sits D)sitting
57. Whats wrong? I bad because of singing over and over
A)was feeling B)am feeling C)am going D)was having
58. What are doing ? I am . my pen
A)looking after B)looking up C)looking through D)looking for
59. Are you reading at the moment? Yes ,
A)I am B)I do C)I am writing D)Im not
60. Are you going home now ? No,
A)I am B) I amnt C)Im not D) I am not

Object Pronouns/The Imperative

61. The flowers are very nice. I would like to watch more
A)them B)it C)me D)you
62. Who is this present devoted to? This is for Oh , thank you very much.
A)him B)her C)me D)you
63. These clothes are for women, so you can buy any of them for
A)him B)it C)her D)she
64. These tickets to the theatre are for .
A)I and you B)Me and I C)Him and I D)me and you
65. I gave a present him at birthday party.
A) into B)to C)- D)for
66. I gave him a present at birthday party.
A)to B)- C)for D)into
67. She asked where the party was.
A)him B)for him C)at him D)to him
68. The computer that you gave yesterday is not working now
A)our B)us C)to we D)for us

69. Those birds are singing wonderfully. I really love .
A)him B)her C)us D)them
70. I couldnt solve the puzzle that you told yesterday
A) us B)her C)them D)me


71. .. money on Helens table?

A) There is some B) There is any C) Is it some D) Is there
72. There isnt fruit in the fridge
A)some B)any C)a D)an
73. I need .. money to buy a new coat for me.
A) some B) - C)any D)a
74. There a letter, two envelopes and some documents on the desk.
A)is B)are C) - D)some
75. English people say There is place like home.
A)a B)some C)no D)any
76. There is any reason to leave my job.
A)an B)no C)- D)some
77. . anybody who knows English?
A)is there B)are there C)is B)there is
78. Tomorrow we are going to to have a picnic.
A) anywhere B) anyplace C)someway D)somewhere
79. This room is empty. There over here.
A)isnt someone B)isnt nobody C)is nothing D)are nobody
80. Dont go out. . is safe.
A)nowhere B)somewhere C)anywhere D)anyway

Present simple

81. I always to the cinema in the weekends. It is my hobby

A) go B)went C)goes D)going
82. The Earth round the Sun.
A)is going B)goes D)go D)went
83. Does she ... in her office every day.
A)work B)works C)working D)worked
My school ..(84).. at 8.00 am. I usually ..(85).. to school lately because my house
is very far from my school. I ..(86).. my lunch at school-canteen. At school we
..(87).. 6 or 7 lessons every day. Our school usually ..(88).. at 4 pm and we go
home. I have dinner at home with my family. Then I ..(89).. TV. I usually ..(10)..
to bed at 9 pm
84. A) start B)starts B) is starting C)started
85. A)come B) am coming C)went D)came
86. A)has B)had C)to have D)have
87. A) to has B)had C)to have D)have
88. A) finishes B)finished C)finish D)to be finished
89. A)watch B)am watching C)watches D)to watch
90. A)go B)come C)arrive D)make

A lot of Much Many / (A) little (A) few

91. I like eating food so now I am too fat

A)a lot of B)a few C)little D)much
92. There are high buildings in this city so people call this territory megapolis
A)much B)many C)lots of D)few
93. There is cheese in the fridge. But it is enough for all of us.
A) a lot of B)a few C)a little D)many
94. I have got knowledge of English. I cant speak very well.
A)much B)many C)a lot of D) a little
95. They have got tickets so we can go to the theatre together.
A)many B)much C)little D)a few
96. Pupils had books so teacher punished them.
A)few B)a lot of C)much D)many
97. Danny ate meal so now he is hungry.
A)a few B)a lot of C)many D)little
98. There are flowers in the garden. They look beautiful.
A)much B)a few C)many D)little
99. Eric has got money . But he wants to buy a new jeans for himself.
A)many B)much C)a lot of D)a few
100. There a lot of passengers in the railway.
A)is B)are C)will D)

Past Simple (Was/Were Had)

101. When I a child I used to play football with my friends every day
A)were B) was C)is D)had
102. They in Turkey five years ago.
A)were B)was C)had D)are
103. He at home last night so his parents worried about him a lot.
A)were B)was C)had D)wasnt
104. The windows were closed so the room very hot.
A)wasnt B)had C)were D)was
105. She worked in an office two years ago. She a secretary.
A)were B)wasnt C)was D)had
I lived in an village in my childhood . I ..(106).. a dog , he ..(107).. my unique
106. A) was B)wasnt C)had D)were
107. A) was B)wasnt C)had D)were

108. Yesterday I wanted to eat fruit but there any in the fridge.
A)was B)were C)are D)is
My hobby ..(109).. playing the musical instruments. I ..(110).. a guitar and I
loved it
109. A) is B)was C)were D)had
110. A) is B)was C)were D)had

Past Simple (Regular/Irregular Verbs)

When Adolphe ..(111).. , he ..(112).. a maker of musical instruments like his

father. Later he ..(113).. to invent musical instruments.

About 1842 he ..(114).. a new instrument, which he ..(115).. saxophone after

his own name, Sax. It ..(116).. only one of a whole family of new instruments,
which ..(117).. also called saxophones. He ..(118).. very little money, but the
famous composer Berlioz ..(119).. a great interest in Sax and his new musical
instruments, and he ..(120).. one of his own compositions for the saxophone.

111. A) grow up B)get tired C) was a child D)grew up

112. A)have become B)be C)was D)became

113. A)begin B)start C)finished D)began

114. A)invented B)had C)bought D)took

115. A)lived B)get C)called D)told

116. A)was B)were C)became D)called

117. A)are B)was C)were D)is

118. A)had B)got C)bought D)has

119. A)has taken B)took C)takes D)take

120. A)adaptes B)adapting C)adapted D)has adapted

Present Perfect

121. Have you the book that I gave last week?

A)read B)readed C)have read D)reads

122. I have finished my essay. Here you are.

A)already B)just C) - D)since

123. Have you done your homework? Yes , I have

A)already B)just C) - D)since

124. Have you ever to London?

A)been B)visit C)go D)come

125. Are you ready to go? No, I have not eaten the dinner

A) already B)just C)since D)yet

126. I havent answered my teachers question Because I cant find the


A)yet B)since C)just D)already

127. He has worked here 2005.

A)yet B)since C)in D)from

128. I think he has his key because he cant open the door.

A)found B)lost C)brought D)carried

129. I have you what I have seen.

A)tell B)told C)telling D)telled

130. They havent the room , you can see it is dirty yet

A)cleaned B)eaten C)drunk D)done


131. The president .... Uzbekistan pays great attention to the education of the

A) to B) by C) in D) of

132. Tom sat down on .... chair nearest the door.

A) the B) - C) a D) an
133. She came back from Russia , she is in her birthplace
A)at midnight B)at present C)in an hour D)at the weekend
134. I like going to the city park
A)at midnight B)at present C)in an hour D)at the weekend
135. When I was sleeping, a loud noise woke me up
A)at midnight B)at present C)in an hour D)at the weekend
136. You should complete the application It is urgent
A)at midnight B)at present C)in an hour D)at the weekend
137. In Uzbekistan the weather is cold
A)in spring B) of summer C) at autumn D) on winter
138. They decided to go to the UK . next year.
A)in B) on C) - D)at
139. People celebrate New Year Part
A)in spring B) on summer C)autumn D)winter
140. Trees and flowers are in blossom
A)in spring B) in summer C)autumn D)winter

The Future
141. What this evening? Marry asked.
A) you will do B) do you C) very clear D) are you doing
142. If I drive quickly, we be late for the party, said Peter.
A) can B) will C) would D) should
143. When you see him , you think he is older than you expect.
A) will C) will be C) would D) are going to

144. He promised his wife they . here earlier next time.
A) will get B) get C) shall get D) would get
145. They the house as soon as they finish having lunch.
A) will left B)would leave C) will leave D) will be
146. I . work until you come.
A) am B) will be C) had been D) wont
147. Leonard come because it rains tomorrow.
A) will B) would C) wont D)
148. The weather is cloudy . I think it tomorrow
A)will rain B)would rain C)will be D)would raining

149. You over the Pacific Ocean . You are going to the USA
A)would travelling B)will travel
C)will travelled D)would be travel
150. I sell my computer because I like it very much.
A)would B)will C)wont D) -

151. I have got a car. But my car is
A)slowly B)slow C)fastly D)slowing
152. Martin will pass an exam next week so he is studying
A)slowly B)hard C)hardly C)fastly
153. I know English and I can speak
A)hard B)early C)good D)well
154. If you have lunch with a German family, you should be
A)politely B)good C)well D)good
155. When you cross the street you should be
A)carefully B)fast C)slowly D)careful
156. Did you check the tests ?
A)careful B)with a careful C)in a careful D)carefully
157. Your flowers smell
A)well B)good C)nice D)nicely
158. This phone is a new model so it is than its old model
A)cheaper B)more cheap C)expensiver D)more expensive

159. This is building I have seen
A)a tall B)taller B)tall D)the tallest
160. Your friends are than you are
A) cleverest B)more clever C)the cleverest D)the clever


161. Is your name Alice? Yes ,

A)I am B)she is C)it is D)my is
162. .. is this girl ? She is my sister
A)what B)how C)when D)who
163. . Is the Eiffel Tower situated ? It is in Paris.
A)what B)how C)where D)when
164. . are you going to leave ? On Tuesday.
A)where B)when C)what D)how
165. pen is this ? It is Mikes.
A)whos B)what C)where D)whose
166. do you go shopping? At the weekends
A)how much B)how long C)how old D)how often
167. . have you traveled in China? During a month
A)when B)where C)how long D)how often
168. . is your father? He is 43
A)when B)where C)how long D)how old
169. . books have you read so far ? About 50
A)how much B)how many C)when D)how old
170. are you sleeping ? Because I am so tired
A)whose B)who C)where D)why

Modal Verbs

171. I write an essay in English. Because I know English very well

A)may B)can C)must D)do
172. When I was child I run fast because I used to fall down every time
A)can B)may C)could D)couldnt
173. . I have a cup of tea , please?
A)may B)can C)could D)do
174. . I come in? Why are you late?
A)can B)may C)could D)will
175. you give me your pen, please?
A)could B)do C)will D)may
176. The room is cold. you close the windows?
A)may B)can C)must D)will
177. You enter the until teacher permits
A)may B)can C)could D)mustnt
178. You look very tired. You have a rest
A)can B)may C)mustnt D)must
179. If you want to study here you pass an exam
A)must B)may C)need D)can
180. I always help people who help
A)must B)may C)need D)can

Infinitive/The -ing form/Too-Enough

181. I am trying my house . I need money.

A)to sell B)to selling C)sell D)sold
182. This room look very dirty . It needs
A)to clean B)cleaning C)for cleaning D)clean

183. I came here English well.
A)to study B)for studying C)to studying D)study
184. Have you ever seen Diana books?
A)to read B)in reading C)for reading D)reading
185. Knife is used breads, fruits, vegetables and etc.
A)for cutting B)to cut C)in cutting D)to cutting
186. This suitcase is to carry.
A)heavy B)heavier C)too heavy D)the heaviest
187. Do you have to buy a new phone .
A)too money B)enough money
C)little money D)too enough money
188. There are books that I can never read all of them.
A)too much B)enough many C)too many D)enough much
189. Is this for today ?
A) enough B)too much C)too enough D)little
190. Time is that I cant finish in time
A)too long B)too short C)enough long D)enough short
Both/Neither All/None
191. Martin and David are friends. study at the same school
A)they bot B)both in they C)both they D)both of them
192. .. of them speaks English.
A)they neither B)they neitherly
C)neither in them D)neither of them
193. . like candies .
A)both children B)both of childs
C)both of children D)both in children
194. I have got two pens but are unable to write.
A)they both B)both in they
C)both they D)both of them
195. You and your friends know English well but now cant answer.
A)you neither B)you neitherly
C)neither in you D)neither of you
196. . children are writing essays.
A) all in B) of all C)all of D) both
197. We are all in one side. agree with this idea.
A)we nonely B)in none we C)none in us D)none of us
198. The results are very good . can pass the exam
A)all of children B)none of children
C)neither of children D)both children
199. us wants to go with you .
A) none in B) none at C)none of D)in nonely
200. We bought a lot of computers. . are working well.
A) all in them B) of all them C)all of them D) both of them

Part 2. Reading and the use of English

Come to the Spanish city for a perfect weekend city break. Theres a train every
40 minutes from the airport to Barcelona train station. Taxis are 15-20 euros
from the airport to the city. There are many hotels in the city centre. Email our
office for information. There are lots of things to do in Barcelona. Go for a walk
on the famous Ramblas. See the Sagrada Familia church and other buildings by
the architect Gaudi. If you like art, go to the Picasso museum in the old part of
town. Watch a Barcelona football match in the stadium Camp Nou. Barcelona is a
Mediterranean city, there are beautiful beaches in and next to the city.
1. Where was this text taken from?
A) Tourist brochure B) Historical book C)Advert D) Scientific article
2. Gaudi was a popular ________.
A) Building B) Museum C) Architect D)Football player
3. Barcelona is called Mediterranean city because of __________.
A) Football matches B) Hotels C) Beaches D) Museum

Read the text and answer the questions

Toshqorgon is a big village in the mountains and it is very beautiful. Toshqorgon

means a castle of stone. The houses there are made of stone. They are big and
strong. The village is very famous because there is a dinosaur path in the
mountains near the village. There are 23 dinosaur footprints on the path.
Toshqorgon is famous. A lot of tourists and scientists go to see the dinosaur
footprints every summer.
Oltinsoy is a beautiful, small village in a valley. In spring all the trees are in
blossom. The villages name is Oltinsoy because it is near the river Oltinsoy. The
water in the river is clean but very cold. The village is an interesting place because
there is a very big, old tree there. It is so big that many years ago people had a
school in the tree. In summer, if you go to the village, you can see the tree school.
Match words and the definitions.
4. Castle A) an area of lower land between two lines
of hills or mountains
5. Beautiful B) a mark made by a foot or shoe
6. Footprint C) someone who works in science
7. Scientist D) a very large strong building built in the
past to protect the people inside from attack
8. Valley E) not ugly
9. Interesting F) unusual or exciting in a way that keeps
your attention

Choose the correct answer

10.When do people visit Toshqorgon to see the ancient places there?
A) Winter B) Summer months C) Every year D) Sometimes
11.According to the text which is not true?
A) We can find 23 dinosaurs footprints in Toshqorgon.
B) Oltinsoy is not so big.
C) Oltinsoy is famous for its dinosaur footprints.
D) In the past, people used a large tree as a school.

Read the letter and choose the best answer

Dear Bob and Madge

Welcome to my home. I hope you have a nice stay for the weeks you are here.
Here is some information about the house and the town. Crawford is a nice small
town. There are some good shops but there isnt a cinema or theatre. There is a
beautiful park near to the river. The river is about 15 minutes from my house.
There is a small shop on the street. My house, number 15, is opposite the shop
next to a school. Dont worry, in the holiday the school is closed so it is quiet. OK,
inside the house. There are three rooms on the first floor: the kitchen, living room
and a small room at the back with the washing machine and fridge. There are
some plants in the kitchen next to the fridge. The TV is on the table next to the
bookcase in the living room. There are two bedrooms on the second floor. Please
use the one opposite the bathroom. In the study next to the bathroom there is
a computer and a small stereo with my CDs.

So, enjoy your stay.


11. He is informing that the town is ________.

A) terrible B) not big C) overcrowded D) like cosmopolitan city
12.Which is true?
A) Malcolms house is next to the shop. B) There is a microwave in the
kitchen. C) There is a table in the kitchen. D) The washing machine is in the
13.Malcolm is confirming that they have a chance to use a room ________.
A) next to the bathroom B) opposite the living room
C) opposite the bathroom D) next to the kitchen


Gold has been a part of many cultures for hundreds of years. People made
coins and jewellery with gold. Gold is a soft metal. It is easy to shape into sheets,
long wires, or rings. People sometimes mix gold with other metals. This makes the
gold harder. Then it can be made into beautiful jewellery. Why do we value gold
so much? It has a special colour. No other metal is a bright yellow. We also value
gold because it is rare. A rare thing is hard to find. Even after hundreds of years,
gold is still a precious metal now. It is still valued for its beauty. It is still rare.
Today, banks store gold in the form of bars. Its value is more than $600 per
ounce. Gold is more useful now than ever before.

14.Good jewellery is usually prepared by _______.

A) only golden B) iron C) the alloy of different metals with gold D)silver
15.Gold is a rare metal because of _______.
A) being found B) market C) its price D) economy
17. In this passage the word precious means______.
A) acceptable B) valuable C) a lot of D)nice

Read the text and choose the best answer

John lives in San Marcos. He works in a restaurant. He works six days a

week. After work he plays soccer or baseball with his sons. He tries to play
every day, but sometimes he cant. Johns wife works too. She goes to school
three nights a week. Sometimes she can go only one night a week because her
children are sick or she has to work late. She works late only one or two
nights a month.
18. John seldom works. A)True B) False
19. John usually plays with his sons. A)True B) False
20. Johns wife never works. A)True B)False
21. She rarely studies. A)True B)False
22. She almost never works late. A) True B)False

Choose the best answers (23-27)
A thief stole a computer and printer from an office on campus Saturday at 10:00.
Sandy (23) in the parking lot across from the office, standing next to her car.
She saw him for only a few minutes, but she. . (24) sure she could identify him.
The police officers ..(25) happy to have a witness, but they.. (26)sure how
much Sandy saw from the parking lot. Sandy..(27) positive she could answer the
detectives questions.
23.A)were B)was C)is D)been
24.A)wasnt B)were C)was D)isnt
25.A)are B)werent C)were D)wasnt
26.A)werent B)was C)were D)arent
27.A)werent B)was C)is D)been

Simon Evans was born in Swansea in Wales in 1960. He (28) a lot when he
(29) a student. He (30) in China for three years. While he (31) there he
(32) a book about China. Since then Simon (33) many parts of Africa.
Last year he (34) on a project there. He (35) to India, although he would
like to go one day. In 1992 he (36) to France, where he now (37) with his
two children and his wife.
28.A) travel B) travelling C) travelled D) to travel
29.A) been B) was C) is D) were
30.A) worked B) working C) works D) to work
31.A) been B) were C) is D) was
32.A) writes B) wrote C) write D) written
33.A) been B) took C) went D) visited
34.A) to help B) helps C) helped D) help
35.A) went B) didnt go C) didnt visit D) visited
36.A) moved B) arrived C) visited D) played
37.A) lives B) was living C) is living D) were living

Part 3. Mixed grammar tests
1 . Children . to school because it Sunday.
A) go / is B) dont go / was C) didnt go / is D) didnt go / was
2. Anvar into the army next summer.
A) goes B) was going C) shall go D) is going
3. Last spring we a trip to Samarkand.
A) make B) made C) have made D) shall make
4. He nobody his secret that day.
A) doesnt tell B) wont tell C) didnt tell D) told
5. I play an hour and a half just now.
A) didnt B) shall C) dont D)
6. Who at the class meeting yesterday?
A) speaks B) did speak C) does speak D) spoke
7. As a rule, it me half an hour to get to the lyceum on foot.
A) is taking B) took C) had taken D) takes
8. A year a long time enough to be at home without a job for me this year.
A) was B) is C) has been D) will be
9. She for you a massage a few hours ago.
A) left B) leaves C) will leave D) has left
10. We him because he always lies.
A) like / tells B) liked / told
C) dont like / tells D) dont like / doesnt tell
11. He says he 20 years old but nobody him.
A) is / believe B) has / has believed
C) is/ didnt believe D) is / believes

12. I that he the same paper each morning.

A) know / buys B) knew / will buy
C) know / has bought D) know / bought
13. Tourists a lot of information during their last travels
A) gets B) are getting C) get D) got
14. This thief usually promise to steal again. said Sherlock Holmes.
A) doesnt B) wont C) dont D) didnt
15. We know that mice cheese.
A) likes B) liked C) like D) dislikes

16. In Zoo he the animals he before.
A) sees / will never see B) saw / had never seen
C) had never seen / saw D) will see / sees
17. He his car last week.
A) has / repair B) had / repair C) had / repairing D) had / repaired
18. He always breakfast in the morning at home, he?
A) has / has B) has / hasnt C) has / doesnt D) hasnt / does
19. I rarely take books from the library, and you?
A) so do I B) neither do I C) so am I D) neither am I
20. If you much money then, you rich now.
A) earned / would be B) had earned / would have been C) had earned / would
be D) earn / would be
21. He as though he ghost.
A) looked / had seen B) looks / sees
C) had looked / saw D) looked / sees
22. It high time you a student then.
A) was / had been B) is / were C) was / were D) is / would be
23. I wish I at the meeting tomorrow.
A) shall be B) could have been C) should have been D) would be
24. Id rather they with the boss tomorrow.
A) didnt meet B) not meet C) not to meet D) dont meet
25. I would prefer at the party rather than at the table.
A) to dance / sit B) dancing / to sit
C) to dance / to sit D) dancing / sitting
26. Light is on. He at home.
A) could be B) must be C) needs to be D) can be
27. Here is a book for her
A) reading B) to read C) read D) having read
28. The shopkeeper went on why the customer should have to pay extra.
A) explain B) to explain C) explaining D) being explained
29. I felt the wind vigorously.
A) blow B) to blow C) blows D) blowing
30. she isnt fond of classical music, she went to the concert.
A) however B) even though C) while D) nevertheless
31. Well go to the beach tomorrow it rains. I want to swim very much.
A) unless B) in case C) if D) when

32. This book is a bit than that one.
A) interesting B) more interesting
C) the more interesting D) most interesting
33. Netherlands is famous for not only in western Europe, but also world.
A) - / the / the B) the / - / the C) the / - / - D) - / - / the
34. Dont take that ball. Its If that is , where is ? is over there on the grass.
A) his/his/your/yours B) ours/ours/yours/ours
C) mine/yours/mine/it D) my/mine/yours/it
35. Tom pass his exam in Literature and now he take it again.
A) cant / is able to B) may / could
C) couldnt / had to D) couldnt / has to
36. I home for lunch on Mondays. I have lunch in the canteen.
A) didnt go B) dont go C) was going D) doesnt go
37. Students already their tests and now they them in.
A) had written/hand B) are writing/handed
C) have written/are handing D) - wrote/hands

A: Hello.
B : Hi! Its James.
A : Hi James! Where are you?
B : (38) you from the train. Am I late?
A : No, (39) dinner in ten minutes. Its lasagne.
B : My favourite! How do I get to you from Crawle Station?
A : A number 52 bus (40) every fifteen minutes from the station. It takes ten
minutes to get to my house. Get off the bus at the big park, cross the road, and go down
Moor Street. Its (41) right. Number 35.
B :See you soon!

38. A) I call B) I m calling C) I called D) I ve called

39. A) I cook B) I cooked C) I m going to cook D) I have
40. A) leave B) leaves C) is leave C) left
41. A) over there B) on the C)at the D) turn on
42. Are you free Tuesday evening?
A) in B) at C) on D) by
43. Eric is flying Los Angeles tomorrow.
A) to B) with C) at D) in
44. Go the path, past the lake.
A) through B) to C) down D) in

45. Joshua went the bridge.
A) through B) at C) down D) over
46. He pushed the bicycle the hill.
A) across B) up C) on D) through
47. Which is , Rome or Athens?
A) older B)more old C) most oldest D) oldest
48. The Americans eat more hamburgers the British.
A) as B) that C) than D) more
49. M anchester is less expensive than London.
A) more B) much C) as D) the
50. The I ntercity train is than the slow train.
A) as comfortable B) more comfortably
C) the most comfortable D) more comfortable
51. Your jacket is the same mine.
A) than B) like C) as D) with
52. Pearl works than Beth.
A) as hard B) hardly C) more hard D) harder
53. Whats city in the world?
A) the most violent B)the more violent C) the violent D) most violent
54. M y husband eats chocolate than me.
A) as B) most C) the more D) more
55. I ts restaurant I know.
A) the better B) the best C) good D) better
56. Theres traffic where I live than where you live.
A) less than B)as C) less D) than
57. There are of cars in Paris.
A) many B) a little C) a lot D) much
58. There isnt cheese in the fridge.
A) much B) many C) a few D) too many
59. A: Wine?
B: Only , thanks.
A) a few B) a little C) not much D) some
60. There are only glasses on the shelf.
A) a little B) a lot C) a many D) a few
61. I m planning round the world.
A) to travel B) travelling C)travel d) for to travel
62. What do this evening?
A) would you like to B)do you like to
C)you like to D)would you to
63. Shes played tennis she was twelve.
A) from B)since C)for D)when
64. I t was a cold dark night in M arch and it .
A) rained B)was raining C)rains D)rainy
65. Toms very lazy. I f he doesnt study harder the exam.
A) hell fail B) he fails C) he fail D)he wont fail

66. is this hat?
A) Who B) Yours C) Whos D)Whose
67. I only eat meat.
A) a few B) very few C) a little D)very
68. Teachers wear a uniform.
A)dont have to B)havent got C)have D)dont have got to
69. Tokyo isnt Helsinki.
A)noisier B)noisy as C)as noisy as D)as noisy like
70. I ve never to I stanbul.
A)went B)been C) gone D)be
71. Hes not in at the moment. take a message?
A) Shall I B)Will I C) I ll D)I
72. Paul cant buy a house. He money.
A) hasnt got enough B) s got too much
C)s got enough any D) s got too few
73. A: I failed my exam.
B: You more.
A) would study B)should to study
C)can study D)should study
74. M ona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
A)is painted B)painted C)was painting D)was painted
75. arrived in Switzerland, and I ve lost my passport.
A) I ve already B)I ve just C)I ve yet D) I
76. M y new boss is really . Hes just given me more money.
A) mean B)selfish C)generous D)talkative
77. This is the sitting room. there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.
A)Up B)Down C)I n front of D)Upstairs
78. I a mistake. The meeting isnt today, its tomorrow.
A) did B)had C)made D)thought
79. M y favourite season is because its sunny and I go to the beach.
A)summer B) winter C)autumn D)spring
79. M y mothers been ill this week. I took the week off work to .
A) look to her B)look up her C)look after her D)look for her
80. Can I your book?
A) lend B)put on C)borrow D)wear
81. Theres too much in this city. I t takes hours to go a few miles!
A)pollution B)traffic C)unemployment D)cars
82. I n the morning I usually get up at seven oclock, ______, and get dressed.
A)have a shower B) wake up C) get out D)do a shower
83. Shall I this old cheese?
A)throw away B)turn off C) pick up D)take off
84. . I ll become a good teacher.
A) Sooner or later B)At once C) Originally D) Never mind
85. I ve never to I stanbul.
A)went B)been C)gone D)be
86. Teachers wear a uniform.
A)dont have to B)havent got C)have D)dont have got to

87. is this hat?
A)Who B)Yours C)Whos D)Whose
88. What do this evening?
A)would you like to B)do you like to C)you like to D)would you to
89. I t was a cold dark night in M arch and it .
A) rained B)was raining C)rains D)rainy
90. Tokyo isnt Helsinki.
A) noisier B) noisy as C)as noisy as D)as noisy like
91. Toms very lazy. I f he doesnt study harder the exam.
A) hell fail B)he fails C)he fail D)he wont fail
92. Shes played tennis she was twelve.
A) from B)since C)for D)when
93. I m planning round the world.
A) to travel B)travelling C)travel D)for to travel
94. I only eat meat.
A) few B)very few C)a little D)very
95. Paul cant buy a house. He money.
A) hasnt got enough B)s got too much
C)s got enough any D) s got too few
96. arrived in Switzerland, and I ve lost my passport.
A) I ve already B) I ve just C) I ve yet D)I havent just
97. M ona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
A)is painted B)painted C)was painting D)was painted
98. A: I failed my exam.
B: You more.
A) would study B) should to study C)can study D)should study
99. Hes not in at the moment. take a message?
A) Shall I B)Will I C)I ll D)I