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The Parish and Community

Magazine For
Masham, Healey, West Tanfield,
North Stainley and Well with Snape

October 2017

Masham, Healey, West Tanfield, North Stainley and Well with Snape.
October 2017
Volume 32 Number 10

Vicar: The Revd. David Cleeves, The Vicarage, Rodney Terrace, Masham,
HG4 4JA (01765 689255) email: revdavidcleeves@gmail.com
Curate: Revd. Nick Morgan 01765 635039 email: revnjmorgan@gmail.com
Children & Youth Worker: contact Revd. David Cleeves.
Website: www.mashamparishes.org

Masham Healey
Robert Arnold 01765 689116 Anne Ramsay 01765 689278
Jim Hunter 01765 689828 Delia Richmond 01765 658765
Irene Saunders 01765 688306
Cath Boshier 01765 688957 Well with Snape
John Knopp 01677 470204
North Stainley
Scilla Kealy 01765 635253
Christine Waugh.01765 603802
West Tanfield
Christopher Bourne-Arton 01677 470385
David Bryant 01765 635206

Methodist Church: Minister: Rev. Dr. Pat Malham 01765 688556.

Leadership Team: Stewards:
Masham West Tanfield
Joy Rayden 01765 689310
Steve Laugher 01765 689559 Mr Simon Abel 01677 470297
Pauline Staton 01765 689175
Janet Newey 01765 689302 Snape
Nigel Wright 01677 427249 Graham Pentelow 01677 470904
Pete Hammond 688568.
Magazine Editor: Christine Greensit. 5 Chapman Lane, Masham HG4 4EE
Telephone: 01765 689711. Email: yoredalenews@gmail.com
Advertising. Lynn Simms. Email:lynn.cameronsimms@yahoo.co.uk
or Telephone: 01765 689784
Material should either be posted or emailed to the editor who reserves the right
not to include items if space is limited.
Donations are always welcome. Please make cheques payable to 'Masham
PCC' and sent to the editor. Thank you.
Closing Date for the November magazine is 10th October

From the Vicarage Harvest Festivals
We are in the season of Harvest Festivals in our group of churches. For
most people, whether they go to church or not, it seems a natural thing to
thank God (if they believe in him) for the crops and for the skill and hard
work of the farmers. Sadly the reality of the matter is that year after year, the
crops are a source of great anxiety to the farmers, and it always seems as
though the weather is getting worse every year. We either have endless wet
weather, or high winds, or a drought. Any one of these is enough to cause a
farmers heart to miss a beat.

Recently, we have seen additions to the traditional Harvest offerings which,

carefully arranged for Gods glory and for the joy of the occasion, include
corn, bread, fruit and vegetables; we have seen the addition of tins: tinned
fruit, tinned vegetables, rice, custard, beans. We have seen the work of
people who are not farmers the blacksmith, the carpenter, the artist. But
everywhere, flowers. This is right and proper, if the meaning of it all is to
praise God for the skills of humanity and to offer him the first-fruits of his
love. It is right too for these things to be given away to those that sorely
need them; this way the whole community can share the rejoicing.

There is nothing specially Christian about Harvest Thanksgiving. In fact,

sowing and reaping and the weather, are probably the most common and
the most ancient aspects of the worlds great religions traditions. Many
religions of the ancient world and many that still survive in the unspoiled
parts of Africa, Asia and America are built around the annual cycle of nature:
to men and women the passing of winter, the spring sowing and the harvest,
never ceased to be a miracle, and they thanked God for it.

It was almost as though God himself had died and rose again with the
seasons: in fact there are historical accounts of religions based on the idea
of a dying and rising God. If that reminds you of Easter, then your thoughts
are on the right lines. Jesus said that a seed will only grow if you bury it in
the ground, and he was a Jewish teacher. The Jewish equivalent of Easter
was partly the celebration of the beginning of the barley harvest and the
Jewish equivalent of
Pentecost was partly the celebration of the end of the barley harvest.

For Christians there are two choices: you can either just thank God for
another good harvest (hopefully) and for the labours of the farmers: in which
case you are joining millions around the world, in many religious faiths, or
you can think about what Jesus said: A seed only grows if you bury it. For
you, this means (to quote Jesus again) your only hope for saving your soul is
to lose it. This concept is difficult to understand, but, deep down inside you,
you may find that it rings true: Jesus life was renewed at Easter because he
allowed that life to be buried beneath the crushing weight of other peoples
needs. He was the seed and the harvest is eternal life.
David Cleeves


Trinity 16 8.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
1st October 9.15 a.m. Healey Holy Communion
10.45 a.m. Masham Harvest Family Service
10.45 a.m. West Tanfield Harvest Holy Communion

Trinity 17 8.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion

October 8th 9.30 a.m. West Tanfield Family Service
10.45 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
10.45 a.m. Snape Holy Communion
4.00 p.m. North Stainley Harvest Bring and Share Tea
6.30 p.m. Healey Evensong

Trinity 18 9.15 am. Healey Holy Communion

October 15th 10.45 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
10.45 a.m. North Stainley Holy Communion
10.45 a.m. Well Harvest Holy Communion
6.30 p.m. West Tanfield Evensong

Trinity 19 8.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion

October 22nd 10.45 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
GREEN 10.45 a.m. West Tanfield Holy Communion
6.30 p.m. Healey Evensong
6.30 p.m. Snape Evensong

Last Sunday 10.45 a.m. United Service of Holy Communion at

After Trinity West Tanfield
October 29th

Please check the church notice boards as services may change

Autumn Fair for St. Marys Masham,
Saturday 14th October in Masham Town Hall
10.00 a.m. 2.00 p.m.
Bacon rolls, soup, teas, coffees, cakes & scones, Tombola, Cakes &
Produce Stall, Books, Bric-a-Brac. Raffle drawn at 1.00 p.m.
Donations of cakes, scones and produce on the day please. Books and bric-
a-brac may be left at the back of Masham Church or brought on the day
or delivered to the Vicarage, Rodney Terrace, Masham. We would be
grateful for donations of Tombola prizes please give them to Basil Sturdy.

Confirmation is about becoming a committed member of the local and
worldwide Christian family; it marks the point in the Christian journey at
which you affirm for yourself the faith into which you have been baptized and
your intention to live a life of committed discipleship. This affirmation is
confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by the confirming
bishop. The Church also asks God to give you power through the Holy Spirit
to enable you to live in the way of Jesus.
Preparation sessions encourage candidates to grow in their Christian faith
through prayer, reflection, studying the Bible, participating actively in the life
of the church and demonstrating their faith in their communities.
Any adult or young person interested in attending a confirmation preparation
group please speak to David Cleeves (01765 689255). Attending the group
does not commit you to eventual confirmation - it is an opportunity to explore
the faith with the possibility of confirmation at the end of the course.

Masham Church 2000 Trust

Tickets are on sale for the prize winning ladies choir Musicality at St. Marys
Church, Masham. 6th October 7.30 pm. 5.00 from Janet Jameson 01765
689068 or from the Community Office

Masham Youth Group for children in school years 5 to 8 meets on

Thursdays during terms time, usually in Masham Town Hall. Forthcoming
meetings in October:
Thursday 5th October Town Hall
Thursday 12th October - Church.
Thursday 19th October Town Hall
Thursday 26th October no meeting: it's half term
For more information, please contact Rev'd David Cleeves 01765 689255

Music on an Autumn Afternoon
St. Marys Church, Masham Sunday 8th October 3pm
Songs & arias by Mozart, Handel, Beethoven, Schumann, Cole Porter and
more. Soprano ~Jenny Bianco. Piano ~ Anthony Rudd
Free Admission - retiring collection

The next Singing for Fun (adults) will take place in the church on Tuesday
10th October and Tuesday 14th November at 1.15 pm to 2.15 pm.
Following the success of the first Singing for Fun (seven plus) for children
come along on Saturday 11th November at 2 pm to 3 pm in the church.
The Box Office will be open at the Church Autumn Fayre on Saturday 14th
October in the Town Hall to buy tickets for Sister Rita, a new musical play,
which is taking place on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October in the church
at 7.30 Tickets for adults 5 - school age children free.

Sister Rita. A one act musical play inspired by the life of Sister Rita Lee
Lally As seen on BBC TV written and produced by Jim Hunter in St. Marys
Church, Masham, on 27th and 28th October, at 7.30 pm. 18 on stage parts,
chorus and orchestra. Musical associates Tim Harrison and Tony Rudd
Musical director Ann Rudd. Tickets 5 for adults, children free, from
Community Office & Box Office

From the Registers

3rd September Charlie Miller at Masham
26th August James Honess and Carla Bromhead at Masham
7th September Alexander Levine and Jennifer Smith at North Stainley

Come & Sing Karl Jenkins : The Armed Man with Ripon Choral Society
10:30 to 17:00 on Saturday October 7th 2017 at Holy Trinity Church,
Ripon. Cost : 15 in advance (or 20 on the day). Music will be provided.
Tenors and basses, in particular, are encouraged to join us.
More information and details about registration at riponchoralsociety.org.uk

Masham Local History Group

10th October - Death at Eelmire - Barbara Dixon
24th October - Ripon Museums Trust - Richard Taylor
Meetings are held in Masham Town Hall at 7.30pm. Non members are
charged 3 and All are welcome.

Sunday 1st 10.30 am Masham Rev Elizabeth Clark
October Harvest Festival
10.30 am Tanfield Rev.Dr Malham-sacrament
10.30 am Snape Mrs Linda Blackburn
6.30 pm Maple Creek Rachel Harrison
6.30 pm Snape Rev. K. Wood

Sunday 8th 10.30 am Masham Damian Boddy

October 10.30 am Tanfield Mr L Baynes
10.30 am Snape Rev. J Sadler
2.30 pm Ellington Rev David Emison
Harvest Festival
6.30 pm Snape Mr Peter Fenwick

Sunday 15th 10.30 am Masham Rev.Dr.Malham- sacrament

October 10.30 am Tanfield Mr R Dent
10.30 am Snape Dianne Johnson-All Age
6.30 pm Masham Kings Praise

Sunday 22nd 10.30 am Masham Business Service*

October Pete Hammond
10.30 am Tanfield Mr J Bailey
10.30 am Snape Mrs Rachel Prest
Harvest Festival.
6.30 pm Ellington Rev.Dr. Malham-sacrament
6.30 pm Snape Mr Steven Prest

Sunday 29th 10.30 am Masham Elizabeth Hogerzeil

October 10.30 am Snape Mr Steve Laugher
11.00 am Tanfield Joint service at Grewelthorpe
6.30 pm Snape Rev.Dr.Malham-sacrament
*The Business Service at Masham is held annually to celebrate and pray for
our Mashamshire business community


Methodist News
Saturday Coffee Morning is open in the chapel School Room each week
from 10.30am to 12noon. A good place to refresh yourself on your way to or
from your Saturday shop!
For chapel bookings, phone Diana Pybus on 689875.

Knitting Group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Methodist School
Room from 2pm and 4pm. We are a very lively and supportive group and
welcome new members whether experts or novices. There are plenty of
experienced knitters to teach beginners or give advice on tricky patterns!
Every now and then we splash out and go on a day trip, just for fun! Give
Lynda a ring on (01765) 688170 if you want to know more, or just turn up on
the day!
Wednesday Drop - In is the place to go for a good cup of coffee (or tea!)
and a chat. Youll find us in the Methodist School Room from 10.30am to
12noon every week.

Thursday Club normally meets at Maple Creek at 2.30pm every 2nd and 4th
Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments,
good company, speakers and music.
This months sessions:
October 12th Singalong Around the British Isles
October 26th Compassion releasing children from poverty
Speaker: Clare Nelson

Sunday Afternoon Drop-In is open every week at Maple Creek from 3.00
4.00pm. If you fancy some company on a Sunday afternoon, you are
welcome to join us for conversation, refreshments, and a good laugh
guaranteed to cheer you up!

Hope Community Garden. Autumn is well set in and we are now bedding
in for winter. A good time to celebrate a productive year will you be
attending one of the Harvest Festivals being held at this time of year?
Thanks again to the Hope Garden volunteers who have been meeting every
month to maintain and develop the garden. All the small plots are now
occupied: if you are interested in taking one on, it is worth expressing an
interest now to be put on the waiting list. Jim Hunter is the man to talk to
he can be contacted at the number below.
The HOPE Community Garden is joint enterprise of Masham Allotment
Association and HOPE Community Support. If you would like to be part
of this exciting project, or want any other information about HOPE,
please contact Joy Rayden on (01765) 689310 or Jim Hunter on (01765)

Have you been to visit us at the Wellbeing Caf yet? It is now in full swing,
and a very happy place to spend a few hours or just to pop in for a cup of tea
and a chat. We also serve soup and rolls and cake! We are open every
Wednesday from 12.30 3.30pm at Masham Methodist Church.
Set up primarily to offer support for people living with dementia, the Caf is
open to anyone who fancies some company with an opportunity to join in a
variety of activities led by the volunteers, from crafts to dominoes to carpet
bowls to singalongs. Or you can simply come along and hang out! If you
need someone to chat to, or you would like some help with finding
appropriate support call in, we may be able to help.
And please talk about us! We need all the help we can get to reach the
people who would really benefit from the service we offer.
If you would like more information about the caf, or would like to volunteer,
please contact Joy Rayden on (01765) 689310.


Our Harvest Festival service held on Sunday 1 st October at 10.30am by Rev.
Elizabeth Clark, former Methodist minister at Masham, who is now the
National Rural Officer for the Methodist and United Reformed Churches,
whose job is to support and encourage the mission and ministry of rural
churches, to advocate for rural churches within the denominations, and to be
an advocate on rural issues within the churches and wider society

Your Invitation to KINGS PRAISE on Sunday 15th October 6.30 8.00pm:

After the Pit-Stop, What Now?
Following on from our Pit Stop in August, you are invited to an evening
packed with praise, prayer and thanks to God, and a look to the future of
Kings Praise. And of course, fresh coffee!
Kings Praise is a place for a spiritual top-up, a way of supporting and
encouraging Christians and non-Christians alike in a relaxed caf style
environment including contemporary worship and a powerful message.
We meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Masham Methodist Chapel
school room, starting at 6:30pm and finishing by 8:00pm.

From the Community Office

Blue Light Gallery: Valerie Broomhead and Tony Richardsons exhibition
finishes on Friday 6th October so there is still time to view their beautifully
tactile, decorative and functional items for the home - hand-turned bowls
from local hardwoods and wearable art in the form of unique and vibrant silk
scarves with original hand-painted designs. M&J Woodcrafts continue
exhibiting their unique animal jigsaws throughout October and Kim Marsden,
a talented photographer living in York exhibits for the first time with us from
7th-20th October. Amanda Newell also exhibiting for the first time brings her
quirky foil technique stained glass British birds and animals. The Gallery is
open the same time as the Community Office: Monday-Saturday, 10am-3pm.
For more information about future exhibitions or if you would like to exhibit,
please contact The Blue Light Gallery at the Community Office, 7 Little
Market Place, Masham, HG4 4DY or call 01765 680 200 or e-
mail: info@visitmasham.com.

Masham Sheep Fair: on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October
from 9am-5pm. Masham boasts one of the largest and finest market
squares in England, famous for its sheep sales where in the past as many
as 70,000 sheep were sold each year. The popular Masham Sheep Fair
commemorates these times, raising much money for charity, and filling the
town with sheepy fun and entertainment. Events include an action packed
programme on both Saturday and Sunday, with a Sheep Show, Sheep
Racing, Craft Market, Bishop Blaize Procession, Fleece Stalls, Wool
Competition, Sheepdog Demonstrations, Hand Bell Ringers, Morris Dancers,
Art Exhibition and Tours of Theakstons & Black Sheep Breweries, as well as
the Old Time Childrens Fair. All proceeds go to Yorkshire charities. For
more information, contact Susan Cunliffe-Lister via
email susan@burtonagnes.com or call 01765 688417.

Movies in Masham: The Autumn programme continues with Their Finest

(12A) on Tuesday 3rd October. A secretary (Gemma Arterton), promoted to
screenwriter for WW2 propaganda films, has to deal with both the Minstry of
Defence and Bill Nighys washed-up luvvie. On Tuesday 17 th October, come
and see The Eagle Huntress (U). This Oscar-nominated documentary,
withstunning visuals, follows 13 year old Aisholpan as she tries to become
the first female eagle hunter in her Kazakh family. All films start at 7.30pm
at Masham Town Hall. Tickets 5 from Mashamshire Community Office, Tel:
01765 680200 or on the door. Come and enjoy the full cinema experience,
wine and soft drinks, popcorn, sweets from Bah Humbugs and Brymor ice

Citizens Advice Drop-In Advice Session (Craven & Harrogate Districts):

at Mashamshire Community Office on Thursday 5th October (and every first
Thursday of the month). Drop-in session from 10am-noon. Free,

confidential, independent, impartial advice. Advice line 03444 111444
(standard rate) Email: advice@cravenandharrogatecab.cabnet.org.uk. Email
enquiry form: www.citizensadvice.org.uk/cravenandharrogtedistrictscab.

Laughter Yoga: at Masham Methodist Church Hall on Tuesday 10th October

(and every 2nd Tuesday of the month) from 5.50-7pm. A simple, gentle and
healthy exercise that suits all ages and abilities. Come and connect with
your laughter for Happiness, Health and Wellbeing. No special clothing or
equipment is required and it is available to everyone regardless of level of
fitness or previous experience. 5 (or donation). Under 16s go free. Please
arrive 10 minutes early as we start and finish on time. For more information,
please call Tim on 07861 388307, email: tim@laughtertime.co.uk.

Fearby & Healey WI Living in Mongolia: by Mo Marshall at Masham

Town Hall on Wednesday 11th October at 7.30pm. Competition A Holiday
Souvenir. Non-members welcome 3 per meeting.

Words, Women & War: Come and discover hidden histories and secret
stories in this one-woman show written and performed by Irene Lofthouse.
Meet four astonishing Yorkshire women and hear their voices as they tell
their experiences during World War 1 and its impact on their lives. Thursday
12th October at 7.30pm at Masham Town Hall. Tickets 8 from Mashamshire
Community Office. Tel: 01765 680200. Email: info@visitmasham.com.

Spanish Tapas Pop-Up Restaurant: at the Square Kitchen (Bordar House

Teas) on Friday 13th October from 7pm. After their fully booked Italian,
French and Yorkshire evenings, Lucy and Sarah are staying in Europe and
serving a Spanish Tapas set-course menu. To book a table or for more
information, call Lucy on 07734 794377, Sarah on 07732 985175 or email

Thornton Watlass Concert Party Singers: perform at Fearby Village Hall

on Friday 13th October at 7.30pm. 7 to include a light supper. Tickets
available in advance from Mashamshire Community Office 01765 680200,
Irene Verity 01765 689258, Judi Smith 01765 688565. Organised by Fearby
& Healey WI.

The Moondogs: are a young, vibrant three-piece covers band recreating the
sights, sounds and raw energy that defined the 60s. Based in
Middlesbrough, they have performed all over the country to great acclaim,
and are regulars at the World Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Expect
highlights from the musical explosion that defined a generation, with hits
from artists including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The
Kinks, Spencer Davis Group, The Who, The Monkees, The Yardbirds and
many more Friday 20th October at Masham Town Hall. On stage at
7.30pm. Tickets 10 available from Mashamshire Community Office on
01765-680200. Email: info@visitmasham.com.

MP Surgery: Friday 27th October from 2-3pm at Masham Town Hall. If you
would like to see Julian Smith, our local MP, please book an appointment on:
01756 795898 or email: julian.smith.mp@parliament.uk.

Keep Moving: For gentler exercise and movement at a steadier pace for
those of us challenged by age, weight, injury or indolence. Good company.
Every Monday at 10am at Masham Town Hall. Just turn up.

Badminton Club: at Fearby & Healey Village Hall every Wednesday from 8-
9pm. Were always looking for new or more experienced players. Rackets
available to borrow. Pay as you go 2.50 per week. Call 0780 8919541
for more information.

Rhythm Time: Every Thursday in Masham Methodist Hall from 12.30-

2.30pm. Fun music classes for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Free
trial. Call Ami 07340 048804 for more information.

Support Workers Needed: Jane Caress Ltd is a well-established

domicillary care company based just outside Masham. Whether you are
looking for full time work or perhaps just a few hours in the evenings or at
weekends.please think about helping someone else in our community .
While experience is useful, it isnt essential. We feel that everyone has
something to offer people who need assistance to remain living
independently in their own homes. If you want to find out more, please call
Jane on 01677 460051/07786 924264 or email jane@janecaress.co.uk.

I-Pad Support: With thanks to the Co-Op Community Fund, Mashamshire

Community Office have two i-pads for community use. Do you own an i-pad
but dont feel very confident in using it? Are you thinking of buying one but
want to know more before you spend the money? Do you want to find out
some more shortcuts? Our volunteers are offering help and support at drop-
in sessions at Mashamshire Community Office on Monday afternoons from
1-2.30pm. For more information call 01765 680200 or just turn up.

Liftshare: Please join this FREE journey matching service, linking those
who live, work, or travel in and around Masham. Plenty of residents in our
community travel daily to Harrogate, Northallerton, Thirsk and some to York
and Leeds....have you ever thought of filling the other empty four seats?
Can you offer a lift to someone who needs a lift to the train station, to visit
family or friends in hospital or just wants to get over Masham Bridge? A
student may want to start College but the lack of public transport has
stopped them from doing this. Please log on to www.masham.liftshare.com
to register your journey or to request a lift. You can choose to car share as
little or as often as you like, it doesnt have to be on a regular basis. If youre
concerned about having to register online, pop into the Community Office for
more information and well show you how easy it is to register your request
or offer of a lift on www.masham.liftshare.com. Tel: 01765 680 200 or email:
info@visitmasham.com. Please support this initiative and help our
community travel.

Library Volunteers Wanted: We are always on the look-out for new

volunteers to help run our Community Library upstairs in the Mashamshire
Community Office. If you enjoy meeting people, reading and feel you have
time to give something back to the community, we need you! Even if you
can only offer 2 hours a month we would be delighted to hear from you.
All training given. For an informal chat, please contact Tessa on 01765
680200, email: info@visitmasham.com or just pop in. The Library is open
Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm and on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.

Multi User Games Area

Did you know that Masham now has its very own Multi User Games Area?
The MUGA, which is located next to the tennis courts on the Recreation
Ground, is a superb area for all ages and can be used by individuals or
groups to play basketball or 5-a-side football. The facility was provided as a
result of the Parish Council obtaining a Landfill Communities Fund Grant
from Tarmac UK Ltd who operate the Marfield Quarry site and a Play Area
Grant from Harrogate Borough Council.
Masham Steam Rally 2017
No sooner has the dust settled on this year's steam Rally than the busy
committee are at work planning the next, our 53rd, which will be on 21st &
22nd July 2018. In the early 60's a similar event began at Pickering, which
was visited by interested locals, who when faced with the possible closure of
the Town Hall, decided to investigate the possibility of starting one at
Masham, to fund raise for the Town Hall. A friendship was forged with the
Pickering group and much help given. Consequently, on the 9th September
1965 the first event took place in fields at Common Head, off Fearby Road.
(Old Ritchey Tag Factory area). The intrepid committee and helpers worked
so hard and risked so much, putting their holiday money up for collateral.
The going was not easy as it rained for most of the day, and they had little
money for insurance, so had carefully assessed what would be the busiest
time to lose so much, and insured between the hours of 1.00pm and
2.00pm, estimated premium crowd time, as in those days most folk had
lunch before setting off. Unfortunately that was the only time that it was fair
during the entire weekend, so possible financial recuperation was to no
avail. A final profit of 5 remained, so at least the holidays were safe that
year. Those brave men and women were undaunted and decided to do the
same the next year, but in July, on the third full weekend, which is where the
event has continued even since. It then moved to Marfield fields for 4 years,
and then to the much loved site at Low Burton, for the next 40. Another
move then took place back to its second site back at Marfield fields, which
has allowed us to grow to its present site covering over 60acres. This year's
event had more entries than ever before, and the 21 different classes show
no signs at all of shrinking. In fact, quite the contrary as requests come in
from all over the country. This year we had 45 large traction engines which
are a marvellous site to behold and lovingly polished and cherished by their
proud owners.
We are very fortunate that our vibrant and enthusiastic committee is formed
from old and young people, most of whom live outside Masham, from Thirsk,
Bedale, Stokesley, Leeds, Holmfirth, Hull Richmond to name but a few. We
meet monthly on the first Tuesday, in the Town hall. All are voluntary, and
truly committed to the event. Over the rally weekend we have as many as
80 stewards doing a whole range of tasks, and are still in need of help. We
urgently need help with setting up and taking down of the fencing, the
selling of tickets and programmes, car parking, stewarding of vehicle
parades etc. If anyone from the community would like to join us we would
be most grateful. Please do contact us , as it is great fun to belong to such a
group of cheerful unselfish people, and help the town, especially our
wonderful Town Hall. All the money raised from the Steam Rally is to support
the Hall. Over the last few years alone there has been much work done on
renovation, which is constant in a large building over 100 years old. Funds
raised over the 52 years total hundreds of thousands of pounds which have
been used, and still are to keep the hall accessible to all the community.
This year we have raise I R O 15,000, some of which will pay for the urgent
repair work being undertaken on the windows, followed by painting. In
recent years we have been able to fund decorating of Main Hall, Small Hall,
entrance and staircase. New staircase access outside for lift housing, new
tables. Curtains for Main hall, including stage, and many other projects.
There is still much more to do, so we must keep up the good work. Any help
that anyone could give us would be very much appreciated. This constant
attention to renovation and repair has enabled us to have a very popular and
well used community building for use by all. We are indeed fortunate to
have it in our midst, and are the envy of many. Any support which could be
given to the event and indeed the Town Hall would be most welcome. Please
do contact us.. Flo Grainger Tel: 01765 689569


Methodist News
04th - Lunch in the schoolroom
16th - Homemakers meet for a Craft Evening with Marjorie Chapman

Harvest Thanksgiving. Sunday 1st October 10.45 a.m. Harvest Holy

Communion at St. Nicholas Church followed by a Harvest Lunch in the
Village Hall

West Tanfield and District Flower Club

News for October. October 19th. Demonstration by Eileen Barraclough
who is coming for the first time, she is a very good flower arranger with many
years experience,so I'm sure you will all make her very welcome. We are
also having plant stall, so please bring any spare plants you have, I'm sure
you are all now moving and splitting you garden plants, so let's all make it a
good one.

On Top of Her Game: Exhibition at the Bruce Arms, West Tanfield by artist
Jo Garlick. A superb show featuring soft pastel artworks of partridge,
woodcock, snipe, black grouse, red grouse and pheasant. The exhibition will
be located in the Fireside mini art gallery in the Bar area and runs until
Friday 6th October. For more information call 01677 470325.


Harvest Thanksgiving
Friday 13th October 7.00 p.m. Harvest Service & Bring & Share Supper at
Snape Castle Chapel. Please bring a plate of food to share
Sunday 15th October 10.45 a.m. Harvest Holy Communion at at St.
Michaels, Well

Many thanks to the enthusiastic group of Well villagers for tackling the
overgrow/dangerous banks in Mill Lane. What a difference it is now a
pleasant walk Jean Skinner

Reporting Issues if you have any issues to report, such as barking dogs,
dog mess, noise in unsociable hours, speeding, street lights, highways,
environmental issues and so on, you can do this through either the
Hambleton District Council website or the North Yorkshire County Council
Website or by phoning both organisations. Any nuisance issues that happen
regularly should be recorded in a diary with the date, time and duration of
the incident and then this can be given to the relevant department to deal
Dog Owners please dont forget to clean up after your dogs, there is still
dog mess around, and use the bins provided, there also seems to be an
increase in people cleaning up after their dogs and then leaving the dog bag
either in the grass, hanging on a fence or bush, this is very irresponsible and
not fair on other people using the footpaths in and around the village
To those with dogs who bark regularly and for long periods of time, please
be aware that they can be heard all over the village. All dogs bark
occasionally but please remember others dont want to listen to prolonged,
repeated barking

Well Cycling Group - Finished until April 2018 due to lack of light evenings

Well Walkers October longer walks, generally around 5-7 miles, will be on
Monday 2nd & 16th, 10.00 am from Orchard House. Telephone 470305 for
more information if you want to come along and join in, everyone welcome,
you dont have to live in the village to join in.
Shorter, easier walks of up to 4 miles to take place on Monday 9 th & 23rd,
10.00 am from Orchard House, everyone welcome. Tele 470426 for more
information if you want to come along or know of any shorter walks we could
do or that you want to suggest

Well Ladies Coffee Wednesday 11th October at Sue Bravenders, Pear

Tree Cottage, Church Street, 10.30 am

Wellies Craft Group Tuesday 3rd October, 7.00 pm, everyone welcome,
you dont have to be crafty to join in. Just come and listen if you dont have
anything you particularly want to do. Phone 470426 for venue or ask to be
added to the email list for the group if interested

Well Parish Council the next meeting will be Monday 6th November at
The Institute, 7.00 pm. The PC meetings have now moved to three monthly
from the August meeting this year

Well Village Website www.wellvillage.org.uk, or email


Village Email Contact Group several emails a month are sent out to
those on the list, if you want to be included or no longer wish to receive
emails please contact the clerk on clerk@wellvillage.org.uk. Your email
address will not be disclosed to any other parties and kept confidential.

Defibrillator Code the code for the defibrillator machine is C147 and is
also on the side of the porch at The Milbank Arms is on the notice on the
notice board across the road next to the bus shelter. Please let the Clerk
know in the event of it being used so that new pads can be ordered.


Methodist News
Craft and Chat.......Tuesday, 2-4pm, on October 3rd, 17th, & 31st
A friendly group, where you can take your own craft or join in a group one.
All welcome.
Under 5's.........Wednesday, 10-11.30am, on 4th,11th, &17th
A small friendly group of mums, grandparents, and children.
Youth Club.........Thursday , 7-9pm, on 12th & 26th
A group for age 11 and over, in the institute. Different activities each
Sunshine Corner.........Friday, 3.30-5pm, on 6th & 20th.
This active after school group is held for all children of school age. These
Fridays include, drinks, games, crafts, etc all based around a biblical story.
Coffee Morning..........Saturday, 27th, September, from 10-12am.
This monthly free coffee and chat among villagers. All welcome.

Snape Show
Snape Annual Show Committee would like to say a big thank you to all who
helped with setting up the show on the Friday evening prior to the show, and
all those who worked so hard on show day to make it the success it was.
Thank you to Janet Seal for judging the Fancy Dress and Nick, Chloe,
Kieran and Tom Imeson for all their help running the Sports. Also a big thank
you to Diane Hosking and her team of helpers who produced yet again a
marvellous lunch for the Judges.

Snape Local History Group
13 October Postcards And Pictures Of Times Past - Snape and other
rural scenes with Peter Smith
27 October A Forgotten Emigration - Yorkshire folk to Nova Scotia 1772
- 75. Illustrated talk by June Hall
Meetings are held on Fridays at 7.30pm in Snape Institute. Admission is 2-
50 for non-members, who are welcome at all speaker and discussion

Snape Institute Next Events

Saturday 14 October - Village Breakfast Drop in from 8 am onward to
enjoy a wholesome cooked breakfast
Wednesday 18 October 7.30 pm Nightmares in Norfolk performed by
North Country Theatre. Oh, Whistle and Ill Come to You by M. R. James
and The Signalman by Charles Dickens adapted for this theatre production
by Nobby Dimon and Simon Corble respectively. Two terrifying tales
from the masters of the ripping yarn, one told tongue-in-cheek and
one.. straight down the line! North Country Theatres productions are
always entertaining and these will be no exception. Pre booking is
essential - tickets 10 (U16 6) from Sarah Lowe on 01677 470444
Dont forget the regular exercise/fitness classes:
Monday Carpet bowls 2pm to 4pm
Monday Circuit training 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Tuesday (term time only) Yoga 11am to 12.30pm
Tuesday Keep Fit 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday Table Tennis 7pm to 9pm
Thursday Zumba 4pm to 5pm
Friday Circuit training 9.30am to 10.30am
Friday (term time only) Tai Chi 11.15am to 12.30pm
For more details please contact Sarah on 01677 470444.


Harvest Thanksgiving
Sunday 8th October 4.00 p.m.Harvest Thanksgiving Service followed by a
Bring & Share Tea

Over 50s Club

The next gathering of the Club 50 group will be on Thursday 5th October.
Our October meeting will be a social evening. Please come along and join
us at 7.30 pm. For catering reasons, please phone 07793134724,if you've
never been to Club 50 before and are thinking of coming.

North Stainley Village Hall
North Country Theatre Saturday 30th of September. 7.30pm
Nightmares in Norfolk. Two plays for the price of One
Oh Whistle And Ill come to you & The Singleman
Two terrifying tales from the masters of the ripping yarn, one told tongue- in-
check and one... straight down the line
Tickets 9 (under 16s 8) Ring 01765 635236 Bar available


Coffee Morning
There will be a Coffee Morning for St Paul's Church, Healey on Saturday 4th
November at Masham Town Hall from 9.30 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.
Books, cakes, tombola prizes, produce, Christmas gifts and bric a brac
would be very welcome Please leave any items with Basil Sturdy (01765
689543) or Delia Richmond (01765 658765) or can be left at the back of St
Paul's Church.

Masham Parish Council

Masham Parish Council seeks a highly motivated person for he post of
Clerk to the Council - 14 hours per week. salary commensurate with
Local Government Councils Pay Scale. Duties include: advisor to the
Council; minute taking; correspondence; filing, financial accounts;
computer literacy; and a willingness to undertake training is essential.
Application forms are available from Councillor Flo Grainger, Station
Cottage, Low Burton, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4DF Tel: 01765 689569. E-
mail: flo@oldstation-masham.co.uk. Closing date for applications: 13th
October 2017

Reg.Charity No 1055157



Shortly to be available
2 Living rooms, 2 bedroomed, 2 storey property

In Walking distance of all village amenities

Self contained
Centrally Heated
Garden area

Applicants should normally be 65 or over

Retired from full time employment
Have a strong connection with or are resident in the Ancient Parish
of Masham
And are in Housing need

Further details and application forms from

The Administrator
The Harcourt Almshouse Charities
Ellington Hall Farmhouse
High Ellington
North Yorkshire HG4 4PR
Tel: 01677 460366