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Discover Nordic braided jewelry p. 82


Love your stash


Get a head start

on the holidays
with this beaded
ornament p. 66

Learn this fresh and Stitched components
versatile technique p. 74 unite a medley of
colors in this eclectic
bracelet by Melissa
EXCLUSIVE! Grakowsky Shippee
BeadDreams 2017 p. 27

winning designs p. 16
What makes
Cynthia Rutledge
tick? Find out inside! p. 42

OCTOBER 2017 Issue 141 plus

When a gem is a not stone
meet the organics p. 64
CONTENT P. 4 A beaders guide to knots p. 22
Fun nds from the
Bead&Button Show p. 12
Recognized for its innovative excellence and collaborations with top designers, Swarovski
is bringing its fashion, style and unmatched crystal brilliance to your manicures.

Swarovski Crystals Nail Combo packs are available in 8 dierent color

combinations in sizes perfect for your nails.

Crystallize your nails in 3 easy steps:

1. Apply polish and top coat and let dry;
2. Add a tiny drop of nail glue and apply crystals;
3. Cap edges of crystals with a small amount of top
coat for longer wear.

Available at:
october 2017 issue 141

24 Autumn splendor necklace 61 Polka dot pendant
by Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi by Ella Des

27 ON THE COVER 66 Star-studded ornament

Boho chic bracelet by Renata Tully
by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee 70 Book Excerpt: Curly Q necklace
32 Fan ower necklace by Anna Elizabeth Draeger
by Kelly Wiese 74 Technique Workshop:
36 Stately Victorian earrings Right-angle peyote
by Debora Hodoyer by Antonio Calles

38 Chevron rhapsody bracelet

by Theodora Seimeni

55 Cat-itude cuff
by Lorraine Coetzee

58 Two-way non-stop
by Regina Payne


24 27 36 38 55

58 61 66 70 74
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from the editor

Embracing the Visit Bead&Buttons website, FacetJewelry.com,

unexpected for free projects, videos, blogs, galleries, design

challenges, and more, all updated daily.

After 12 years of working on Put your beadwork in the spotlight by framing it

this magazine, you might think with a metal bezel and protecting it with resin in this
I would have seen everything. easy peyote design by Svetlana Chernitsky.
In fact, a friend asked me years ago How much

is there to say about beads? Well, as you and I

both know, there are endless rabbit holes to go
down in this field and one could pretty much
spend an entire lifetime exploring them all. Plus,
beading continues to evolve, with new materials,
techniques, and sources of inspiration.
Sometimes, of course, those sources of inspi-
ration arent actually new. Cynthia Rutledge, for
Play along with us! example (see p. 42), bases much of her work on
Find the picture
of the bead strand
famous paintings from the 1400s to the 1900s. Find out how
(itll look exactly like But she doesnt just look at the paintings she Cynthia Rutledge
the one pictured at delves into the history of each piece to under- got bitten by the
right) thats hidden bead bug.
in this issue and email me by stand the context and significance of what she
November 5 with the page sees. The result is a purposeful and original body
number that the strand is on of work in which every detail is planned and
(put Find the Bead Strand in
the subject line). Well pick a executed with precision. That her warm and
name at random the following charming personality also comes through in Get a
week to win a copy of Anna blank
her work is a delightful bonus.
Elizabeth Draegers new book,
Jewelry Designs with Czech- A few other articles in this issue turned pattern for
Mates Beads. Congratulations out to be unexpected delights for me. The Antonio Calles
to Heather Nelson of West right-angle
Chester, PA, who won our June right-angle peyote workshop by Antonio Calles
peyote technique
issue contest after nding the (p. 74) is a follow-up to an article he published
strand on p. 77! to help you create
several years ago. But this exploration pushes
your own designs.
the technique into new territory its amazing
to see the different looks Antonio achieves with
one component. Some other surprises include
the beauty and simplicity of the Sami-inspired
Designs jewelry introduced by Katherine Buenger (p. 82),
Beads the ombr effect on Renata Tullys Star-studded FREE VIDEO
ornament (p. 66), and how gorgeous purple
and orange look together in Melissa Grakowsky
Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Shippees Boho chic bracelet (p. 27)!
I hope you enjoy this issue and take the
opportunity to try something new. And since
its October and were celebrating bead shops
Learn three knots
that are perfect for making
in our Bead Shop Spotlight (pp. 4649), perhaps
leather necklaces.
youll seek out a new shop in your area and
embrace what they have to offer.

Editor, Bead&Button
editor@beadandbutton.com Visit Bead&Button online at
6 October 2017
BEADING, see the
BeadDreams 2017 winners,
Who and what p. 16, or FacetJewelry.com

inspires you?
I mainly draw inspiration
The main part of my inspiration from different materials
comes from starting something and colors I view, and
I have no idea how I am going to from combining differ-
finish; its almost like magic takes ent techniques to dis- My inspiration comes
Nature constantly inspires me. over. Then the colors inspire me. cover new forms of I am inspired by vintage from nature; I put
Theres so much wonder and I live on a sailboat and sail around design. My creations jewelry, beautiful fabric, the different shades
awe to be found in its shapes, the world. This way of life greatly are mostly a synthesis and anything sparkly! of color that I see
colors, and patterns, and in contributes to my inspiration, too. of geometric forms and Kelly Wiese in nature into my
the intricate engineering of Ella Des the glittery impression designs. I am fasci-
its life forms. of Swarovski crystals. nated at how some
Melissa Grakowsky Shippee Theodora Seimeni unexpected color
combinations work
so well.
Lorraine Coetzee

I believe we
were made
Beautiful colors, clever to be creative,
A huge source of my inspiration designs, and the amaz- I draw my inspiration from so I am inspired
is Jane Peterson, who invited Ive always been involved in art ing people who have nature. Being a life scientist, by a drive to
me to participate in the Cleveland disciplines, and I live in a place expanded the world I find that nature is an infinite think outside
Area Kumihimo Study Group [Italy] rich in history, culture, and of beading inspire me. resource for artistic inspiration. the box, push
even though I live in California. traditions, so I just sit at my table My favorite artists are Probably that is why my draw- the envelope,
Im inspired by her kindness and and let the creativity flow. Music Sherry Serafini, Laura ings are full of earthy-colored and constantly
her ability to build a community inspires me a lot, but a book, McCabe, and Melissa beads and my designs have strive to improve
that shares a common interest. a rainy day, or the beads them- Grakowsky Shippee. always had flower and leaf my designs.
She is the inspiration behind the selves can also inspire me. I listen Ive learned so much components in them. Antonio Calles
Northern California Area Kumihimo to my inner self, and then I start from their books and Renata Tully
Study Group. Thanks, Jane! beading, being relaxed and kits, and I am a better
Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi focused at the same time. beader because
Debora Hodoyer of them.
Regina Payne
see more from our contributors
Antonio Calles | contact in care of Bead&Button magazine Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi | jasmineteadesigns.etsy.com | diana@jasmineteadesigns.com |
Lorraine Coetzee | facebook.com/trinitydesignerjewelry | etsy.com/shop/trinitydj | dimigshi_1@sbcglobal.net
trinitydj.co.za Regina Payne | nightowlstudiojewels.etsy.com | regina-payne@hotmail.com
Ella Des | ellad2.com | ellad2.etsy.com | info@ellad2.com Theodora Seimeni | zialolabeadslt.etsy.com | zialola.blogspot.gr | ds.elisirio@gmail.com
Debora Hodoyer | facebook.com/crownofstones | crownofstones.etsy.com | Melissa Grakowsky Shippee | mgsdesigns.net | grakowsky@gmail.com
crownofstones@outlook.it Renata Tully | mirenata1612@gmail.com
Kelly Wiese | beadparlor.com | kellywiese.etsy.com | beadparlor@yahoo.com

8 October 2017
PRECIOSA Rocailles

Try using unique Czech beads and seed beads in conjunction with Playful Perfection,
a book full of tutorials by the internationally renowned designer Kerrie Slade.
You can purchase the book from PRECIOSA distributors or from the author Kerrie Slade.


Shipwreck Beads | 800-950-4232 | www.shipwreckbeads.com PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM
John Bead Corp., Ltd. | 888-755-9055 | www.johnbead.com VISIT
Har-Man Importing Co. | 1-800-232-3769 | www.harmanbeads.com
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads | 800-355-2137 | www.firemountaingems.com
John F. Allen & Son, Inc. | 800-334-9971 | www.jfallen.com
Beadsmith / Helby Import | 732-969-5300 | www.beadsmith.com
Frabels Inc. | 514-842-8561 | www.frabels.com
Czech Republic
Bead & Trim, Inc. | 212-725-9845 | traditional-czech-beads.com
Jablonex Canada Inc. | 416-675-1326 | jablonex.canada@gmail.com

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM PRECIOSA Rocailles

ART NO.: 3 3 1 19 001
PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. | Zsada 317, 468 25 Czech Republic
P +420 488 117 711, F +420 483 312 292, E beads@preciosa.com SIZE: 10/0

When it comes to beads, we want them all! And our Monthly
Clubs allow you to have it! Each month youll receive a new
assortment of color coordinated beads from your chosen club,
delivered right to your door! Packaged in your favorite Flip Top
Tubes, with FREE storage boxes to hold your collection!

Crystal Bonus! Sign up for a new club and receive a

special Swarovski Crystal gift FREE For full details,
visit our website
Our Beads of the Month Clubs:
Swarovski Crystals of the Month
11/0 Seed Beads of the Month
Rotating Beads of the Month
\ KF

2-Hole Beads of the Month

7R 0R

Superduos of the Month


Delicas of the Month

-R V2I7

Hot & Trendy Club



More Clubs Coming Soon!


10 October 2017

bead soup

Whats Happening >>

IROQUOIS September 1517, 2017 Victor, New York
This international symposium brings together people
BEADWORK of the Six Nations of the Iroquois (Mohawk, Oneida,
CONFERENCE >> Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora) as well Art Metal Makers Retreat
as the U.S. and Canada. The conference is open October 1721, 2017
Little Switzerland, NC
to all people interested in Iroquois beadwork, from Florida Society of Goldsmiths
scholars to curious individuals attracted to raised
beading. This years event offers two museum tours, With five days of concentrated jewelry
making, this retreat is for artists who
a banquet speaker discussing the first European want to expand their skills as profes-
trade beads introduced into Iroquoia in the 1500s, sional jewelers or for those interested
in the art of metalsmithing. The work-
and a workshop to create a beaded purse similar shop is open to both members and
to the one in this photo, beadwork circa early 1800s. non-members of all experience levels.
Visit otsiningo.com for details.

October 21, 2017
Watertown, MA Fire Mountains
The New England Bead Society Jewelry-making Contests
beadesignerintl.org. Swarovski Challenge: Now
through October 8, 2017
Society The 39th Bead Affaire will fea- beadingcontests
ture more than forty nationally Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Spotlight recognized artists, exhibitors posts jewelry-making contests
selling beads, beaded jewelry, monthly with generous gift
certificate prizes.
and supplies, plus demonstra-
Melon beads appear International Pearl Design
Grant Served occasionally for sale,
tions throughout the day.
For Melon such as these at
Entries due September 21, 2017
Beads com, but few are Original work incorporating
cultured pearls of any variety,
heirloom melons.
THE BEAD SOCIETY shape, and size are eligible
BEADSOCIETYLA.ORG for submission. Sponsored by
Los Angeles Countys Bead Society awarded Barbie the non-profit Cultured Pearl
Campbell Cole with a research grant for her analysis Association of America.
work with heirloom melon beads worn by the Tani
tribes of northeast India. The origin of melon beads is The Preciosa Ornela Competition
shrouded in mystery. Verbal history suggests mythical September Challenge:
Tibetan ancestry for the beads while the wound glass Preciosa Ripple
October Challenge:
fabrication points to a Chinese origin. Good luck to Anglershjewelry.com will be
Preciosa Chilli
Barbie in her scientific attempts and thank you to all among the vendors at The preciosa-ornela.com/en/contest
who inspire our worldwide beading community! Bead Affaire. The Czech bead manufacturer
offers challenges and giveaways
If you have beading society news or events, send emails to editor@beadandbutton,
and put Society Spotlight in the subject line.
FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 11
bead soup

whats new?
New lampwork and wood beads from Tammy Rae Wolter. Tammy
and her husband, Rick, work together to produce combination beads
like this one that features black and white ebony hand-turned exotic
wood and a borosilicate glass lampwork bead with a sterling silver core.
Visit tammyrae.com to see more of her designs.
ImpressArt now offers a custom stamp program where you can
have your own artwork converted into metal stamps. To order
a custom stamp, go to pjtooljewelry.com and submit your design.
Stamps can be ready in three business days, and are available
in ve sizes: 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 9.5 mm and 12 mm.
Visit pjtooljewelry.com for more information.

The CenterLine adjustable metal

cuff has 23 holes along each edge
of a 44 x 4.5 mm center opening
for adding embellishment. Czech two-hole kite
Available at bead stores in four beads measure
colors: gold, silver, rhodium, 9 x 5 mm and have
and rose gold. a hole through the
tip and the wide part
of the bead. Look for
them at your local
bead store.

Czech glass briolettes

measure 9 x 10 mm and
are available in 16 colors
Customize your creations at your local bead store.
with adjustable chain Gilded bramble bird
bracelets from smalland- bead from humblebeads.
beautifulbead.com along com is made from layers
with two jump rings and the of polymer clay shaped
center component of your together to create intricate New Miyuki spacer
choice. The adjuster offers a designs (134 x 34 in./ beads are similar in
perfect t and is available in 4.4 x 1.9 cm). size and shape to
silver, gold, and rose gold. Toho's Demi beads.
Bird charm available from Miyuki's 110s measure
tierracast.com. 2.2 x 1 mm and the 80s
measure 3 x 1.3 mm,
and are available in
your favorite Miyuki
colors at your local
bead store.

Find focus with

Tibetan beads.
Give your jewelry These beads and
an organic feel with pendants are said
mulberry silk cocoons to bring luck and
spun by silkworms. The harmony to the
oval-shaped cocoons can wearer. Find online
be dyed, painted, and at several stores.
easily cut. Available at
New sterling silver components from several online stores.
Amoracast are available at bead stores
in a wide variety of motifs, including:
Cali seafaring bead cap for at beads
(9 x 12 mm), antler bead cap (7 x 13 mm)
and buttery wings bead (11 x 14 mm).
Panic Button
Q I love an evening of beading
by myself, but Id really like the stimula-
tion and feedback of a small group. How do
I start one?

A The shared ideas of a small group are almost as good as the

lasting friendships that can develop as we bead together.
My group has been meeting for more than ten years. At times, the
information and ideas we share may have nothing to do with beading
and we leave our get-togethers feeling renewed, refreshed, and
perhaps ready to gather materials for a new project.
WHERE TO START? At rst, you may need to be a teacher to help others get started and
First, identify beaders or would-be beaders. If youre lucky enough you may need to share some beads and thread, but youll nd the
to have a brick-and-mortar bead store nearby, you might check to see time spent doing this is rewarding in many ways. I would suggest
if they offer an open beading time where anyone is welcome to drop at the beginning of each gathering asking each participant to intro-
in and bead for a while. If this isnt a possibility, begin with friends and duce herself (until they are familiar with each other) and do a brief
ask them if they are interested. Wear your creations as these might show and tell. In my group we go around the table in order
generate comments to which you can reply, Would you like to try so that everyone has a chance to contribute. Sometimes I, or one
making one yourself? You might want to nd potential members of the members, will suggest trying out a new stitch or pattern. This
of your group in other groups such as quilters, embroiderers, or sew- needs to be planned in advance, either at a previous meeting, or
ers. Find out if they have a newsletter, or if you can attend a meeting through an email or social media. If the meeting time frame requires
to propose your group idea. Of course, social media is a good way that you wrap up at a certain time, keep an eye on the clock and
to connect. Even consider putting an ad in your local newspaper. a few minutes before the time is up say, We just have a few more
minutes together. Can someone help me straighten up the room?
Youll need to decide whether you are willing to host the group SUGGESTIONS
in your home, which has pros and cons (table space, lighting, other Keep the effort simple as you begin but realize the group will need
distractions), or elsewhere. Consider libraries, community centers, a leader and for now at least, that person is you. Offering refreshments
churches, or coffee shops. Where I live, several grocery stores offer isnt necessary. Let the group evolve and encourage suggestions
free meeting space. If lighting is a problem, ask members to bring from members. Some will become loyal members who dont miss
lamps and extension cords, but for safety, dont forget to tape down a meeting while others may be sporadic or drop out entirely. Try to
the cords! steer the group away from politics, religion, and health which can
be divisive and depressing. This isnt a therapy group and you arent
there to solve each others problems. Encourage positive attitudes
MEETING FREQUENCY and keep focused on beading!
Meeting weekly or biweekly on a regular day seems to work for many
small groups for example, every Tuesday morning but monthly Diane Fitzgerald (dianetzgerald.com) has authored more than 100
may be all you or your new beading friends have the time for. This magazine articles on beads and beading. If you have a question
is something that can be decided as your members come together. youd like Diane to answer, send it to us at editor@beadandbutton.
Be sure to be clear about the starting and ending times as well. com, and put Panic button in the subject line. You may see your
question in print!

For an excerpt of Anna's book,

see p. 70 of this issue.
Bead Reads

level and easy-to-read illustrations. She has more Jewelr

JEWELRY DESIGNS WITH than 20 everyday wearable projects, and gives you tips Des y
Czweitchh igns
CZECHMATES BEADS on how to mix and match the CzechMates beads for BeaM at
By Anna Elizabeth Draeger endless possibilities. Grab Annas book, and get started sd es
Dig into your multi-hole bead stash to create fabulous with CzechMates today!
projects from Annas new book using CzechMates beads. Kalmbach Books
This book is geared toward beginner and intermediate ISBN 978-162700-318-6
beaders, and each project is clearly labeled with the skill JewelryandBeadingStore.com Eliz abeth

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 13
bead soup

Patti McDermott
HEROES & VILLAINS stitching win-
Join us >>
ner Light from the Darkness We invite you to participate in our monthly
Bead embroidery with carved onyx design challenge! Create or share an original
bat, crystals, and seed beads. design that ts the monthly theme. If your
piece is chosen as a winner, it may be fea-
tured here in the magazine as well as on our

Design website, FacetJewelry.com.

challenge SEPTEMBER, 2017:


Summer ends and we
bring in the harvest.
Fruits, berries, and
sunowers ll our
tables. What can you
Angi Dega make during Septem-
MYTH AND FOLKLORE challenge ber to celebrate autumn? Explore the colors
winner Faery Cottage A real of fall in your jewelry making: eggplant and
acorn cap and oak leaf dangle, both beet, caramel and pumpkin, green apple and
cast in sterling silver, with a copper amber grain. Browse the farmers market for
door and inlaid citrine and amber.
inspiration, or take advantage of the golden
autumn sunlight (or the uncommonly bright
moonlight) for a walk through the elds.

OCTOBER, 2017:
Autumn shadows
arrive and the crunch
of dried leaves lls
the air. A spooky house at the end of
a deserted road is lled with secrets. Some-
Danica Asurdzic thing wicked this way comes are you
frightened? Amulets can provide protection,
HEROES & VILLAINS readers choice
winner Mjolnir Pendant Wire- and black cats, bats, snakes, or spiders can
wrapped copper and silver-plated Sally Battis be friend or foe. Evil eyes and hamesh hands:
Artistic Wire and crystal beads, MYTH & FOLKLORE readers choice they can serve as comfort, or signify mischief.
crafted to resemble Thors hammer. winner Hobbit Garden Seven- The moon, the stars, the pentagram, the
strand braid with seed beads, crystals, jack-o'-lantern: what inspires you in October?
pearls, and Czech glass beads.

Coming in the next issue

Midnight sparkle

Time to necklace by
Janice Chatham
Mixed technique
crystal bracelet
by Marcia Balonis sparkle! Pearl & crystal
cascade bracelet
by Regina Payne

14 October 2017
your work
BEADDREAMS 2017 Congratulations to all of our BeadDreams 2017 nalists
and winners! With gorgeous entries from around the world, this years exhibit at the
Bead&Button Show was stunning. Special thanks to the prize sponsors, who generously
offered prizes totaling more than $10,000: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Beaduca-
tion, John Bead, Cool Tools, Rings & Things, Swarovski Elements, Rio Grande, and Soft
Flex Company. Shown here are the ribbon winners in each category, plus Best In Show,
Runner-Up Best In Show, and the Peoples Choice Award winners.


Prize category sponsored
by Rio Grande

1st place
Beauty in
the Bees
Tatiana Fitzpatrick
Also won Best In Show,
sponsored by Fire
Mountain Gems and

16 October 2017
Category sponsored by Soft Flex Company

1st place
Vladislav Ivanov and
Kremena Ivanova (Bulgaria)

3rd place
From the Land of the Tin Man
Robert Jennik (USA)

2nd place
Margarets Garden
Kris Schaible (USA)

2nd place
Magic Frost
Irina Slobodyanik

3rd place
Midnight in the
Garden of Good
and Evil
Regina Krawets
your work


Prize category sponsored by John Bead

1st place
Andrea Grzabka (USA)

2nd place
Necklace Under
the Tuscan Sun
Nadezda Gerber (Germany)

3rd place
Jelena Kasevska


Category sponsored
by Cool Tools

1st place
Rapunzels Window
Christi Anderson (USA)

2nd place
Jeri Kiel (USA)

18 October 2017
Category sponsored
by Rings & Things

3rd place
PEOPLES Express Magii
CHOICE of the Rose
Katherine Firor
Colque (USA)

1st place 2nd place

Draco Volanti World for Two
Daryl Adams (USA) Anna Chernykh (Russia)
Also won Peoples Choice
Award, sponsored by
Fire Mountain Gems
and Beads


Prize category sponsored by Swarovski Elements

1st place
The Last Day
of Pompeii
Svetlana Kossman (USA)

2nd place
Kaori Nakakohji (Japan)

3rd place
Nadezda Gerber

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 19
your work


Category sponsored by Rings & Things

1st place
Golden Tassel
Ellen Solomons (USA)

2nd place
The Garden of Eden
Tetiana Panina (USA)

3rd place
Dragon Egg
Kathy Musselwhite (USA)

20 October 2017
Prize category sponsored by Beaducation

1st place
Kaska Firor (USA)
Also won Runner Up Best in Show, RUNNER
sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems UP
and Beads BEST IN
3rd place
Carlottas Treasure
Daryl Adams (USA)

2nd place
Galateas Gift
Daryl Adams (USA)


Category sponsored
by Fire Mountain
Gems and Beads
2nd place
The Luxuriance
Arathy Kunnanchath (USA)

1st place
Through Now
Barbara McGuire (USA)

Your Handy Dandy Guide

A beaders guide to knots

they may not be flashy but in
many beading projects, a knot or two can make the difference
between success and disappointment. Add these nine knots
to your technique skillset.
by Julia Gerlach
A pair of
sliding knots
creates an OVERHAND KNOT
adjustable An overhand knot is often used at the end of a cord to create a stopper,
clasp-free as in bead embroidery. It may also be used for leather or cord projects,
closure such as when bundling cords for a kumihimo project.
To make an overhand knot, make a loop, bring the end through
the loop, and tighten. A single overhand knot in a thread is often
very small and may pass through a piece of fabric. If this occurs, try
a double overhand knot or a quilters knot instead.


Make a loop, and bring the end through twice. For a blood knot,
bring the end through any number of times. Tighten carefully
to keep the turns from crossing.

Use a square knot in bead stitching when you want to join two cords or two ends of a cord securely.
Bring the left-hand cord over the right-hand cord, and around. Bring the right-hand cord over the
left-hand cord, forming a loop, and go through the loop. Pull snug.

Use a surgeons knot in place of a square knot. The extra wrap creates
A Matthew Walker a stronger knot.
knot allows a Bring the left-hand cord over the right-hand cord, and around. Repeat
pendant to hang so you have a double wrap. Bring the right-hand cord over the left-hand cord,
straight instead of forming a loop, and go through the loop. Pull snug.


A larks head knot is used to attach cord to a pendant with a loop that is oriented
front to back. Also, the opening has to be large enough to accommodate two
thicknesses of cord.
To make a larks head knot, fold your cord in half, and pass the fold through the
pendants opening from front to back. Slide the ends of the cord through the fold,
and pull snug.
22 October 2017
A quilters knot makes a bulky knot at the end of
a thread. It is a good substitute for an overhand knot
when doing bead embroidery on a fabric with a fairly
open weave. Its very easy to do and may become your
go-to technique for this type of knot!
To make a quilters knot, hold your needle in your
non-dominant hand, and overlap the end of the needle
with the end of the thread. Pinch the thread in place,
and wrap the thread around the needle several times.
Holding the thread wraps, pull the needle through the
wraps, and continue pulling until a knot forms at the
end of the thread.

Use a half-hitch knot in bead stitching when you want
to end or begin a new thread in an on- or off-loom bead
stitching project.
Sew under a thread bridge between two beads, and
pull until the thread forms a loop. Sew through the loop,
and pull tight. If desired, sew through the loop twice
before tightening.

A pair of sliding knots makes a perfect clasp-
free closure on leather necklaces. The fact
that the knots slide toward and away from each
other means the necklace is adjustable, allow-
ing you to alter its length to suit your outfit.
To make a sliding knot, overlap the two ends
of a cord. Wrap one end loosely around both strands, coiling it back toward the opposite cord
end. Pass the active end back through the wraps you just made, and pull tight. Repeat with the
other cord end to make an adjustable sliding knot clasp. Trim the ends close to the knots.


A Matthew Walker knot is useful for leather necklaces when you
want to knot a pendant in place and have the pendant hang straight.
Its especially useful for pendants with a hole or loop that is oriented
side to side instead of front to back. If you use an overhand knot,
the pendant will most likely twist or hang sideways.
To make a Matthew Walker knot, hold the two strands side by
side with the ends curved down.
Cross the left-hand end over the pair of strands; go behind them
and through the top left-hand loop to the front. Cross the right-
hand end behind the strands. Bring it around the front, across the
strands from left to right, and through the upper right-hand loop
to the back.
Tighten the knot slowly, rolling it upward slightly to form
an X. B&B

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Transition from summer
to autumn with the
lovely muted colors
in this spiraling
kumihimo necklace.

by Diana Miglionico-Shiraishi

f or those familiar with kumihimo, this

project is made as an eight-cord beaded
kongoh gumi braid. You can work on
either a marudai or a foam kumihimo disk.
The instructions below are for the disk.
Movement 1: Bring the top-right cord down, and
place it next to the bottom-right cord (figure 1).
Bring the bottom-left cord up, and place it next
to the top-left cord (figure 2). Rotate the disk 90
degrees counter-clockwise (figure 3).
Make sure you leave enough unbeaded braid
to fit inside your magnetic clasp. Once the braid
is separated from the working cords, take a
moment to continue applying the thread burner
to the end of the braid to melt and seal the cords.
Movement 2: Repeat Movement 1 with the two Alternatively, cut a 6-in. (15 cm) piece of cord,
SETUP cords that are now in the top-right and bottom- wrap it tightly around the unbeaded braid end,
1) Cut four cords to 8 yd. (7.4 m) each. Center left positions. and tie it with a square knot. Place a drop or two
them on a 10 mm or larger split ring, and tie an Repeat these two movements to create a braid of Fray Check or Super Glue onto the binding
overhand knot to secure the cords to the ring. that is about 1 2 in. (1.3 cm) long. cord, letting it seep into the unbeaded braid.
This creates the eight cords you need for the 2) Continue braiding as before, but add beads Allow to dry, and then trim the braid and bind-
kongoh gumi braid. as you work: With each cord movement, slide ing cord to the desired length.
2) Align the kumihimo disk so you have a dot a bead up to the braid before you move the cord.
at the top, the bottom, and each side. Tuck the bead under the cord that crosses the CLASP
3) Feed the ring through the center hole in cord you are working with, and then cross the 1) On a small piece of aluminum foil, dispense
the disk from front to back. Arrange the cords cord as usual. As you slide the drop beads and equal portions of two-part epoxy. Mix together
around the disk, placing two at the top, two at SuperUnos into place, make sure the ends are the two elements with a toothpick until the
the bottom, and two on each side so you have directed outward and dont get caught poking epoxy has a milky appearance.
two cords flanking each dot. Slide the cords into toward the inside of the braid. 2) Using the toothpick, apply epoxy to the inside
the appropriate slots. Release more thread and beads from the of an end cap, coating all surfaces. Fill the end
4) Trim the ends of the cords at an angle, dot bobbins as needed. As the braid progresses, cap two-thirds of the way full of epoxy. Spread
the ends with Fray Check, and allow to dry. move the counterweight up the braid to main- additional epoxy on one of the unbeaded ends
5) String each cord with the beads listed in the tain even tension. of the braid, being careful not to get any epoxy
Bead & cord layout. Each cord should end 3) When you run out of beads, work as in step 1 on the beads.
with 130 beads. to end with 1 2 in. (1.3 cm) of unbeaded braid. 3) Insert the braid into the end cap, and push
6) After you string each cord, attach a stop down for several minutes.
bead, and wind the cord onto a bobbin. Label ENDING THE BRAID 4) Allow the necklace to sit for at least one
the bobbins 1 through 8. Remove the braid from the disk, and tie the hour before repeating steps 13 with the other
7) Attach a counterweight to the split ring. loose ends with an overhand knot. Grasp the end cap.
unbeaded end of the braid, just beyond the 5) Open a jump ring, and attach half of the clasp
BRAIDING beaded portion, with crimping pliers or a hemo- to one end cap. Repeat at the other end. Let the
1) Begin a braid with no beads using the follow- stat. Allow the cord burner to heat up, and then entire piece cure for 24 hours before wearing.
ing two movements: apply the tip where you want to end the braid.

24 October 2017
Bead & cord layout

15x 15x Cords 1 & 2

Group 1: String 15 110 seed beads.
Group 2: String a repeating pattern
of an 110 and a 4 x 6 mm drop bead
five times, rotating through the five
repeat 10x repeat 10x drop bead colors (red, purple, blue,
green, beige). String this pattern a total
of 10 times for a grand total of 100
Group 3: String 15 110s.
15x 15x materials
repeat 50x repeat 50x necklace 20 in. (51 cm)
1 2 Cords 3 & 4
15x 15x 15x 15x 4 strands (50 beads each) 4 x 6 mm
Group 1: String 15 110s.
8 3 teardrop beads (five-color luster mix)
Group 2: String a repeating pattern
7 4 of one 80 and one SuperUno a total of 12 g 2.5 x 5 mm SuperUno beads
15x 15x 15x 15x
50 times (100 beads). (lazure blue)
6 5
repeat 50x repeat 50x Group 3: String 15 110s. 5 g 80 seed beads (Toho F460C, matte
15x 15x
bronze purple)
Cords 5 & 6 5 g 110 seed beads (Toho F634,
Group 1: String 15 110s. matte gold, silver lined)
Group 2: String a repeating pattern tex 135 S-Lon beading cord (chestnut)
repeat 10x repeat 10x of a 4 x 6 mm drop bead and an 110
2 8 mm pagoda end caps
five times, rotating through the five
1 toggle clasp
drop bead colors (red, purple, blue,
2 5 mm jump rings
green, beige). String this pattern a total
of 10 times for a grand total of 100 marudai or foam kumihimo disk
15x 15x beads. 8 plastic bobbins (if using disk) or
Group 3: String 15 110s. 8 70 g tama (if using marudai)
150 g counterweight
4 x 6 mm drop bead in 5-color mix: Cords 7 & 8 1 10 mm or larger split ring
red, purple, blue, green, beige Group 1: String 15 110s. Fray Check or Super Glue
Group 2: String a repeating pattern crimping pliers
2.5 x 5 mm SuperUno bead
of one SuperUno and one 80 a total of cord burner (optional)
80 seed bead 50 times (100 beads).
5-minute two-part epoxy adhesive
110 seed bead Group 3: String 15 110s.
aluminum foil
paper towel

Kits available at jasmineteadesigns.com.

1 2 1 3 4
2 FacetJewelry.com/basics
8 3 8 3 5 kongoh gumi braid on a disk or marudai
7 4 7 4 1

6 5 2
6 5 8 7


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Q&A Kumi tool kit
Q: What are the most important things to have
in a kumihimo tool kit?

A I get this question a lot. Besides the necessary equipment

(disk or marudai, plastic bobbins and/or tama, and counter-
weights), here is a list of some of my favorite tools.


This is my preferred way When using nylon and other synthetic cords, I use these to hold onto my split ring while
to start a braid. I tie the a cord zapper can be used to seal the end of tying the cords onto the split ring. It can also
warp cords to the split ring the braid. Not the same as a thread zapper, can be used to hold the cords while loading
and then I also hang the a cord zapper is hotter, which is necessary to your beads onto the cords.
counterweight from it. The fuse the cords together. The hotter cord zap-
cords can be tied individually per takes two AA batteries. Quick and easy
around one wire for small ending method: With a hemostat, grasp the
beginning knots, or all unbeaded end of the braid just under the
together if a large knot is point of braiding. While securely holding the TULIP AWL
okay. If using a thin cord, hemostat, use your other hand to remove the Although any small awl can be used, I find
such as micro CLon or SLon, counterweight. Lift the braid from the maru- that the fine tip of a Tulip awl to be espe-
the cords can all be tied dai or disk, and rest the braid and the tama cially helpful for removing knots and also
together. To make a split ring, (bobbins) on your work surface. Still holding for breaking pre-strung bad beads from
wrap 16-gauge wire around the braid with the hemostat, use a cord zap- the braiding cord. To break a bead, cover
a dowel a couple of times. per to burn off the excess cord. Keep burning the bead with painters tape, and then push
Trim off the excess wire. the cords until the end of the braid is sealed. the awl into the bead until the bead breaks.


I use this for stiffening the
ends of cords to make it easy
to string beads individually.
Unlike super glue and other HEMOSTAT CLAMP
PAINTERS TAPE products, it is not a problem Used to keep the end of a braid
This nonpermanent tape if you get it on your fingers. from unraveling until the braid end
can be used on the wood Use a pair of pliers to remove is secure. I use a hemostat for my
of the marudai without the nozzle and then dip the quick and easy braid ending method,
causing any damage. I find end of the cord into the bot- see Cord Zapper. B&B
there are so many uses for tle. Let dry about 15 minutes.
this tape, I always have it
close at hand while braiding. Internationally acclaimed kumihimo instructor Adrienne Gaskell (adreinnegaskell.com)
teaches throughout the U.S. and Japan. She is a founder of the recently-established
American Kumihimo Society. If you have a question for Adrienne to answer, email us
at editor@beadandbutton.com, and put Intertwinings in the subject line. You may
see your question in print!

26 October 2017

designed by
Melissa Grakowsky Shippee


odd-count peyote /
bead weaving / stringing

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h e f
f a
b c
a d
e d c

a b
e i f g
c d
a b


Channel your inner free spirit with randomly woven colorful peyote (figure 8). Sew through a couple of 110s
bead strands attached to detailed components that hide the and a loop of the clasp. Continue to sew through
clasp in an unconventional way. the beadwork and loops of the clasp to secure it,
making sure it says centered over the beadwork.
STITCHED COMPONENTS 6) Pick up three 150s, and sew through the next Sew back through the beadwork and clasp loops
1) On 5 ft. (1.5 m) of thread, attach a stop bead, set of five 150s (figure 4, ab). Repeat this stitch again to secure, and end the threads.
leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Pick up a color A 80 11 times to complete the round, sewing through 11) Repeat steps 18 to make the center stitched
seed bead and a color B 6 mm druk bead five sets of six 150s instead of five at the ends (bc). component.
times (figure 1, ab). Pick up two As, and sew Continue through the next C, 150, melon, 150,
back through the last B (bc). Pick up an A, and and two 110s as shown (cd), and flip the bead- CLASP COMPONENT
sew through the next B (cd). Repeat this last work over to the back. 1) On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, attach a stop bead,
stitch three times (de). Pick up an A, and sew 7) Pick up three 110s, skip the next 150, melon, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Pick up nineteen 110s.
through the end A with the needle pointing and 150, and sew through the two center 110s These beads will shift to form rows 1 and 2 as
toward the other end (ef). in the following set of four (figure 5, ab). the next row is added. Work in flat odd-count
2) Pick up four 110 seed beads, and sew through These beads will sit on top of the beads below, peyote stitch for a total of five rows.
the next 80 (figure 2, ab). Repeat this stitch but are shown to the outside of the beadwork 2) Sew through the beadwork to exit the second
four times (bc). Pick up a color C 80 seed bead, for clarity. Pick up three 110s, skip the next 110 from the left side in the second row, with
and sew through the adjacent A (cd). Repeat all 150, melon, and 150, and sew through the next the needle pointing toward the opposite edge
the stitches to complete the round, and continue nine beads as shown (bc). Work as before to (figure 9, point a). Place the unattached clasp
through the first three 110s added (de). complete the round, adding a set of three 110s half on the beadwork, with the opening pointing
3) Pick up a 150 seed bead, a color D 3 mm over each 150, melon, and 150 (cd). Continue toward the right. Sew up through the end loop
melon bead, and a 150, skip the next 110, A, and through the first three 110s added (de). of the clasp, pick up an A, and continue back
110, and sew through the center two 110s in the 8) Pick up two 110s, and sew through the down through the same clasp loop, the next 110
next set of four (ef). Repeat this stitch three next set of three 110s added in the previous in row 2, and the following 110 in row 3 (ab).
times, and continue through the next seven beads round (figure 6, ab). Pick up four 110s, and Repeat to attach the remaining clasp loops,
(fg). Repeat all the stitches to complete the sew through the following set of three 110s sewing through the 110s in rows 2 and 3 as
round but after the last stitch continue through (bc). Work as before to complete the round, shown (bc). Retrace the thread path through
only the next six beads instead of seven (gh). adding two or four 110s as shown (cd). After the entire connection, end the threads, and set
4) Pick up a C, and sew through the next 150, D, the last stitch, sew through the next 10 beads the component aside.
and 150 (figure 3, ab). Repeat this stitch three as shown (de).
times (bc). Pick up a C, and sew through the 9) Using 110s, work nine peyote stitches along STRANDS
next seven beads (cd). Repeat all the stitches this edge of 110s added in the previous two 1) Position both stitched components horizontal
to complete the round, and continue through rounds (figure 7, ab). The 150, melon, and and face down on your bead mat, with the center
the first C added (de). 150 are not shown in the figure for clarity. Work component nearest to you. The opening on the
5) Pick up five 150s, and sew through the next another row with 10 stitches, but for the last clasp should be facing to the right. Attach a com-
C (ef). Repeat this stitch three times (fg). stitch, sew through the end 110 in the adjacent fortable length of thread to the center compo-
Pick up six 150s, and sew through the next C. set of three as shown (bc). nent, and exit at figure 10, point a.
Repeat this stitch once more (gh). Repeat all 10) Position half of the clasp with the open
the stitches to complete the round, and sew end of the clasp facing to the left, near the center
through the first five 150s added (hi). 6 mms, with the loops over the two rows of

28 October 2017
c e

a a
d b b

b a


6 mm druk, color B a c bracelet 8 in. (20 cm)
druk beads (Czech)
4 mm druk, color E - 40 6 mm, color B (sueded gold
medium amethyst)
3 mm melon bead, color D
- 30 6 mm, color I (Pacifica tangerine)
8 0 seed bead, color A FIGURE 9 - 100 4 mm, color E (Pacifica fig)
8 0 seed bead, color C - 100 4 mm, color F (sueded gold lam)
- 60 3 mm, color G (metallic suede pink)
110 seed bead
3 mm melon beads (Czech)
150 seed bead - 76 color D (Pacifica tangerine)
- 60 color H (Pacifica ginger)
- 60 color J (Pacifica elderberry)
Note To size the bracelet, the strands 80 seed beads,
on each side should each be approxi- b - 1 g color A (Toho 221, bronze)
mately in. (1.3 cm) shorter than half - 1 g color C (Toho 1209, marbled
the overall length of the bracelet. Our
8 in. (20 cm) bracelet has strands that opaque avocado pink)
measure 3 in. (8.9 cm). 2 g 110 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
2 g 150 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
2) Pick up a 150, 25 color E 4 mm druks, and 1 4-strand tube clasp
a 150, and sew through the end 110 of the peyote Fireline, 6 lb. test
strip on the other stitched component (ab). Pick beading needles, #11 or #12
up a 150, and sew back through the Es. Pick up
a 150, and continue through the 110 your thread a c basics
exited at the start of this step, going in the same FacetJewelry.com/basics
direction, and the next two 110s along this edge attaching a stop bead
(bc). Repeat to attach the remaining nine peyote stitch: odd-count
strands, but weave the strands around other ending and adding thread
strands as you do for a twisted look. The order FIGURE 10
we used for the remaining bead strands is as
follows: F, G, D, B, H, E, I F, and J. End and Change it up!
add thread as needed. 3) Position the clasp component below the cen- Use a variety of sizes and styles of
ter component with the As facing down and the beads for the strands. You may also
Note The number of beads will clasp opening to the left. Attach the remaining vary the connection points for a more
random look.
vary depending on the size bead bead strands to the other side of the center com-
being added and the amount of ponent in the same order as before. The strands
weaving between strands. Make sure
the components remain horizontal do not need to be woven together in the same
with an equal distance between them way as the first side through. End the thread. B&B
as each strand is added.

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designed by Kelly Wiese


twisted herringbone /
ladder stitch

32 October 2017
f e h
g g
b c d
f a
d c
materials a
necklace 18 in. (46 cm) with FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2
6-in. (15 cm) flower attachment

1 8 mm druk bead (opaque g

iris blue)
9 11 x 5.5 mm top drilled c
teardrop crystals (Swarovski
6000, tanzanite) f
k h
1 6 mm round crystal a b d j
i e
(Swarovski, tanzanite)
bicone crystals (Swarovski)
- 4 5 mm bicone (blue
- 9 4 mm bicone (purple
- 18 3 mm bicone (blue
110 seed beads FIGURE 3
- 22 g color A (Japanese
F460M, black-violet teal matte
metallic iris) Wear this classic herringbone necklace alone Row 7: Work as in row 6, but pick
- 4 g color B (Japanese 308, or wow it up by attaching a ower rope to give up two 150s between each stack
cobalt gold luster) instead of one 150 (gh).
it extra length and pizzazz.
3 g 150 (Japanese 318F, Row 8: Work as in row 6, but
lavender blue gold luster) FLOWERS start stitch, two regular stitches, pick up two color B 110 seed beads
Nymo beading thread, size 1) On 2 yd. (1.8 m) of thread and one increase end stitch (ef). between each stack instead of one
D, or Fireline, 6 lb. test leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, work Row 4: Using As, work an increase 150 (hi).
beading needles, #11 or #12 a three-bead ladder using three start stitch, three regular stitches, Row 9: Pick up two As, sew down
color A 110 seed beads (figure 1, and one increase end stitch (fg). through the next A and the follow-
basics ab). This will be row 1 of the base. 3) Continue in rows as follows: ing B (figure 3, ab). Pick up two
FacetJewelry.com/basics 2) Work in brick stitch as follows: Row 5: Working in herringbone Bs, and sew through the next B
twisted herringbone Row 2: Work an increase start stitch, pick up two As, and sew and the following A in the next
ladder stitch: making stitch by picking up two As, sewing down through the next A and up stack (bc). This is the start of a
a ladder, forming a ring under the last thread bridge in the through the following A (figure 2, new stack. Repeat these stitches
ending and adding thread previous row, and sewing back up ab). Repeat this stitch once more once more to form another new
larks head knot through the last A just added (bc). (bc). Pick up two As, sew down stack (cd), and work an end turn
Regular stitch: Pick up an A, through the next A, pick up a 150 stitch (de).
sew under the last thread bridge seed bead, and sew up through the Row 10: Pick up two As, and sew
in the previous row, and sew last A added (cd). This last stitch down through the next A. Pick
8 mm druk bead
back up through the last A just (two As and a 150) forms an end up a 150, and sew through the
added (cd). turn stitch. following B (ef). Pick up two Bs,
Increase end stitch: Pick up an A, Row 6: Pick up two As, sew down sew through the next B, pick up
110 seed bead, color A
sew under the same thread bridge through the next A, pick a 150, and a 150, and sew the following A
as in the previous stitch, and sew sew up through the following A in the next stack (fg). Repeat
110 seed bead, color B
back up through the last A just (de). Repeat this stitch once more these stitches once more (gh),
150 seed bead added (de). (ef). Work an end turn stitch as and work an end turn stitch (hi).
Row 3: Using As, work an increase before (fg). The beadwork will begin to ruffle.

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 33
j i
g c
e h
k a
b d


Row 11: Work as in row 10, but add sew through the next A in the 150s, a drop bead, and eight 150s. through the beads again to form
two 150s instead of one between the same stack to form a picot (hi). Sew back through the last A added two stacks with their holes parallel.
stacks (ij). Continue through the next five and the remaining 26 beads in the Pick up two As, sew through the
Row 12: Work as in row 10, but add beads to exit the next stack (ij). fringe, and continue back through two As in the previous stack, and
two Bs instead of one 150 between Repeat these stitches to add picots the hole in the pinched end of the continue through the two As just
the stacks (jk). to the end of the remaining stacks. flower (photo b). Sew under a added. Repeat this last stitch once
Row 13: Pick up two As, and sew After adding the last picot, just sew thread bridge between the end As, more (figure 6, ab).
through the next A and the follow- through the adjacent A (jk). and continue back through the 2) To form the ladder into a ring,
ing B (figure 4, ab). Pick up two 4) Sew through the next 14 As pinched end to start the next fringe. sew up through the first stack,
Bs, and sew through the next B to along this edge so your working 7) Repeat step 6 for the second down through the last stack, and up
form a new stack (bc). Continue thread and tail are exiting the same fringe, but instead of picking up through the first stack again (bc).
to work in herringbone stitch as bead. Set the working thread aside, 20 150s in the beginning, pick up 3) Work in twisted herringbone
before to add two stitches using Bs, and attach a needle to the tail. only eight. stitch using As until the rope is
one using As, three using Bs, and Pinch the end of the ladder row 8) Repeat step 6 for the last fringe, approximately 8 in. (20 cm). End
an end turn stitch (cd). together, skip the center A, and sew but instead of picking up 20 150s in the tail thread.
Row 14: Pick up two As, and sew up through the next three As on the beginning, do not pick up any
through the next A. Pick up a 150, the opposite side to pull the edges 150s at the beginning of the fringe. CONNECTING FLOWERS
and sew through the following B together (figure 5, ab). Sew down After sewing under a thread bridge, 1) With the working thread from a
(de). Pick up two Bs, and sew through the corresponding three do not sew back down through the flower, pick up an A, a 5 mm bicone
through the next B, pick up a 150, As on the first edge (bc). Retrace opening of the pinched beads. Sew crystal, an A, a 6 mm round crystal,
and continue through the following this thread path, and end the tail. up through an adjacent end A so an A, a 5 mm bicone, and an A.
B (ef). Adding a 150 between each 5) Turn the beadwork so the your needle is exiting away from Sew up through an end A on the tail
stack, continue to work in herring- pinched end of the flower is on the beadwork. Do not end the end of the rope, and down through
bone stitch as before to add two top. With the working thread, sew working thread. an adjacent end A. Continue back
stitches using Bs, one using As, through the small opening created 9) Repeat steps 18 to make two through the seven beads just added
three using Bs, and an end turn when the three edge beads were more flowers. and an end A in the flower adjacent
stitch (fg). joined without sewing through any to the one your thread is exiting.
Row 15: Work as in row 14 but add beads (photo a). FOCAL PIECE ROPE Retrace the thread path of the con-
two 150s instead of one between 6) Pick up 20 150s, an A, a 3 mm 1) On a comfortable length of nection two more times, sewing
each stack (gh). bicone crystal, an A, a 4 mm bicone thread and leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) through different end beads on the
Row 16: Pick up three 150s, and crystal, an A, a 3 mm, an A, eight tail, pick up four As, and sew flower and rope to center the seven

34 October 2017


Make it
To change the look, make
another focal piece rope
using a different color for
b the owers.

connection beads. End this thread. or to the desired length, leaving

2) With the working thread from a 12-in. (30 cm) tail. Do not end
another flower, pick up an A, a 5 mm the tail.
bicone, and an A. Count up about 15 2) With the working thread from the
beads from the end of the rope the rope, sew up and down through the
other flower is attached to, and sew end beads to tighten the beadwork.
through the next bead. Sew through With the working thread exiting an
the rope to exit back through the bead end bead, pick up three As, a B, an
your thread is exiting on the rope, 8 mm druk bead, and three As, and
the three beads just added, and an sew back through the druk and B. Pick
end A of the flower adjacent to the one up three As, skip the next end A, and
your thread exited at the start of this continue through the following end
step. Repeat this thread path, sewing A opposite the A your thread exited
through the other end A on the flower at the start of this step (figure 7). Sew
to center the connecting beads, and through the beadwork, retrace the
end this thread. thread path, and end this thread.
3) With the working thread from the 3) With the tail thread exiting an end
rope, sew up and down through the A, pick up three As, a B, and 20 As,
end beads to tighten the beadwork, and sew back through the B just added
and end this thread. to form a clasp loop. Pick up three As,
4) With the working thread from skip the next end A, and sew through
the last flower, attach it to the other the end A opposite the A your thread
end of the rope as in step 1 but add exited at the start of this step. Check
an A, a 5 mm bicone, and an A for the fit of the clasp loop and add or
the connecting beads, and end this remove As as needed. Sew through
thread. the beadwork, retrace the thread path,
and end this thread.
NECK ROPE 4) Attach the focal piece rope to
1) Work as in steps 13 of Focal the neck rope using a larks head
piece rope to make a rope that is knot. B&B
approximately 17-in. (44.5 cm) long

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 35
VICTORIAN materials
EARRINGS blue earrings 3 in. (7.6 cm)
2 11 x 8 mm pear-shaped pearls
(Swarovski 5821, petrol)
designed by
12 5 x 10 mm Arcos par Puca beads
Debora Hodoyer
(opaque blue ceramic look)
DIFFICULTY 12 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads (luster
opaque white)
bead weaving 3 g 2 x 4 mm MiniDuo beads (luster
opaque white)
2 g 4 mm O-beads (chalk white azuro
3 g 2.5 x 3 mm Minos par Puca beads
(opaque blue ceramic look)
1 g 110 seed beads (Toho 611, matte
opaque gray)
2 g 150 seed beads (Toho 611, matte
opaque gray)
1 pair of earring findings
Fireline, 6 lb. test, or beading thread,
size B
beading needles, #12 or #13
2 pairs of chainnose, bentnose, and/or
flatnose pliers

Find info for the alternate

colorway at

square knot
end and add thread

11 x 8 mm pearl

5 x 10 mm Arcos bead

2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo bead

2 x 4 mm Mini Duo bead

4 mm O-bead
-side view

2.5 x 3 mm Minos bead

110 seed bead

150 seed bead

36 October 2017

These endearing earrings

intertwine Arcos, Minos, stitches two more times to complete the round,
Duos, and O-beads for and sew through the first O-bead and the open
hole of the first MiniDuo added (cd).
a striking statement.
4) Pick up a Minos, and sew through the open
How to pick up the Arcos beads: Sew j hole of the next MiniDuo. Pick up a Minos, and
through the center and end holes, entering g sew through the open hole of the following
from the inside edge (IE) or the outside MiniDuo and O-bead (de). Pick up four 150s,
edge (OE) as directed. Check that all three and sew through the next Minos (ef). Pick
c f
holes of the Arcos beads are open before up four 150s, and sew through the following
starting to bead. O-bead and the open hole of the next MiniDuo
b e (fg). Repeat these stitches two more times
to complete the round, and then sew through
a the first Minos added in this round (gh).
5) Pick up a 150, an 110 seed bead, and a 150,
h k sew through the following Minos to form
d FIGURE 2 a picot, and then continue through the outer

c hole of the next MiniDuo, O-bead, and four
3) Pick up an O-bead, three MiniDuo beads, 150s (hi). Pick up three 150s, and sew through
b and an O-bead, and sew through the end hole the next four 150s, O-bead, MiniDuo, and
of the same Arcos (IE) and the next O-bead Minos (ij). Repeat these stitches two more
FIGURE 1 e (figure 2, ab). Pick up a Minos, and sew times to complete the round, retrace the thread
through the following O-bead and end hole path (not shown in the figure for clarity), and
TOP COMPONENT of the next Arcos (OE) (bc). Repeat these sew through the first 150 and 110 added (jk).
1) On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, pick up
a repeating pattern of a SuperDuo bead and

3 4
a 15 seed bead three times, leaving a 6-in.
(15 cm) tail. Sew through the beads again,
and tie them into a ring with a square knot.
Sew through the first SuperDuo added, and
continue through the open hole of the same
SuperDuo (figure 1, ab). End the tail. BOTTOM COMPONENT a
2) Pick up an O-bead, the end hole of 1) Repeat steps 15 of Top b
an Arcos (OE), and a Minos. Slide the beads component.
snug to the first round of beads, and sew 2) Pick up a 150, a pear-shaped
through the open end hole (IE) of the same FIGURE 3 pearl, and three 110s, and sew
Arcos (bc). Pick up an O-bead, and sew back through the pearl (figure 4,
through the open hole of the next SuperDuo 6) Pick up an 110, six 150s, and an 110, ab). Pick up a 150, and sew FIGURE 4
(cd). Repeat these stitches two more times and sew through the 110 your thread through the 110 your thread exited
to complete the round, and sew through the exited at the start of this step to form at the start of this step (bc).
first O-bead and Arcos (OE) added in this a hanging loop (figure 3). Retrace this Retrace this thread path, and
round (de). thread path, and end the thread. end the thread.

1) On 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread, sew through the Minos in the bottom component
at figure 5, point a. Place the top component above the bottom component with
the hanging loop facing up and the pearl drop facing down.
2) Pick up a 150, and sew through the corresponding Minos in the top component
(ab). Pick up a 150, and sew through the Minos your thread exited at the start of this step, going

b in the same direction (bc). Sew through the top hole of the following MiniDuo, O-bead, and six
g f d a 150s (cd).
c 3) Pick up a 150, sew through the corresponding 150 on the top component, pick up a 150, and sew
through the 150 your thread exited at the start of this step, going in the same direction (de). Sew
through the next five 150s, O-bead, MiniDuo, and Minos (ef).
FIGURE 5 4) Work as in step 2 to attach the other Minos (fg), retrace the connections, and end the thread.
5) Open the loop of an ear wire, and attach it to the loop on the top component.
6) Make a second earring. B&B
FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 37
designed by
Theodora Seimeni


peyote / ladder stitch

38 October 2017
Create scores of peyote-stitched chevrons around a sparkling
materials center stone for a dramatic composition.
bracelet 6 in. (17.1 cm)
1 14 x 10 mm oval fancy BEZEL For clarity, just the two outer rounds of the bezel
stone (Swarovski 4120, 1) On 4 ft. (1.2 m) of thread, pick up seven color are shown, and the outer round is coming in
crystal antique pink) A 110 cylinder beads, a repeating pattern of toward the center of the stone.
4 3 mm bicone crystals a color B 110 cylinder bead and an A four times, 5) Work two rounds with Cs to secure the stone
(Swarovski, amethyst) and then one more B. Pick up this 16-bead (ab), and sew through the beadwork to exit the
110 cylinder beads (Miyuki sequence again for a total of 32 beads. Leaving first A in a group of seven As (it will be in the
Delicas) a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, tie the beads into a ring with second round of cylinders) (figure 3, ab).
- 3 g color A (DB0040, a square knot (figure 1, ab), retrace the thread 6) Pick up an A, and sew through the next A
copper plated) path twice (not shown in the figure for clarity), in the same round (bc). Continue to work in
- 4 g color B (DB0433, and sew through the first seven As added (bc). stitch-in-the-ditch to work two more stitches
galvanized Champagne) These beads will shift to form the first two using As, five using Bs, three using As, and five
- 2 g color E (DB0461, rounds as the next round is added. using Bs (cd). Make sure the stone stays in the
galvanized tarnished copper) 2) Working in tubular peyote stitch, work five correct position in the bezel. Sew through the
- 2 g color F (DB0116, wine stitches using Bs, three using As, five using Bs, beadwork in the bezel to exit the last B added,
gold luster) and three using As, and step up through the going in the same direction (figure 4, point a).
- 1 g color G (DB0622, first B added (cd). 7) Pick up three Cs, and sew through the next
dyed peach silver-lined 3) Work a round using As, and step up (de). bead in the same round to form a picot (ab).
alabaster) 4) Work two rounds using color C 150 seed beads Repeat this stitch three times (bc). Pick up two
150 seed beads (Miyuki) (ef) using tight tension. After the last round, Cs, and sew through the following B. Repeat this
- 1 g color C (462, metallic sew through the beadwork to exit a cylinder in last stitch three times (cd). Continue as before
gold iris) the outer round of the bezel (figure 2, point a). to work four stitches using three Cs and four
- 1 g color D (4204, Place the 14 x 10 mm oval stone face up in the stitches using two Cs to complete the round, and
Duracoat galvanized bezel, with the ends of the stone pointing toward sew through the first two Cs added in this round
Champagne) the groups of seven As on the bezel, and gently to exit the center C of the first picot (de).
1 magnetic clasp form the bezel to come up around the stone. 8) Pick up three Cs, and sew through the center
Fireline, 6 lb. test C in the next picot to form an end stitch (ef).
beading needles, #11 or #12 Work another end stitch with four Cs and one
a more with three Cs, and sew through the follow-
basics c b ing C (fg). Pick up a B, and sew through the
FacetJewelry.com/basics d next two Cs to form a side stitch (gh). Work
peyote stitch: tubular, e four more side stitches (hi). Work three end
odd-count, stitch-in-the-ditch f stitches using three Cs, four Cs, and three Cs,
ladder stitch sewing through the following two Cs after the
ending and adding thread third end stitch (ij). Work five side stitches with
Bs, and then sew through the next three Cs (jk).
9) Pick up a C, and sew through the four Cs

j i
14 x 10 mm
oval stone

3 mm bicone crystal FIGURE 2

110 cylinder bead, color A h

110 cylinder bead, color B c
a a
110 cylinder bead, color E l
o b g
150 seed bead, color C b e
c f
150 seed bead, color D d k

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 39
of the next end stitch. Pick up a C, and continue four Cs, and sew through the following two Cs of this step (ef). Pick up a B, sew through the B
through the following five Cs and B (kl). Sewing (gh). Continue through the outer edge of the your thread is exiting, and continue through the
through the Bs in the previous round, use Cs to beadwork to exit the center C of the opposite B just added to work a ladder turn stitch (fg).
add four three-bead picots (lm), and then sew picot (hi). Row 4: Work six stitches using color E cylinder
through the following five beads as shown (mn). 14) Repeat steps 1113 to embellish this side of beads, a point stitch with an E, a C, and an E,
Work as before to add a C between the next two the bezel, but do not sew through the outer edge and six stitches using Es (gh). Position the
end stitches, and then use Cs to add three-bead beadwork in step 13. End the threads. chevron so it sits slightly behind the beadwork
picots between the Bs on the side. Do not continue on the side of the bezel as you work.
through any Cs after the last stitch (no). Your CHEVRON 1 Row 5: Turn, and work a stitch with a B (hi),
thread should be exiting a B. 1) Add 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread to the beadwork, and then work six stitches using Es, a point stitch
10) Sew under the nearest thread bridge and exiting the B as shown with the needle pointing with an E, a C, and E, six stitches using Es, and
back through the B your thread is exiting and toward the side embellishment (figure 6, a ladder turn stitch using a B (ij).
the next two Cs (figure 5, ab). point a). Row 6: Work seven stitches using Bs, a point
11) Pick up four Cs, and sew through the 2) Work in rows as follows: stitch using a B, a C, and a B, and seven stitches
center C in the next picot (bc). Repeat this Rows 12: Pick up 11 Bs, a C, and 11 Bs, and using Bs (jk).
stitch twice, and sew through the next C and B sew through the corresponding B on the oppo- Row 7: Work eight stitches using Bs, a point
(cd). Sew under the nearest thread bridge, and site end of the bezel as shown (ab). These beads stitch using a B, a C, and a B, seven stitches using
continue back through the B your thread is exit- will shift to form rows 1 and 2 as the next row Bs, and a ladder turn stitch using a B (kl). End
ing and the next five Cs (de). is added. the thread.
12) Pick up four Cs, and sew through the two Row 3: Pick up a B, and sew through the last B 3) Repeat steps 12 on the other side of the bezel.
center Cs in the next picot. Repeat this stitch added (bc). Working in peyote stitch, work five
(ef). Sew through the next three Cs and B, under stitches using Bs (cd). Pick up a B, a C, and a B, REMAINING CHEVRONS
the nearest thread bridge, and back through the B and sew through the next B to form a point stitch 1) Add a comfortable length of thread to the
your thread is exiting and the next eight Cs (fg). (de). Work five peyote stitches using Bs, and beadwork, exiting the fourth up-bead along
13) Pick up a C, a B, and a C, skip the next sew through the B your thread exited at the start the bottom edge of the first chevron, with the
needle pointing toward the tip of the chevron
l (figure 7, point a).
j 2) Work in flat odd-count peyote as follows for
the second chevron:
d f Row 1: Work five stitches using As, a point stitch
i g
h using an A, a C, and an A, and five stitches using
e a
As (ab). Sew through the beadwork to exit the
last cylinder added (bc).
c e d
Row 2: Work five stitches using As, a point
stitch using an A, a C, and an A, and five stitches
b using As (cd).
a c Row 3: Work six stitches using As, a point stitch
b using an A, a C, and an A, and five stitches using
h As. Work a ladder turn stitch as before using
k i an A (de).
FIGURE 5 FIGURE 6 Row 4: Work six stitches using As, a point
stitch using an A, a C, and an A, and six stitches
g i using As (ef).
b e Row 5: Work seven stitches using As, a point
j stitch using an A, a C, and an A, and six stitches
using As. Work a ladder turn stitch using
an A (fg).
Row 6: Work seven stitches using As, a point
a d


40 October 2017
stitch using an A, a C, and an A, and seven Chevron 4 EMBELLISHMENT
stitches using As (gh). Rows 14: As 1) Add 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread to the beadwork,
Row 7: Work eight stitches using As, a point Rows 57: Fs exiting the first C in a chevron attached to the
stitch using an A, a C, and an A, and seven Chevron 5 bezel (figure 8, point a). Pick up two Cs and
stitches using As. Work a ladder turn stitch Rows 15: Color G cylinder beads two 3 mm bicone crystals, and sew through the
using an A (hi). Continue through the next Rows 67: Es. After adding row 7, sew through adjacent center A on the bezel (ab). Sew back
six beads to exit the fourth up-bead to start the the beadwork to exit the fifth up-bead instead through the beads just added and the C your
next chevron (ij). of the fourth. thread exited, going in the same direction (bc).
3) Work as in step 2 for the remaining chevrons Chevron 6 The beadwork on the edge of the bezel will be
with the following color changes for the cylin- Rows 13: Bs raised by the addition of these beads. Retrace the
ders, or devise your own color pattern. The C 150 Rows 45: Es thread path (not shown in the figure for clarity),
on the tip remains the same for all the chevrons: Row 6: Work six stitches using Bs. Pick up a D, and sew through the beadwork to exit the top
Chevron 3 half of the clasp, and a D, and sew through the end B of chevron 1, exiting toward chevron 1
Rows 13: Color F 110 cylinder beads next E. Work six stitches using Bs. on the opposite band (figure 9, point a).
Row 7: Work seven stitches using Bs, sewing 2) Pick up 17 Ds, and sew through the corre-
Note Notice that in chevron 2, you through the D for the last stitch. Pick up a D, sew sponding B on the opposite band (ab). If needed,
worked the ladder turn on the top through the clasp loop, pick up a D, and continue add additional Ds for the strand to curve slightly.
edge. In Chevron 3, the ladder turns through the next D. Work seven stitches using Continue through the beadwork as shown to
will be on the bottom edge. These
turns will change sides as each new Bs. Sew through the beadwork and clasp connec- exit the adjacent B (bc). Sew back through the
chevron is added. tion to reinforce it, and end the thread. beads just added and the next edge B on the first
4) Repeat steps 13 for the other side of the band. chevron (cd). End this thread.
Rows 46: Bs 3) Add 12 in. (30 cm) of thread to the opposite
Row 7: Fs side of the first chevron, and work as in steps
12 to complete the embellishment as a mirror
image. B&B

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 41
artist prole: Cynthia Rutledge


The Spanish Ghost Galleon was sunk in a hurricane in 1622, and its gold
bounty lay on the bottom of the ocean off Key West, Florida, for 350 years.
Now Cynthia Rutledge offers beadwork designs for timeless and elegant
jewelry, inspired by the galleons recovered time capsule of treasures.


Travelling for 26 to 30 weeks lace or other embellishment of the gown? Background elements like flower arrangements?
per year, seed bead artist and teacher And, of course, the jewelry.
Cynthia Rutledge has the adaptability and I design in my mind, not on the computer or with pencil and paper. I love, love, love the
frequent flyer miles of a thoroughly modern design process. I love the engineering. Teaching is the icing on the cake. I like to see how others
woman. But when her body is at 36,000 feet interpret the design. Seeing finished work is a real validation.
in a commercial airliner, her mind most often Her style of jewelry seems simple, beautiful, and elegant when completed, but the intricate,
dwells in a world of nineteenth-century layered designs are meant for intermediate to advanced students familiar with peyote stitch.
European royal courts, Greek mythology, In a bead world of ever-new bead shapes, Rutledge has stayed loyal to her favorite teeny
fertility goddesses, or 17th century Spanish Japanese 150 seed beads. She also uses lots of 110 seed beads and Delica cylinder beads.
galleon manifests of treasures. Every Rutledge class is also a way to learn technique, as she shows students how to decrease
I cant imagine designing without the muse and increase in peyote stitch, how to bezel around pearl cabochons or gemstones in a variety
of history, Rutledge says. The treasures and of ways, how to set gemstones and cubic zirconias in sterling silver or gold-filled settings,
wonders of the world are a window into the and various embellishing techniques. Her favorite products are available on her website,
past. Maybe that is why I love to travel to dis- cynthiarutledge.net.
tant places, why I love museums to distraction,
and why my work wouldnt have its creative THE ATO CH A GA L L EO N
soul if I didnt have this passion. All of these techniques can be learned by creating jewelry from Rutledges latest group of
Beading from many of Rutledges designs designs which were inspired by the treasures brought up from the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra
is like getting a mini art history lesson, as her Seora de Atocha Spanish galleon. American treasure hunter Mel Fisher searched for the trea-
instructions eloquently describe the architec- sure for 16 years and finally located it in 1985. The $450 million dollar treasure cache included
ture, paintings, artists, or cities behind the more than 40 tons of silver and gold, 100,000 Spanish silver coins known as Pieces of Eight,
jewelrys design. She published her book gold coins, Columbian emeralds, silver and gold artifacts, and more than 1,000 silver bars.
Timeless Beadwork Designs in 2016 (larkcrafts. Always the avid researcher, Rutledge started with a behind-the-scenes tour at Mel Fishers
com), sharing 15 designs inspired by famous Treasure Museum in Florida to learn all about the largest underwater treasure found in history.
paintings from the late 1400s to the early Rutledge also researched paintings from 17th century Spain, being particularly fascinated with
1900s. One of the books designs for Earrings 14th to 16th century girdles long gold necklaces that were worn around the waist or the
for the Dutch Mona Lisa came from her study shoulders. Girdles were status symbols of power, wealth, and position. Usually made of gold,
of her favorite painting, The Girl with the Pearl they were encrusted with gemstones and pearls.
Earring (c. 1665) by Johannes Vermeer. Rutledges artistic eye was captured by a series of gold links in the wreck of the Atocha which
Where do my designs come from? Well, looked like parts of a girdle. And she discovered the 1585 oil painting by Sanchez Coello which
even after 20 years, they arent actually explod- shows Infanta Catalina Micaela, Duchess of Savoy, wearing a girdle that looks almost exactly
ing out of my head, Rutledge laughs. It takes like one found at the Atocha wreck. Rutledges necklace design for Regalia de las Reinas de
lots and lots of research. If you are looking at Espaa resulted.
something like a painting that inspires you, Designs for The Mother Lode, Lost, and then Found, and The Color of Money were
then ask yourself what it is that keeps attract- inspired by money chains found among the Atocha treasures. Money chains were usually
ing your attention. The look on her face? The made of elaborate rings of gold, linked together to form long chains. One link would represent
intense color? The whole color palette used? an average workers wage for one year in the 1600s. Money chains were thought to be an easier
The common versus regal form of dress? The way to transport precious metal, and it is possible that they didnt fall under the same taxation

Cynthia will be teaching a Master class at the 2018 Bead&Button Show!

Go to BeadandButtonShow.com for more information.
42 October 2017
Rutledges Regalia de las Reinas de
Espaa necklace was inspired by
14th to 16th century girdles long,
gold necklaces that were worn
around the waist or the shoulders.
Girdles were status symbols of
power, wealth, and position. Usually
made of gold, they were encrusted
with gemstones and pearls.

The Color of Money

was inspired by money
chains and the elabo-
rate designs on some of
them, which Rutledge
discovered through her
research. The three-
component pendant
consists of bezeled
cubic zirconias (top and
bottom stones) and
Swarovski crystals (cen-
ter component, which is
Beyond the Atocha treasures that made up of a four-prong
were documented, the ship was cup chain element within
also carrying more than three a pav-set metal ring).
pounds of Columbian Emeralds
and unregistered gold bullion,
considered to be blood money
from the slave trade. From research-
ing manifests and images of the
treasures onboard the Atocha,
Rutledge created this Treasures of
the Atocha necklace, incorporating
cubic zirconias and pearls.

This wrap-style Lost, and then Found bracelet of two strips of

peyote stitch joined with pearls was inspired by the money chains
found aboard the Atocha galleon. These chains were usually made
of elaborate rings of gold, linked together to form long chains.

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 43
artist prole

that precious metal coins and ingots would have

been given, Rutledge says. The chains could
be worn under garments for safety.
Rutledges passion for history extends
beyond just beading to how she and her hus-
band of 37 years, Mark, spend their free time.
They live in southern California where they
enjoy backpacking, having backpacked the
California segment of the Pacific Crest Trail.
And we are living-history reenactors for the
year 1757, portraying a physician and his wife
from the American colonies. In the process
of researching everything from garments to The Mother Lode bracelet was designed around a peyote stitch tube,
eyeglasses for these characters, I run into all worked in a spiral, to represent the Atochas stash of money chains. Filling
kinds of information that inspires me to design the space between the spirals are ve bezeled shapes, representing the
contemporary beadwork. Inspiration is every- loose emeralds and gemstones found on the sunken Spanish galleon.
where; you just have to open your mind and
look around, Rutledge says.
For some of us, her body of work is inspira-
tion in and of itself. B&B

Cindy Crain Newman is a freelance writer

who specializes in profiling people who
create and innovate. Contact her by email
at cindycrainnewman@gmail.com.

I cant
without the
muse of The Key to My Heart,
history. an older Rutledge
design, is actually a
locket. Shown within it
are photos of Cynthia

and Mark Rutledge in
their 1757 costumes
worn for living history
reenactment events,
as seen in the photo
at left.

Curious to learn how Cynthia

was bitten by the bead bug?
Find out at FacetJewelry.com/resourceguide

44 October 2017

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57th Annual Association of Earth
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guest teachers, trunk shows, Beadathon & Savvy Sunday. sterling. Hours: Thursday thru Saturday 1pm - 6pm
issues, payable in advance, or $65 per issue (billed to www.2-old-beadies.com www.justbeaditconcord.com
established accounts for one year minimum). Color CREATIVE DESTINATION BEADED LADY THE JUST BEAD IT!
available for $10 per issue. Street address must be 1660 S. Alma School Rd, Ste. 108 480-755-4367 7103 Samples Rd. 501-794-2647 2051 Harrison Street, Ste. C 925-682-6493
listed in the ad. No mention of mail order or wholesale ARIZONA Phoenix & Scottsdale ARKANSAS Fayetteville CALIFORNIA Fresno
business permitted.
Best selection of quality gemstones, Tierra Cast, Nestled in the Ozarks in beautiful downtown Fayetteville Located in the Pavilion West shopping center.
Send your ad to: seed beads, chain, metals, SS, GF, Swarovski, pearls, Since 1991 NWAs largest full service bead store, Featuring unique beads, crystals, gemstones,
Bead&Button Shop Directory leather, jewelry making kits and more. Classes daily. crystals, gemstones, import clothing & unique gifts. Sterling silver, tools, books and a lot more.
P.O. Box 1612, www.beadworldinc.com Tues - Fri 10-5; Sat 9-5; Closed Sun & Mon We have everything to bring out the bead artist in you.
Waukesha, WI 53187-1612 BEAD WORLD, INC. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram beadartistry@sbcglobal.net
or call 888-558-1544, Ext. 815. 6068 North 16th St. 602-240-BEAD (2323) DARK STAR VISUALS BEAD ARTISTRY
8764 E. Shea Blvd. 480-948-BEAD (2323) 106 N. Block Ave. 479-443-2323 2059 W. Bullard 559-435-6605

Sail in, get inspired. Lots of TOHO, Miyuki, 2-hole Czech beads, Tools & supplies for the bead artist! Sedonas largest selection Full service bead store. Large selection of seed beads and A friendly, feel good shop full of beautiful yarn and beads! We
Delica. Large hole pearls, gemstones, leather, tools, unique of beads and ndings. Classes & private lessons. Monday - Swarovski crystals and pearls. We also offer a great selection have an incredible selection of yarn and beads. This is a must
ndings and charms. Classes anytime. Saturday 10-6; Sunday 11-4 of classes. Open Tues-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Closed Sun and see store. We mail order.
Open daily Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-4 Mon. www.joyofbeading.net.
Find us on Facebook www.yarnandbeads.com
27955 US Hwy. 98, Ste. M 251-210-6679 3150 W. SR. 89A STE. 2 1054 E. Grand Ave., Suite A 805-489-6544 225 West Grand Ave. 805-668-2333

46 October 2017
CALIFORNIA Long Beach CONNECTICUT Montville FLORIDA Orlando (Maitland) ILLINOIS Cobden
Natures Art Village has over 5 million BEADS and counting! Orlandos premier teaching center and full service bead store. For all your beading needs. Ceramic, Czech glass, ndings,
Full-service bead store with an amazing selection of glass Plus semi-precious stones, crystals, Miyuki Seeds, complete Japanese seed beads, Swarovski products, gemstones, pearls, wire, hemp, yarn, seed beads, gemstones and more!
and Semi-precious beads. Come see our wall of beads. wire wrapping supplies, hot new classes & Expert Staff! thunder polished crystals, ne metals and mixed metal ndings Classes available. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12-6, Saturday
Great prices. Quality beads. Friendly, helpful staff. Open 7 days, 10am-6pm. and chain. Kits and a special order catalog available. 10-5 or by appointment.
www.beadstrands.com www.NaturesArtVillage.com www.BeadStoreOrlando.com www.etsy.com/shop/southpassbeads
1766 Clark Ave. 562-433-9393 1650 Route 85 860-443-4367 110 N Orlando Ave. (2323) 203 East Ash St. 618-893-6170

Bead Store and Garden Shop. Huge selection of Beads, NEW LOCATION! Take a trip to the seashore and nd all More than just a bead store. Beads, Czech glass, Chinese & Welcome to our creative atmosphere and see the extensive
Findings, Charms, and more, and a Secret Garden too! the beads you need! Two-hole heaven, Shibori, Soutache, Swarovski crystals, pearls. Tools & ndings. Classes with selection of Delicas, seed beads, crystals, stone beads,
Succulents, Air Plants, and Fairy Garden Treasures. Open Every Toho & Miyuki seed beads, Czech beads, kits and more! great artist. Beading, Polymer, resin, lampwork, leather & ndings & much, much more. We offer many classes and
Day. Mon - Sat 10-6, Thurs 10-8, Sun 11-5 metalworking. Offering classes & parties for all ages & skills. workshops and have a friendly, knowledgeable staff.
www.thistlebeads.com Find us on Facebook! www.somethingaboutbeads.com www.studiobeads.com
333 MORRO BAY BLVD. 805-772-3338 24 Pennsylvania Ave. 860-739-6552 3422 Tampa Road 727-781-1377 816 Waukegan Road 847-607-8702

CALIFORNIA Newbury Park DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington FLORIDA Port Charlotte ILLINOIS Des Plaines (Near OHare)
Ventura Countys largest selection of beads & beading books; One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Largest selection of gemstones in Southwest Florida. More than Best selection & prices! Swarovski, stone, pearls.
Seed, Delica, vintage glass, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. 3,000 colors of Miyuki seed beads. Over 600 colors of Delicas. Czech glass & 2-hole beads. Japanese, Czech seeds.
Pearls & gemstones, charms, ndings, Sterling & gold-lled. Stringing materials, ndings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. Czech glass, Swarovski, bone, shell, tools, sterling silver, GF, SS, base metal ndings, beads & 200+ chains.
Classes with nationally known teachers. Open Tues - Sun. Friendly staff in an organized and inspiring environment. copper and gold-lled ndings. Tues - Sat 10am-5pm Leather, tools, friendly help. Mon - Sat 10-6; Tues til 8
www.creativecastle.com www.beadazzled.com www.andersonsbeadroom.com www.bodaciousbeadschicago.com
2321 Michael Dr. 805-499-1377 1507 Connecticut Ave. NW 202-265-2323 24600 Sandhill Blvd., Unit 101 941-764-6222 1942 River Road 847-699-7959

CALIFORNIA Sacramento FLORIDA Avon Park FLORIDA Sarasota ILLINOIS Downers Grove
Large selection Swaroski crystals and pearls. Seed beads, Offering a great selection Swarovski Crystals & Pearls, Seed Largest selection of Swarovski in Illinois! 5,000 sq. ft. of
Largest selection of Japanese seed beads. Over 900 colors. Czech glass, gemstones, 2-hole beads and Delicas. Friendly and Beads,Firepolish, Preciosa, Gem Stones, and Findings. We are gemstone, ndings, chain, leather, Bali, pearls, porcelain,
Delicas, stone, pearls, crystals, lampwork, trade beads, charms, knowledgeable staff. Classes in wirework, Kumihimo and bead full-service with great prices & the friendliest gals in town. Take enamel, Chinese crystal, bone, pewter, Beadalon, TierraCast,
wood, bone and more. See our full size ad. Classes. weaving. Call for hours. Facebook: Marys Bead Studio one of our many classes or sit and bead with us. classes & more! Beaders Welcome. Mon - Fri 10-5, Sat 12-4
www.ubeaditsacremento.com www.marysbeadstudio.com www.donnasbeads.com www.jbcbeads.com
2525 Yorktown Ave. 916-488-2323 2523 US Hwy. 27 South, Ste. 120 863-657-2639 2717 Beneva Road 941-444-7457 1035 Havens Ct. 630-963-0460

A great San Diego bead store by the beach. We have a unique Unique Bead Store with complimentary coffee & soothing KNOWN FOR THE LARGEST SEED BEAD COLLECTION IN THE Bali silver, crystals, chain maille supplies, Kumihimo
and complete collection of everything for the bead enthusiast at music. Miyuki seed beads, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, TAMPA BAY AREA! Over 950 Delica colors, 107 Tila colors, supplies, charms & more. Many project ideas available.
any level. All varieties of beads, chain, wire, ndings, books, semi-precious stones, Tagua beads, Greek leather, tools & SuperDuos & more! Huge selection of gemstones, freshwater Individual attention is our specialty! Classes available.
tools & more. Wed - Sat 10:30-7, Sun 11-6 ndings. Handcrafted jewelry/gifts. Classes & birthday parties. pearls & Swarovski crystals. Visit website for hours & classes. Open Tues - Sat 10-5. Closed Sun & Mon.

BEAD SHOP Spotlight

www.theblackbead.net www.beadedenvisions.com www.ebeads.com beads@ebeads.com www.beadsgaloreandmore.net
5003 Newport Ave. 619-222-2115 130 Del Prado Blvd., Ste. 7 239-673-6096 12807 W. Hillsborough Ave., Ste. H 813-258-3900 7220 W. Benton Dr. 815-464-7161

CALIFORNIA San Jose FLORIDA Clearwater (Indian Rocks Beach) FLORIDA West Palm Beach ILLINOIS Galena
Purveyor of unique beads, buttons, trims & treasures, Full service bead store offering a unique selection of beads, Capture the complete beading experience at FLs largest, most Rustic River is a collection of handcrafted jewelry,
worldly offerings to beginners, inspired, & collectors. ndings, wire, tools, buttons, books and seaside gifts. Classes/ COMPLETE bead shop since 1990. Meet Glenda, Beadworks Vintaj Natural Brass, specialty beads & unique nds.
Workshops-parties-gifts-supplies. Parties/Workspace. Custom torch-red enamels. 2014 Designer of the Year! Go wild in 2300 sq. ft. of beads. Our shop is inspired by nature. Open 7 days a week.
Tu, W, F & Sat. 10-6; Th 10-8; Sun 11-4. Hundreds of original classes not taught elsewhere.
www.sewbeadazzled.com www.island-cove.com www.beadsgonewild.com www.rusticrivernds.com
1068 Lincoln Ave. 408-293-2232 1519 Gulf Blvd., Ste. 4 727-510-1657 4058 FOREST HILL BLVD 561-649-9909 109 N. Main St. 815-776-0043

CALIFORNIA Solvang FLORIDA Davie (Ft. Lauderdale area) GEORGIA Blue Ridge ILLINOIS Oak Park
Formerly Kandras Beads Voted the best bead store in So. FL. Largest selection of natural Satisfy your need to bead! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, offering seed beads,
A full service bead store. Incredible selection of Japanese seed stones, freshwater pearls, Bali & Thai silver, crystals, Czech Delightful selection of beads, ndings, tools, supplies & classes. semi-precious, Czech glass beads and more. Beading supplies,
beads! Lots of wonderful beads and great classes. glass & seed beads. Extensive classes with patient teachers. Unique art glass from local artists. Studio work tools, ndings and tips. Birthday parties, classes, repairs. Space
Open 7 days a week. Centrally located. New 3,200 sq. ft. facility. space with a helpful staff. Check us out at: to stay and play. Open 7 days, visit website for hours.
www.miesbeads.com www.jumpingmousebeads.com www.beadinhand.com
1539 Mission Dr., Suite A 805-686-8804 5735 S. University Drive 954-880-0880 781 E. Main St. 706-276-1215 145 Harrison Street 708-848-1761

CALIFORNIA Stockton FLORIDA Deereld Beach GEORGIA Braselton ILLINOIS Palatine

Youll love our huge Swarovski selection; stone, pearls, pressed Friendly, Beads, Gems, Crystals & Full Retail Store. Classes in A culturally-diverse selection of beads, jewelry and
New full service bead store northeast of Atlanta!
glass and seed beads all sizes. Czech & Japanese including gift items from around the world, specializing in
Beading, Leather, Wire & Chain Work, Design Art & Painting Swarovski, Czech, seed beads and vintage crystal and glass
Delicas. Instruction available; beginner to advanced.Check us ancient and new Indonesian beads. Jewelry repair -
Classes. Open Nights. Noreens Cell: 954-275-5097 beads. Exit 129 on I-85. Check out our website for classes.
out at: books - ndings - body jewelry - classes - piercings.
www.beaddreams.biz www.beadsplusthisnthat.com www.beadjoux.com www.beadworldbeads.com
2103 Pacic Ave. 209-464-2323 2247 West Hillsboro Blvd. 954-573-7797 6750 Hwy. 53, Suite 103 706-658-0007 8 S. Brockway 847-776-BEAD (2323)

COLORADO Colorado Springs FLORIDA Hudson GEORGIA Watkinsville (Athens) ILLINOIS Palatine
Full service bead store with seed beads, Delicas, Czech beads, With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Lauras Beads is a place Artisan & focal beads, Czech beads & buttons, vintage beads, Beads+Baubles+Boutique... Beautiful selection of Sterling
gemstones, pearls and more. Located in northwest Colorado to gather, learn and create. Specializing in bead weaving, we Swarovski, TierraCast, WireLace, WireKnitz & SilverSilk, Silver Findings, Swarovski crystals, Czech Fire Polished,
Springs just 1 mile west of I-25 at Woodmen Rd. offer a wide range of classes and are stocked with a gorgeous Miyuki, Venetian beads, Hill Tribe, Kazuri, trade beads, German, Vintage & natural Gemstone beads. BeadSmith
Open Mon - Sat 10:00am-5:00pm and Thurs til 7:00pm selection of beads, ndings and supplies. pearls & stone. Classes. Check the website for shop hours. authorized dist. Parties, classes, artist demos, trunk shows.
www.beadsandneeds.com www.laurasbeads.com www.gonewiththebead.com www.facetsosis.com
205 W. Rockrimmon Blvd., Ste. B 719-599-3300 8143 State Road 52 727-495-0803 16 N. Main St. (entrance at back) 706-769-2012 225 N. Northwest Hwy. 847-705-6614

COLORADO Fairplay FLORIDA Lighthouse Point (Pompano) IDAHO Idaho Falls ILLINOIS Peoria
Wide selection of beads & supplies. South Floridas friendliest bead store. Tons of semi-precious, Areas best & largest selection of quality gemstones, German Central Illinois oldest & largest full-service bead & artisan
Raku & lampwork beads made on site. pearls, Czech, Swarovski, sterling, tools and supplies. Vintage, Tibetan, Bali, Thai & Turkish silver beads & ndings, jewelry store. Best prices & largest selection in lampwork,
Daily 9:00am to 5:00pm. Vendors Wanted for Show. Original lampwork beads. Classes and kits. Czech glass, seed beads, trade beads, classes & more. crystal, repolish, natural stone, sterling silver, pewter, copper,
Fairplay Bead & Fiber Show, 2nd weekend of August Check out our website for store location and class schedules. Mon - Fri 11:00-5:30 and Sat 12:00-5:30 brass, etc. Lots of jewelry making kits and classes.
www.backroombeads.com www.BeadandArt.com www.pandorasbaublesandbeads.com www.pumpkinglass.com Junction City Shopping Ctr
417 Front Street 719-836-2698 5034 N. Federal Hwy. 954-418-3390 440 Park Avenue 208-529-3696 5901 N. Prospect Road., Ste. 4 309-966-3495

COLORADO Wheat Ridge FLORIDA Ocala ILLINOIS Bloomington ILLINOIS Sycamore

Everything for the Bead Weavers needs! Friendly, helpful staff New 3,000 Sq. Ft. Location in Paddock Mall, (Near Macys) Where beads are always blooming! Largest selection of beads, ndings, wire and chain
here 7 days a week. Czech & Japanese seed beads, Offering the areas best selection of Miyuki & Toho seed beads, Offering the largest selection of natural stones, in the area. 1,000+ charms. Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5,
semi-precious, Swarovski, metal beads & charms, ndings, Swarovski, Czech glass, GS, ndings & more. Swarovski crystal and seed beads in the area. call for Sun hours. GIA gemologist owner, engraving in store.
chain, tools & much more! Catalog, map & more info online. See our class & events schedule online. We encourage all beaders with classes and on-site beading. Bring in ad for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase.
www.ornabead.com www.thebeadstrand.com www.gardenofbeadin.info www.sweetearthjewelry.com
5712 West 38th Avenue 303-567-2222 3100 SW College Rd., 352-620-2323 901 S. Eldorado Road 309-664-6000 341 W. State St. (Rt. 64) 815-895-3011

FLORIDA Orlando (College Park) ILLINOIS Chicago INDIANA Indianapolis

Bead Bar - Full Service Bead Stores - Central Floridas Seed Bead & AIKO Specialists! Nationally renowned teachers. 2000+ Sq. Ft. Bead and Jewelry Store, with staff willing to
Get noticed! favorite since 1991. Huge inventory, talented staff, great Gary Wilson cabochons. Huge selection of Czech glass. serve. Beads, ndings, classes, tools, & more. 1.5 miles from
Add color to your directory ad. customer service, very competitive prices. A Beaders Delight. A Swarovski crystal in 2XAB & special coats. DISCOUNT PRICES! Downtown. Free Parking. Open Mon - Fri 11-7 and Sat 11-5.
must see in Orlando. Online catalog. Newsletter. Open Tues. noon-5:00pm, Sat. 11:00am-4:00pm, or by appt. Closed Sundays. Where Beads Become Jewelry
Call 888-558-1544, Ext. 815 www.beadbar.com www.citybeadschicago.com www.heirloom-classics.com
1319 Edgewater Dr. 407-426-8826 3928 N Rockwell Street 312-316-1910 1311 E. Prospect St. 317-495-1102

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 47
INDIANA Winona Lake MICHIGAN Grand Haven NEW HAMPSHIRE Concord NEW YORK New York City
Best selection of stone beads in N. Indiana. Glass and seed The largest bead store on the lakeshore offering an extensive Bead therapy! A plethora of beautiful, unique beads - New Yorks leading supplier & importer of crafts, beads &
beads, ndings and tools, custom jewelry and repair, classes selection of beading and jewelry-making supplies including stone, pearl, Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling, gold-lled, jewelry supplies since 1971. Lowest prices & best selection
and parties year round. A hidden gem in a cozy lakeside town. silver clay, metalsmithing and lampworking supplies. Japanese seeds, and so much more. Classes, parties, of all beads, ndings, sterling silver, gold-lled, Swarovski,
Find us on Facebook. Open Mon - Sat 10-6 Classes, parties & open workstations. Open daily. worktables. Open Tues - Sun. Online shop now open. semi-precious gemstones, crafts, apparel & accessory supplies.
www.thebeadedpeacock.com www.thecreativefringe.com www.beadit.biz www.beadkraft.com
805 East Canal St. 574-371-2777 210 Washington Ave. 616-296-0020 146 N. Main St. 603-223-0146 1231 Broadway (@ 30th St.) 212-532-6820

Huge selection of semi-precious & precious gemstone beads, From Beads to Chains to Sew-On and more. Beads World is
Since 1987. Broad range of stone, glass, seed beads, Specializing in beading & jewelry making supplies. Swarovski Pearls, Swarovski, Czech & Kazuri beads. Wide selection of your one stop shop for all beading supplies. Quality selections
Swarovski, pearls, metal & organics. Crystals, Semi-Precious, Czech, Metal, Bone, Wood, Seed, seed beads from top manufacturers. Diverse choice of ndings, in the heart of NYCs fashion district. Were on 38th St.,
Proven instruction-creative environment. Open 7 days a week. Acrylic Beads, Findings. For more Info, visit our website. chain, and wire. Custom cutting & drilling. Classes. between 5th & 6th Ave. Mon - Fri 9-7, Sat - Sun 10-6
www.beadologyiowa.com www.sunscrystal.com www.SanterresStones.com www.beadsworldusa.com
220 E. Washington St. 319-338-1566 28056 Woodward Ave. 248-554-1330 275 Calef Highway (Rte 125) 603-734-4322 57 West 38th St. 212-302-1199

KENTUCKY Louisville MICHIGAN Traverse City NEW HAMPSHIRE Wakeeld NEW YORK Rochester
Your Up North bead store. A myriad of beads, from worldwide Gemstone beads and cabochons. Full color spectrum of Czech Bangles, baubles & bright shinny beads for any bead & jewelry
Bead variety! Glass, gemstone, crystal, metals, wood, bone, antiquities to local artists. One of the largest selections of glass. Japanese seed beads. S-Lon cord. lover! Friendly, warm, creative atmosphere. Extensive selection
seed, Delicas, ndings, books, minerals, wire, tools, supplies. beads, Swarovski, Sterling, gold, gemstones, ndings. Custom Kumihimo jewelry kits. Anitas Daily Bracelet kits. of semi precious, pearls, seed beads, Hill Tribe Silver, tools &
Classes. Tuesday - Saturday 10-6; Monday by appointment See our Legacy Bead Museum - 5000 years of beads. One mile off Route 16. Watch for blue highway sign. ndings. New items weekly. Classes & parties.
www.afterglowbeads.com www.nawbinbeads.com AnitaNH.com www.beadbreakout.com (Easy access from Rte 590)
3816 Shelbyville Road 502-893-6060 925 E. Front St. 231-932-9514 2517 Wakeeld Road (Rte. 153) 603-522-6529 2314 Monroe Avenue 585-271-2340

French Quarters Bead Store, Pearls, Semi-precious & Glass Beautiful quality beads to inspire your creativity & accentuate Westchester Countys largest full service bead store!
Seed beads (Czech & Japanese), Delicas, Swarovski, art glass
Beads, Bali, Thai, Silver Findings, Tools, Lamp worked Glass your style. Emphasis on European beads, Czech-pressed glass, Knowledgeable staff, classes, parties, free workspace, easy
a beaders paradise! Bone, stone, pearls, leather, books,
Beads by Local Artists. The Artist Market has 2 entrances, 85 crystal, seed, pearls, semi-precious. Artisan created jewelry for parking. A haven for stringers AND weavers! Open 7 days a
ndings & tools. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, or by appt.
French Market Pl. (across from Flea Market), the other below. ne gift giving. Ample parking. Weds - Sat 9-5:30, Sun 11-4 week. Find us on Facebook.
www.beadstorm.com ladybeadandrook.com www.beadeverything.com
1228 Decatur St. 504-561-0046 725 Snelling Ave. N. 651-645-0343 29 Howard Street 603-654-2805 175 E. Post Road 914-644-8191

MARYLAND Annapolis (Edgewater) MISSISSIPPI Ridgeland NEW JERSEY Bergeneld (Only miles from NYC) NORTH CAROLINA Asheville/Buncombe Co.
We offer a diverse selection of gemstones, freshwater pearls, Sterling, gold, glass, wood, shell, pearls, stones, crystals, Visit East Coasts premier bead shop. 3,000+ colors/styles Ashevilles premier full-service bead store of 25+ years.
Swarovski crystals, seed beads, Czech, vintage & Venetian ndings, tools, and stringing materials. Classes Parties of Japanese seed beads, glass, crystal, semi-precious, Largest selection of seed beads, ancient trade & vintage
glass, chain, ndings, Hill Tribe, wire, tools, supplies.Classes, Open Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 lampwork & more. Classes by local & nationally known artists. beads in the region. Pearls, gemstones, crystals, etc.
studio space & parties. Tues - Fri 10-6, Wed 10-7, Sat 9-5 Email: villagebeads@aol.com Extensive inventory for unlimited possibilities! plus all the supplies you need. Classes/parties/workspace.
BEAD SHOP Spotlight

www.thetwistedbead.com www.villagebeads.com www.beadsbyblanche.com www.chevronbeads.com

9 Lee Airpark Dr., Suite B3 410-956-5529 398 Highway 51, Ste. 30 601-853-3299 106 N. Washington Ave. 201-385-6225 40 N. Lexington Ave. 828-236-2323

Be PLUM overwhelmed by our thousands of bead Beaders Ecstasy! Huge inventory Miyuki seed beads, Delicas, Express your creative energies without exhausting your pocket.
1,500 sq. ft. of amazing beads, ndings and handmade strands in historic downtown Branson. A beading BAZAAR Swarovski, Hill Tribe, Vintage, Fibers. Fabulous amework/ A Bead Show every day! Durhams largest & affordable
jewelry! Featuring Miyuki, Swarovski, gemstone, vintage of bead wire, ndings, chain, and supplies. Open 7 days/ metal smithing studio w/classes & rental. Loom weaving, wire selection of quality beads & ndings.
beads and much more! week year round, 9:30-5:30. plumbazaar.etsy.com wrapping, PMC. Classes, supplies, parties, repairs. Visit our famous $5 a strand wall.
www.beadlesbeadboutique.com www.plumbazaar.com www.jubilibeadsandyarns.com www.rareearthbeads.com
18 Central Square 978-244-0233 123 E. Main St. 417-337-PLUM (7586) 713 Haddon Ave. 856-858-7844 2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. 919-342-5966

Cental Massachusetts Premier Bead Store Since 2003 Come in to Springelds largest bead store for ndings, seed Extensive selection of f/w pearls, Swarovski crystals, semi-
We are a full service bead shop that offers a unique variety of
Incredible Selection Amazing Prices & Quality Classes beads and semi-precious bead strands for unique creations. We precious stones; Czech glass beads. Sterling silver box clasps with
beads, Swarovski, tools, ndings, stringing supplies, books,
In-Store Work Table Parties Friendly Knowledgeable Staff have tools for beading, metal stamping, and leather crafts. unusual & vintage elements; unique sterling, vermeil, ndings.
magazines, etc. Mon. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-4.
Girl Scout Projects Ladies Night Out Beading Bee Classes are taught by resident experts. Mon-Sat. 9am-6pm. Classes. Daily 11:00AM-6:00PM, FriSat until 9PM seasonally.
www.artofbeads.com www.springeldleather.com www.sojourner.biz www.offthebeadedpathbeadstore.com
43 Main Street 978-840-1155 1463 S Glenstone 800-668-8515 26 Bridge Street 609-397-8849 2270 US Hwy. 74A 828-245-0306

Full service shop with a ne, upscale selection of beads, nd- Voted 1 of the top shops in the US. 4000+ seed beads, Czech Ocean Countys largest full service bead store. Huge selection Full service. Classes, handmade jewelry & supplies. Parties,
ings, wire & tools. Original lampwork beads. Classes, work- Glass, Swarovski, TierraCast Pewter, Semi-Precious stones, base of Swarovski, semi-precious, Czech crystal; largest selection Girls Night Out, BYOB Socials (bring your own beads), seed
space & artistic support. Bulk prices on precious metal beads metal chains & ndings. Gold & Silver. Over 3000 sq ft. around of seed beads. All the new two-hole beads, Delicas, beads, gemstones, Vintage jewelry & components, Swarovski,
& Swarovski crystals. Tribal textiles & lampworking classes. Classes listed online. Ask us about FREE classes. Charlottes and much more. Many classes available. sterling, gold lled & Vermeil ndings. Mon - Sat 10am-6pm
www.BeadCache.com www.ladybugbeadsSTL.com BeadDazzlePoint.com www.aintmissbeadhaven.com
457 N. Main St. 508-339-3330 7616 Big Bend Blvd. 314-644-6140 2319 Bridge Avenue 732-295-6679 138 N. Main St. 704-746-9278

MICHIGAN Berkley MONTANA Billings NEW JERSEY Point Pleasant OHIO Cincinnati (Harrison)
Up to 50% off retail prices. Authorized Swarovski reseller. Large Billings largest bead store and getting bigger. Semi-precious, Classes, Kits, Open Beading! Miyuki, Toho, Czech, Swarovski, The West sides original Bead Shop. Create your own jewelry
selection of Artistic Wire, sterling and gold-lled ndings, Scale pearls, Swarovski crystals, Delicas, Czech glass, shell & metal & much more. Join Fri Nite Bead Club, Sunday Funday, or from our ever-growing selection of Swarovski crystal,
Maille, tools, Czech glass, ndings, stringing materials, more. beads. Silver & gold ndings, tools, books and supplies. Free Team Build. Plus, we ship anywhere! semi-precious strands, glass, metals, pendants, lampwork, clay
We welcome guilds, large groups and individual artists. basic classes. Weekly workshops. Open 10-6 daily. JOIN US AT OUR HAPPY PLACE! beads & tools. 1-on-1 project assistance, classes & parties too.
www.munrocrafts.com www.montanabeads.com www.lucysbeadboutique.com www.followyourbeadedbliss.com
3954 12 Mile Rd. 248-544-1590 670 King Park Drive 406-651-8831 3241 ROUTE 88 848-232-3690 1151 Stone Drive, #E-5 513-202-1706

MICHIGAN Brighton NEVADA Henderson (Las Vegas) NEW MEXICO Albuquerque OHIO Cleveland (Oberlin)
Rare Destination Private Classes, groups, workshops, Serving the Las Vegas community with the largest variety Voted Albuquerques best bead shop. Largest selection of Truly amazing selection! New and vintage glass, gemstones,
metalsmithing, enameling, PMC, HOT, warm & cold glass, of beads & ndings. Classes, parties, volume discounts & imported, ethnic, glass and gemstone beads in New Mexico. Swarovski, metal beads and ndings. African Trade Beads,
mixed media ALL JEWELRY REPAIR, tools & supplies. Free workshops. Minutes from the strip. Findings, tools and books. Silver jewelry and handicrafts. ancient, antique and collectible beads in store and online.
Demos. For store hours check our website: Volume discounts. Mon-Sat 11-6 (at least), Sun. 12:30-5. Just off the Ohio turnpike. Open every day.
www.BrightonBeadsandMore.com www.beadjungle.com www.stonemountainbeads.com www.beadparadise.com
9850 East Grand River Ave. 810-844-0066 1590 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. #160 4008 Central Ave. S.E. 505-260-1121 29 West College St. 440-775-2233

MICHIGAN Farmington (Downtown) NEVADA Las Vegas NEW YORK Dobbs Ferry OHIO Columbus (Dublin)
Low prices Friendly service Unique selection. Nevadas Most Comprehensive Bead Store. Catering to all Importer direct from Thailand, Indonesia, India and China. A Columbus premier bead store. Studio tables. 90+ classes per
A wide variety of beads & components including semiprecious beading disciplines. Huge selection of ndings, pressed glass, wide selection of Miyuki Seed Beads, Czechmates, Sterling quarter - beadweaving, wire, lampwork, metals, Kumihimo &
stones & Czech glass to artist pieces, seed beads, designer seed beads. Full line of Swarovski. Free Classes Daily. Silver Findings, Hill Tribe Silver, Gemstones and more. Whole- more. Czech glass, 2,000+ seed beads - Japanese & Czech.
brass lines & more. Ask for your free Bead Addiction card! Hours: Mon - Sat 10am-6pm; Sun closed. sale and Retail. Jewelry making parties, workshop and repair. Swarovski, semi-precious & more! Shop our website.
www.facebook.com/beadbohemia www.BeadHavenLasVegas.com www.bangkokbead.com www.1stopbeadshop.com
33321 Grand River Ave. 248-474-9264 7575 W. Washington Ave. #131 702-233-2450 10 Cedar St. 914-693-3399 6347 Sawmill (Trader Joes Ctr.) 614-573-6452

MICHIGAN Frankenmuth NEVADA Las Vegas NEW YORK East Rochester

Michigans largest bead store! Walls of unique Czech glass, Visiting Las Vegas? Were the store youre looking for! States Large, bright, full service bead store. Wide selection of
seed beads, natural stones, vintage brass stamping, leather, largest bead shop, carrying the biggest inventory of quality Czech glass, Swarovski, semi-precious stones, quality ndings
chain, Swarovski crystal, charms. Also carry ndings, unique beads and ndings, all priced right. Volume discounts available. and much more! Featuring unique beads and components When traveling, bring Bead&Button,
clasps, tools, patterns and kits! Open 7 days. FREE classes! Open six days, 10 to 6. (Closed Sunday) by local and American artisans. look up a shop and stop in!
www.beadhaven.com www.discountbeadslv.com www.letsbead.com
925 S. Main St. E-1 (River Place) 989-652-3566 4266 S. Durango Drive, Suite G/H 702-360-4266 349 W. Commercial St. 585-586-6550

48 October 2017
OHIO Columbus (Gahanna) SOUTH CAROLINA Hilton Head Island VIRGINIA Richmond WISCONSIN Portage
Artisan focals, uncommon ndings, fair trade beads and all the Treasures from pearls, beads & ndings found around the A great bead shop with experienced teacher. Classes, birthday
Inspiring, fun, full-supply bead store.
usual suspects await you at central Ohios most unique bead globe, to lampwork beads made right here in the Lowcountry! parties, good selection of beads, stone, Czech glass, seed
Glass, stones, sterling, gold lled, charms & ndings.
shop. Knowledgeable and friendly staff stand ready to help, or Delica, Swarovski, Softex & many trusted brands. Owner beads and interesting focal pieces. Open beading when classes
If you cant nd it, ask. We probably have it!
take one of our classes to jump start your creativity. Steve Mardell teaches wirework, beading, lampwork & more. are not in session. Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4
www.gahannabeadstudio.com www.hightidebeads.com www.BanglesandBeads.net www.prairieowerbeads.com
1028 N. Hamilton Rd. 614-933-8948 32 Palmetto Bay Road, Ste. A7 843-686-4367 3322 W. Cary St. 804-355-6118 210 W. Cook St. 608-742-5900

OHIO Columbus (Powell) SOUTH CAROLINA Mt. Pleasant VIRGINIA Virginia Beach WISCONSIN Racine
Full service bead store & more: Jewelry making , Knitting, 6 mi. from Charleston. Yall will love our prices & selection of A friendly bead store offering affordable beads & ndings. The latest styles & colors. Japanese seed beads, Swarovski
Classes & Event Center. The largest selection of Swarovski semi-preciouus gemstones, Swarovski, Sterling, Czech glass, Youll nd a great selection of glass, gemstones, crystals & pearls, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, kits & semi-
Crystals & Pearls in Central Ohio, Tierra Cast Findings, Gem shell, freshwater pearls, books, metals and more. Beginners wood & seed beads, charms, precious metal & non-tarnish precious. Helpful, fun staff. Extensive classes. Were between
Stones, Local & Natl. Teacher Kits, and Knitting Supplies. assisted. Designers thrilled. Volume discounts. Visit us on FB. wire, Swarovski, stringing supplies, tools & more! Milwaukee & Chicago in a charming historic area. 7 days/wk.
www.bloominbeadsetc.com www.countrybumpkinarts.com www.virginiabeachbeads.com www.funkyhannahs.com
4040 Presidential Parkway 740-917-9008 918-C Lansing Dr. 843-884-8808 2262 Seashore Shoppes 757-333-7235 324 Main Street 262-634-6088

Beads to Beat the Band! Beads take center stage in our Offering a wide variety of beads, ndings, tools, books and
For happy thoughts discover The Mercantile. The worlds largest selection of beads! Czech pressed glass,
showroom and classroom. Whether you are looking for a more. Workspace, tools and a friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Czech glass beads, seed beads, craft wire, larger stones. seed beads, Preciosa crystal, ndings, sterling, charms, books
rock star centerpiece or some great back-up beads, our Create right in the store! Classes and special events.
Offering over 250 classes and so much more. and more! Open 9am to 6pm 7 days a week!
selection and service are sure to make you twist and shout. Tues-Wed 10-5, Thur-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5. Closed Sun & Mon
www.beadlesbeadshop.com www.themercantilestore.com www.shipwreckbeads.com www.jsmbeadcoop.com
114 W. Dallas St. 918-806-8945 149 East Queen St. 864-646-9431 8560 Commerce Pl Dr NE 360-754-2323 1511 South 12th St. 920-208-BEAD (2323)

OREGON Dorena SOUTH CAROLINA Surfside Beach WASHINGTON Port Townsend WISCONSIN Stoughton (Madison Area)
Specializing in Quality glass beads from the Czech Republic We offer classes on demand for all levels. We have an in A great selection of beads, books, charms, ndings, tools Unique beads, charms & ndings. Locally-made clay beads,
and Japan in many sizes. We also offer a variety of authentic store glass studio & specialize in Kumihimo, Aluminum Wire & and more. Everything you need or desire plus charms ancient & large-hole beads. Tons of leather & chain! Wide
trade beads, Delicas & hex. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Beading FUN. We have lots of unique beads & beading kits for designed by Lois! Open daily. Extraordinary Service by selection of fun kits. DIY creative space. Metal stamping.
E-mail: beads@bakerbay.com your beading pleasure! LEARN CREATE INSPIRE Extraordinary Beaders. Classes too! Only 15 minutes from Madison or I-90.
www.bakerbay.com www.scbeachbeads.com www.wynwoods.com www.diakonosdesigns.com
35655 Shoreview Dr. 541-942-3941 1918 Highway 17 North 843-839-9808 940 Water St 360-385-6131 187 E. Main Street 608-873-0210

OREGON Portland TENNESSEE Chattanooga WASHINGTON Spokane WISCONSIN Sun Prairie (Madison)
We carry a large selection of seed beads, Delicas, natural stone 3,400 sq. ft. of the nest and largest bead selection and Full-service bead shop. Featuring classes, large selection
Retail/wholesale: Sterling, Gold Filled, Brass, Pewter, beads, freshwater pearls, gemstone beads, re polish, supplies in the area. Friendly atmosphere and staff. Offering of beads, books, tools, etc. Specializing in PMC and
Chain, Beads and Findings. Swarovski, Super Duos, ndings and classes. 3 classes per week. Open daily. Always your true north. semi-precious stone. Mon - Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4
Tues - Sat 9:30am-5:30pm Facebook.com/Beadtherapy1 We go beyond your bead needs. See us on Facebook.

BEAD SHOP Spotlight

WWW.DAVABEAD.COM www.beyondbeadsnorth.com www.meant-to-bead.com
2121 NE Broadway 877-962-3282 1420 McCallie Ave. 423-509-1907 7452 N. Division St. 509-482-0674 110 Columbus St. 608-837-5900


Arlingtons largest bead store. Delicas, shaped beads, seed Large selection of semi-precious stones, unique pearls, Lucite,
Located in Historic Multnomah Village. World class bead collection. We feature a huge selection of
beads, crystals, vintage beads, pearls, gemstones & ndings. yarn, silk ribbon. metal, chain, sterling silver, pewter. Classes
Unique pearls, crystals, glass, stone, shells & more! gemstone, Czech, pearl, unusual ethnic, antique, seed & Delica
Tools, books & wire. Custom & repair work. Classes. available. Wed - Sat 11-5; Tues 11-6; Closed Sun & Mon
Come visit our friendly staff for all your beading needs. beads and beading supplies. An amazing array.
Open 7 days a week. Close to Six Flags Over Texas Google Beads Wausau. Find me on Instagram & Facebook
www.wildbeads.net www.stonedandwiredllc.com
7807 SW Capitol Highway 503-244-1821 2833 Galleria Dr. 817-652-3232 621 W. Mallon Ave. 509-325-2867 221 Scott St. 715-210-3165


Let your creativity blossom in our cozy country setting. Classes, SERIOUSLY UNIQUE BEADS: Gemstone beads (inc. diamond, Specializing in Austrian crystals, unusual stone beads, exquisite Toho and Czech seed beads, Swarovski, Semi-precious
parties, oh-so-pretty sparkly things, and most of all, fun! ruby, sapphire, opal), pearls, art-glass beads, seed beads, pearls, CZs & PMC related products, vintage reproduction and HyperLynks chain maille. Jewellery boutique, classes,
One-stop shopping. Open workshop environment. Artisan/bead silver, vermeil, chain, wire, ndings, tools, private lessons, beads. PMC certication, wire work, beading & specialty parties, repairs, bead clubs and friendly service.
addict, owned & operated. classes. parties & more. classes. Mon-Thu 10-8, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 Just off 401 between Toronto and Kingston.
www.buttercupbeads.com www.beadingdreams.com www.eclecticabeads.com www.bearsbeads.ca
1123 Pawlings Rd. 484-524-8231 5629 W. Lovers Lane 214-366-1112 18900 W. Bluemound Rd. 262-641-0910 73 King Street West 905-372-5111

PENNSYLVANIA Havertown TEXAS Pearland (So. of Houston) WISCONSIN Brookeld CANADAON Newmarket
Full-service bead store. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Buy New Location! Tremendous selection. Swarovski crystal,
Excellent selection Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones Full assortment Japanese seeds & Delicas, Swarovskis & more.
to-go or create in-store. Classes, parties, group outings. Bali Silver, Pearls, gemstones, Czech glass & lampwork
& silver, gold-lled & copper ndings. Beading classes with Notions, kits, tons of books, classes, friendly service.
Tues & Thur 12-7, Wed & Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-3, beads, Delica & seed beads, ndings, tools, books & more.
helpful, friendly instructors. Special orders welcome. 45 minutes north of Toronto.
Closed Mon. Open 7 days a week.
www.thebeadgarden.com www.abcraftypeople.com www.midwestbeads.com www.thatbeadlady.com
2122 Darby Road 610-449-2699 2517 Broadway St. 281-997-3600 19115 W. Capitol Dr., Suite 118 262-781-7670 390 Davis Dr. 905-954-1327


An artistic venue that prides itself on a vast selection Largest selection of beads and jewelry. Tribal & ethnic beads, Create the jewelry you want to wear! Bead store with more! Everything you need, everything you
of beads and ndings to encourage your creativity. jewelry, and ndings. Wide variety of beads, pendants, bone, Limited Edition Designer Jewelry kits. Free assistance from our want. Stone, Crystal, Glass, Pearls, all the Metals. Nymo,
Customers always come rst and always return. precious, gold, silver, metal, brass. Open 7 days/week 11-6. knowledgeable staff. Well lit design area to create in. Sono, C-Lon. Miyuki, Toho. New products every week. Latest
Also in Lake Forest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-990-1668 Mon - Thur 10-8, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 trends & all the classics. Local lampwork & studio.
www.bluesantabeads.net tribalrugsjwlry@aol.com www.eclecticabeads.com www.beadfx.com
1165 W. Baltimore Pike 610-892-2740 7120 Little River Turnpike 703-642-8260 18900 W. Bluemound Rd. 262-641-0910 19 Waterman Ave., Unit 2 877-473-2323


Global marketplace of beads and ndings. Swarovski crystal, One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Come see Madisons premier west-side bead store. Our friendly Torontos best kept beading secret! The John Bead & Craft
Venetian, Czech, Bali & Hill Tribe Silver, Tibetan, Japanese Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. staff and great selection are what make us the favorite! Lots of Outlet is HUGE! Over 6,000 square feet of beads, crystals,
Seed and Delicas, Semi-precious and Freshwater Pearls, Stringing materials, ndings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. seed beads, gemstones, Czech glass, classes galore & more! pearls, components, craft supplies, native craft, nished jewelry
classes. Mon - Sat 10-6, Thur 10-9, Sun 12-5 Friendly staff in an organized & inspiring environment. Mon 11-5, Tue-Fri 11-7, Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3 and so much more. Open 7 days a week.
www.crystalbeadbazaar.com www.beadazzled.com www.madisonbead.com www.johnbeadoutlet.com
4521 Butler St. 412-687-1513 444 W. Broad St. 703-848-2323 515 S. Midvale Blvd., Ste. 2 608-274-0104 20 Bertrand Avenue 416-757-9554

from the Tucson
Gem & Mineral
Shows p. 12
p. 74
p. 58

Kick back and
Say yes to
stackabt le
Big and
ower earr tiful
ings p. 30

CREATE! bangles!
Pretty in pearls and more!

Regal pearl bracelet p. 50

p. 26

Pearl-and-crystal cuff Make a sle

ek Create this

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50 October 2017
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52 October 2017
The Thin-Cut Complement to
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54 October 2017
designed by
Lorraine Coetzee


peyote stitch

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 55
For a purr-fect October project, peyote stitch a trio
of black cats with orange bows.
1)On a comfortable length of thread, 1) On 18 in. (46 cm) of thread, attach
attach a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) a stop bead, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail.
tail. Starting at the upper-right corner Pick up 14 As. These beads will shift
of the pattern, pick up 110 cylinder beads to form the first rows as the next row
for rows 1 and 2: one F, a repeating is added. Using Ds, work two rows of flat
pattern of three As and three Fs five even-count peyote stitch. Repeat to work
times, and three As. two rows with Cs and two rows with
2) Following the pattern or the Word Fs. Zip up the edges together to form the
chart (get it at FacetJewelry.com/resource- toggle bar, and end the working thread
guide), work inflat even-count peyote and tail. Repeat for a second toggle bar.
stitchusing the appropriate color cylin- 2) Attach 12 in. (30 cm) of thread to the
ders.End and add threadas needed while bottom-left side of the band, and exit the
you stitch, and end the working thread third up-bead in the end row (figure 1,
and tail when you complete the band. point a). Pick up six As, and sew through
a middle cylinder on a toggle bar (ab).

a c d e


110 cylinder beads

color A
color B
color C
color D c
a b d
color E
color F

Depending where you FRAN
live, a black cat crossing THE KLIN
your path may be a good CAT
or bad sign (good in
Britain and Japan, bad
in the U.S. and many
European countries).
Regardless, meeting three
black cats in succession
is considered good luck.

56 October 2017
Sew back through the last cylinder added,
and work three peyote stitches, sewing into materials basics
the adjacent up-bead in the end row of the bracelet 7 in. (19.1 cm) attaching a stop bead
band (bc). Sew through the end of the 110 cylinder beads (Miyuki Delica) peyote stitch: flat, even-count,
band to exit the 13th up-bead in the end - 7 g color A (DB0010, black) flat odd-count, zipping up or joining
row (cd), and work as before to attach the - 1 g color B (DB0902, sparkle peony ending and adding thread
other toggle (de). pink-lined crystal)
3) Add 12 in. (30 cm) of thread to the other - 1 g color C (DB0117, violet gold luster) For a Word chart of this pattern, visit
end of the band, and exit the third up-bead. - 10 g color D (DB0203, cream ceylon) FacetJewelry.com/resourceguide
Pick up 23 As, skip the next up-bead, and sew - 1 g color E (DB688, silver-lined frosted
through the following up-bead to form a loop medium green)
(figure 2, ab). Work back around the loop - 2 g color F (DB1133, opaque mandarin
in peyote stitch, using one A per stitch, and orange)
sew through the bead your thread exited Fireline, 6 lb. test, or nylon beading

at the start of this step (bc). Retrace the thread, size D
thread path through the loop a couple beading needles, #12
of times. Work as before to add a second
loop, starting at the 13th up-bead in the
end row (de). End the thread. B&B
The Innovative Beads
& Jewelry Expo
Bead Artistry Presents . . . 14 Years of Quality Bead
Shows in the Northeast
A unique FEBRUARY 19 (1 Day) NEW HOPE, PA
show dedicated to
September 23 thru 24, 2017 MARCH 4 & 5 CROMWELL, CT
Creative Beadwork
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The Ramada Inn MARCH 11 & 12 FISHKILL, NY
Shaw Ave. and Freeway 41, Fresno, CA

and Wearable Art

APRIL 7, 8 & 9 (3 Days) OAKS, PA
beadartistry@sbcglobal.net s 559-435-6605 APRIL 22 & 23 EDISON, NJ
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MAY 20 (1 Day) ALBANY, NY

One Bead Event for All

Beginner & Advanced Beaders
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Tel. 845.352.9735

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 57
NON-STOP Master one base pattern then proceed with an
embellishment, including stripe and checker-
Center the beads on the thread, and
wrap the tail on a thread bobbin

BANGLES board options with bicones and pearls. or piece of cardboard. These beads
will shift to form rows 1 and 2
BASE hand. Adjust the number of four- as the next row is added. End and
designed by
Regina Payne 1) On a comfortable length of bead repeats to change the size. add thread throughout the bead-
thread, pick up a repeating pattern work as needed.
DIFFICULTY of three color E 110 cylinder beads NOTE For a smaller ban- 2) Work row 3 in flat even-count
and a color F 110 cylinder bead 40 gle, use four fewer cylinders peyote stitch, following a repeating
times for a 3-in. (7.6 cm) diameter in Base step 1, for a total pattern of one stitch using an F and
peyote / crossweave count of 156 beads. This will
bangle with a 160-bead base. Test to reduce the base by 5 cm one stitch using an E (figure 1, ab).
make sure the strand will fit (3 16 in.). Only make changes Keep your tension even, and make
around the widest part of your in increments of four to allow sure the beadwork is not twisted.
for the pattern to be even.

58 October 2017
3) Join the ends together by sewing using one F. Repeat this stitch Repeat these stitches to complete
through the first F added in row 3 to complete the round (figure 2, the round, and then sew through materials
on the opposite end as shown (bc), ab and aabb). the next E (de and ddee). green striped bangle
3-in. (7.6 cm) diameter
making sure the beadwork is not Rounds 6 and 7: Work a stitch with 5) With each needle, pick up a F,
twisted. Unwind the tail, and attach an E and a stitch with an F. Repeat and sew through the following E 3 mm Swarovski bicone crystals
a needle. With the tail thread, these stitches to complete the round (figure 3, ab and aabb). The - 80 color A (scarabeus green)
repeat the join, but sew through the (bc and bbcc). F just picked up now sits on top - 80 color B (citrine satin)
F adjacent to the one your working Rounds 8 and 9: Work a stitch of the base. Continue through the 120 2 mm round pearls
thread is exiting. using one E. Repeat this stitch next F and E (bc and bbcc). (Swarovski, cream)
4) With each needle, work in tubu- to complete the round (cd and Repeat these stitches to complete 110 cylinder seed beads
lar peyote stitch as follows, and ccdd). the round, exiting the first - 3 g color E (Miyuki DB0031,
step up at the end of each round: Rounds 10 and 11: Work a stitch raised F added in this round 24k gold plated)
Rounds 4 and 5: Work a stitch with an F and a stitch with an E. (cd and ccdd). - 3 g color F (Miyuki DB0027,
metallic dark green iris)
2 g 150 seed bead (Toho
b PF557, permanent finish
galvanized starlight)
Fireline, 8 lb. test
3 mm bicone crystal, color A 2 beading needles, #11 or #12
microcrystalline wax
3 mm bicone crystal, color B thread bobbin or piece of
3 mm bicone crystal, color C
four-color checkerboard bangle
3 mm bicone crystal, color D
3 mm Swarovski bicone crystals
2 mm pearl - 40 color A (indicolite AB)
- 40 color B (citrine satin)
110 cylinder bead, color E
- 40 color C (ruby)
110 cylinder bead, color F - 40 color D (tanzanite AB)
150 seed bead 120 2 mm round pearls
(Swarovski, cream)
110 cylinder seed bead
- 3 g color E (Miyuki DB0202,
c white pearl AB)
- 3 g color F (Miyuki DB0501,
a 24k gold iris)
FIGURE 1 2 g 150 seed bead (Toho
PF557, permanent finish
galvanized starlight)
Find info for the alternate
colorways at
d dd FacetJewelry.com/
cc resourceguide
b bb c cc
e f basics
a aa
i bb FacetJewelry.com/basics
b peyote stitch: flat even count,
d g dd
zipping up or joining, tubular
aa ending and adding thread


FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 59
f ff
To change the amount of bicone colors e ee
on the top of the bangle, use this chart
to determine your crystal counts: e
2 colors of bicones 80 each on a 160
c cc b bb
count base
d dd
3 colors of bicones 52 each on a 156*
count base
b bb d f
4 colors of bicones 40 each on a 160
count base a aa dd aa
d c cc c cc
5 colors of bicones 32 each on a 160
count base
6 colors of bicones 26 each on a 156*
count base b bb
*bicone numbers need a aa
to be divisible evenly by g gg
the bases bead count. FIGURE 4 FIGURE 5


6) With one needle, sew through and a 150, and sew through the FOUR-COLOR 2) Repeat the previous step to com-
the next E and F (de), turn, next edge raised F (figure 5, CHECKERBOARD TOP plete the round with alternating
and sew down the next F and ab and aabb). Repeat this 1) With each needle, pick up a crystal colors, exiting at the start Fs
up through the following E (ef). stitch for the remainder of the color A crystal, and sew through on the edges (fg and ffgg).
Pick up an F, and sew through the base (bc and bbcc), main- the center raised F (figure 6, ab 3) Repeat steps 23 of Two-color
following E (fg). The F just picked taining firm tension. and aabb). Pick up an A, and sew stripe top. B&B
up now sits on top of a diamond through the next side F (bc and
shape on the base. Sew through the TIP Retrace the thread bbcc), maintaining firm tension.
next F and E. Pick up an F, and sew path to reinforce your outer Repeat these stitches, but pick up
through next E (gh). Repeat this rows of pearls, if you need Bs instead of As (cd and ccdd).
tighter tension.
stitch to complete the round (hi). Repeat again, but pick up color C
Following thread paths, sew to the 3) With one needle, sew through bicone crystals (de and ddee).
first raised F added in this step. the next A and center F (cd). Repeat again, but pick up color D
Pick up a 150, a pearl, and a 150, bicone crystals (ef and eeff).
TWO-COLOR STRIPE TOP and sew through the next center
1) With one needle exiting a side raised F (de). Repeat this stitch
raised F, pick up a color A 3 mm to complete the round (ef). End
bicone crystal, and sew through the all threads.
adjacent center raised F (figure 4,
ab). With the other needle, pick HINT I like to use micro-
up a color B 3 mm bicone crystal, crystalline wax on these
and sew through the same center bangles for good grip and
tension. I add wax every
raised F (aabb). With the first nee- several stitches on the
dle, pick up an A, and sew through thread nearest the bead-
the next side F (bc). With the sec- work. Maintain a good,
ond needle, pick up an B, and sew rm tension throughout
through the following side F (bbcc). this project to achieve
a stiff result.
Repeat these stitches for the remain-
der of the base (cd and ccdd).
2) With each needle, pick up
a 150 seed bead, a 2 mm pearl,

60 October 2017
designed by Ella Des


tubular peyote / bead weaving

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 61
e a
a d

pink/purple pendant 13/8 in.
(3.5 cm)

1 14 mm rivoli (Swarovski, FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2

vitrail light)
12 5 x 10 mm Arcos par
Puca beads (pastel
6 4 x 6 mm pellet beads
(pastel light rose)
1 g 80 seed beads
5 x 10 mm
(Miyuki 4201, Duracoat Arcos bead
galvanized silver)
110 seed beads (Miyuki) 4 x 6 mm
- 1 g color A (4486, Pellet bead a
Duracoat opaque crocus)
80 seed bead
- 1 g color B
(22, silver-lined pink) 110 seed bead, color A
b e
- 1 g color C (4201,
Duracoat galvanized silver) 110 seed bead, color B
j c f
Fireline, 6 lb. test
110 seed bead, color C i
beading needles, #11 or #12
h g
Find info for the alternate
colorways at FIGURE 3

An assortment of beads makes up this fun and and stepping up at the end
basics colorful pendant, just right for everyday wear. of each round:
FacetJewelry.com/basics Round 1: Work one round using
peyote stitch: tubular BEZEL to form a loop. Continue through 80s (figure 2, ab) (the existing
ending thread How to sew through the Arcos the next two beads in the ring 80s added in the previous step are
square knot beads: Sew through the side holes (figure 1, ab). shown in the figure).
and center holes, entering from the 3) Pick up a B and an 80, sew Round 2: Work a round using
inside edge (IE) or the outside edge through the adjacent B from the As (bc).
(OE) as directed. previous loop, the same 80 in the Round 3: Work a round using
1) On 2 yd. (1.8 m) of thread, pick ring, and the next two beads (bc). Bs (cd).
up a repeating pattern of a color A Repeat this stitch nine times (cd). 5) Sew through the next three
110 seed bead and an 80 seed bead For the last stitch in the round, sew beads to exit an 80 in the outer
12 times, and tie the beads into through the adjacent B in the first round (figure 3, ab). End the
a ring with a square knot, leaving loop, pick up an 80, and continue tail, but not the working thread.
a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through through the adjacent B in the last
a few beads to exit an 80. loop. Sew through this stitch to exit EMBELLISHMENT
2) Pick up a color B 110 seed bead, the 80 just added (de). 1) Pick up an Arcos bead (side,
an 80, and a B, and sew through the 4) Place the rivoli face up in the OE), and sew through the next
same 80 in the ring your thread is beadwork. Work in tubular peyote 80 in the outer round (bc). Pick
exiting, going in the same direction stitch as follows using tight tension, up an Arcos (side, IE), and sew

62 October 2017

g e

g b




through the following 80 in the through the next 80 (fg). Repeat

same round (cd). Repeat these these stitches five times to complete
stitches five times to complete the the round, and sew through the
b a c
round (de), and sew through the first two Bs added (gh).
center hole (OE) of the first Arcos 5) Pick up three Bs, and sew
added (ef). through the next C (figure 5, ab).
2) Pick up a pellet bead, and sew Pick up three Bs, and continue
through the center hole (IE) of the through the following two Bs, 80,
next Arcos (fg). Pick up an 80, and two Bs (bc). Repeat these
and sew through the center hole stitches five times to complete the
(OE) of the following Arcos (gh). round, and sew through the first
FIGURE 6 Repeat these stitches five times three Bs added (cd).
using tight tension to complete the 6) Pick up an 80, and sew through
round (hi), and sew through the the next four Bs (de). Pick up an
next Pellet and inner hole of the A, a C, and an A, skip the following
following Arcos (ij). B, 80, and B, and continue through
3) Pick up a B, and sew through the next four Bs (ef). Repeat these
No pellet the next Arcos (OE), 80, and Arcos
(IE) (figure 4, ab). Repeat this
stitches five times to complete the
round, and sew through the first 80
beads in stitch five times to complete the added (fg).
your stash? round (bc), and sew through the
first B added, the next Arcos (center BAIL
Substitute a 150 seed hole, OE), pellet, Arcos (center hole, Pick up 13 Cs, and sew back
bead, Minos par Puca IE), and 80 (cd). through the 80, entering from the
bead, and a 150 in place 4) Pick up two Bs, and sew through side your thread is exiting to form
of the pellet beads. the open hole of the next Arcos a loop (figure 6, ab). Repeat this
(OE) (de). Pick up a color C 110 stitch once more to add a loop on
seed bead, and sew through the the other side (bc). Retrace the
open hole of the following Arcos thread path of the bail, and end the
(IE) (ef). Pick up two Cs, and sew thread. B&B

Print all the materials for the projects in

this issue at BeadAndButton.com/resources.
FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 63
Gemstone Savvy

The organic gems

by Kia Resnick

w hat do coral, jet, amber

and pearls have in com-
mon? Most gems are, technically,
of lignite, made of carbon, so its
completely different from the aga-
tized material we think of as petri-
a sparkly polish. Jet had another
vogue in the 1920s, when stylish
flappers wore waist-length, multi-
Earths first coral
reefs appeared in the
inorganic; that is, they are mineral fied wood.) strand necklaces of the genuine Cambrian Period, 542
compounds formed from lifeless Jet has been used as a gem in English lignite or a glass imitation million years ago, and took another
chemicals occurring naturally Europe since Neolithic times. Like known as French jet. hundred million years to become
in the earth. Basically, rocks. But amber, it feels warm and light in This gorgeous, glossy deep- established in warm waters around
coral, jet, amber, and pearls are weight and is easy to carve. Its black lightweight gem is back, the planet. Coral is actually the
different, because they were harder than amber at 2.5 to 4 on with affordable beads and carvings skeletons of zillions of tiny crea-
actually alive at one time. They the Mohs Scale, and it does sink in coming out of coal-seam sources tures known as coral polyps.
are the organic gems. water, but very slowly. Jet is one of in Northern China. Antique Coral can form whole islands
the few naturally true-black gems Whitby jet jewelry is being offered and giant reefs, and, very rarely,
JET (yes, that onyx is dyed!), and it has at high prices only buy from small branches of gemmy material
In the last issue, we gone in and out of style over the trusted sources unless youre an that is not too porous to be cut
talked about amber, years, but it became enormously expert. Real jet will, like amber, and polished.
and how it was formed from the popular in Victorian Britain follow- create static electricity when Precious red coral, from Japan
sap of now-extinct trees. Jet comes ing the death of Prince Albert in rubbed, strong enough to pick up and Sardinia, Italy, has been used
from trees, too, but, like coal, is the 1861. The major jet source for all bits of paper or feathers. And if in jewelry for more than 12 thou-
fossilized wood itself. (Jet is a type that mourning jewelry was the you were to (carefully, in an unob- sand years, was traded by the
black cliffs of Whitby, in Yorkshire, trusive spot) jab it with a white-hot Phoenicians, and has been found
England, which produced fine, needle, itd produce a little puff of at Neolithic burial sites all over
well-formed material that took coal-scented smoke. Europe. Gem corals grow very,
very slowly, often in extremely
deep water.

Vintage English and

French jet beads

Shiny, polished jet

beads and nuggets Sponge

64 October 2017
Not every gem comes
from a stone. With origins on both land and sea,
the organic gems have long been prized for their

Much of the material in the

market today is poor-quality
porous coral that has been dyed
and stabilized, or reconstituted,
dyed, pressed into blocks and then
cut to imitate the real thing. There
is also a large amount of dyed fossil
beauty and rarity.
Associated with purity,
nobility, and the moon,
pale, gleaming pearls have
been sought after for thousands of
years. Ancient Greeks and Romans
prized them, and Cleopatra is said
pearl was far beyond the reach of
ordinary people. Of course, imita-
tions were produced by coating
glass beads with a special varnish.
But real pearls which, as you
know, come from oysters are
formed slowly, as the oyster secretes
cultured pearl in Japan in 1893 by
surgically inserting an irritant into
large quantities of oysters, and
farming them in baskets suspended
in the sea.
Nowadays Southern China has
developed into a massive pearl
coral coming out of China, some- to have drunk a pulverized pearl multiple fine layers of nacre, a crys- source, and freshwater strands
times falsely identified as Tibetan. as proof of her boundless wealth. talline calcium carbonate that from there can be had for stun-
Any large, bright-red material that Pharaohs were buried with pearls, forms around an irritant inside ningly low prices, especially in what
doesnt cost thousands of dollars and Native Americans collected the oysters soft body. And those are known as rice and potato
per strand will not be natural pre- them in the Gulf of Mexico. nacreous layers are translucent, so shapes. These pearls are often dyed
cious coral. Plastic, glass and dyed Prior to the 20th century, pearls the subtle glow of a real pearl has or bleached, and can cost less than
bone are also sold as coral. Also, only happened by accident, and lus- depth, rather than just a shiny sur- one dollar a strand. But a necklace
while gem coral is not the same as trous gem quality pieces were so face. Also, there is a slight irregu- of smooth, lustrous round or tear-
the coral that forms reefs, many rare they were valued more highly larity to the pearls surface, which drop, or even attractively irregular
countries, including the US, have than diamonds. Indian Maharajahs can be felt by rubbing it along your baroque shaped pearls over 10 mm
restricted the collection of coral for and Maharanis wore long ropes of front teeth. (Im not saying you in size can fetch hundreds of dol-
environmental reasons. So treasure them, and the cost of even a single should do that, even though it lars. High-end large gleaming dark
that strand of red-orange beads or really works. Some people think pearls are produced in the warm
delicate pink flower-carved brooch you can tell if a pearl is real by waters of Tahiti and Western
you may have been lucky enough biting it. Nope.) Australia, often marketed as South
to inherit from your grandma. Of course, everything changed Sea pearls, and can go for thou-
when, after 12 years of failures, sands. Thats still a tiny fraction
Kokichi Mikimoto invented the of what they cost long ago, when
a strand of pearls could finance
a conquering army. A fabulous
piece of pearl jewelry that shines
like moonlight may not be cheap,
but it could make you feel like
Cleopatra. And you can leave it
to your granddaughter. B&B

Kia Resnick has been sourcing

gems from India for her custom-
made jewelry since 1985. Contact
her at kia_jewels@hotmail.com.

Tibetan nomad piece,

made with old glass beads Untreated cultured
known as Sherpa coral pearls (no bleach or dye),
in a range of natural
colors and shapes

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 65
designed by
Renata Tully


netting / herringbone

66 October 2017
Add sparkle to your holidays with this beaded ornament
gleaming with pearls and faceted beads on a gold-and-ivory materials
ombr ornament 6 cm
netted base. Or stitch a simple netted bracelet or ornament.
6 mm Swarovski pearls
BASE - 11 color A (light gold)
1) On comfortable length of thread, attach Note At this point, test the t of the - 11 color B (gold)
a stop bead, leaving a 24-in. (61 cm) tail. netted base by wrapping it around the - 11 color C (bright gold)
2) Work in vertical netting stitch as follows: ornament. The bases ends should be - 11 color D (bronze)
about in. (6 mm) apart.
Row 1: Pick up a repeating pattern of a color F 100 44 4 mm fire-polished beads
seed bead and three color E 100 seed beads nine 3) To join the ends, remove the stop bead, and (pink coral olivine)
times (figure 1, ab). Pick up an F and five size use the tail to pick up five 110s. Skip the last 110, 100 seed beads
110 seed beads. Skip the last 110 and sew back and sew back through the next 110. Pick up three - 12 g color E (Preciosa 612, pearl white)
through the next 110 to create a picot (bc). 110s, and sew through the adjacent F in the - 2 g color F (Preciosa 953, silky gold)
Row 2: Pick up three 110s, an F, and three Es, skip opposite end row (figure 2, ab). Pick up three 6 g 110 seed beads (Preciosa 11, opaque
the next seven beads in row 1, and sew through Es, and sew through the next F on the other end pearl white)
the next F (cd). Pick up three Es, an F, and three (bc). Pick up three Es, and sew through the fol- 150 seed beads
Es, skip the next seven beads in row 1, and sew lowing F on the other end (cd). Repeat the last - 8 g color G (Toho 31, silver-lined
through the next F (de). Repeat this last stitch two stitches for the remainder of the join (de). rosaline
three more times (ef). Pick up five 110s, skip the Pick up five 110s, skip the last 110, and sew back - 4 g color H (Toho 147, ceylon light
last 110, and sew back through the next 110, form- through the next 110. Pick up three 110s, and sew ivory)
ing a picot (fg). Ending and adding thread through the end F on the other edge (ef). 1 6 cm ornament ball (SparkleStyle;
as needed, repeat this row (gh) until you have Tighten, and then end the thread. amazon.com)
a total of 21 complete picots along each edge. End Fireline, 4 lb. or 6 lb. test, crystal
the working thread but not the tail. beading needles, size #11 or #12

netted ornament 6 cm
100 seed beads
g - 12 g color E (Preciosa 412AB, silver-
a lined crystal AB)
- 2 g color F (Preciosa 953, silky gold)
f b
6 g 110 seed beads (Preciosa 3852-S,
metallic light gold-lined crystal luster)
netted cuff 71/4 in.
100 seed beads
- 12 g color E (Preciosa 412AB, silver-
lined crystal AB)
- 2 g color F (Preciosa 953, silky gold)
6 g 110 seed beads (Preciosa 3852-S,
metallic light gold-lined crystal luster)
8 g 150 seed beads, color I (Miyuki 551,
gilt-lined white opal)
2 lobster claw clasps
e 2 soldered jump rings

attaching a stop bead
d netting stitch
ending and adding thread
herringbone stitch
b f

c h


FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 67
h g f c
c b d

f b
a j
g e c


On a comfortable length of thread, pick up six 110s,

leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through an 110 at
6 mm Swarovski pearl, color A
the top of a base picot, and continue back through
the six 110s just added (figure 3, ab).
5) Pick up seven 110s, sew through the top 110
6 mm Swarovski pearl, color B
of the next picot, and continue back through the
last six 110s just added (bc). Repeat this stitch 20
times to complete the round (cd).
6 mm Swarovski pearl, color C
6) Pick up one 110, sew through the first six 110s
added in the round and the picot 110, and continue
back through the six 110s in this ray (de). Tighten
6 mm Swarovski pearl, color D
the thread, and then tie a square knot with the two
thread ends. Sew through the next 110 (ef).
4 mm re-polished bead 7) Working in peyote stitch, pick up one 110, skip
the ray of 110s below, and sew through the next 110
100 seed bead, color E (fg). Repeat this stitch (gh) to complete the round.
100 seed bead, color F Pull to tighten, and end all threads.
8) Repeat step 47 on the bottom edge of the base.
110 seed bead

150 seed bead, color G EMBELLISHMENTS

Design 150 seed bead, color H
1) On 1 yd. (.9 m) of thread, leave a 6-in. (15 cm)
Option tail, and work in ladder stitch to connect 15 color H
150 seed beads. Join the beads into a ring by sewing
For a less ornate ornament, through the first and last beads a couple of times,
encase the glass ball with TIP Tension is key for the following exiting at the top of the last bead added.
the netted base and rays. two steps. To allow your hands to be 2) Pick up three color G 150 seed beads, skip the
free for beading and pulling thread next H in the ring, and sew down through the
For this version, simply work taught, nestle the glass ornament in
steps 18 of Base. a cup as you bead. Also, place a soft following H and up through the next H (figure 4,
covering on your work surface to avoid ab). Repeat this stitch four times to complete the
accidental breaks. round, and sew through the first G added in this
round (bc).
4) Secure the netted base to the ornament by 3) Working in herringbone stitch, pick up two Gs,
forming beaded rays on both ends of the base. skip the next middle G of the previous round, and

68 October 2017

sew through the following G (figure 5, ab). netted base, and leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail, exit
Pick up a G, skip the next two Hs in the ring, and a top-row F. If you love the netted look,
sew through the following G (bc). Repeat these 9) Pick up a fire-polished bead, and sew through make a complementary cuff:
stitches four times to complete the round, and the next corresponding F (figure 6, ab). Repeat Work steps 13 of Base.
sew through the first G added in this round (cd). this stitch 21 times to complete the round (bc). To attach lobster claw
4) Pick up two Gs, and sew through the next two 10) Sew through the beadwork to exit an F on the
clasps, sew down to the
Gs in this stack, the following G, and the next two bottom edge of the base, and repeat step 9.
Gs in the following stack (de). Repeat this stitch 11) To attach the stars, sew through the beadwork third F in an end row. Pick
four times to complete the round, and sew to exit an F below a top-row fire-polished bead up two 150s, a lobster claw
through the first G added in this round (ef). (figure 7, point a). Pick up a color A star with the clasp, and two 150s. Sew
5) Pick up a G, and sew down through the next pearl on the bottom and seed beads on the top. Sew back through the starting F
three Gs in this stack, the following G, and the next through the stars pearl and the next F in the row and the loop a few times to
three Gs in the following stack (fg). Repeat this (ab). Sew through the next three Es, skip the next
reinforce it. Sew through the
stitch four times to complete the round, but after the F, and sew up through the following three Es and F
final stitch, instead of sewing through the first stack (bc). Repeat these stitches to complete the round.
beadwork, skipping the next
of Gs, sew down through the adjacent H (gh). 12) Sew through the beadwork diagonally to exit three Fs, and exiting the
6) Pick up color A pearl, and sew up through the the side F one cell away from the one the first star next one. Attach a second
H at the center of the opposite stack (hi). Sew was attached to. Repeat step 11 to attach a round lobster claw clasp, and rein-
back through the A and the opposite H to form of color B stars, a round of color C stars, and a force as before. Sew to the
a star (ij). End the threads. round of color D stars, making sure the rows are
opposite end of the cuff and
7) Repeat steps 16 10 more times using color offset. The stars in rounds 1 and 3 will be aligned
A pearls. Work as before using color B pearls, with each other, and the stars in rounds 2 and 4
repeat these stitches, substi-
color C pearls, and color D pearls to make 11 stars will be aligned with each other but offset from tuting soldered jump rings
of each color. Set the 44 stars aside. rounds 1 and 3. End all the threads. B&B for lobster claw clasps.
8) Add a comfortable length of thread to the

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 69
designed by
Anna Elizabeth Draeger




Anna Elizabeth Draeger

Dive into shaped beads with

this Curly Q necklace from
designer Anna Elizabeth Drae-
ger. Then check out the other
fabulous designs in her latest
book, Jewelry Designs with
CzechMates Beads. With more
than 20 easy-to-stitch projects
to choose from, youll have a
Curly Q
hard time deciding which one
to do next! Available at Jewel-

70 October 2017
Lentil bead

110 seed bead

2mm rondelle crystal


Lentil or Bar beads
- Crimping
- Opening and Closing Jump Rings

2 feet
340 Lentil beads, or
approximately 20 beads
3 feet per inch
figure 1 339 2mm rondelle crystals
5 ft. (1.5m) beading wire,
size .012-.015
9 110 seed beads
1 crimp bead
2 Bead Stoppers (not stop
MAKE THE NECKLACE Stopper, and go through the open
1. Attach a Bead Stopper 2 ft. hole of the Lentil with the longer
2 46mm jump rings
(61cm) from the end of 5 ft. (1.5m) wire (figure 1). Reposition the Bead
2-part clasp
of beading wire. On the shorter Stopper over the longer wire to hold
2 pairs of chainnose pliers
wire, pick up five 110 seed beads and the beads in place.
Crimping pliers
a Lentil bead. Keeping the beads
Wire cutters
at the 2-ft. mark, remove the Bead

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 71

figure 2

figure 3

2. On the shorter wire, pick up ten 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you
Lentils (figure 2). Reposition the reach the desired length.
Bead Stopper to hold the ten new
Lentils in place. Tip
The tighter you pull, the tighter the
3. With the longer wire, pick up curl will be.
a 2mm rondelle, and go through
the open hole of the next Lentil. 5. Ending with a Lentil over both
Repeat to add a 2mm between strands, pick up two 110s on each
each remaining open hole (figure wire. Pick up a crimp bead on one
3), while shaping the Lentils into a strand and string the other strand
curve. Reposition the Bead Stopper through the crimp bead in the
to hold both wires. opposite direction, crossing the
wires. Crimp the crimp bead
and trim the tails.

6. Attach a clasp to both 110

seed bead loops with jump rings.

Make a matching bracelet follow-

ing the same instructions. For a
7-in. (18 cm) bracelet, youll need
140 lentils and 139 rondelles.

72 October 2017
God is good, but never dance
in a small boat.
- Irish proverb

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 73
stitch workshop

Right-angle peyote
An abundance of design possibilities spring from a simple
seed bead component. Learn the basic structure, and explore
several options for creating beautiful bracelets.

by Antonio Calles

like to call this technique 1) On a comfortable length of the first 110 added in this round 2) Work another right-angle weave
right-angle peyote because thread, pick up four 110 seed beads, (figure 3). (RAW) stitch with three 110s, exit-
it has elements of both leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew ing the same 110 (figure 6).
right-angle weave and through the beads again to form Note In the projects that 3) Repeat step 2 of Basic compo-
peyote stitch. I introduced a tight ring. follow, some (or all) of the nent to add four 110s (figure 7).
the basic component in 2) Pick up an 110, and sew through side 110s added in step 4 Repeat step 3 of Basic component,
will occasionally be omitted.
the February, 2010, issue of the next 110 in the ring. Repeat To omit side beads, simply but add only three pairs of 110s.
Bead&Button and have since three times, and step up through sew through a bead in the Instead of adding the fourth pair,
expanded upon the design the first 110 added in this round previous row where you sew through the adjacent pair of
possibilities of this versatile (figure 1). would normally add a bead. 110s that were added in the first
Figure 4 shows adding all
technique. Altering the color 3) Pick up two 110s, and sew stitch of this component (figure 8).
four corners and skipping
placement and arrangement through the next 110 in the previ- three of the side beads. Repeat step 4 of Basic component
of the components creates a ous round. Repeat three times, and to add three corner and four side
wide range of different looks. step up through the first 110 added SUBSEQUENT beads (figure 9).
in this round (figure 2). COMPONENTS 4) Continue adding components
BASIC COMPONENT 4) Pick up an 110, and sew through 1) To begin the next component, to reach the desired length.
Instructions for the basic compo- the next 110 in the previous round. pick up three 110s. Sew through the
nent will be shown in a single color This is a corner stitch. Pick up an 110 your thread exited at the start of SUBSEQUENT ROWS
so you can learn the technique 110, and sew through the next 110. this step. Retrace the thread path to To add another parallel row of
without worrying about what color This is a side stitch. Repeat the two secure the ring, and exit the second components, begin a new compo-
to pick up. Colors will be intro- stitches three times to complete new 110 (figure 5). This is a right- nent with a new thread, as in steps
duced in the project patterns. the round, and step up through angle weave stitch. 13 of Basic component. Work as

74 October 2017


b c
a d


in step 4 to add four side beads and your beadwork an entirely different DIAGONAL ROWS sample bracelets
three corner beads, sewing through look. To fill the gaps, sew through Working short diagonal rows 34 g 110 seed beads in
the appropriate corner bead on the the beadwork to exit a side bead instead of long parallel rows will each of 3 colors, A, B, C
previous row. Exit the adjacent cor- where four components come also create a different look. The nylon beading thread, size D
ner bead of the new component, together. Pick up an 110, and sew Lacy bracelet (p. 77) is worked in beading needles, #11
and work as in Subsequent compo- through the corresponding side diagonal rows of three components.
nents to the desired length, being bead on the adjacent component. Its a bit more time consuming to Find Word charts and blank
sure to attach each new component Repeat three times (figure 11, work diagonally because you have patterns for the bracelets at
to the previous row (figure 10). ab), and then sew through the to keep switching directions. Figure FacetJewelry.com/
four new beads added to cinch them 12 gives a basic idea of how the diag- resourceguide
FILLING THE GAPS together (not shown in the figure onal rows should be oriented.
When you connect two rows of for clarity). Sew through the bead- basics
components, the result will be work to exit the corresponding side PARTIAL COMPONENTS peyote stitch: circular
somewhat airy due to gaps at the bead in the next gap (bc). Repeat Partial components can also be right-angle weave
intersections between the compo- to fill all the gaps (cd). used for a creative edging, as in ending and adding thread
nents. Filling those gaps can give the Lacy bracelet. FacetJewelry.com/basics

FacetJewelry.com/BeadAndButton 75
stitch workshop



1) Make a single component to
serve as a clasp component. Add
an 110 in the center (figure 13).
2) Depending upon whether your
piece ends with one or two compo-
nents, you will attach the clasp
component in one of two ways:
Double connection: Exiting the
center 110, pick up six 110s, and sew FIGURE 16 FIGURE 17
through the end two components
as shown (figure 14, ab). Pick up
six 110s, and sew through the center end component. Pick up four 110s, Double connection: Exit a bead Single connection: Exit the tip
110 on the clasp component (bc). and sew through the center 110 on next to the tip bead on an end com- bead of the end component, pick
Retrace the thread path through the clasp component (figure 15). ponent. Pick up 12 110s, and sew up 24 110s, and sew through the tip
the connection a few times, and Retrace the thread path through through the corresponding 110 bead again (figure 17). Retrace the
end the thread. the connection a few times, and on the adjacent component. Sew thread path a few times, and end
Single connection: Exiting the end the thread. through the beadwork (figure 16), the thread.
center 110, pick up four 110s, and 3) At the other end of the bracelet, retrace the thread path through the
sew through the 110 at the tip of the make a loop in one of two ways: loop, and end the thread.

This bracelet consists of two connected strips of basic com-
ponents with the intersections filled. Refer to figure 18 to
make this bracelet, noting that the row 1 beads are outlined row 2
in black, row 2 beads are outlined in green, and the intersec-
tion beads are outlined in red.
1) On a comfortable length of thread, work row 1, placing
row 1
colors A, B, and C 110s as indicated. Each end component
is all color A and all the remaining components should
include all three colors. Note that no side beads are added
note: no side beads on
along the color A edge. Only the color B/C edge should the outside edge
have side beads. A 7-in. (19.1 cm) bracelet will need 16 110 seed beads
A/B/C components. FIGURE 18 color A
2) Make a second strip to match the first, but connect it to color B
the first strip as you work, sewing through existing corner color C
beads instead of adding new ones.
3) Fill the intersections with As and Bs as indicated by the
beads outlined in red.
4) Make a clasp component, attach it with a double connec-
tion, and make a double connection loop.

76 October 2017
row 1

row 3 row 2





110 seed beads
FIGURE 19 The Lacy bracelet is built on diagonal second RAW
rows of three components each stitch with color A
(except at the ends). Partial compo- three Bs color B
CHEVRON BRACELET 110 seed beads nents embellish the outer edges. No (figure 21). color C
The Chevron bracelet is three rows color A intersections are filled, contributing Add a B, an
wide and has the intersections filled. color B to the lacy appearance. Refer to fig- A, a B, and an
Refer to figure 19 to make this brace- ure 20 to make this bracelet, noting A between the existing beads, exiting
color C
let, noting that the intersection beads that the edge beads (outlined in pur- the first new B (figure 22).
are outlined in red. ple) are partial components. See step Make a connecting RAW stitch
1) On a comfortable length of thread, work row 1, placing 3 to learn how to add these. attaching it to the corresponding cor-
colors A, B, and C as indicated. Note that except for the 1) On a comfortable length of thread, ner bead in the next component with
starting component, which has only two side beads, all the work the end center component, plac- a B and an A. Sew through to exit the
rest of the components in row 1 require four side beads. ing colors A, B, and C as indicated. new A (figure 23, ab). Pick up a C,
In our 7-in. (19.1 cm) bracelet, row 1 has 18 components. Note that all components, except and sew through the next A and B
2) Begin row 2 with a new component, and attach it to the the two side components at each (bc). Continue through the bead-
second component in row 1. Note that the outer edge will end, require four side beads. work to exit the corresponding cor-
not need side beads. Row 2 should extend past row 1 by one 2) Working off a corner bead in ner A on the next edge component.
component. either direction, add the next compo- 4) Repeat step 3 along the other edge.
3) Work row 3 as a mirror image of row 2, connecting it nent. Continue to add components in 5) Make a clasp component, attach
on the other side of row 1. a zigzagging fashion until your center it with a single connection, and make
4) Fill the intersections with As and Bs as indicated by row has 14 components and the edge a single connection loop. B&B
the beads outlined in red. rows each have 13 components.
5) At the starting end, you will need to add a few fill-in 3) Add the partial components on
beads to create a smooth edge. The beads are outlined the edges:
in green. Exiting a corner A on an edge
6) Make a clasp component, attach it with a single connec- component, work a RAW stitch
tion, and make a single connection loop. with two Bs and an A, and then

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anything goes Reindeer antlers,
shed annually,
make beautiful
Sami-style jewelry buttons.

You may have seen these stylish bracelets on the wrists of Benedict
Cumberbatch, Usher, Sheryl Crow, and Dennis Quaid. Made popular
by SwedArt, they are trendy and fun to make.

by Katherine Buenger

>> Sami jewelry is based on the designs of the

Sami people, Finno-Ugric people from Arctic
parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and
Russia. Originally hunters and gatherers, they are
also gold-plated, copper, and enameled copper, which
comes is many beautiful colors.
Reindeer skin is very thin and strong, making it a
good choice for these bracelets. Early on, the leather
known for reindeer herding, and have been herding tanning process mostly produced hides in shades of
reindeer for centuries, using every part of the rein- brown. Today, leather comes in a wide range of colors.
deer: meat and milk for eating, skin and fur for cloth- While reindeer leather would be use by the Sami
ing, tendons and veins for thread, and antlers for tools people, lamb and other leathers are also used.
and crafts. Today there are more than 80,000 Sami Unlike the rest of the deer families, reindeer antlers
people living in the northern Nordic countries and are found on both males and females. Antlers on the
many of them still make their living herding reindeer. male reindeer are primarily used during mating sea-
Sami jewelry is constructed with traditional mate- son and they are shed in the late fall. Females keep
rials including tin thread (pewter with 4% silver), their antlers until spring, using them to defend food
reindeer leather, and reindeer antler buttons. Tin territories. Rudolph and the rest of Santas team are
thread is a fine wire wrapped around a core originally most likely all female.
made of reindeer tendon (sinew). Other spun threads In the pre-industrial world, sinew was widely used
like this made with precious metals have been found as thread. Today, synthetic sinew is often used for an
as far back as the Viking Age and were commonly authentic look when sewing these bracelets.
found throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. The To make these bracelets, tin thread is usually
Sami people made tin or pewter thread, as silver and braided into a three- or four-strand braid. One or
gold were more expensive than tin. Also tin is a softer more braids are hand-stitched down the center of
metal, which makes it easier to work with. To make a leather strip, which is then folded in, and stitched
it, molten tin was poured into hollowed out twigs; the closed on the underside of the bracelet. An antler
resulting rod was then pulled through different sized button and leather loop act as a closure. Endless
holes of a draw plate made from reindeer antlers. design options are achieved by changing the number
When the wire was thin enough it would be spun of threads in each strand or by adding leather cord,
onto sinew the same width as the wire. twisted tin thread, and even beads. B&B
Originally this thread was used to do embroidery,
decorating their clothing and other belongings. It Katherine Buenger of Woodbury, MN, has a degree
is believed that as tourism to this area became more in studio art from Macalester College. She loves learn-
popular in the late 1800s the Sami people started ing new techniques and encourages others to do the
making bracelets to sell to tourists. The thread today same. You can find kits and instructions to make
is manufactured commercially with a cotton core and bracelets like these at buengerstudios.com.
it comes in several gauges. In addition to tin, there is
Ask about our Platinum
Partners Wholesale Program

Americas Favorite One Fire Mountain Way, DEPT C018 Grants Pass,
OR 97526-2373 1-800-355-2137
Beading and Go online to see over
Jewelry Supply 100,000 HOT jewelry-
Company making products and order
a Fre e catalog today

You supply
the creativity,
we supply

Fire Mountain Gems

and Beads 2017

Debbie Benninger, Canada

Grand Prize President's Award
Winner, 2017 Metals Jewelry-
Making Contest

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