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7 SATB py Rov WA eee SN A Pahoa sen SU £c& “azein a. Re = a. aL OL Wh ea \ age Pee RANT Sen way fi “Mil BdISPAR EN FED seu vicar, POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR SALES TAX PURPOSE TO. ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL | BHARAT 5 SHAH one of te DIEREC of Ws. MBK TEXTILE ENGINEERS PVT LTD. adult, Hindu by religion, oscupation Business, residing at = 108, Tapovan Society, B/h. Manekbaug Hall, P.O. Manekbaug, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad - 15, WHEREAS, our Manager, Mr. Murugesan P. adult, Hindu by religion, occupation Service, 125, ‘Sree Nagar, Poondursi Road, Moctappalayma P.O, Erode - 838 002. is trustworthy and | am of the ‘pinion ahd desirous of appointing as my attomey forthe purpose hearing after sat forth. Now Know these presents witness that |, do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the said attomey to be my true and lawful attormey to do all or any-of the following acté and things whether in my name of the said attorney ashe may think for namely : Rosia” at Sates Tax related papers, submit the same to Sales Tax Department of Tami V 2. To submit tne Monthly, Quansiry & Annual Sales Tax Retums to Sales Tax Department Tami Nadu To Sign and Issue ‘C' Forms, 'F' Forms and other Sales Tax related Forms i] To do all things and acts and deeds required to be done, and to appear before the Sales Tax Authorities in Tamil Nadu, to sign Sales Tax Returns, Chellan and other forms receivables from Sales Sax Department of Tamil Nadu including form °C’, form “H’, form "19" & other forms and any other works with sales tax. In witness where of 1, Bharat Babubhai Shah has appointing him as our Power of Attorney Holder for Sales Tax Purpose in Tamil Nadu State. Dated this 23° day of August, 2003. BHARAT SABUBHA! SHAH DIRECTOR |, Murugesan P., hereby accept the above Power Attomey entrusted upon me and | will act for on behalf of Ws. MBK TEXTILE ENGINEERS PVT. LTD, sie Before Me et REKHA M. SHAH Notary PAN Dated this