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Teaching given by the Spirit TATA G, Emissary of Oduduwa sharings his


Saturday May 21, 2016 This is only a part of it.

Let's talk about the Universal Genesis within the Yoruba cosmogony. We will
not talk about creation of the Earth as such, we will talk further. How the
universal energy, Olodumare, initiates and how it becomes
Aware/Conscious, and how consciously creates the the other consciousness
that harmonize the universe itself, up to the creation of the planet Earth as
such. There 601 Irunmole of those 200 are severe, 200 mercyful and 201 are
neutral. Of those 201 neutral ones, 200 are known manifestations of in
the If Tradition. The other neutral one is Cosmic Irnmol UN (not the
human that became R). What are the two things that existed in The
VOID/Emptiness itself before Creation?

A The VOID/Emptiness existed or "DUDU NL" (The Great Darkness) and

the Consciousness of , I clarify at that stage there was Not manifested
the power of only his consciousness. That's was what in conjunction
with the manifestation of the energy what was later known as Oldmar
which generated the implosion in order to generate the explosin (BIG
BANG). So contraction and then expansin. is considered that he even
existed even before GOD Himself existed, but God is greater than ,
because it is who gives uts Energy to the consciousness of . Let's see the
consciousness of as the thought of . What is our thought? It is
something that is there, it doesnt manifest energy, nor movement, but is
there. It needs our internal energy and our imagination to be able to create.
God is the Pulse, which was what generated the contraction in order for the
expansin to occur. There were only these two aspects, the aspect of
Consciousness and aspect of Emptiness or lack of Everything in the
Absolute. The Energy Arises spontaneously, which in this case is
OLDMAR, of these two aspects that existed, the Energy, which is
Olodumare arises. And that energy begins to create pulses, so to say and
begins to beat the Heart of the Universe. That heart feeds that consciousness,
gives strength and generates an action, or it comes to generating the First
Universal Action. What it generates? The Thought or Consciousness of
is considered the Divine Spark, Why? When that energy is created in an
spontaneously manner, feeds that consciousness and therefore gives an
action, what it does is to absorb everything, and the moment when the
absorption becomes so tiny, beyond a Quark, which is the smaller part that
man knows of matter, an expansion is generated from this. What is a BLACK
HOLE? How a Black Hole works? In itself not a pit or Hole so to speak. A
Black Hole is this, an example: this fabric or cloth is the space of plane, a
Black Hole is this, a so compressed and so dense matter that generates an
alteration in the Universe. Put it this way, the flat space, when a Black Hole
generated, the matter was compressed so that became so dense that
generates that sinking in the plane of space. So condensed matter can be, so
that a grain of these (rice) could outweighs planet Earth. Because it is too
condensed matter at a single point. This creates a distortion of time and
space. This is the plane, and matter is condensed so much, that causes the
flat plane to fall, to sink. Time and Space deform and distort. Imagine a
Galaxy condensed into this point in space. When this was generated, there
was neither Time nor Space and only existed, Energy, Consciousness and
Emptiness. Given that we had already talked about that at first there was
only emptiness and the Consciousness of , and then later the Energy we
know as Oldmar. They seamlessly blend these three and begin to
condense, and condensed in such a small point, it contracts in such a small
point in the tiniest part that you can imagine. Such is the density of that
point, which brings us to ... let's see, any of you know how explosions are
generated?, If you ignite the powder in a simple way, it will generate only a
Puffan explosion. If you turn on the powder by turning it on, nothing else
will do "Puff", not much, but if you compress the powder, and you ignite it, it
will generate an explosion. That small point Explotes, generating everything
in the world we know. This leads us to also understand that the perception of
size is subjective. How big is the Galaxy? The universe is merely subjective,
because we are going to measure it in relationship to our consciousness
itself. Let's relate something, and if it's big for us, so is the perception will
have. But for he Cosmic Consciousnesses how big is the universe? If you
have seen the waves created by an explosion, let us say, that Time and Space
are the waves of this explosion, this membrane is generated. Then they begin
to happen diverse physical phenomena that today are not well understood by
humans. Remember what we spoke about about the universal force that
exist, Do you remember which they are? Electromagnetism, Gravity, Srong
Nuclear Force and Weak Nuclear Force. In the broad universe there are two
forces that exist, which is the Electromagnetism and Gravity, these universal
forces, but at tiny levels, at atomic levels there are two forces, laws or
universal forces change, there are: The strong nuclear force and the weak
nuclear force. But when they begin to study these forces and want to
combine or synthesize them with both Large Universal Forces, these are not
related, there can not be a relationship. Because Electromagnetism and
Gravity are lost at atomic levels. Let us say that the strong nuclear force and
the weak nuclear forc they are like electromagnetism and gravity but at the
atomic level, but they change, they behave differently than then behave at
macrocosmic level or postatomic wide scale. A macrocosmic level,
electromagnetism and gravity behave in a way. Gravity alters or disturbs the
Time and Space, but when we study the atom shows that there is not a
relationship with time and space, the forces that manifest themselves there
do not offer a disturbance of Time and Space, and behave in a manner
contrary to Universal ones. Have you heard about atomic clocks? These are
the most accurate clocks because they are not perturbed by the gravitational
and electromagnetic forces. Gravity attracts bodies and electromagnetism
generated orientation of this force. The universe is made of atoms, but
gravity does not affect them, affects them together or in mass scale, but a
disturbance at the subatomic level is not perceived. As we said, we know that
the Atom exist as such, and is formed by three parts; Proton, Neutron and
Electron. We know that electrons revolve around the protons and neutrons,
but How they are not separated if they dont have gravity, what attracts
them?, what unites them? That's where comes in to play the Strong Nuclear
Force and Weak Nuclear Force. The Strong Nuclear Force is what keeps
together the protons and neutrons and the Weak Nuclear Force is what
keeps the Electrons turning in orbit around the nucleus. The strong nuclear
force causes the Protons Neutrons to adhere. Unlike a solar system, the
disruption of a Star or Sun keeps the planets in orbit. I dont know if you
have seen the model proposed by Einstein? He had a table with a soft
material (such as a type of membrane) and he puts a dense metal sphere, and
it sinks or disturbs the surface, and then he throws other dense metal balls,
but not as dense as the primary one, and begin to make their move as the
universe does, but in the Atom that does not interfere, because there is not a
disturbance of the membrane, is different, it is a force that keeps them like
that. In what part of the universo is that those 4 forces come together? There
is a part in the universe that these four forces are combined, and is in the
Black Hole in sync. Why? One of the things similar to an Electron is the
Photon. In a Black Hole, it is so dense that matter absorbs even photons, the
same Light itself. That really can be disturbing at a subatomic level. In
theory; What would happen if a person enters a Black Hole? It would crush
his matter, it would be compressed completely. After the contraction, the
explosion is generated in the Universe (the BIG BANG effect), I with this
those 4 forces are generated in the Universe. BIG BANG: What is the
physical phenomenon that looks like a Big Bang? Example: This is all the
compressed matter, and this is Nothing, Emptiness, and begins to sink, sink,
sink. What created that? The Consciousness of , the VOID and Energy of
Olodumare, that created the compression of energy, which then gives rise to
the creation of a Black Hole. The energy is created,from that energy emerges
matter, and a disturbance is created in the VOID (in the emptiness),
cataloging that there is neither space nor time. Man knows how a Black Hole
is generated, which is produced from a Pulsar or what is the the process of
the death of a Star. That Pulsar at the moment that is finish it will began to
shrink to form a Black Hole. After that explosin the BIG BANG, those 4
Forces arise. From the Energy, Matter was created. Energy existed before
matter. What were the first two energies that were created? First the
Subatomic Forces were created, they are the most subtle, to pass to the two
ppost atomic forces- which are Gravity and Electromagnetism. Based on this
the 401 Universal Talents are created, which can manifest physically in the
universe, both at the subatomic level and at the postatomic level. How many
Irnmol there are? They are 200 on the right and 200 on the Left and 201
Neutral ones, of those 201 that are neutral, 200 are Conscious aspects of
, and the Irunmole remaining in the one that combine the 4 forces. 200
physical phenomena are handled at the subatomic level, and 200 at the
Postatomic level. 200 are physical phenomena that occur at the subatomic
level, and 200 that manifest at the Postatomic level. Those are the 400
Talents. That Almighty GOD (OLDMAR), that Consciousness of
and that VOID generated the manifestation of the THINKING GOD, WHO

Is called OLFIN RUN. That CONSCIOUS GOD arises from the

unification of these four forces, and generates the missing Consciousness.
What is the missing consciousness? Who is UN as the Cosmic
Consciousness level, which is the only Neutral Irnmol, apart from the 200
Conscious manifestaction of . Where or in which phenomenon is
manifested the Consciousness and Cosmic Force of the Irnmol UN? It
is when those 4 forces combine in the BLACK HOLE. In the BLACK HOLE
the Cosmic Consciousness of the Irnmol UN manifests. OLKUN arises
when what is known as Dark matter or Black Matter is created, is very little
known, even scientists know how dark matter behaves, they just know that it
can serve as a pushing force, but do not know how its done. However there
are theories that speak of galactic boats, which are ships or boats that move
pushed by the Black Matter.

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